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Straight pool


Jayson Shaw 227 ball run in Straight Pool

2015 George Fels Memorial Derby City Classic Straight Pool Challenge

Highest run ever in competition

Thanks to our sponsors, Diamond Billiards, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Red Shoes Billiards, Bob Jewett, Stu Mattana, Rich Klein, and Stan Haines.

Thorsten Hohmann Vs. Albin Ouschan | Race To 100 - 14.1/Straight Pool.


Steve Davis 14.1 Straight Pool 1987 (Steve Mizerak Challenge) PART 1/2

Davis playing Mizerak in 1987, a run of 58 in taking the first game to 75.

Efren Reyes creative straight pool

Efren Reyes vs CJ Wiley at the 1995 Maine Event 14.1 Championship

Finals Niels Feijen (NLD) vs Albin Ouschan (AUT) Straight Pool European Championship 2018

Finals Niels Feijen (NLD) vs Albin Ouschan (AUT)
Straight Pool division European Championship 2018
Race to 125
Dynamic Billiard European Championship - Veldhoven (NED) (7.19.18 to 7.31.18)

Willie Mosconi Jimmy Caras Straight Pool Match

Willie Mosconi playing straight pool with Jimmy Caras

Chicago Lake Shore Athletic Club

1963 Wide World of Sports

Alex Pagulyan Vs. Jim Gazafi | Straight Pool Race to 100 - 8 Ball .

Willie Mosconi Straight Pool

World of Pocket Billiards

Thorsten Hohmann vs Alex Pagalyan (Best Match) 2017 American 14.1 Championship

Both Players ran 100 balls each in this match how about that. 2017 American 14.1 Straight pool Championship @ Diamond Billiards in Richmond Virginia USA Oct 17-21, 2017.

Warren Kiamco Vs. Ralf Souquet | Straight Pool Race to 100 - 8 Ball .


Finals 2016 American 14.1 Tournament Niels Feijen VS Mika Immonen Race to 150

Filmed at Diamond Billiards Midlothian VA.

How to Shoot Straight-In Shots (Revisit)

- Learn how to shoot straight-in shots nearly EVERY time!

Mika Immonen Dennis Orcullo Straight Pool Match to 125

2017 George Fels Memorial Derby City Classic
Straight Pool Challenge
Sponsors are Diamond Billiard Products, Iwan Simonis Cloth, Aramith , Red Shoes Billiards
Bob Jewett, Rich Klein, Stu Mattana, Robert Goddard, Stan Haines and Chet Osborn.
Produced by Dennis Walsh, Bill Maropulos, and Bob Jewett.
Thanks to John Flores and Thomas Walsh for their help.

Niels Feijen Vs. Karen Corr | Straight Pool - Race To 100 - 8 Ball.

Efren Reyes Super Agressive Bank Playing Straight Pool - Opens The Stack

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Match 14 Final Dennis Orcollo vs Shane VanBoening

2016 US Open Straight Pool Championship
April 20-24, 2016
Pool Time Magic
Windsor Locks, CT

Pool Table Magic, Simonis Billiard Cloth, OB Cues, Aramith Billiard Balls, Tiger Products Inc, CueSports International (CSI)

Final Match : Dennis Orcollo Vs. Konrad Juszczyszyn | Straight Pool - Race To 150 - 8 Ball.

Rodney Morris Vs. Sean Morgan | Straight Pool - Race To 100 - 8 Ball.

How to Play Pool: Shooting Straight | Ozone Billiards

Learn some easy techniques to practice shooting your you ball straight when playing pool & billiards.
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John Schmidt 366 ball run

Highest Straight Pool Run on video with Commentary by John Schmidt and Bill Maropulos added.

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