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Stool ball


Amanda Curry bowling at Seaford stoolball tournament (semi-final)

Incredible bowling by Amanda Curry of Winterfold Stoolball Club in a semi-final against eventual winneers Angmering at the County Tournament at The Salts, Seaford on 5 August 2012.

How to Play Stoolball

attempt #2!

Stoolball. England Under 21 Highlights 2013

First ever Stoolball England U21s stoolball match. England v President's XI at Horsham Cricket Club 2013.

Stoolball England vs Presidents XI - 2014

A highlight reel of both the junior and senior England vs Presidents XI stoolball matches.

Stool Scenes Episode 10

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Stoolball England at Uckfield Sports Fun Day 8th June 2014

Stoolball England had a great time at the Uckfield Sports Fun Day! So many people had a go at playing stoolball we could hardly count them all. Some have been encouraged to start playing again and lots of juniors will be joining local teams. For more info on stoolball visit

Alex Bregman CRUSHES 114MPH FASTBALL (Barstool Wiffle Ball) | MLB Spring Training Ep. 7

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Stool Ball

eXtreme camping sport

Playing stool ball (medieval baseball)

At an SCA event, the Known Wide World of Sports on August 2, 2008, a group of us played stool ball, a reconstruction of a medieval bat and ball game. It's lots of fun! There is also a modern game of stool ball, but it's a little different than this version.

We tend to use modern baseball terminology such as batter and pitcher because it's easier for Americans learning this game to understand.

We didn't have a video camera, so this video is made of still photographs.

How to oil your stoolball bat

John Price, Chairman of Stoolball England, shows you how to wash and oil your stoolball bat

Let's Play Stoolball! for primary schools

Stoolball is a simple striking and fielding sport. For more info on how to start playing stoolball in your school go to
This 'Let's Play Stoolball! video documents a year-long Heritage Lottery funded, cross-curricular project based on the history and heritage of this medieval sport.
It is supported by Gray-Nicolls and the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum.
This video shows how stoolball can be used to explore many different areas of the National Curriculum as well as providing a fun and inexpensive game for all ages.
Stoolball is a great sport for schools; it is very easily learnt and children attain a high achievement level very quickly.
The equipment is inexpensive. Instructions on how to make your own wickets can be found at Another great idea for a school project!
Although traditionally played on grass, the game can be played on any surface, indoors or out.

Inflating our stoolball batting cage for Sussex Day 2013

We went to the Weald and Downland Museum in Singleton, West Sussex to help celebrate Sussex Day 2013, and it was our first chance to try out our batting cage (funded by a grant from Sport England). We had lots of people stopping by all day to find out about stoolball and to have a go, and we sent quite a few off to find their local clubs in Hailsham, Middleton, Worthing and others, or to get their schools playing. We even discovered there are mixed teams playing in Singleton and a neighbouring village, which was great news.

Stoolball England and Angmering SC at Sussex v Notts 01-06-1

Stoolball England were invited to play a demonstration game of stoolball at the Sussex CCC 175th anniversary game against Nottinghamshire CCC at Hove on Sun 1st June 2014. Angmering Stoolball Club played expertly for a very appreciative crowd. For more info on stoolball go to

Learn The Foot Stall | The Most Basic Of All Football Skills

If you want to learn freestyle and football skills you need to learn the foot stall. It's that simple. Learning the foot stall is a great gateway to learning some really awesome freestyle and football skills. It's also a great way to learn to control the football better. In this video, PWG shows you all the steps to this skill right and all the mistakes that you should avoid when learning this skill. So if you want to learn one of the most elementary football skills that can really improve your freestyle and football skills, then watch this video.

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Stool Scenes - Episode 18

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Sue Targett bowling at Seaford stoolball tournament (final)

Impressive quick bowling by Sue Targett of Horsham Stoolball Club in the final at the County Tournament at The Salts, Seaford on 5 August 2012. Angmering won the match.

How to Do A Foot Stall (Football/Soccer Freestyle Trick)

The Become Elite beginner's guide to performing the basic foot stall!

A foot stall is a freestyle trick where you balance the ball on top of your laces. This move can be done either when picking up the ball off of a roll or can be caught out of the air while juggling. The higher the ball is dropped from the more difficult this trick is.

This guide will teach you the fundamentals of how to stall the soccer ball on your foot

1. Raise your foot off of the ground and relax your toes. They should not be flexed up, nor down.
2. Allow the ball to fall and hit the top of your toe box.
3. If your toes are relaxed you will cushion the ball so that it doesn't bounce upwards or off your foot.
4. Flex your toes upwards, to get the ball to roll back on to your laces.
5. Continue to squeeze your toes upwards to hold the ball in place between your shin and laces.
6. Balance the ball, by moving side to side.


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10 Athletes Who Pooped Their Pants During Competition

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The human stomach is known to do some weird things. While we learn at a young age how to hold yourselves and wait to go to the bathroom, sometimes things get a little out of control. This is especially true in the world of sports. When competing in professional sports, athletes put their bodies through grueling workouts and tests of endurance. Unfortunately for some, this can lead to major blow-outs and we’re not talking about the scores.

Multiple NFL players have had the unfortunate case of pooping while out on the field. One player did it during his first NFL game while another did it while playing center underneath the quarterback. There have been numerous wrestlers that have crapped themselves while competing in the ring. The massive former WWE champion Yokozuna is one of them. Yokozuna crapped himself while actually hovering his butt over the face of Bret Hart. One of WWE’s most popular stars, John Cena, has also dealt with some potty problems. Dealing with a bout of food poisoning, Cena once puked and pooped at the same exact time. Another wrestling and poop situation occurred at the main event of WrestleMania 13. The Undertaker was taking on Sycho Sid when apparently Sid crapped his pants. Not only that, but he lost the match. The WWE isn’t the only combat organization where these incidents have occurred. Multiple UFC fighters like Tim Sylvia have had accidents in the middle of a match. There was no mistaking the incident. Other athletes include soccer players, marathon runners, and cheerleaders.

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How To Make & Use Bioenergetic Stool (pre workout stretching)

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