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Static trapeze


Static Trapeze Sequence at Circus Glory, Primrose Hill, London

At Circus Glory, we practice a new sequence of moves on static trapeze every week based on students abilities and strength. Here is one of our more advanced student able to combine four moves into one short routine from Back Roll to Lean On The Rope, Seating and Amazon.

Shorter and easier routines are designer for beginners, please see our other videos or come in to try what you can do in person

Circus Glory
Primrose Hill Community Centre
29 Hopkinson's Place
NW1 8TN, London

MON 1:30pm – 2:45pm
WED 1:00pm - 2:15pm
FRI 1:30pm - 2:45pm
Selected dates, please see website for details:
FRI: 6.45pm-8pm
SAT: 11am - 1pm

For prices, full schedule and more info visit our website

static trapeze - scorpion roll, sleeping beauty, bat hang

Bobby and I did some more doubles static trapeze. This is a little sequence of a Scorpion Roll, into Sleeping Beauty, into a Bat Hang.

GOPRO AERIAL CLASS AT NEW JERSEY CIRCUS CENTER (Static Trapeze Basics, Rope Climb Variations)

I brought my GoPro in to my friend Doug Young's circus school, New Jersey Circus Center and filmed in one of his Adult Aerial classes (in today's class we did some basics on the static trapeze including going over some positions and poses for beginners along with some rope climb variations). Included are some shots of me wearing the GoPro chest mount along with some regular views of the class and at the end Doug wore the GoPro and did some cool stuff on the trapeze - many thanks and great job to Doug (NJ Circus Center is located at 165 Amboy Rd #701, Morganville, NJ 07751 and their website: My channel has videos on men's gymnastics and women's gymnastics (tutorials, workouts and training clips), fitness (including bodyweight fitness, calisthenics, crossfit and bodybuilding), parkour and free running, cheer and cheerleading, circus (aerial silks and fabrics, some tutorials and training clips from NJ Circus Center), a little tricking and breakdancing, GoPro POV shots, vlogs and other things that I might like to share. Many thanks to all the people that have helped me on this channel with their videos and their time, and also many thanks to All American Gymnastics in Ocean Township, NJ!

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I am a gymnast and gymnastics coach for 27 years and I am 47 years old and still enjoy this amazing sport.

The cameras I use are a Sony HDR-PJ380 (handicam), a GoPro Hero 3 White and my iPhone 6.

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Static Trapeze Tricks - Straddle Up from the Floor

Advance static trapeze trick that can be performed on any bar. It’s fantastic for improving core and upper body strength. If this option is too advanced, beginners can start with simple leg lift from the floor as high as they can go. With regular training, it will progress to full straddle invert as per the video.

Static Trapeze Winter Song Performance

Static Trapeze routine with beginner and intermediate tricks and combos. Filmed at The Aerial Classroom North Hills by Joseph Vargas. (c) 2016

Static Trapeze

Michael Spookey Louis. My 1st rehearsal ever. Song: Radioactive by: Imagine Dragons. All audio rights belong to their respectable owners.

Aerial Static Trapeze - Roll up practice #aerialprincess

Just some video of trapeze practice. I wanted to see what I looked like...I didn't realize I was so serious looking, haha. I need to work on that.

Around the world -- static trapeze

More and more combinations. (yay!) ... This one, in sum, is called around the world--scorpion roll, into a reverse mount, back down to pike. Fun stuff.

Static trapeze practice

I got to practice with my homegal the other day. Pleased with my faux press handstand progress.

Trapeze Strength and Conditioning Training

Here is a quick video showing a little of the conditioning work we do for trapeze. There will likely be no video next week for I am on vacation. When I am back things will be back to normal. I will have more time to put up better content!

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Static Trapeze Alise Piebalga 'Russian Ballerina' 2016

Trapeze: Alise Piebalga ( (
Music: 'Russian Ballerina' by Michelle Gurevich (Chinawoman)
Photo: Craig Kirkwood


2nd performance - Semi improvisation :)

Static Trapeze Only If For a Night Performance

Static Trapeze routine with intermediate tricks and combos. Filmed at The Aerial Classroom Sylmar by Joseph Vargas. (c) 2018

2016 Halloween Student Showcase - Static Trapeze

Beginners Try Trapeze at Cambridge Community Circus

Trapeze was the last apparatus we tried during our vist to Cambridge Community Circus! We really enjoyed learning to get up on the trapeze and were lucky enough to give some partner work a go at the end of the video. Helen and Will were very patient with us whilst we learned! There is more advanced partner stuff to follow next week in our final Circus episode!

Cambridge Community Circus:

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Beginner class on the static trapeze

At Moody Street Circus with Melinda Pavlata... Few tricks - most of them I knew, but one - bird`s nest up on the ropes - first time!

Static trapeze - Spring student show

Feeling Good static trapeze routine

Here is my solo static trapeze routine at Dance With Joy's 2016 Recital. This was my first performance on a pulley system, and I was so nervous! The song is Feeling Good by Muse and is performed at The Center For the Arts in Arkansas.

Beginner and Intermediate Static Trapeze Routine

Static Trapeze routine with beginner and intermediate tricks and combos. Filmed at The Aerial Classroom North Hills by Joseph Vargas. (c) 2015

Static trapeze act - Wooden Arms

Static trapeze act by Ali Walker. Filmed at My Aerial Home, November 2016.



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