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Stand up paddle boarding


Learn to SUP in 5 minutes- How to Stand Up Paddleboard

Learn how to SUP in just 5 minutes from Blue Planet founder Robert Stehlik. This is not a comprehensive lesson but goes over the basics of board handling, paddle handling and safety with tips for those learning how to Stand Up Paddle board. SUP is a safe, fun sport if done correctly.

Some of the basic topics covered:
Board handling:
lift board up on rail first, then use handle to protect your back,
make sure to put board in deep enough water so fin clears bottom,
center weight over handle and center line of board
not covered:
use right board for height, weight and ability level, for more information on choosing the best board for your needs, watch:

Paddle handling and technique:
correct orientation of the paddle blade (angled forward, away from you)
forward stroke holding paddle vertically and pulling straight back
using the whole blade in the water
reach forward and don't pull past the feet
not covered:
steering strokes, watch this video to learn how to steer the board:

choosing the right paddle and length, for more information on this topic, please watch:

ALWAYS wear a leash, and a personal floatation device if required (not required in Hawaii if using a leash)
Use the buddy system, don't go out in dangerous condition, beware of strong offshore winds.
If you can't swim, learn to swim first, then learn to SUP

More tips:
be safe, have fun and watch all the videos in our SUP Tips playlist here:

Did you know that Blue Planet offers free air cargo shipping to any major US airport on most boards ordered on our website? Our board are an excellent value and we offer boards for all skill levels. For details:

Thanks for watching,
Robert Stehlik
Honolulu, Hawaii

The board featured in the video is the Blue Planet 9'10 x 33 Turbo model:

The paddle I'm using is my favorite, the BP Kai Zen V2 with 82 square inch blade:

The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling

In this episode of Stand Up Paddling TV, Jimmy Blakeney explains the 3 Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling - a set of rules that let you paddle the most effectively, comfortably, and safely.

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SUP Surfing 101

Starting from a standing position with the power of a paddle makes catching waves easier on a SUP board than traditional surfing...But, surfing an SUP has its own unique challenges and skills to develop in order to become proficient.

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SUP Balance tips for beginners- Stand Up Paddleboarding

How to SUP: Balancing on a Stand Up Paddleboard: If you have a hard time finding balance on a SUP, watch this video for some tips that will help you get started. One of the hardest things for beginners is often just being able to balance and stand up on the board. This video will help you with some tips. Ultimately your balance will improve with practice, don't forget to have FUN! Please check out our other videos with tips for beginners.
Please also watch the other videos in our Tips for SUP Beginners Playlist:
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Basic Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tutorial (SUP)

This video tutorial teaches the basic skills for Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). Some areas we will focus on include:

- Parts of a SUP board,
- Adjusting your SUP paddle to the right size,
- How to get on your Paddle Board,
- Overview of SUP Paddles,
- How to stand on your SUP Board.

If you're interested in hiring a coach for your paddle boarding give me a message here on YouTube!

Disclaimer: This was my first YouTube SEO project for school. Thanks to everyone who helped me out and I hope you enjoy the water!
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Inflatable or Hard Board? Paddle Board Review

In this video we will explain the differences between an Inflatable Paddle Board and a Hard Paddle Board. Also known as an iSUP or Epoxy Paddle Board. There are benefits to inflatable paddle boards as well as hard paddle boards, and we will outline them in this video. Inflatable vs. Hard Paddle Board.

Standing up for the first time on a SUP / Getting into SUP how to video

When it comes to standing up for the first time on a SUP having a few good tips as well the right kit can make all the difference between getting up and staying up, and not getting to your feet at all!
In this SUPboarder video we go over the key points you need to think about to get you successfully standing up for the first time on a SUP.

If you found this video useful remember to check the next two videos- 'Paddling straight' and the 'Basic step back turn.'
Watch on SUPboarder here :

SUP: Paddle Boarding Basics || REI

One of the great things about paddle boarding is that you don’t need a whole lot of gear or experience to have fun on the water. This video covers the essential gear you’ll need, how to stand up on your board, basic paddle technique and how to get back on when you fall off. Watch, gear up and hit the water.

Come into your local REI to talk to our SUP experts, get the gear you need and learn more about stand up paddle technique.

For more information on SUP basics, check out

SUP tips: Common beginner mistakes- Stand Up Paddleboarding

How to SUP: This short video goes over some of the most common mistakes biginner stand up paddlers make and how to avoid them. For more Please also watch the other videos in our Tips for SUP Beginners Playlist:
For information on our SUP lessons, please visit:

Common Beginner Mistakes

Video Transcript:
These are some things that almost everybody does wrong in the beginning, so don't feel bad if you do it, but this will help you avoid some of the common mistakes.

First of all, when you go in the water, make sure that you're deep enough in the water where your fin doesn't hit the bottom. I see a lot of people get about this deep, and they put their board down and try to jump on it, and the fin is still stuck in the sand here. So make sure you get the board out far enough in the water where the fin clears the bottom. So once you're out this far, you're far enough out.

So then, try to always get on your knees first before you try to stand up, and make sure you're in the middle of the board. So I'm going to get up on the board on my knees, and you can kneel like this or sit on your ankles, whichever is more comfortable for you. And then, when you're paddling on your knees, hold the paddle lower, you don't have to hold it way up here. And make sure you go into the wind first. That's another common mistake. Don't let the wind just carry you downwind, and then having to struggle coming back.

The next thing is standing up. Don't look down at your feet, try to look forward. That's another common mistake, where people look down and then they just keep falling in because you kind of end up going where you look. If you look down, you're going to go down.

Now also, another thing is holding the paddle correctly, which is with the blade angled forward. Almost all beginners try to hold the paddle backwards. If you do that, you end up pulling your board down. If you look at the angle of the paddle right here, and I'm pushing the water up, I'm pushing myself down. So the correct way is to hold the blade angled forward, paddling like this.

Another common mistake is to have the paddle not straight up and down, but too far out to the side. The more you get the paddle out to the side and away from the board, the more your board's going to turn. So if you want to go straight, you want to hold the paddle straight up and down, and pull it back in a straight line. This is what's going to make your board go straight. The more you have it out to the side, if you want the board to turn, you can do a steering stroke getting the paddle out to the side, getting your body lower to the water, getting the paddle kind of at a low angle, way out to the side, that's what's going to make you turn. You're going straight, you hold the paddle straight up and down.

Okay, another common mistake that we see a lot of beginners do is holding their hands too close together. So if you try to hold your paddle really close together, and try to stroke like this, you'll notice that it's very, very hard to make a stroke and get any power in your paddle. So try to hold the paddle about halfway down the blade. So about halfway between the blade and the handle, that's where your hands should be. If you put it on top of your head, it should be about right angles with your elbows. That's how you get a lot of power on your paddle. Most beginners hold their paddle somewhere around one or two feet down, and it's very hard to get enough power in your stroke at that grip height.

So, what else? Oh, another thing is just not standing in the right spot. A lot of times beginners stand too far back on their boards. So if you're trying to paddle like this, you can see my board's at an angle, and it just kind of drags through the water. It's very hard to get your board moving, plus it's less stable. So try to stand right in the middle, where the board's flat in the water, and you're going to have better glide with your board.

All right? So those are just a few little common mistakes that people make, and just have fun and enjoy.

Hawaiian Adventure Vlog 2, Day 20 of 30: Stand up Paddle boarding

Adventuring, Stand up paddle boarding, drones and body surfing hawaii are our every day go to :D

Haden Mckenna: @Hadenmckenna
Therese: @theresehoffhansen


Paddleboarding or Stand Up Paddleboarding?

What is Paddleboarding? Many people think that paddleboarding is the same as stand up paddleboarding. When you search for paddleboarding on google or youtube, most of the search results are for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and it's easy to understand the confusion as you use a paddle and a board when you SUP. Even on Wikipedia, when you search for paddleboarding, the photo shown is of a Stand Up Paddler. If you bother to read the definition however you will learn that:

Paddleboarding participants are propelled by a swimming motion using their arms while lying or kneeling on a paddleboard or surfboard in the ocean. This article refers to traditional prone or kneeling paddleboarding. A derivative of paddleboarding is stand up paddleboarding also called stand up paddle surfing. Paddleboarding is usually performed in the open ocean, with the participant paddling and surfing unbroken swells to cross between islands or journey from one coastal area to another. Champion paddlers can stroke for hours and a 20-mile (32 km) race is only a warm-up for well-trained paddlers.

Paddleboarding (where you paddle with your arms rather than with a paddle) has been around much longer than Stand Up Paddling, so it does not seem right to take over the name of an existing sport to name a newer sport. It's probably too late to stop this from happening but I hope this video will help people understand the history and terminology better. Paddleboarding is not the same as Stand up Paddle boarding. Thanks for watching, Aloha!

The step back turn / How to SUP videos

The Step Back Turn is a really useful, fast turn to master. Whether on a race board or surf SUP, it's a great turning method to get you quickly around those race buoys or infront of that fast approaching wave. It takes a bit of practice and you’re likely to get wet when you first try, but it's well worth the effort.

Read more on SUPboarder here

Stand Up Paddle Board / Kayak Fishing Set-up

If you're interested in fishing from a paddle board or kayak, but don't know where to start you've come to the right place! In this video I walk you through my stand up paddle board set up for fishing and talk about everything you need to know when it comes to buying a paddle board or kayak for fishing. By the end, you'll be confident in finding the best paddle board or kayak for you.

My Paddle Board:
Vibe Maverick Stand Up Paddle Board:
*Note, my green board is a 2018 Maverick, and my orange board is the 2019 Maverick*

My Paddle Board Fishing Gear:
Rod holder:
Paddle Board Leash:
Milk Crate:
Life Vest:
Fishing Tackle Boxes:
Vibe Cooler:
Roof Rack:

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Epic stand up paddle boarding FAILS

SUP fails... but if you try hard enough you'll EASILY succeed in paddle boarding. It's easier to SUP than it is to ride a bike, just try in flat conditions. Good luck and have fun! We had tons of fun making this video.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Pro Highlights in Maui, Hawaii

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Pro Highlights in Maui, Hawaii
The best videos of SUP surfing from 2018 so far. Thanks to the SUP surfer out there, you're all awesome!!!
Stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. The sport was documented in a 2013 report that identified it as the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants in the United States that year. Variations include flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing, racing on lakes, large rivers and canals, surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids (whitewater SUP), Paddle board yoga and even fishing.

For more information about video and audio:
1. Bernd Roediger Fall 2016: I've been enjoying home so much, riding any board I can get my hands on! Collecting clips is easiest when you're having fun, when you're not focusing on the particulars, but harnessing the full scope of life! This is a farewell to 2016, thank you all for an amazing year of support!
2. Island Hopping Pt. 1: I love Hawaii! Ok, not that original of a statement, but the truth nonetheless. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate just how cool it is to live here! I get to share my favorite place in the world with my favorite people in the world! Fiona Wylde, Kai Bates, Toby Cracknel,l Giorgio Gomez, James Casey, and Jacy Shimahara | if you love watching all these amazing humans shred as much as I do, watch this film! Forrest Ladkin coming through a silky edit •Island Hopping Pt. 1•
3. James Casey SUP- Sunset 2016: El Nino 2016 was a special time. James Casey managed to spend a few weeks over in Hawaii around the Stand Up World Tour's Sunset Beach Pro and scored some great waves.
4. Atlantis Mano surf SUP ft Jarrad Batza: Jason (AKA Aquaman) has tapped into his prominent Hawaiian heritage and named this extravagant board after the Hawaiian word for shark “Mano”. Jason’s trademark Mano Tattoos had a huge influence in the final design concepts for his board. This is by far the most intricate board design we have ever been challenged with and the results are astounding.
5. Cristi Stand Up Paddle Surfing Sri Lanka: Cristi goes on a SUP mission through Sri Lanka to surf some warm clean perfection and have some unique elephant encounters.

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SUP Improved Paddling Technique

Once the basics of how to paddle board have been mastered we can begin to add a little more power to the stroke. In this video SUP technique expert Sam Ross demonstrates how to improve your paddling and increase your speed across the water.

The main thing to remember is that the board moves past the paddle so the most important thing is to place the blade where you reach.
The entry of the paddle is called the ‘catch’ and we need to make sure we bury the blade here. Keep the paddle vertical. The more the top hand is over the bottom hand the straighter the board will go. Lastly, make sure the blade comes out of the water at the feet. Drag will be created if you go past the feet.

Video produced by

Featuring Sam Ross

Watch the whole How To Paddle Board series here -

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Stand Up Paddle Board 101: How to Choose The Right Paddleboard

Welcome to Stand on Liquid! We pride on helping you find the right board for you to fit your paddling needs. This stand up paddle board how to video explains how to choose the right board by going over the different paddleboard shapes, lengths, widths, and volumes. After you watch this video, visit us at to check out our selection of over 60 brands of paddle boards. Please contact us at, if you have any questions.

Stand Up Paddle Board Technique: The Paddle Slap

The paddle slap is a paddle board technique that is a form of brace to give extra stability. It is used when moving around the board, in choppy conditions or in the surf. In this video we guide you through the key elements of this SUP technique.

To initiate the slap, smack the logo side of the blade onto the water. Keep the knuckles down and break at the knees to keep the body weight low. The further the blade is from the board the more stability it will provide. Try and lower the handle as well as the blade to help provide width and stability.

Video produced by

Featuring Sam Ross

Watch the whole How To Paddle Board series here -

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Hitting The River On The SICKEST Fishing Stand Up Paddleboard! VIBE MAVERICK 120

Check out the 30 Day Challenge Shirt!

I’m really digging this Vibe Maverick! Let me know what you guys think of it.

I couldn’t believe it was hotter than yesterday, but even 111 degrees isn’t gonna stop me. Hope you guys enjoyed and hope you’re having an awesome 4th of July! See you tomorrow


Vibe Maverick

BASS MAN JIGS...[my favorite flipping jigs]

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Disaster | First Time On A Sup Stand Up Paddle Board

Lol what a newbie hahaha

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