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Let's Examine Korean Wrestling - Ssireum (not SUMO)

Let's look at Korea's native martial art called Ssireum. It's a form of wrestling, but the rules and vibe are completely different than Sumo Wrestling, the Japanese counterpart. We look at a match and talk about our feelings about this style of martial arts.

Original footage:

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💪강호동 - 현역시절 씨름판의 악동이라 불리우던 사나이! 강호동 대 이만기, 데뷔전, 그리고 또다른 천재성 | HD

제16회 천하장사 씨름대회
대전 충무체육관
1989년 3월 12일
8강전 강호동 대 이종식 (강호동 데뷔전)

제17회 천하장사 씨름대회
서울 잠실체육관
1989년 9월 12일
준결승 이만기 대 강호동

제18회 천하장사 씨름대회
성남 실내체육관
1990년 3월 12일
준결승 강호동 대 이만기

2011년 추석특집 KBS 다큐멘터리 《천하장사 만만세》
1994년 MBC 《오늘은 좋은 날 - 소나기》
2002년 KBS 《슈퍼 TV 일요일은 즐거워 - MC 대격돌》
2002년~2003년 MBC 《강호동의 천생연분》
2004년~2007년 SBS 《일요일이 좋다 X맨》
2007년~2011년 KBS 《해피선데이 - 1박 2일》
2015년 JTBC 《아는 형님》

BGM1 : Discotek
BGM2 : Sunny - Boney M (Instrumental)

Cultural Creative Community 2017


This video is about ssireum. It's centered on Kang Hodong.


BEST KOREAN WRESTLING – SSIREUM - ssireum tournament held from April 14 to 2018 in 2018. Ssireum (Hangul: 씨름) or Korean wrestling is a folk wrestling style and traditional national sport of Korea since the fourth century. In the modern form each contestant wears a belt (satba) that wraps around the waist and the thigh. The competition employs a series of techniques, which inflict little harm or injury to the opponent: opponents lock on to each other's belt, and one achieves victory by bringing any part of the opponent's body above the knee to the ground.
The rules and vibe are completely different than Sumo Wrestling, the Japanese counterpart...

Ssireum Throws Trips and Sweeps (Wrestling/Grappling)

Korean Ssireum players demonstrate some of the most popular leg throws, trips and sweeps used in ssireum competition. Many of these could be applied to judo, jujitsu, submission grappling, wrestling, sumo,sambo or MMA fighting. Filmed in Korea. Courtesy of Watch more Ssireum videos on YouTube:

Marcos Ledesma (1/8 de Final Campeonato del Mundo Ssireum 2011)

Marcos Ledesma en los octavos de Final Campeonato del Mundo Ssireum 2011 de Corea del Sur.

Korea Ssireum Grappling Conditioning Exercises

This video was filmed during a conditioning session at a Ssireum training camp in Korea. Ssireum is a traditional Korean style of wrestling or grappling similar to Sumo. Courtesy of Watch more Ssireum videos on YouTube:

Campeonato Mundial Ssireum 2011

Noticia sobre el inicio del Campeonato Mundial de Lucha Ssireum con representación Canaria.

Ssireum World Championships 2012 Female -80kg

Miss Sujeong Lim is concecutive world champion 2011-2012.

DPR Korea. Ssireum. 12 National Contest (category 55 kg)

2015 year

korean traditional wrestling(ssireum)

홍샅바(red belt):218cm,165kg vs 청샅바(blue belt):192cm,170kg

Ssireum (Korean SAMBO Wrestling) Presentation

Ssireum is Ancient form of primary Self Defence skill development ( SAMBO ) in Korea. Ssireum means wrestling .

Because of Ssireum , Korean athlets one of the best in the world across all wrestling discipline in Olympics:
- Free Style wrestling
- Judo wrestling
- Greco-Roman wrestling

This introductory presentation made by Anastasiya , Oceania Olympic Wrestling and SAMBO Champion , 2015 5th rank in the World , also NZ Judo Champion .

SSireum Korean Wrestling History

This is an overview of the history, arena and uniform of traditional Korean style of grappling or wrestling known as Ssireum. Watch more Ssireum videos on YouTube:

Ssireum Heavyweight Championship

Ssireum is Korean folk wrestling.
Bak-tu Changsa big mountain number one.
Bak-tu is the largest mountain in Korea located in the north of the country, which is what they have named the Heavyweight Division.
This is the 2011 Dano Festival of Koreatown in Toronto with the biggest Ssireum competition in all of Canada.
Competition is fierce. One family dominates this sport between father Usheen and son Brian.
This event was surrounded by spectators, chanting fans, family and friends.
You are watching the final throw in the final match of the Heavyweight Championship.
I was lucky enough to participate in this years competition, win the Heavyweight title and meet a lot of new people, made some fans too.

World Championships Ssireum 2012 - SWE-KOR, Round 3

Hannes Åström, Swedish National Team player in Heavyweight beat, as the only player in the individual categories, Korea in the quaterfinal.

This clip is from the third round. Hannes wins the game with 2-1.

korean wrestling

2008.10.24 백호장사 결승전(-105kg final)
red belt:190cm 105kg
blue belt:185cm 105kg

한국씨름연구소-한국씨름의 역사 (KOREA Ssireum History)

한국씨름의 역사 (KOREA Ssireum History)

이 영상은 대한민국 국민체육진흥공단의 지원으로 제작되었습니다.
From Ssireum: The Living Culture, created with sponsorship from the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation. Project supervised by Sung-Han Park, written and narrated by Christopher Sparks, filmed by Yeong-Seok Seo, with contributions by Yong Huh. All rights reserved, may be reproduced for non-profit and educational purposes.

Korean Ssireum Wrestling (Hard Korea)

Whether it's soccer, martial arts or joku, Koreans strive to be the best, and wrestling is no exception. Ssireum (씨름) is a traditional type of Korean wrestling dating back to 50 AD. This modern style first became popular during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and modern Korean wrestling dates back to 1912 when the first official competition was held. It may look like Sumo, but the rules are actually quite different. The objective of this style is to get any part of your opponent's body from above the knee to touch the ground. The participants wear looping belts, or satba, which are used to try to maneuver opponents down into the sand that covers the ring. There are four weight classes in the sport, each named for one of four famous mountain peaks in Korea, and today women also compete, but only against other women. In this video, Kris and Matt receive brief training from Lee Taehyun, (who has won more wrestling matches than any other wrestler in Korea with over 40 championships) before trying their beginner's luck with some of the wrestlers at Yongin University. Yeah, this won't take long... it's a good thing for these two that bodily harm is not really the objective of this sport.

Ssireum Takedowns - Korean Grappling Techniques

Korean Ssireum players demonstrate takedown techniques using the hand to trip, sweep or throw the opponent. These skills could be used in any typ of grappling combat sport. Filmed in South Korea at a professional Ssireum training camp.Courtesy of Watch more Ssireum videos on YouTube:

Ssireum Video 1

Lucha tradicional coreana



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