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Squirt boating


Squirt boat highlights | Ottawa River 2015

A few moments from a record breaking competition at the 2015 ICF Canoe Freestyle World Championships in Ottawa River, Canada. With mystery moves over 30 seconds and the first ever score over 2000, and an epic showdown, Claire and Stephen take home the titles, with a nice little surprise along the way!

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Congrats to the medallists from the Squirt Boat
Women's :
Gold - Claire O'Hara (GBR)
Silver - Hitomi Takaku (JPN)
Bronze - Motoko Ishida (JPN)

Men's :
Gold - Stephen Wright (USA)
Silver - Clay Wright (USA)
Bronze - Benjamin White (GBR)

Upper Gauley Squirt Boating '17


Squirt Boating 2011 WATCH IN HD

***due to export issues, the sound will be very distorted unless you watch this in 720 or 1080 HD***

This is a compilation of squirt boating on the Ottawa, Gauley, New, and Cheat rivers in 2011. Seams are named Smoothie, Junkyark, Fascination Alley, Halls of Karma, and Dogma. The paddlers are Stephen Wright, Clay Wright, Nate, Maverick, Steve O'Keefe, and Claire O'Hara. Lots of GoPro Hero HD footage, with some Canon 7D 24-70 2.8L with a polarizing filter as well. Enjoy! Music is RJD2.

Squirt Boating 2009


Squirt Boat Training with Jen

Team GB Squirt Boat training at Nottingham. Jen gets to put her new Murky Waters Slip into action on the lake. Smiles all round!

Top Tricks - Freestyle Kayak & Squirt Boating Skills Collection - Claire O'

Its been an exciting year and I've had loads of fun working on new tricks and sequences. Here is a collection of my biggest and most technical holes moves and squirt boating moves so far this year.

The first 1min 30 is Squirt Boating and then the next 1min 30 is freestyle.

Thank you Dennis Newton (Sweetwater Coaching) and Abel Doudnik (6degreesfit) for all your help and support in making this happen and to everyone else who has played a part in helping me progress and train.

My favourite moves featured include…

Squirt Boating - Screwing Around, Heli Wheel, Tricky Switch-wheel, Wu Tricky, Party Trick, Super Clean Split Wheels, Mystery Moves and Exit moves

Freestyle - Clean McNastys, Huge Clean Air loops, Space Godzillas, McZillas, Lunar Orbits, Tricky Wus, Loop- Trickys, Tricky-Loops, Back Loop-Mcnasty, Lunar-loop and the mighty front surf

Filmed at the National Water Sports Centre Nottingham, UK, the Olympic White Water Course Penrith, Australia, the Hawea Waves, NZ, the Halls of Karma, Gauley River, WV, USA, Swallow Cliffs, Truckee River, California, USA and at the Nantahala Outdoor Centre, NC, USA


Jackson Kayak Rock Star Small and Composite Small + my custom Murky Water Slip

Music : Bodyrockers-I Like The Way, sound recording administered by:

2018 Squirt Boat Worlds, Gemini, Santiam River, Oregon

Edit: Priscilla Macy
Footage: Barry McKenzie, Lee Lindermann, Nick Hymel, Priscilla Macy
Music: Find Your Cloud, Papadosio

This is Squirt Boating The Split Wheel

Claire O'Hara takes you through the ICF Squirt Boating definitions and moves in this Paddle Education Series. This episode focuses on the Split Wheel.

ICF Definition : Split Wheel (60 points)

Two consecutive ends of opposite edges (left/right)
and at a vertical angle between 60 ̊ and 120 ̊ linked
together by a 170 ̊ to 190 ̊ rotation on the long axis.

Featuring Claire O'Hara

Filmed by Jez

Music Perfect Tomorrow by Mokhov

More videos and information can be found at

squirt boat

This is Squirt Boating

Claire O'Hara takes you through the ICF Squirt Boating definitions and moves in this Paddle Education Series. Covering everything from Bow Stalls to Mystery Moves this series will give you a real insight into this unique paddle sport.

Featuring Claire O'Hara

Filmed by Jez, Stephen Wright & Sport Scene TV

Music Perfect Tomorrow by Mokhov

More videos and information can be found at


Squirt Boat Satmp4

A cold morning for Squirt Boating at Sudbury.

Halls of Karma squirt boating

Welcome to the quantum realm

Music: Brokedown Palace by The Grateful Dead
Halls of Karma, New River Gorge
October 3, 2019

Squirt Boat Sudbury

Time to relax with a gentle squirt boat session at Sudbury.

Squirt Boating in the River Dart

Reed Chillcheater offer bespoke manufacturing services, tailoring equipment to your specific measurements and requirements for niche activities. Here, Tom Bailey is Squirt boating in the River dart on 14th February 2016. With a tight, short sleeve aquatherm top attached to his squirt deck as a bottom layer and a fleece lined, long sleeve aquatherm top on top, Tom is able to stay completely dry for long periods underwater, with no leakage into his boat in an hours squirt boating! Whats more, he is kept nice and warm in 4 degree water, with air temperature under 5 degrees and snow on the ground over night.

Reed Short Sleeve Aquatherm tops -
Reed Long Sleeve Aquatherm tops -

Edit and Boating - Tom Bailey
Filming -
Re-edit -
Song - Emancipator - Dusk to Dawn

squirt boating 2012

This video shows some of my favorite squirt boating from 2012. It features Stephen, Clay, Dane, and Claire. It was shot on the Ottawa, Truckee, and Lochsa rivers. Unfortunately, I lost a ton of great footage from Halls of Karma this year when my computer died, so that's not here, but I'm stoked on this edit! We had a lot of fun with GoPros on sticks, and swimming around after each other with dive fins. Enjoy!!! Here's hoping for more happy sinking in 2013! Huge thanks to Murky Water kayaks for all their support and for making me fantastic squirt boats.

The music's RJD2's song 1976, but the original is's only 2 1/2 minutes, so I repeated some parts.

This is Squirt Boating. The Super Clean Bonus

Claire O'Hara takes you through the ICF Squirt Boating definitions and moves in this Paddle Education Series. This episode focuses on the Super Clean Bonus.

ICF Definition : Super Clean Bonus (Triples the score of the move)

Full move executed without being initiated by paddle or hand. Clean and Super Clean cannot both be given for one execution of the move; only the Super Clean bonus will then count.

Featuring Claire O'Hara

Filmed by Jez

Music Perfect Tomorrow by Mokhov

More videos and information can be found at

Charging Arc - Underwater mysteries revealed, but hardly explained.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science.”
~Albert Einstein

In this bit of art, science, & Technology, Jim Snyder waltzes along nature's turbulent mysteries in his prototype squirt boat under the Cheat River Narrows, in West Virginia.

The Charging Arc is a description of a boat/boater's path through the water in relation to the many environmental variables.

Video by Gabe DeWitt -
Mystery moves by Jim Snyder -
Music by Rising Appalachia & The Human Experience -

Claire O 2010.wmv

A video of my 2010 adventures... freestyle on the Inlet Gate at the NWSC Nottingham, Big Joe on the Lachine Rapids in Canada, a fun slide in Austria and Squirt Boating on the seam with no name on the River Derwent in the Lakes .

Powerhouse Revealed: Rock Island Squirt boating

Doh! Where it says title it should say Powerhouse Seam not smrt :)

Check out Stephen Wright, Clay Wright, and Dane Jackson squirt boating in the newly-discovered Powerhouse seam. For full info check, but it's all good from around 4,500 - 7,000 CFS. Music by Greyboy. Boats are are Murky Water SLIP, a Murky Water KOR, and an older New Wave PRIZE :)

Squirt boating at The Buffet!

Tim Hollar and I do mystery moves at The Buffet near Portland, OR. This is what makes squirt boating fun for me: downtime in a peaceful underwater realm. All shot with a GoPro Hero HD.



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