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GRU vs. Karpik

Roger Federer - Incredible Squash Shot Compilation


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Roger Federer - Incredible Squash Shot Compilation
Raz Ols

Roger Federer - Squash Shots (HD)

We all know that Roger Federer has got very diversity shots. Today I want to show you his ˝Squash Shots˝! ENJOY!

Special thanks to CEZAR Prod., who helped me to do my intro song!

Squash tips: Nick Matthew's tennis ball footwork drill

Sometimes your training doesn't have to be complicated to bring about improvement.

Check out some of the simple footwork drills to help improve your speed around the court:

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SquashSkills was launched in 2012 by Former World number 1 Peter Nicol and co-founder Jethro Binns. Our goal is to give everyone access to high level squash coaching in an effort to help them become the best player they can be.

When we launched we were very player focused, but as time went on we felt that we also had the opportunity to build a platform that could help coaches expand their knowledge and bring variety to their training.

Coaches can now create and schedule their players training sessions, set drills and tests, and track progress and improvement.

The new website is packed full of tools for both coaches and players, guaranteed to improve your understanding of the game.

Start winning more!

Squash: Hong Kong Open 2015 - Women's Final Highlights: David v Massaro

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PSA Squash Rankings

Best sport ever! 360BaLL

'sport in a circle' 360ball is a new sport that utilizes the principles and properties of a circle to define a ball game. Players use a racquet to strike a ball onto a centrally placed concave disc. The court has no separate sides and players pivot 360° around the disc as directed by play. 360ball is played either by two players (singles) or by two teams of two players (doubles). / / /

Squash / tennis wristbands - Should you use them?

I highly recommend wristbands for every squash player.
My favourite ones:

Hey guys. Just a really quick recommendation about using wristbands when you play squash, so kind of wrist sweatbands. I didn't used to use these when I first started off. I sweat quite a bit, so a lot of sweat gets on my hands. I'm always kind of wiping my hand on the walls. Wearing a wristband or a sweatband when you're playing, really, really, helps out. It helps you keep the sweat off your hands, and really keeps your proper grip on the racket. It's really, really, important to have a proper grip on you racket when you're playing to be able to do all of your shots.

You see here, I've got some random brand here with a happy face. I've got a Nike one over here. The brand really doesn't matter. Just pick up something that seems like it's going to be absorbent, not too thick, but thick enough that it'll absorb something. I think you'll find after awhile that you won't be able to do without it. I also use it to wipe any excess sweat off my head too. I just bring my wrist up to my head and wipe it off. It kind of serves as a dual purpose. I would highly recommend any wristband you can find, any reasonably priced one. I don't think there's any real, kind of, squash specific ones. I just went and bought a couple for ... I think, for two, it ended up being $12 or something. When they get worn out, you just buy some new ones. Highly, highly recommend wearing a wrist sweatband when you play squash. It should keep you hand dry to let you do all your shots. All right.

Stewart Boswell punishes an amateur onthe squash court (part 1)

Middle-aged man takes on top pro and pays the price. Boswell is a very good sport...

Squash umpire's brilliant response to Peter Barker | Unmissable Moments

During his Squash quarter-final match against Cameron Pilley, Peter Barker doesn't get the response he was hoping for when he asked the umpire how he could of got to the ball.

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Best Padel Rallies of 2014! Watch it!

Best Padel Rallies of 2014! Watch it!
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The Padel Rallies of 2014, with Juan Martin Diaz, Fernando Belasteguin, Juani Mieres, Sanyo Gutierrez, Maxi Sanchez, Matias Diaz, Sebastian Nerone and many others en el World Padel Tour.

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Strokes, No Lets, and Lets - British Open (funny)

David Palmer vs. Jonathan Power in British open and it's always strokes, no lets , Lets and funny comments

Tennis & Squash Club of Buffalo 100-Years

Celebrating the essence of the 100-year history of the Tennis & Squash Club of Buffalo

Squash Women's Team R3 | 29th SEA Games 2017

Women's Squash R3 competition of the 29th SEA Games 2017

★ Date: 27 Aug 2017
★ Time: 11:00 am (Singapore time)

Broadcast is subject to change.

Women's Team Squash Singapore 🇸🇬 vs Myanmar 🇲🇲
Pamela Chua (Singapore 🇸🇬) vs Ei Ei Pyone (Myanmar 🇲🇲) 7:25
Au Yeong Wai Yhann (Singapore 🇸🇬) vs Moe Moe Thae (Myanmar 🇲🇲) 32:31
Mao Shihui (Singapore 🇸🇬) vs Aye Aye Thin (Myanmar 🇲🇲) 1:08:25

Follow the action on #OneTeamSG
Livestreams of selected matches

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Squash Tennis

Squash Tennis, invented by and American and a German in New York Floor 4 of Ramsay Hall in UCL in 2010


Manon, Julien et Adrien bossent chez nous, ils ont clairement un meilleur niveau de Padel que Jeff, mais ça valait le coup de lancer le challenge !

🎾 Merci à El Padel pour l'accueil en avant-première, si vous êtes autour de Lille n'hésitez pas à y aller faire un petit tour ➡️
🎾 Si vous cherchez une salle pas loin de chez vous ➡️
🎾 Et pour être ultra précis sur les régles et aller un peu plus loin, la FFT vous a fait un petit résumé ici ➡️

How to String a Squash or Tennis Racket

A complete guide to stringing squash and tennis rackets. I show you everything you need to know to string either a squash or a tennis racket. If you have any questions or comments please post them below, but let's keep the conversation civilized. I'm sure I've made a few mistakes in the video and I've corrected what I found with additional comments. Abusive and otherwise offensive comments will get deleted. For more tennis tips head on over to

The Squash Company have a go at Real Tennis

The Squash Company have a go at Real Tennis for the first time...

Safe to say they should stick to the day job but what a bonkers, wonderful game! We'll definitely play again soon.

You can play too with Coach Chris Bray or your friends at Middlesex University - check out their website for more details.

Clay court Tennis on a Squash court.

The sport for all levels. As with clay court tennis the intensity increase with the level of skill, but with Rapid-ball no expensive lessons required.

Playing tennis on a squash court

My part for the English video / Mi parte del video para inglés
Filmed by Benito Cornejo / Filmado por Benito Cornejo

En gimnasio Balance Club, Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile.

Buffalo Tennis & Squash Club Live Stream

63rd Invitational - Sunday court 1 matches



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