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5.73 Square-1 single

Nice CO lockup


z2 0,1/0,-1/2,0/-1,-2/-3,0/

Cube: X-Man Volt

[Обучалка] Как собрать Square-1

Сайт с алгоритмами:

Вступление 0:00
Нотация 1:03
Кубшейп 2:36
Ориентация углов 6:18
Ориентация рёбер 7:25
Перемещение углов 9:35
Перемещение рёбер 13:03
Пример сборки 19:17
Заключение 21:41

Square-1 Average National Record |22.9 | NEPAL |Aniket Kanth|

lol spelling error at 2:44 SINGLES*

This is the national record in square-1 event of Nepal.
Cube : X-Man Volt
Competition: Cube Mahotsav 2018

Time list:

Average: 22.90

My WCA profile :

The passing Square 1 - 3.

3 different passing drills

7.56 official Square-1 average

Watch a video of Bertie's fingers and some of the reaction here:


Review En Español Square-1 QiFa QiYi -Edurubiks

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9.15 Square-1 Official Winning Average

My first ever Square-1 win!
Very disappointed about these solves, first solve could've been at least ER, 3rd and 4th sub 9 and 5th sub 8.3. Still happy I won though, this just shows I have so much room for improvement as a competitor.

S/o to Jules Rohault for filming the alternative angle of the last solve, Juliette, Enzo and Nathan for judging me and cheering me on !

Square-1 avg of 12: 15.40 seconds

19.15, 14.13, (24.53), 14.91, 13.97, 12.31, 12.02, (10.90), 18.77, 17.36, 16.34, 15.03
Better average :) Competition 3 weeks later!

Square-1 CP/EP with Commutators

For /u/enigmahack

Square-1 9.14 Official Average w/6.97 single (Mexican NRs) | Diego Brizuela

------Disculpa la tardanza Luisito D.--------

Los 9s no ayudaron mucho, pero volví a sacar el anulado 6.9, fue NR, y obtuve primer lugar en la categoría titulándome Campeón Nacional.

Gracias a todos por el apoyo!

Cubo: Cubicle Labs Volt MS

Mi pagina de Facebook:

Mis Patrocinadores:
Cubos Dany:
Kibe Cubes:

Subscríbete! :)

Passing Square 1

session from please visit the website for the session plan

Feliks Square-1 : 23.27 Asian Rubik's Cube Championship


[TUTORIAL] Come mischiare i puzzle WCA: Square-1

Link video tutorial per imparare a svolgere il ruolo di mischiatore nelle gare WCA:

Il link che trovate qui in descrizione vi porta in una cartella di Google Drive con all'interno alcuni file con degli scramble di esempio. Potete usare quelli per esercitarvi a mischiare lo square-1:

- Info:
- Telegram:
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- YouTube:

Compilation Brand Promo 30 sec spotV03 square 1 1

30 Seconds to Adventure

Daniel Karnaukh 5.49 Square-1 WR single

Credits to Daniel for letting me upload that, good job dude ! Definitely deserved after all these fails !

10.46 official square-1 single

Not bad solve for me, at least without any skips

cube: Cosmic Volt M

Sponsored by SpeedCubeShop!

Official 19.20 Square-1 Average With 13.50 Single!!!!!!! :o


19.77 [parity], (13.50), 17.24 [parity], (25.23), 20.59 = 19.20 Average! Sweetness.

I'm realllly happy with the single. If I didn't mess up the last two solves I could've had a way better average, but oh well. I just wanted sub-20 anyways! ;)

Done at Michigan 2014. It kind of sucks that they had another round b/c I got 2nd place in this round, but fourth in the final :(

Thanks to Cuber sd for recording this! His channel:

Cube: mf8 v1 w/ Florian mod.

Method: Cubeshape, CO, EO, CP, EP.

Inspection Type: Mentally retarded. Fast clapping is used to warm up my hands, don't ask! XD

Square-1 METODA LIN tutorial

Jak ułożyć square-1? Metoda Lin to szybka i efektywna metoda, pozwalająca uzyskiwać dobre czasy. Jej twórcą jest Tse-Kan Lin. Metoda jest intuicyjna. Zawiera 6 dodatkowych algorytmów w stosunku do metody Vandebergha, ale wymaga poza tym tylko znajomości algów na permutacje krawędzi ostatniej warstwy (EPLL). Jeśli znasz U, H, Z i parity, to wystarczy to, by układać tą metodą.

Strona z algami:

Przykładowe ułożenia:

Zamiana tylko krawędzi:
(6,6) 1,0 / 3,0 / 3,0 / -1, -1 / -2, 1 / -3,0 /

Zamiana przeciwnych rogów:
1,0 / -4,-3 / -3,0 / -3,-3 / -3,0 / -2,-3 /

Zamiana lewych rogów
1,0 / 3,0 / 3,-3 / -1,2 / 1,-2 / 3,0 /

Zamiana prawych rogów
1,0 / 2,-1 / 0,-3 / 3,0 / -3,0 / -2,4 /

Zamiana rogów z przodu
0,-1 / 4,-2 / -3,0 / 0,3 / 0,-3 / -1,2 /

Zamiana rogów z tyłu.
4,-3 / -3,0 / -1,2 / 1,-2 / -3,3 / -3,0 /

Przydatne linki:
Przydatne linki:
Podstawowy tutorial do sq-1

Kanał Raula Batie - dużo algów na EPLL

Kanał z tutorialem do tej metody po angielsku:

Brandon Lin kanał i strona:

Lid - dużo algów:

Square-1 World Record 16.62 seconds by Kazuhito Iimura

My weblog

My BLD site.

You can learn BLD.
(Sorry Written in Japanese)


Sqr1 WR.
He is very disappointed.
His daily average about 13seconds.

Square-1 World Championship final - 11.68 average

The scrambles sucked and I couldn't really do anything about it.



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