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Square-1 Tutorial | Anfänger | Sehr detaillierte Anleitung

Einleitung/Notation: 0:00
Cubeshape: 3:11
Corner Orientation: 12:42
Edge Ortientation: 15:28
Corder Permutation: 19:00
Edge Permutation: 26:30
Slice: 42:00
Beispiel: 43:30

Edge Orientation
1-1: (1,0)/(3,0)/(3,0)/(-1,-1)/(-2,1)/(-3,0)
2-2 gegenüber: (1,0)/(-1,-1)/
2-2 nebeneinander: (0,-1)/(-3,0)/(1,1)/(3,0)/

Corner Permutation:
Headlight - Headlight: /(-3,0)/(3,3)/(0,-3)/
Keine Headlights: /(-3,3)/(3,-3)/

Edge Permutation:
Adjacent Adjacent: (1,0)/(3,0)/(-1,-1)/(-2,1)/
Opposite-Opposite: (1,0)/(-1,-1)/(6,0)/(1,1)/
Adjacent Parity: /(-3,0)/(0,3)/(0,-3)/(0,3)/(2,0)/(0,2)/(-2,0)/

Square-1 Armando Enciso & Diego Brizuela Official Average (Round 1)

18.12, 19.06, (17.77), (20.96), 19.40= 18.86 AVG

10.68, (10.96), 9.98, (6.90), 10.80= 10.4x AVG, anulado debido al tercer y cuarto solve dados como misscrambles,
CORRECCÓN: 10.68, (10.96), 8.86, (8.80), 10.80= 10.11 AVG

no debí parar el timer como lo hice...

Cubos: el de Armando QiYi con cara negra, el de Brizuela Cubicle Labs Volt MS

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Subscríbete! :)

Square-1 World Championship final - 11.68 average

The scrambles sucked and I couldn't really do anything about it.

Square-1/Cube-21 35.74 average of 12

29.64, 35.50, 36.06, (24.48), (49.45), 26.25, 27.14, 49.00, 34.38, 33.47, 45.41, 40.50
I'm still slow at this puzzle, though I've improved a lot since I learned some new algorithms.
Thanks to Lars!

9.86 Square-1 Dutch NR average

Thanks to my dad for filming and cheering!

Cube: Volt, grab it here:
Method: Vandenbergh with CSP

11.75 Official Square-1 Avg (Malaysian Champion 2019)

Cosmic Volt M
10.76, 12.28, (10.37), 12.21, (13.70)
Alhamdulillah so happy to get this
Done at Malaysian Cube Championship 2019

Simon Crawford solves Square-1 in 22.46s UK Masters 2009

Simon's fifth and final attempt at Square-1.

15.60 Official Square-1 average [WCA Asian Championship 2018] [NR Fail!]

This average could have been a lot better without lockups and cubedrop, but at least i beat my PB.

Puzzle: Cosmic Volt M

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Miscellaneous Solves #6 | Square-1 Practice

Regresando a practicar poco a poco. Los scrambles se pueden ver ahí claramente.

Cubo: Cubicle Labs Volt MS

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Subscríbete! :)

Square-1 team BLD 24.82 YTUWR (+UWR?)

Done with Evan Liu:
Should have been a bit faster, easy scramble. London Cube Meet 2016-12-11.

8.86 official Square-1 average!

9.25 7.79 (6.84) (9.87) 9.53
(I accidentally forgot to film the fourth solve oops)

Done at Annuntia Open 2019. No NR's this time but I'm still really glad to get another sub-9 average and sub-7 single under my belt. The average should've been a lot better, but I got way too nervous on the last two solves sadly. I am working some more on my mental state and turning accuracy to avoid this tho.

Sponsored by Speedcubeshop! (
Cube used: Cosmic Volt M (

Review En Español Square-1 Volt V2 Magnetic (QiYi) X-Man -Edurubiks

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14.31 Official Square-1 Winning average! [Bangkok Open 2019]

Very decent for me because I've stopped practicing this event since Asian Champs 2018.
Puzzle: Cosmic Volt M

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Official 13.60 square-1 single(+14.82 bonus solve)

Done at GIC '16. Got both in the same average but got nervous and managed a counting 30 too.

Square-1 avg of 12: 15.40 seconds

19.15, 14.13, (24.53), 14.91, 13.97, 12.31, 12.02, (10.90), 18.77, 17.36, 16.34, 15.03
Better average :) Competition 3 weeks later!

6.14 DNF Square-1 single


Cosmic volt M
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6.06 Square 1 PB Single Reconstruction | Cosmic Volt M

The reaction was like WHAT, WAT, a LIN SKIP, NO WAY, I GOTTA REWATCH THAT!

Generated By csTimer on 2018-3-17
single: 6.06
1. 6.06 (-2, 3)/(-1, -1)/(6, -3)/(4, -5)/(3, 0)/(5, 0)/(-3, -3)/(-3, 0)/(1, -3)/(0, -4)/(-4, 0)/(-2, 0)/

32/6.06 = 5.28 TPS which is kinda slow but whatevs...

Also part of 16.19 PB Average and 17.66 avg of 12 (also PB)


Review En Español Square-1 QiFa QiYi -Edurubiks

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Volt Square-1 V2 M Reiew en Español| CubosCubik

El mejor square-1 ahora magnético sorprendete con sus opciones y elige el mejor para ti

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The History of Square-1 Average World Records (2004-2019)

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