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Sports using a firearm


Pay and play shooting ranges in Delhi

With 4 Olympic Medals in Shooting, the sport now goes to the grassroots.

Concealed Carry Considerations - Gunsite Academy Firearms Training

Gunsite Academy Instructor Charlie McNeese discusses a number of ways to carry a concealed firearm with NSSF's Dave Miles and offers few things to consider when determining the solution that works best for you. #LetsGoShooting #NSSF

Quick Guide to Olympic Shooting

Everything you need to know about Olympic Shooting.

A supreme test of accuracy, shooting made its Olympic debut at Athens 1896, the first Games of the modern era. In Rio, competitors will battle to reach the podium in nine men’s and six women’s events, all individual.

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Draw or The Presentation: Handgun Tip - Gunsite Academy Firearms Training

Gunsite Range Master Charlie McNeese demonstrates the Gunsite way to draw from the holster. It's called The Presentation, and it's a five step process that will get you out of the holster and on target safely, quickly and accurately. (NSSF Video) #LetsGoShooting #NSSF

How To Perform Gun Disarming Techniques

This guide shows you How To Perform Gun Disarming Techniques.
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Give the Gift of Firearm Safety! - Project ChildSafe

U.S. Army Veteran, Shooting Sports Champion, Hunter and Mom, Julie Golob asks that you give the gift of firearm safety in an effort to promote responsible firearm ownership. Storing firearms securely when not in use is the best way to help prevent accidents and unauthorized access to guns.

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Shoot Tighter Groups!! - Bluetooth Firearms Training System - Mantis X Review

Learn more about the Mantis X system with this link. It won’t cost you any extra and it’ll help me out a bunch if you use this link:

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Firearm Safety For Everyone - Hunting Tip

The National Shooting Sports Foundation with help from Charles Bruckerhoff, Hunting Education and Firearm Safety Coordinator for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection shares a helpful firearm safety acronym, ACTT, and wishes everyone a safe and productive hunting season. (NSSF Video) #LetsGoShooting #NSSF
#LetsGoHunting #NSSF
#safety #FirearmSafety #GunSafety

Don't Look Down the Barrel - Sporting Clays Tip

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting Schools demonstrates why shotgun shooters shouldn't look down the barrel, nor at the bead. By focusing on the target you might see fewer targets but you'll surely break more. (NSSF Video)

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Can Airsoft Really Translate Into Real Firearms Training? - NSRT Ep.139

Can training with 6mm BBs really get you ready for an easier transition into training for 9mm rounds? Can reloading drills with your Airsoft pistol really improve your reloading skills with a real pistol? All this and more will be answered in this enticing episode of NSRT!

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BB Guns Versus Airsoft Guns

- BB Guns Versus Airsoft Guns.

-Shooting Environment

I wanted to do a bit of a head to head comparison of BB guns versus Airsoft guns, not to build up, or put down one or the other but mainly to explain what each gun is best suited for and what its pros and cons are.

I do not want this to become a battle area for people to bash one another's personal preference. I personally choose both since they each offer something a bit different and I like the fact that I can now have even more guns to choose from when looking for my next purchase :)

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Kevin gets his British firearm certificate (FAC) as a target shooter


Kevin, formerly of SBAM Shooting, moved back to the UK a year ago, and immediately started the process of getting his firearm certificate (FAC) as a target shooter. Mike discusses with him how the process went. We may have screwed up the details of one-for-one variations slightly and there's a slight correction / clarification in the pinned post.

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.38 Special Handgun Use : .38 Special Gun Parts

Smith and Wesson .38 Special handgun parts have the same nomenclature on every gun. Learn the names of the parts of a S&W 642 .38 Special in this free handgun video.

Expert: Jeff Brewer
Bio: Jeff Brewer has been the owner of Patriot Firearms for over 12 years. He sells, demonstrates and explains to customers daily the use of the many different kinds of firearms.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

George Armstrong Custer's Sharps Rifle - The Gun Vault #22 - Cody Firearms Museum

Ashley Hlebinsky, the Robert W. Woodruff Curator at the Cody Firearms Museum, highlights George Armstrong Custer's Sharps Rifle. Sharps rifles are a series of large-bore single-shot rifles, beginning with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848, and ceasing production in 1881. They were renowned for long-range accuracy. By 1874 the rifle was available in a variety of calibers, and had been adopted by the armies of a number of nations.

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Daniel Horner's OnVirtus Online Firearms Education Website Debuts At NRA Annual Meeting

During the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings, launched its first series of online classes taught by some of the most accomplished firearms professionals in the industry. John Parker of Shooting Sports USA talks to founder Daniel Horner of U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit fame and currently with Team SIG Sauer about his new website. Shooting Sports USA readers can receive 20 percent off access to the website using this code: SSUSA20.

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Athletes have message on gun violence: 'Enough'

Athletes in both the NBA and NHL are speaking out against gun violence following the recent mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California.

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1911 Armorer Tip with Dean Caputo - Gunsmith Tip

In this excerpt from Panteao Productions Make Ready with Dean Caputo - 1911 Armorer's Bench, Caputo covers key maintenance issues that can effect reliability of the 1911 pistol. #LetsGoShooting #NSSF

Faxon Firearms Barrels

Faxon Firearms barrels are manufactured with precision and are a great option for your AR builds.

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Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle | Dude Perfect

Nerf battles are AMAZING on the water!
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Firearm Maintenance: Single Action Revolver Cleaning Part 2/4

As part of Brownells' Firearm Maintenance Series, in this video, one of our gunsmiths goes through step-by-step how-to properly clean a Single Action Revolver. Be sure to check out our subsequent videos on how-to disassemble, lubricate and reassemble a Single Action Revolver. Learn more here



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