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Sport stacking


Re: Be on the Speed Stacks Stack Fast DVD

My actual audition for the DVD, I had cycle flips too but Michael already did it so I just scratched that. I was also going to stack in the dark with glows, but I couldn't see the cups in the camera =\... But anyways back to the video, it actually turned out very nice 0_o... well I'm not actually surprised xD

The Evolution of Sport Stacking World Records (2.0)

Edit: (7/12/2016): how did this reach 10,000+ views? wow. glad you all are enjoying it! (7/21/2016): over 100 likes, wtf lol. (8/18/2016): Over 200 likes, this is amazing, and ALMOST to 50,000 views!! (8/23/2016): 50,000 views! whooo!!! (10/19/2016): 100,000+ views! (12/25/2016): Over 200,00+ views and 590 likes!! Glad people really enjoy this video :D (1/07/2017): 666 likes, we did it! lol, glad you guys like it so much. (2/01/2017): Over a quarter of a million views and over 750+ likes!! (2/22/2017): 300,000+ views and 860+ likes! (3/26/2017): Over 1,000 likes, that's actually insane! Thank you guys so much!!! (8/21/2017): Half a million views wowowow. Thank you guys for watching this! it really means a lot

12-Year-Old FASTEST Cup Stacking Ever | No Days Off

12 year-old PJ Ball has the most INSANE cup stacking skills you'll ever see! Join him as he travels the country in an RV promoting the sport he loves most.

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WSSA Malaysia Sport Stacking Tournaments Highlights 2017!

New Malaysia Records!! These are some old footages from tournaments this year :)
Chan Keng Ian got a 5.1 :O
I'll be uploading something next week so stay tuned for that hehe

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~Pricillia D'Stacker :)

Episode 1 - Introduction - Learn To Stack

Learn to Sport Stack Stack - Easy How To Videos

Sport Stacking: Freestyle Stacking (2016 Edition)

All of my sets as December 2016:

I've been wanting to do this since 2013. I actually have taped some of the freestyles back in 2013 for that video, but that videos are gone somewhere scattered in my old computer.

Now, I managed to do this again, in the exact same order (except cycle dodges are replaced with the regular colored cycle) as my first freestyle video. My times have drastically improved since the first video because the cups have improved too.

Note that NC Coil and NC Symmetry Cycle are my custom freestyles I made in 2012 (from the first freestyle video).

My first freestyle video:

Music: Jetstream - Dimrain47

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Underwater Sport Stacking - Ryan

Underwater Sport Stacking

Amazing Sport Stacking Records

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The fastest sport stacking individual Cycle stack is 5.93 seconds and was achieved by Steven Purugganan (United States) at the WSSA Greater Cleveland Ohio Sport Stacking Championships on 3 January, 2009.

The fastest sport stacking doubles cycle stack is 7.58 seconds and was achieved by Andrew Purugganan and Steven Purugganan (both USA), at the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships Denver, Colorado, USA, on 19 April 2009

The fastest sport stacking timed 3-6-3 relay is 12.72 seconds and was achieved by Team USA (Joel Brown,Luke Myers, Steven Purugganan and Alex Schumann) (all USA) at the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships Denver, Colorado, USA, on 19 April 2009.


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4k/ 2018 NS Interschool Highlights - Sport Stacking

Congrats to all winner!

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Never Celebrate Too Early

This occured November 8th, 2014 in Arlington, VA at the WSSA Nation's Capital Open Sport Stacking Championships. Zhewei celebrates as he thinks that he had stacked a great time in Stack of Championships, only to find out that the timer did not stop during his celebration. From heaven back down Earth all within 2 seconds.

Decent Comp. Training for Royale Chulan - Sport Stacking

There will be a tournament in Royale Chulan on 4th November!! Buffet lunch will be included in registration.

Contact your coach (NS stackers) or
WSSA NS ( ) for more details on registering!!

thanks for watching

- xin ee

Speed Stacking Package Unboxing!!

YES!! FINALLY my package came in!!! This vid is just bout me opening it and testing everything out!! :) Hope you injoy xD

Speed stacking sommer freestyle

Juniors 2015 "Cycle" Stack Of Champions

2015 AAU Junior Olympic Games: Sport Stacking Cycle Stack Of Champions

2015.08.01 @ Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

JRO'2015 playlist:

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Sport Stacking: Family relay

Some fun family stacking :)

Speed Stacking: Super Stacking 3-3-3 2.39

Yay! By the way you guys, the Speed Stacks I'm using in this video are made out of metal, so I'm wearing ear plugs because they're really loud.

WSSA 2018 Brampton Sport Stacking Open (June 16, 2018)

Sorry for posting the footage so late! It was mainly because my finals were blurry lol.

This was my first tournament since 2012. I decided that I would give stacking one last shot to see how I would like it and after the tournament, it sparked my love for the sport again. It was crazy to see so many fast stackers be able to perform under so much pressure. Definitely wasn't used to it so I was really nervous.

333- Worst stack by far.
363- My most comfortable stack at the time and did pretty well.
Cycle- Had a good start but always messed up around the end.
Doubles- First time doing doubles in a long time but had good times in practice.

All these times are my best in tournament. Not the greatest but a good start. I do have a tournament in 2 weeks so will prepare to beat those times soon! Thanks for watching.

3D Sport Stacking: 5-14-5 (Freestyle)

Yeah, making ACTUAL pyramids with sport stacking. I'm surprised this hasn't been done before...

This is so much harder than it looks. -_-

Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record 4.813 (William Orrell)

5.000 seconds. It was the third and final attempt of finals that William Orrell stacked that time. That time stood as the Cycle world record for nearly two years. After finishing that attempt, his teammates from Team USA did not know whether to celebrate that there is a new world record or be disappointed that it was not under 5-seconds. William certainly showed signs of disbelief as he caresses his hand on his head. From that day on, William has been on a conquest to make what is possibly the final breakthrough in the Cycle stack – a cycle under 5-seconds. On his return to Columbus, Georgia on 7 January 2017 at the Girls’ Incorporated of Columbus and Phenix-Russell Open Sport Stacking Tournament, William did just that. Same tournament, same spot, and same third try – the only difference was his time, 4.930 seconds. The 4.930 was the first Cycle stacked under 5-seconds in sport stacking history.

Relieved that his goal has finally been achieved, William went into Stack of Champions with complete confidence. First attempt - 5.425. “Not bad”, Josh Hainsel shouted from behind. Second attempt – 4.813. New world record. William continues to make the distance between him and pact following him even greater. With his new Cycle world record, William also becomes the first stacker in history to achieve an overall combined time under 8-seconds. Certainly, not bad at all.

Congratulations to William on his wonderful achievements. The WSSA looks forward to see his continued success in the new Calendar year.

Sport Stacking : Family Relays

First 17 as a family relay.
Michael went twice, so it's not quite an official family relay this time.



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