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Sport stacking


Re: Be on the Speed Stacks Stack Fast DVD

My actual audition for the DVD, I had cycle flips too but Michael already did it so I just scratched that. I was also going to stack in the dark with glows, but I couldn't see the cups in the camera =... But anyways back to the video, it actually turned out very nice 0_o... well I'm not actually surprised xD


Hi guys I finally uploaded a video on my channel after a year HAHAHAHA. I just uploaded this just for fun haha. I didn't include the timings because it'll make the video duration very long.
These are all my sets that I have been collecting since I started stacking in 2012. I've broken and lost and sold a lot of cups so these are not my full collection hahaha. But anyways I will be selling some of my sets off, so if you're interested you can direct message me on my Instagram :)

Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy this random video of mine.
~Pricillia Yoong :)

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12-Year-Old FASTEST Cup Stacking Ever | No Days Off

12 year-old PJ Ball has the most INSANE cup stacking skills you'll ever see! Join him as he travels the country in an RV promoting the sport he loves most.

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Episode 1 - Introduction - Learn To Stack

Learn to Sport Stack Stack - Easy How To Videos


The incredible sport of cup stacking, explained

Sport stacking, cup stacking, speed stacking — whatever you call it, this sport is mesmerizing to watch. Follow Phil Edwards and Vox Almanac on Facebook for more:

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WSSA 2019 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships

Top 100 Sport Stacking Cycles!

This took over a week to edit, I hope you enjoy! If you are wondering, I used Peter Ford's Sport Stacking Leaderboard to help make a majority of this video. There were some people on the list I could not find videos for, however, so if they had a different time that made the cut, I put that in there.

If there is anyone missing or I messed up somewhere else, please make sure to notify me in the comments!

Also, Congratulations to everyone in this video for achieving cycles worthy of the top 100!

Music in this video:

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1: Echosmith - Cool Kids (Gazzo & Two Friends Remix) [Premiere]




•Two Friends:

2: Exige - Pompeii x Our Story x Circles (Mashup)






3: Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep (Marshmello Remix)



•Alan Walker:

4: Alan Walker vs Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Remix)


•Alan Walker:


Every Sport Stacking World Champion (2007-2019)

Re-upload due to an error with the 2014 winner.

Not included in this video (no video evidence of win) - Lexi Rindone, 2006

Thanks to the skype group for helping me with some footage and errors, they are listed in the video.

Song: Fast by Juice WRLD Instrumental

Sport Stacking: Every Timed 4's

DISCLAIMER: This is not every single 4 second cycle uploaded to YouTube, but rather one of each time instead.

THE VIDEO NO ONE ASKED FOR! And it came out of no where, but I still wanted to make this one for a long time.

Definitely one of the most labor intensive videos I've ever made, but it was well worth it in the end, even though I only put the video together in 5 days. I'm still proud of myself that it's all been put together and I've also wanted to see a project like this being put together for YouTube. SeoulCalStudios already made a compilation of all 5's and 6's, but no one has done one for all 4's yet, and that's where I come in.

I have no references for which videos I even used to put this project together, but I was mostly looking through almost all of the YouTube channels that have a 4 second cycle on them somewhere. The Stacking Leaderboard page that Peter Ford made helped me out a lot with this ( Finding the individual times was a lot more difficult to do, it mostly consisted of me looking through the videos that were uploaded by those channels after they got their first four to see what I could find. Most of the missing times in the video are most likely from no cycle being uploaded with that exact time, or I could have missed a pretty obscure video that has that time included, and I just never saw it.

I did include some of Ryan's times as well, but they came from the video that he uploaded after admitting that his prior cycle times were faked.


Evangelos - Honorem et Gloriam

Chime - Phototropic

Showdown - Freedom

REMLARR - Electroptysis

ClariS - Connect (Instrumental version)

Squiid - Coupe de Ville

DJ THT meets Scarlet - Live 2 Dance

Brookes Brothers - Loveline

Jorge Quintero - 300 Violin Orchestra

Jorge Quintero - Wrath of the Champions

Top 20 Sport Stacking Overalls in Canada!!

i really hope the video turned out okay! i spent roughly 6-7 hours editing it so I hope you guys enjoy it! also, Hudson's overall should be 8.502 not 9.502 ,

NOTE: we only counted those that were on tape.

this video wouldn't be possible without the help of Wylie and Finn McElroy. credits to them for helping me find the footage.

lots of the stackers who are up on top 20 overall don't stack or don't stack much anymore so it's hard to find and gather all the footage.

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Stacker (Trailer) - Sport Stacking Documentary

What does it take to be a sport stacking champion? Follow the lives of the world's fastest stackers as they prepare for the World Sport Stacking Championships ( and go up against other top stackers from around the world.

This feature length documentary explores the ultra-fast world of sport stacking and the surprising lives of its biggest stars.

Starring Steven, Brian & Andrew Purugganan, Tyler Cole, Luke and Joel Myers, Zhewei Wu, Lawrence Maceren, William Polly, Dominic Valerian, Emma Slabach, Kennard Gardner, Michael & Tim Haig, Drew Wilfahrt. Directed by Jeremi Mattern. Produced by Christopher Walker. Danger Films.

4.472 Cycle Sport Stacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!!!! First 4.4 second cycle in history! Let’s freaking go! This is unreal!!! Thanks to my dad for bringing me to all these tournaments all over the years, I can think of no one more worthy of having this time dedicated to them! And thanks to the stacking community at large, I can’t believe this happened! This is not a victory to me, but to everyone who made this possible! Thanks to all you guys! This is incredible! History!!!!!!

WSSA 2017 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships

WSSA 2017 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships
November 17-19, 2017
1 Orchid Club Road S769162

Day 1 Team Introduction
11:12 Team THAILAND
11:45 Team HONGKONG
12:00 Team JAPAN
14:39 Team TAIWAN
15:14 Team CHINA
17:15 Team SOUTH KOREA
21:07 Team SINGAPORE

Day 2 Prelim 21:38

Day 3 Final 29:19

Sport Stacking Summer Camp

Speed Stacks has partnered with to be part of their OPEN at HOME Virtual Summer Camp

This 5 day camp is for all ages and abilities. It covers the fundamentals of the sport and provides many activities that will help even experienced stackers improve their skills.

Sign Up:

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Sport Stacking: Freestyle Stacking (2016 Edition)

All of my sets as December 2016:

I've been wanting to do this since 2013. I actually have taped some of the freestyles back in 2013 for that video, but that videos are gone somewhere scattered in my old computer.

Now, I managed to do this again, in the exact same order (except cycle dodges are replaced with the regular colored cycle) as my first freestyle video. My times have drastically improved since the first video because the cups have improved too.

Note that NC Coil and NC Symmetry Cycle are my custom freestyles I made in 2012 (from the first freestyle video).

My first freestyle video:

Music: Jetstream - Dimrain47

If you want to use my video(s) in your videos, please ask a permission for me by contacting me either from my social media or email address for business inquiries. I should be able to respond it fast. If the reasons are acceptable, I will most likely allow it to be used in your videos. Any videos of mine that are used without my permission will be reported for taken down. Thank you :)

Sport Stacking - New state relay record!

Tournament stacking is a whole different challenge than going for good times at home. Congrats to Carter, Jonathan, Michael, and William for their Michigan overall relay record!

4.420 Cycle Scratch Sport Stacking

The possibilities are limitless, maybe I can get a low 4.4 before a retire. But I am perfectly content with a 4.4, it's well beyond what I thought I could ever achieve XD. These are all clips from the same day I got the 4.472, all preceding it.

Sport Stacking - Jonathan's still got it!

Jonathan's getting ready for his first tournament in almost two years! Here are some highlights from his first practice session.

4.790 Sport Stacking Cycle World Record with Old-School Cups Plus More!

All new fastest on the web 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and cycle with old school (three-holed) cups! I apprehended all of these last night, it took around 3 hours of nonstop stacking. It was a tough challenge to get the first 1.3, 1.7, and 4.7 in the world but I new it was an opportunity I could not pass up. Along the way I learned that the glow in the dark cups are exceptional far beyond all the other three holed cups for speed, they may well have unbeknownst to us been the best cups of their time. Enjoy the vid!
New Fastest on the Webs:
3-3-3: 1.394
3-6-3: 1.776
Cycle 4.790

Track: Clarx - Zig Zag [NCS Release]
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Speed Stacks 'Stack Fast' DVD Audition

yeah so i would have uploaded this way earlier if it wasnt for a slow computer that I was using.
Here are the names of the freestyles:
1. 9 cycle
2. 2 coloured cycle
3. Ultra cycle (fastest on the web i think with sticky pros :P???)
4. Cycle flips
5. Upside down cycle
6. Rapid Fire
7. The Jeanius Cycle (this is the one I made up...I just had to fumble on that one T_T)

Hope any of these that I videoed goes into the DVD :)



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