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Sport stacking


Sport Stacking For Asian 2018

Hi everyone ????
I’m back
Sorry for the late upload I am going to assc2018 this week
See you in assc2018 :)

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WSSA Malaysia Sport Stacking Tournaments Highlights 2017!

New Malaysia Records!! These are some old footages from tournaments this year :)
Chan Keng Ian got a 5.1 :O
I'll be uploading something next week so stay tuned for that hehe

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Thanks for watching!

~Pricillia D'Stacker :)

WSSA 2019 HOTlanta Regional Sport Stacking Championships

Very mixed emotions about this tournament. Nearly pulled it out for cycle. Didn't even realize the 9.05 was a scratch so just ignore that.
Cannot believe we got 6.18 in doubles. 5th in the world.
Still can't get that 12.212 but we'll get 'em next time.

WSSA 2019 Mid-Atlantic Sport Stacking Championships

Enjoy this kinda late video!
Looking forward to getting back in the game with some new mindsets.
Oh btw if you wanted to know what happened in relay SOC, go to this link:

2015 World Sport Stacking Championships!!!!!

0:00-1:00 : Period of travel

1:12 Day 1 - Practice room at Sheraton

2:30 New Cycle Record!

3:06 Day 2 - Meet & Greet

4:08 Doubles record with Son Nguyen

7:00 Day 3 - Prelims

12:17 Doubles record with Mikkel Andersen

14:06 Day 4 - Finals

14:44 Doubles Thailand Record!!!!

16:36 My finals ( My First Five In Tournament )

20:30 Day 5 - Random

25:00 Doubles First 5 With Trey

29:07 Day 6 - Doubles with Mikkel on the last day in Canada

29:20 Pictures Of Memories

This video says it all!!!!
Sorry for late upload because I have problem about copyright strike on my Youtube and finally, I can fix it!!!

Finally, I got my first five in tournament with a fumble :P
It would have been the 3rd place if a 1.584 hadn't scratched. Anyway, I also got the 6th place :)

I met so many friends including a new friend. I miss you guys so much. Hope to see you next year :)

Special Thanks to Bill and Jessica for our relay video :D
Thank you for watching!!!


My team

Jackie Huang

Mikkel Andersen

Morten Smed Metze

Fabio Silvestrini

Other stacker



Lee Norton

Dalton Nichols

Peter Ford

Ethan Sumsion

Son Nguyen

Fabi Kaiser

Dennis Grimm

Lawrence Meceren


Sport Stacking Cycle: 5.88!

Yeah! Second five and first 5.8! =D
I really didn't expect it to be this fast. Yesterday I was getting lots of fast scratches (THAT 5.81 WAS SO CLOSE ARGH), so today I decided to try for a new record again. I succeeded. =)
To be honest, I thought my second five would be around 5.93 or 5.91, not a 5.8. Meh, I'm fine with a 5.8, lol.
Tom saw this live, as you can see by the vid. =P
This shirt is seriously my lucky shirt. I wore it in my first 6.02, my first 6.00, and my 5.96. Maybe I should wear this in a tourney...? (even though I can't because I'm on Team USA)
Horray for awesome slow mo.
Horray for yet another synchro!
So yeah, I beat Tom and Zack and I'm 7th fastest in the web now. I'm gonna try to beat Glad now! Or, at least get a few other fives. Tom already has 6. XD

Song: Silent Ensemble
Album: Touhou Violin 3

5 year old sport stacker: 3 world records!

*records verified and official!*

3 WRs at the Connersville tournament for the 5 year old age division.


Legends of Thailand and Philippines ????????|????????

Kwanchai Kriengwittayakul

Pathompong Harnchai

Phuriwat Flores (Ryan Flores)

Micky Tanut
[Video from Ryan]
Pannawit Chalermlertpanya

Gasidis Taeng-on (Green)

Irampehl Thesalonica Calibo (Febz Calibo)

Alonzo Miguel G. Ramos (Migz Ramos)

Zurielle L. Radones

Kiarra Luarca

Kenneth Cadacio

Team Philippines International Challenge by Kiarra Luarca
Team Thailand International Challenge by Alan Lim

Song used in this video
Vanze-Forever (ft. Brenton Mattheus)[NCS Release]

Ps: so I decided to upload this one before LEGENDS OF MALAYSIA. M’sia’s will be uploaded on December 31.

WSSA 2019 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships

Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record 4.813 (William Orrell)

5.000 seconds. It was the third and final attempt of finals that William Orrell stacked that time. That time stood as the Cycle world record for nearly two years. After finishing that attempt, his teammates from Team USA did not know whether to celebrate that there is a new world record or be disappointed that it was not under 5-seconds. William certainly showed signs of disbelief as he caresses his hand on his head. From that day on, William has been on a conquest to make what is possibly the final breakthrough in the Cycle stack – a cycle under 5-seconds. On his return to Columbus, Georgia on 7 January 2017 at the Girls’ Incorporated of Columbus and Phenix-Russell Open Sport Stacking Tournament, William did just that. Same tournament, same spot, and same third try – the only difference was his time, 4.930 seconds. The 4.930 was the first Cycle stacked under 5-seconds in sport stacking history.

Relieved that his goal has finally been achieved, William went into Stack of Champions with complete confidence. First attempt - 5.425. “Not bad”, Josh Hainsel shouted from behind. Second attempt – 4.813. New world record. William continues to make the distance between him and pact following him even greater. With his new Cycle world record, William also becomes the first stacker in history to achieve an overall combined time under 8-seconds. Certainly, not bad at all.

Congratulations to William on his wonderful achievements. The WSSA looks forward to see his continued success in the new Calendar year.

Sport Stacking Record 5.475!!!! FIRST 5.4!

I beat this! Check out my 5.359:


I am still in disbelief at this... I would be fine with a 5.5, but I decided to go beast mode and get a 5.4 after being stuck in the 5.6s for almost 2 years. ._.

In short, D SO Reds are amazing. They're great for speed AND consistency.

This is probably my last cycle record... I didn't think that I would ever get a 5.4, and now that I did... I'm happy with it. This is the epic cycle PB I wanted, and I'm good with this.

So... that's it. Thanks everyone.

Song: Laurence
Artist: Feint

^ You see what I did there?

Evolution of Sport Stacking World Records: 2018 Edition

EDIT: Thank you to Unus Annus for including me in their “The Good Kind Of Cupping ????” video, and thank you to everyone who has come from their video! I hope you enjoy this video, and the other content on my channel! Enjoy!!

Yep, you all know it and love it, evolution of sport stacking world records 2018. Might have a video or two up before the end of the year, but yeah, enjoy this video, and share it, and smash that like button, and hit that subscribe button, and be sure to ring that bell icon so you can notified for more daily top 10 content.

Episode 1 - Introduction - Learn To Stack

Learn to Sport Stack Stack - Easy How To Videos

My FIRST EVER 8 Second Cup Stacking Competition Training!

I've decided to start working on clip sized bits and pieces to post to the stacking channel for whenever something cool or exciting happens, whether it be a new record of some sort to just gimmicks that will make your funny bones pop out of their sockets, just lay back have fun and Spread your Wings!

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Sport Stacking: Top 30 Overall North American Stackers!

Stacker sixteen is Evan Cloud, not Naoki Sekine.
Sorry, Evan. :(

12-Year-Old FASTEST Cup Stacking Ever | No Days Off

12 year-old PJ Ball has the most INSANE cup stacking skills you'll ever see! Join him as he travels the country in an RV promoting the sport he loves most.

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Sport Stacking Record 5.63!!!!!!!



Yeah, this kinda came out of nowhere. Tom went on ooVoo randomly, so I decided to stack for fun. Then Austin told me to get 7s in a row and I got 10 (new PB =P). Then all of a sudden I got 5.86 and then 5.81 with a slowdown scratch in a row. O_O

So I tape and get 5.71. =

Then I continue and get 5.63!!! =D

I'm 5th again, right? That's good... Though I'm probably not gonna go for another cycle PB until I'm like 9th or 10th again. It seems to help me get PBs. o_O

I beat Glad, Matt, Mason, Kenneth, and Jesse. =D

No epic editing because I want to put revenue sharing on this. XD

Obligatory slow motion is obligatory.

Cup Stacking Record

Watch as a new record is set by the master cup stacker. A brand new record under 7 seconds!

Re: Be on the Speed Stacks Stack Fast DVD

My actual audition for the DVD, I had cycle flips too but Michael already did it so I just scratched that. I was also going to stack in the dark with glows, but I couldn't see the cups in the camera =... But anyways back to the video, it actually turned out very nice 0_o... well I'm not actually surprised xD



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