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Sport stacking


The incredible sport of cup stacking, explained

Sport stacking, cup stacking, speed stacking — whatever you call it, this sport is mesmerizing to watch. Follow Phil Edwards and Vox Almanac on Facebook for more:

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Top 50 Sport Stacking Overalls

Reuploaded because of a couple mistakes. Last time I'm re-uploading it though.
Processing through fifty stackers overall is insane. A couple of mistakes will be made. I am human after all.
I plan to do the top 60 overall at the end of the year. So look out for that.
Shoutout to speed stacker 99 for being 51. He barely missed the list because his cycle record is off tape.
Which brings me to my next point. I do not do off tapes. It would get way too confusing if I tried to do off tapes.
Next video. Top 25 USA stackers overall video. Probably in another month.

12-Year-Old FASTEST Cup Stacking Ever | No Days Off

12 year-old PJ Ball has the most INSANE cup stacking skills you'll ever see! Join him as he travels the country in an RV promoting the sport he loves most.

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Re: Be on the Speed Stacks Stack Fast DVD

My actual audition for the DVD, I had cycle flips too but Michael already did it so I just scratched that. I was also going to stack in the dark with glows, but I couldn't see the cups in the camera =\... But anyways back to the video, it actually turned out very nice 0_o... well I'm not actually surprised xD

Episode 1 - Introduction - Learn To Stack

Learn to Sport Stack Stack - Easy How To Videos

Sport Stacking | Tribute To Betsy Sanchez Sport Stacker

Sport Stacking | Tribute To Betsy Sanchez Sport Stacker
cup stacking world record
sport stacking

sport stacking is hard

I wanted to make an awesome comeback so I can edit cool PB videos
I guess I'll just have to settle with awful fumbles so I can edit funny fumble videos
My 3-6-3 is actually pathetic though

Still these are honestly really fun to make, I missed making fun videos :)

Song: Pinna Park
Game: Super Mario Sunshine

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Sport Stacking Record 5.475!!!! FIRST 5.4!

I beat this! Check out my 5.359:


I am still in disbelief at this... I would be fine with a 5.5, but I decided to go beast mode and get a 5.4 after being stuck in the 5.6s for almost 2 years. ._.

In short, D SO Reds are amazing. They're great for speed AND consistency.

This is probably my last cycle record... I didn't think that I would ever get a 5.4, and now that I did... I'm happy with it. This is the epic cycle PB I wanted, and I'm good with this.

So... that's it. Thanks everyone.

Song: Laurence
Artist: Feint

^ You see what I did there?

Sport Stacking: Top 100 Cycles


The 50 Fives of YouTube Sport Stacking!

Okay first of all shut up about 25 and 49, they were announced clean at the time.
A year ago there were roughly 26 fives on the web. Now there's nearly as twice as many!
FINALLY this video is finished, waiting 3 months was long. I started making this right after Tonkla got his first five on tape.
Oh yeah, like the song? All of the people who play Black Ops a lot will know it. Didn't wanna use Twilight Techno, I wanted to think of something more original.

Song - 115 by Elena Siegman

Sport Stacking: Freestyle Stacking (2016 Edition)

All of my sets as December 2016:

I've been wanting to do this since 2013. I actually have taped some of the freestyles back in 2013 for that video, but that videos are gone somewhere scattered in my old computer.

Now, I managed to do this again, in the exact same order (except cycle dodges are replaced with the regular colored cycle) as my first freestyle video. My times have drastically improved since the first video because the cups have improved too.

Note that NC Coil and NC Symmetry Cycle are my custom freestyles I made in 2012 (from the first freestyle video).

My first freestyle video:

Music: Jetstream - Dimrain47

If you want to use my video(s) in your videos, please ask a permission for me by contacting me either from my social media or email address for business inquiries. I should be able to respond it fast. If the reasons are acceptable, I will most likely allow it to be used in your videos. Any videos of mine that are used without my permission will be reported for taken down. Thank you :)

Sport Stacking Top 10 Fastest On The Web

enjoy :D
The cycle after the first title is the top 10 overall girls in descending order.
Stackers -

Music -
Neon Blades - Jallacy
Frozen Blades - Jallacy

Special thanks to Cameron W. for Maryam and Aqua's times that weren't on youtube anymore!

150 Subscribers Special - Old Sport Stacking Footage! (Read Description)

Yea! I Found These Videos On My Mom's Facebook! I Wanted To Upload Them In Case Someone Wanted To Make Me A Tribute Or Just Use These Videos! There Are 5 Clips In This Video! The Clips Are From 2014-2017!

1st Clip - First Time Ever Cup Stacking At Home With Red Plastic Cups! (2014)

2nd Clip - First Cycle On Tape With Actual Speed Stacks Cups! Scratch LOL (😂)

I Thought You Don't Have To Put The Upside Down Cup But You Have To And Style Is Illegal LOL 😂 (2016)

3rd Clip - First 8.XXX Second Cycle On Tape! (I Think So) Probably Was 3rd Or 4th Best At The Time! (2016)

4th Clip - A 7.9XX Second Cycle At A Elementary School Demo! (2017)

5th Clip - Best Cycle At A Mini Tournament In My Cup Stacking Club Called Cowtown Stackers! (2017)

Thanks Everyone For 150 Subscribers! I Can't Believe That I Have Only Been On YouTube For 9 Months And I Already Have 150 Subscribers! Let's Get Myself To 200 Subscribers!

Thanks For Watching!!!! Please Like, Comment, And Subscribe!!!! 👍😘😍😃😄😂

Sport Stacking 3-6-3: 1.961! First 1 after 7 YEARS!!

** Skip to 1:40 for the 1.961 **

It's about time I was finally able to do what I needed to do in 2012.

I've been in the 2.0s for over 7 years, but for some reason I couldn't get a 1. 3-6-3 is my worst stack, so finally being able to get a PB I'm actually proud of feels so good.

I decided to try a different style of editing for this because I don't plan to go for a 3-6-3 PB ever again lol.

Looks like the beginning of a 2018 comeback. Let's hope for that 5.2 before Worlds!

Song: Fading Light
Artist: Hyphex
(I originally wanted to use a song by The 1975 but it was blocked by copyright... oh well)

Sport Stacking MY FIRST 4.5xx! 4.590

Finally everyone!!! My First 4.5 in the korea!!!yeahhh haha After 2years! Thank you everyone

스피드스택스 사이클 4.5초

my instagram

How To Sport Stacking - Glaxiuz Cup, Stacker's View

Glaxiuz Sport Stacking Cupz.
On how to sport stacking the famous 'The Cycle'

Doing from 3-6-3, 6-6, 1-10-1 and stack down back to beginning: 3-6-3.

Slow movement on the lesson with subtitles directions.

The Cycle How To (Mobile).m4v

Sport Stacking - Jonathan's still got it!

Jonathan's getting ready for his first tournament in almost two years! Here are some highlights from his first practice session.

WSSA Malaysia Sport Stacking Tournaments Highlights 2017!

New Malaysia Records!! These are some old footages from tournaments this year :)
Chan Keng Ian got a 5.1 :O
I'll be uploading something next week so stay tuned for that hehe

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Thanks for watching!

~Pricillia D'Stacker :)

SPORT STACKING 2018!!!!!!!!

A look back at one of the most competitive years of sport stacking.

This year was completely dominated by Asian stackers and for the first time in five years, William Orrell was dethroned from being the fastest stacker in the world. You can't get much better than that.

Even though this year was shrouded in controversy and negativity, I wanted to highlight some of the positive aspects that this sport provided us. Hopefully this video takes your mind off the negativity and makes you look back and think, man, this year was a good one!

It worked for me.

Also, this is probably the last time I'm going to make one of these year in review videos. I'll be making a few important life decisions in the near future and I won't have time to edit stacking videos again if this is the case. Plus, it took so much mental effort to even get around to editing this one.

No promises, though.

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy this video! I'm looking forward to what is in store for us next year! :D

(P.S: Hi, Si-Hyeon!!)


The Evolution of Sport Stacking World Records (3.0)

EDIT: Corrections will be made in the description. Click Show More to see them.
Ask and you shall receive. After countless hours of sifting through databases, emailing the WSSA just for them to not write back half the time, editing for minutes (if not up to an hour), and too many pizza rolls to count; I present, The Evolution of Sport Stacking World Records 3.0! Enjoy!!

1. Steven and Andrew's 8.49 doubles happened before Steven's 7.23 cycle
2. Son Nguyen's and Nicolas Werner's doubles world record happened on November 16, 2013, not May
3. Forgot to add William Orrell's 1.389 that happened in finals before his 1.363
4. Any world records that happened in late 2018 or early 2019 that have not been verified yet are most likely scratches, that is why I didn't add them (I also didn't notice them lmao)



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