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Sport climbing


2019 USA Climbing: Sport & Speed Open National Championships | Finals

2019 Sport & Speed Open National Championships | Alexandria, VA | March 8-9, 2019


About USA Climbing:
USA Climbing is recognized by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of competition climbing. The organization manages the disciplines of Bouldering, Speed and Sport climbing as well as the Collegiate and Adaptive series. USA Climbing, a member federation of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), also hosts IFSC World Cup events and sends athletes to participate in the IFSC’s World Cup circuit and the World Climbing and Paraclimbing Championships.

2019 USA Climbing: Combined Invitational | Women's Finals

2019 Combined Invitational | Salt Lake City, UT | January 18-20, 2019


About USA Climbing:
USA Climbing is recognized by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of competition climbing. The organization manages the disciplines of Bouldering, Speed and Sport climbing as well as the Collegiate and Adaptive series. USA Climbing, a member federation of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), also hosts IFSC World Cup events and sends athletes to participate in the IFSC’s World Cup circuit and the World Climbing and Paraclimbing Championships.

3 Sport Climbing PRO Tips | Climbing Daily Ep.1674

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Let's be honest...the pros know best! Today we look at three sport climbing tips from clipping to resting and discover some finger strength exercises.

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3 Sport Climbing PRO Tips | Climbing Daily Ep.1674

Flatanger - Daniel Woods and Dave Graham’s Return to sport climbing in Norway

Norway’s Hanshelleren cave contains one of the densest concentration of hard sport climbs in the world. It’s not where you would expect to find two of America’s strongest boulderers. In 2015 Daniel Woods and David Graham traded their pads for GRIGRIs, packed their ropes, and crossed the Atlantic in search of forearm pumps, kneebars, and Thor’s own hammer.

Video by Bearcam Media:
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Sport Climbing Gear Checklist || REI

Having the right climbing gear along for a day at the crag can be essential to a successful, fun outing. In this video, Miranda shows you what she likes to take along for a day of sport climbing. Watch the video then check out our handy, printable checklist here:


At Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), we love to get outside and play, and we know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear. We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning REI brand gear and clothing. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, we gladly share our enthusiasm for our products—and the trails, slopes and waterways where we play.

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Jain Kim shows perfect rock climbing technique

Jain Kim shows perfect rock climbing technique

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Jain Kim shows perfect rock climbing technique in Suwon, South Korea. She demonstrates many rock climbing and bouldering techniques and makes it look effortless.

@7:45 she does a high step to avoid a high commitment move. Every other competitor went with a right foot flag on the lower hold and about %50 of them missed the move.

She tops both routes with ease. Also, she was the only one to top Womens Route B. Unfortunately I could not stay for the later rounds of the event, but she went to go on to win the event.

Jain Kim (Hangul: 김자인, born 11 September 1988) is a professional climber. She is mainly active in lead climbing and bouldering competitions. She won the Lead Climbing World Cup three times (2010, 2013, 2014), the Lead Climbing World Championship once (2014), and the Rock Master once (2010, Lead discipline).

8 beginner tips you NEED To know on how to start outdoor rock climbing

How to start outdoor rock climbing or looking for beginner rock climbing tips on how to start outdoor rock climbing? Then watch this rock climbing video for beginners on how what you need to know before starting outdoor rock climbing.

Rock climbing is very different from climbing indoors in a climbing gym. In this rock climbing video, I have collected my biggest tips from my own outdoor rock climbing, and I will tell you about important differences from indoor gym climbing, you need to know. Besides that, I will also introduce you to great beginners’ rock climbing destinations in Europe and share a few tips on what rock climbing gear you need bring. But watch this rock climbing video for beginners to find out!

1st beginners rock climbing tip: First of all – start with single pitch sport climbing! This resembles indoor gym climbing the most, so you can easily build up skill and outdopr rock climbing experience.

There are some differences between outdoor rock climbing and indoor gym climbing. One thing you’ll discover is that you cannot climb as hard as you do indoors. With outdoor rock climbing, climbing holds can be difficult to identify, since they all look the same! As you progress and start climbing harder outdoors, the number of climbing holds drop, and you can navigate by all the chalk marks other climbers have left behind.

Another thing is that outdoor climbing is a mental game! Taking climbing falls outdoors can be scarier because the distance between the bolts is often greater, and you will take longer falls! And this takes some experience getting used to.

2nd beginners rock climbing tip: There are many great rock climbing spots all over the world, but if you are based in Europe, I would highly recommend going to Italy, and especially Arco near the Garda Lake is fantastic place to start! There are loads of great beginners rock climbing crags and most beginners routes are really well protected with bolts every one to two meters

3rd beginners rock climbing tip: Get a hand full of maillons also called bail carabiners. If you find yourself on a route that is too tough, and you have to be lowered off, then you should place a maillon in the bolt and be lowered off that.

4th beginners rock climbing tip: Get a 60 meters climbing rope, or even a 70 meters climbing rope, with a coating that protects against dust and sand. Your rope will last significantly longer and it is definitely worth the investment.

5th beginners rock climbing tip: You should also consider getting a ropebag to store your rope in, when belaying. I own the Petzl Kliff which is a great bag with plenty room for gear, rope and a bottle of water, but actually one of those blue IKEA bags is a cheap alternative you can use as your first rope bag.

6th beginners rock climbing tip: As there are no quickdraws attached to the bolts outside you need to bring your own. For your first set of quickdraws go for something that are durable and light weight like the Petzl Spirit Express or the Black Diamond Positron. Personally,, I carry the DMM Phantom Express, which are super light weight, but I also use them for ice climbing and alpine climbing

7th beginners rock climbing tip: I like having a physical guidebook and publishers like Rockfax and Vertical Life make some excellent guidebooks! But, in these modern times you can also get apps with topography for different crags

8th beginners rock climbing tip: Get a huge roll of sport tape, so you can tape your fingers up. Making the transition from soft plastic holds in your local climbing gym to the hard granite in Chamonix or limestone of Arco is really tough on your fingers.

I hope this rock climbing tips for beginners video has helped yout out!

If not leave a comment below and let me know.


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Either way, leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding how to start rock climbing outdoors!

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Cool moments in climbing competitions

Second compilation:
I mainly make lead rope solo free climbing videos: check the playlist:

0:00 Janja Garnbret's faceplant close call, IFSC World Cup Meiringen 2017 Bouldering Finals
0:17 Alex Megos' split beta, IFSC Lead World Cup Chamonix 2019
1:01 Adam Ondra's power scream, IFSC World Cup Haiyang 2015 Bouldering Finals
1:27 Jain Kim's crazy heel hook, 2018 Asian games
1:44 Josh Larson falls off his chair, IFSC World Cup Haiyang 2015 Bouldering Finals
2:59 Mia Krampl does a figure 4 while injured, IFSC Climbing World Cup Munich 2019 Bouldering Finals
3:59 Margo Hayes's bat hang, 2017 Sport Open Nationals Colorado
4:36 Margo Hayes resting for ages on a problem, 2017 Bouldering Open National Championship Final Round
6:37 two climbers talk to each other while climbing, ABS 15 National Championships Open Finals
7:01 Akiyo Noguchi uses holds from an adjacent boulder, IFSC World Cup Haiyang 2015 Bouldering Finals
8:02 Jernej Kruder breaks a hold, IFSC Combined Qualifier Toulouse 2019 Men Qualifications Lead
9:09 Clip #1: normal beta; clip #2: Jan Hojer breaks the beta thanks to his armspan
9:48 Mélissa Le Nevé's epic struggle, IFSC World Cup Haiyang 2015 Bouldering Finals
11:28 Janja Garnbret's crazy fall, IFSC World Cup Meiringen 2017 Bouldering Finals
11:33 Janja Garnbret loses the chalkbag and sends the lead route anyway in world cup semifinal

Worlds Strongest Arms VS Rock Climbing


@Devon Larratt @Juji & Tom @Anton Fomenko

Video credit:
Devon Larratt video highlights cc @World Armwrestling League

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What happens when you bring a some of the worlds strongest arms to a rock climbing gym?

- Toyota
- Scarpa


GoPro: Rock Climbing China's White Mountain With Abond

Liu Yongbang, aka Abond, attempts to climb a 5.14 D climbing route, Hot Dumpling — one of the most challenging climbing routes found on White Mountain in Yangshuo, China.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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Mwahaha Lime Tree

Juseph Novae

Scoreganic Super Storm_Light

Strings Massive Memorial Scene

Caspian Hall of the Summer (Lazerbeak Remix)

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Introduction to sport climbing gear

This short video shows some of the equipment needed for sport climbing. For more instructional films from the BMC, check out the BMC TV Skills Channel:

We're the BMC. Climb walls, rocks, hills, ice or mountains? Join us.


Alfian Muhammad Fajri berhasil membuktikan diri sebagai yang tercepat setelah mengalahkan Zhong Qi Xing (China) dalam dalam final IFSC Climbing World Cup Chamonix yang digelar Jumat (12/7) malam waktu setempat. Bagaimana serunya? Simak videonya...

Climb ON 2019: Rock Climbing in Ontario

2019 trends and sends in Ontario with a couple core groups of climbers along the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario including Lion's Head, Niagara Glen, and Mount Nemo. This is a collection of footage I filmed with my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

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How To Clip When Sport Climbing With Jonathan Siegrist | Climbing Daily Ep.1133

Pick Of The Week:

Let's be honest, clipping and be a faff, especially when you are pumped out of your mind and about to fall off. Pro climber Jonathan Siegrist shows us his tips and trips for perfect clipping.

Check out our range of quickdraws:

How To Clip When Sport Climbing With Jonathan Siegrist | Climbing Daily Ep.1133

Boston Peak Vol 2: A Sport Climbing Collection

Psyched for Sport?

The Featured filmmaker this week and next is Ben Scott.

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Another media dump from the 2017-2018 season at the infamous Boston Peak / West of Rustic / Poudre Canyon / Colorado. Featured routes and climbers include:
Wicked Pissah 13b - Dan Yager FA
Tea Party 13a - Brett Hoffman
Cradle of Liberty 13c - Spencer Anderson 2nd Ascent
Foreplay/Longtime 13a - Jason Tarry
Scorsese 14c - Ethan Pringle FA

Sport Climbing - Tokyo 2020 | New Sport on the Block

Sport Climbing will make its Summer Olympic debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan! Hear from professional climber Sasha Digiulian about what this historic inclusion means for their sport and the Summer Games!

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Sport Climbing: Respect the Rock

Top climber Emma Twyford talks you through the essentials of your first sport climbing trip to a quarry. She talks you through gear, bolts, loose rock, belaying, buddy checks, top roping and the all-important methods of how to thread the top anchors.

Quarried limestone gives technical, crimpy, steep wall climbing. If you’re sport climbing then you’ll typically need to bring 14 quickdraws, a 60m dynamic rope, helmets, guidebook and maybe a clipstick.

You’ll encounter a whole range of fixed equipment in quarries – from brand-new bolts – like these BMC-placed bolts in Horseshoe – to fixed equipment of widely varying age, quality, vintage and spacing. Check anything you’re about to trust including whether the rock it’s in is solid. And if you’re not sure, back it up or back off.

Loose rock:
Old quarries often have sections of great rock – and sections of not-so-great rock. Wear a helmet when climbing and belaying. Belay to one side of the route and move away from the base of the crag when having a break.

Belaying with skill and attention is always important, but when you’re outdoors with rocky landings and bolts further apart, then you need to be really on your game. If you’re using a standard belay device then make sure you have the tail rope locked off low, all of the time. Many climbers use Grigris for belaying on sport climbs. These are excellent, but they still require a hand on the tail rope at all times and take a bit of getting used to for feeding out rope to a lead climber.

Always tie a knot in the other end of your lead rope
Outdoor sport climbs are often much higher than indoor routes. Take great care that your rope is long enough, and tie a knot in the tail end of your rope. This sounds simple, but many experienced people have died or been seriously injured from the belayer lowering them off the end of the rope. It really is more easily done than you think.

Buddy check
Before setting off climbing, make sure that you’re tied in correctly and have put a knot in the end of your rope. Use the buddy check system to check that both you and your belayer are ready for action.

Take special care at the start of the route
Many people have an accident when falling off between the first and third bolt. This is because the ground is very close but you might have a lot of rope out. This is when the climber and belayer need to be doubly attentive. If you’re unsure about the start of a route, use a clip stick to clip the first bolt or two. And make sure that your belayer isn’t right underneath you – you don’t want to land on them…

What happens at the top?
The big difference between indoors and outdoors is that you need to know how to thread the belay station at the top safely before lowering off and retrieving your quickdraws. We look at two methods. It’s really important to practice both of these at ground level first. Some crags have special practice anchors. And if you’re in any doubt, then lower off and ask a more experienced friend to take over for you.

Top roping?
If you aren’t in the mood to lead climb and fancy working out the moves on top rope, then remember to use your own quickdraws on the top anchor to run your rope through. Don’t top rope with your rope direct through the lower off as this will accelerate wear on the bolts. And remember… never top rope or lower off on a single bolt

Bolt funds
Do contribute what you can to the local bolt fund in the areas you visit. They do great work, are entirely voluntary and are funded by climber’s donations

Heading off
After a great day’s climbing, remember to leave the crag. Camping or van camping isn’t allowed in these quarries. Now’s the time to pack up and head off to a local campsite, then spend some money with local businesses and celebrate your redpoint success in a great pub or café.

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We're the BMC. Climb walls, rock, hills, ice or mountains? Join us.

4 SIMPLE Ways To Make Sport Climbing EASIER | Climbing Daily Ep.1659

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Climbing Shoes:

Transitioning from indoor to outdoor climbing can be tricky, you need to come up with new coping mechanisms and strategies. Today we take you through four gear tips that will improve the lifespan of your equipment and give you a better climbing experience.

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4 SIMPLE Ways To Make Sport Climbing EASIER | Climbing Daily Ep.1659

NEW World record in speed climbing 2011 (6.26 seconds) HD

A new Speed climbing World Record was set in the Speed Men Finals: the fastest men on earth, and Speed World Champion, is again the Chinese Zhong Qixin, with an astonishing 6.26. Behind him Stanislav Kokorin (RUS) and Danylo Boldyrev, from Ukraine. Full lenght

Matty Hong climbing in Spain

When Matty Hong sets out to accomplish something, like sending two 5.15a routes in Spain, there's nothing that can stop him from attaining his goal. During his spring trip to Spain, Matty applied himself to no end to make quick work of La Rambla in Siurana and Joe Mama in Oliana.

Climber: Matty Hong
Video: Jon Cardwell
Edit: Jon Cardwell and Matty Hong
Music: “Born Twice” by Mark Tracy and “Scrambled” by Lana Inspired



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