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Sport climbing


How To Clip When Sport Climbing With Jonathan Siegrist | Climbing Daily Ep.1133

Pick Of The Week:

Let's be honest, clipping and be a faff, especially when you are pumped out of your mind and about to fall off. Pro climber Jonathan Siegrist shows us his tips and trips for perfect clipping.

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How To Clip When Sport Climbing With Jonathan Siegrist | Climbing Daily Ep.1133

Sport Climbing Essentials And Pro Kit | Climbing Daily Ep.922

It's Friday which means it's time for the Friday Gear show. With Summer just around the corner we thought we would take you through some essential Sport Climbing kit, and a few tasty extra items. Make sure you comment below with your opinions on the best kit to get.

Check out the sport climbing gear:

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Sport Climbing Essentials And Pro Kit | Climbing Daily Ep.922

Rock Climbing: Lead Belay

Once you’ve mastered the art of top roping, it’s time to learn how to lead belay. The difference with lead belaying is that rather than pulling slack out of the system, you need to give the leader slack as he or she climbs. In this REI Expert Advice video, we demonstrate how to get the climber to the first bolt, where to stand while you belay, how to give slack as your partner climbs and clips, and how to catch a fall.

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Jain Kim shows perfect rock climbing technique

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Her Equipment►►►
Shoes (Women):
Shoes (Men):

Jain Kim shows perfect rock climbing technique in Suwon, South Korea. She demonstrates many rock climbing and bouldering techniques and makes it look effortless.

@7:45 she does a high step to avoid a high commitment move. Every other competitor went with a right foot flag on the lower hold and about %50 of them missed the move.

She tops both routes with ease. Also, she was the only one to top Womens Route B. Unfortunately I could not stay for the later rounds of the event, but she went to go on to win the event.

Jain Kim (Hangul: 김자인, born 11 September 1988) is a professional climber. She is mainly active in lead climbing and bouldering competitions. She won the Lead Climbing World Cup three times (2010, 2013, 2014), the Lead Climbing World Championship once (2014), and the Rock Master once (2010, Lead discipline).

How To Start Outdoor Climbing | Climbing Daily Ep.1371

It can be tricky to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing. On today's Gear Show we give you some tips on how to do it, and go through the essential kit that you need.

Tendon Smart Lite:
Tendon Master Pro:
Black Diamond Poitron:
Wild Country Proton:
Climbing shoes:
Petzl Meteor:
Black Diamond Vapour:
Tendon Gear Bag:
DMM Flight Bag:
Click Up +:
Wild Country Revo:
Psychi Dual Fold Pad:

How To Start Outdoor Climbing | Climbing Daily Ep.1371

Matty Hong climbing in Spain

When Matty Hong sets out to accomplish something, like sending two 5.15a routes in Spain, there's nothing that can stop him from attaining his goal. During his spring trip to Spain, Matty applied himself to no end to make quick work of La Rambla in Siurana and Joe Mama in Oliana.

Climber: Matty Hong
Video: Jon Cardwell
Edit: Jon Cardwell and Matty Hong
Music: “Born Twice” by Mark Tracy and “Scrambled” by Lana Inspired

Best Climbing Moments - Climbing Compilations - Best Ever Clips

These clips are some of the best climbing moments of all time, Alex Megos Climbing Lucid Dreaming V15, Adam Ondra Climbing La Dura Dura 9b+ and some other really cool moves and Dynos, Best Ever Clips

Sport Climbing - Tokyo 2020 | New Sport on the Block

Sport Climbing will make its Summer Olympic debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan! Hear from professional climber Sasha Digiulian about what this historic inclusion means for their sport and the Summer Games!

Learn More about Sports Climbing:

Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here:

Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

The Hardest Rock Climb in Thailand

Incredible climb of the hardest Sport Climbing Route in Thailand. After breaking his finger on this climb three years ago Steve Townshend came back to try it again.

It was very nice to meet this amazing Vegan powered climbing machine. He inspired me to climb harder and even to find a project of my own... (more on that latter) And most important, to enjoy climbing it self without stressing about the goal (send) too much.

So, Enjoy! And if you do don't forget the like button!
Peace And Love!

The Complex Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



The Last Hurrah: Arkansas Sport Climbing

Location: Lincoln Lake, AR
Rock Climb: The Last Hurrah 7c+
Climber: Trenton Connell
Film/Edit: Joe Kopek @ozark_nightcrawler
Music: Farewell the Innocent by Ars Sonor
Plan B by Maciej Kulesza

IT HAPPENED!! Nikken Is Sport Climbing On A 8c!

It finally happend, we got a crew so we could film a sport climbing video like we always wanted too!
Nikken found a project that is graded 8C.

Big Thanks to Tobias and Sandro for helping out!

Snapchat Eric.bouldering



Break Free 1 (French Revolution Remix Version) - Peter Sandberg
Indie Electro 3 - Cospe
Shlow Motion 3 - Niklas Ahlström

What Rock Climbing Is, to me - Natalie Duran

You guys have seen me from the start, when I started rock climbing... and how buff I got! This video is an interview of sorts, about the world of climbing and what it means to me.

Climbing shoes I use:
& dont forget...

I rock climbing profile video, created by Shade Tree Films. Made by students that attended a Skooled by Fools film school called Cine-Skool. It was a collaboration of multiple artists! All video/editing is props to them! For once, I just talked haha.

my climbing blog:

Hope you enjoy :)

thanks for watching guys!

-Natalie Duran
ND Titan Lady

Snapchat: ndtitanlady

Snail Me!
PO Box 49685
Los Angeles, CA

#NDTitanLady tumblr & tweet me!

Climbing the WORLDS HIGHEST artificial climbing route! 650++ holds on a dam

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Chris Sharma - BACK in Céüse - Sport climbing and bolting in France

After several years of absence, Chris Sharma and Daila Ojeda have returned to Céüse on a quest for new projects. This cliff has a special significance for Chris, as it was here, more than ten years ago that he did the first ascent of the inspiring line, Biographie (5.15a). This time, at the Face de Rat, away from the summer crowds, Chris found a new line to bolt..

Written & directed by Guillaume Broust

Original soundtrack list:
0:00 - 2:08: Drunk Souls - No more fighting (
2:24 - 3:04: Ricci Fat Cut - Sit back & chill (
4:55 - 7:30: Degiheugi - I feel sorry (

Read full interview and more pictures here :

IFSC Climbing World Cup Kranj 2019 - Lead Finals

All the information about the event on: 

About IFSC:

The IFSC is an international non-governmental non-profit organization whose main objectives are the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of climbing competitions around the world.

About the Channel: 

The IFSC Channel - On this Channel you can follow the three climbing disciplines: Speed, Lead and Bouldering. Follow live streams, athlete interviews and event highlights brought to you by the International Federation of Sport Climbing!

World up...Keep climbing!


What Is The Best Belay Device For Sport Climbing? | Climbing Daily, Ep. 577

For all your latest climbing gear head to:

Assisted braking devices are the go to choice for the modern sport climber, but with so many different designs to choose from, picking the best option for you can be a difficult task. We take a look at three of the market leaders; the Petzl Grigri, the Climbing Technology Click Up and the Trango Cinch. All of them have their relative advantages and disadvantages, but which will be crowned as our best of the bunch?
What Is The Best Belay Device For Sport Climbing? | Climbing Daily, Ep. 577

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I Trained Like A Pro Climber For 1 Month

I was coached by Louis Parkinson and Tom Herbert to see if I could reach my goal of climbing my first V7 after just 1 month of training.

Louis coaching ►
Tom coaching ►

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Rock climber Alex Honnold – Vauxwall Climbing Centre:

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Sport Climbing 101: What to Bring to the Crag

Outdoor Gear Exchange's Anna G. runs us through what she brings to the crag for a day of sport climbing. We check out some new gear, some tried and true favorites, and learn why all this stuff ends up in Anna's bag.

Sizing rock climbing shoes is tough, make it easy by reading our guide!

Picking the right belay device can be tricky, check out our guide

A Harness needs to be comfortable and safe, OGE has a guide to sizing and picking the right harness


Scarpa Instinct:
Chalk and such:
Petzl GriGri+:
Mammut 9.2 Revelation:
Petzl Spirit Express:
Tension Climbing Flash:
Black Diamond Creek 50:
Black Diamond Zone Harness:
La Sportiva Otaki:

Jain Kim - Rock Climbing Technique Compared

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Jain Kim Equipment►►►
Shoes (Women):
Shoes (Men):

Jain Kim - Rock Climbing Technique Compared:
I took footage of members of my climbing gym as well as Jain Kim. It's easy to see how masterful her technique truly is when compared. I hope you guys enjoy.



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