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ISBO Speedminton Hungarian Open 2012 - döntő / final match

Daniel Gossen egészen biztos, hogy jó emlékekkel tér haza Budapestről, ugyanis fergeteges játék keretében sikerült megvernie a világbajnokot, Per Hjalmarsont három szettben (2-1)

Speedminton - Anywhere, Anytime

One game, one brand: Speedminton!

8. ISBO Speedminton® Croatian Open 2015 Final Open Division



Speedminton® - anywhere, anytime!

The new racquet sport for every age and skill level!

Speedminton® is an alternate to tennis, badminton, racquetball or squash, or just to have fun at the beach, a park, in the gym, or your backyard and street with your friends or the whole family. Anyone can learn how to play. Try it today! Speedminton® for ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Speedminton® - Anywhere, Anytime

How To Play Speedminton

made with ezvid, free download at Speedminton is a game you can play anywhere, any time!

1 minute speedminton rally

We are getting closer to the magic number, 100!

The speeder (speedminton shuttle) is faster than a badminton shuttle. The distance between the front lines are 12.8 meters, that means compared to in a badminton rally, the speeder travels three times as far per hit.

Challenge us and break the magic number of 100 hits in one minute!

スピードミントン スピードバドミントン speedminton speedbadminton







スピードミントン スピードバドミントン speedminton クロスミントン crossmintonn

試合からフリースタイルまで幅広く楽しんでいただけます。一時間あたりの消費カロリーは平均620 キロカロリー。

The Proper Way to Hold a Speedminton® Racquet

Learn the proper way to grip and hold a Speedminton® racquet from one of our coaches.

[뉴스포츠] 스피드민턴 Speedminton

스피드민턴 배드민턴 보다 빠르고 테니스보다 간편합니다. 시간이나 장소에 상관없이 언제 어디서나 즐길 수 있는데요. 최고의 스피드를 자랑하는 최고의 라켓 스포츠 스피드 민턴을 소개합니다. 안녕하십니까? 저는 스피드민턴 코치 전연식입니다. 스피드민턴은 테니스와 배드민턴 스쿼시의 장점만을 뽑아 만든 신종 스포츠 입니다. 지금부터 여러분들께 스피드민턴의 매력에 대해 전해드리겠습니다.

출처 - 국민생활체육회 (

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Per Hjalmarson (Sweden) - Speed Badminton World Champion 2015 - Final

►Per Hjalmarson against Misha Mandryk i a wonderful Final. Here you can see the last points for Per after 6 Matchballs for Misha. Congrats from the Füchse Berlin.

►Per after the Match:
It feels really really good. It has been a really tough tournament. There are a lot of good players. Just after the group matches I ran into my fellow friend Mattias Aronsson and managed to beat him but it was a tough match. Later I had quite a good draw until the final against Misha Mandryk. The final was tricky though. I had 3 match points in the second set and lost, and then 5 match points against me in the third but I managed to turn it around and win. It feels really good. I'm very happy.

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Zu den Verbänden geht es hier:

Crossminton - Open Division FINAL - ICO Speedminton® Latvian Open 2017

International Crossminton tournament
ICO Speedminton Latvian® Open 2017
04.11.2017., Riga, Latvia, TK ENERI
Open Division FINAL
2:0 (16:14; 16:10)

クロスミントン ジャパンオープン2016 予告篇 Crossminton Speedminton

2016年12月24,25日に行われた「ICO SPEEDMINTON JAPAN OPEN 2016」男子オープンシングルス決勝戦の予告篇

Speedminton im RBB 09.März 2009

Alles rund um den brandneuen Racketsport mit dem hohen Fun-Faktor - Speed Badminton. Das Spiel verbindet Elemente der etablierten Sportarten Badminton, Squash und Tennis und wird rund um den Globus gespielt. Ob am Strand im Park Sanssouci oder in der Halle - anywhere! anytime! kann gespeedet werden.

Speedminton FUN SET 2019

ISBO DSBV Speedminton® Nordhessen Open 2015 - F. Ottrembka (GER) - J. Rieck (GER)

!!Beschreibung lesen!!
►Hallo liebe Speed Badminton Freunde. Hier seht ihr unser erstes Finalvideo aus Melsungen/Schwarzenberg. Es standen sich Franziska Ottrembka (GER/Füchse Berlin) und Jennifer Rieck (GER/KSBV) gegenüber.

►Moderation: Giuseppe Moncada und Johannes Späth

Weitere Informationen zu unserem Sport/Verein findet ihr hier:

Zu den Verbänden geht es hier:

Speedminton Training

Andreas und Frank beim Training in Breloh auf dem Sportplatz am Schützenplatz


O desporto de raquetes mais rápido do mundo Speedminton e Blackminton joga-se em pavilhão, num court de Ténis, na praia, no campo, na neve e até em telhados. Seja em powerplay, freestyle, competição ou pura diversão. Um pouco por toda a Europa, muitos jogadores de Ténis, Badminton, Squash, Padel e Ténis de mesa estão a ficar viciados em Speedminton e Blackminton. Com velocidades que podem atingir os 300Km/h é sem dúvida o desporto do ano e o mais rápido desporto de raquetes do mundo. Os profissionais de Ténis vão mais longe: Dizem que o Speedminton é mais intenso do que os outros desportos.

Badminton Set - Speedminton Speedset - Mansion Select

- Speedminton is a great new sport, and I know kids and adults will have fun with it. Theres something for everyone, from being the latest addition to extreme sports to a great workout.- Maria Sharapova, Wimbledon Champion.



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