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Speedcubing Tips from Feliks Zemdegs: World Champion

Feliks Zemdegs imparts his Speedcubing tips and tricks in this exclusive interview with Australian Geographic. Feliks Zemdegs is the Australian World Champion Speedcuber.

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When WORLD RECORD Holders Meet - Blindfolded Speedcubing 😮 (feat. Max Hilliard)

Jack Cai from Australia (WR Single) and Max Hilliard from USA (WR Average) combine powers to try to break the unofficial world record for solving two Rubik's cubes blindfolded back to back at 34.65 seconds. Will we triumph in accomplishing the fastest blindfolded 2 man cubing relay the world has ever seen?! 😱🕯

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Me - Gan Air SM
Max - Weilong GTS1

Method: 3-Style
Camera: GoPro Hero Silver 4
Comp: Warm Up Sydney 2019

Music: Joakim Karud - Enjoy ►

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7.72 official winning average @Visayas Championships 2018

Congrats to Richmond Mico Rigor and Jay Alfaras for being 2nd and 3rd places respectively
Cube:Angstrom research Gan Air SM with secret coating

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6.37 Official Asian Continental Record 3x3x3 average - Leo Borromeo

This took place November 30, 2018 at the Bonifacio Memorial Cube Competition in Cebu, Philippines.

I used a Gan 354 Inifinity. The Gan 354M infinity cube that I designed and used last week is now out in the market!

I'm an 11-year old Speedcuber based in Cebu, who has been competing since 2015. I was the first Filipino to record a sub 6 in competition (5.96 in 2017). Most recently, I set an Asian Continental Average for 3x3x3 with 6.37 seconds, which also ranks me as 4th in the world. My single best time in 3x3x3 is 5.12 seconds.

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1 Year Without Speedcubing | How Much Slower Will You Be?

One year without speedcubing, how much slower will your times be?
My new channel with my friend Oskar:


Speedcubing Fail Compilation


Video motivacional sobre speedcubing | Es posible

Hey muy buenas cuberos, por fin un video mas sobre el speedcubing, espero que este tipo de videos sean útiles para cuándo se encuentren en una situación no tan bonita. Mi intención es motivarlos si están teniendo problemas de motivación para seguir con todo esto, le puse muchísimo empeño a este vídeo para que de verdad se inspiren y consideren no dejar el speedcubing, espero sea de su agrado y muchas gracias...

-Video motivacional sobre speedcubing Nunca te rindas:

Auf die Würfel, fertig, los: Erstes Speedcubing-Turnier in Vaduz

Dieses Wochenende fand das erste Speedcubing Turnier in Liechtenstein statt. Die vierzig Cuber haben sich in rund 13 Kategorien gemessen.

Speedcubing meeting in Moscow 11.06.2011 [Canon 550D test]

Встреча куберов Москвы 11.06.2011
Music: X-Ray Dog - Hope Always


Ciao a tutti e benvenuti in questo nuovo video dedicato ai principianti, dove parleremo di 5 cubi economici per chi è nuovo nel mondo dello speedcubing.

Link dei cubi:

Buona visione!

Brano: Love U
Artista: Razihel
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Speedcubing Motivation

Never give up!

Mistrzostwa Polski w Speedcubingu - Kraków 2017

Relacja z Mistrzostw Świata w Speedcubing, które odbyły się w weekend 17-19 listopada 2017 r.

Liechtenstein Open 2018 - Speedcubing Competition

Sponsored by:

The first Competition in Liechtenstein was organized really well. A big venue, good schedule and many Cubers from different countries (even one from Finnland) meant lots of fun. Can't wait for the next one.

Due to PC problems I couldn't upload this video earlier.

Music by Andrew Applepie:

3x3 Final of this comp:
Check out my other competition videos here:

My 2018 in Speedcubing

Audionautix - Cycles (on license Creative Commons Attribution
( Author:
Everet Almond - Ice Crystals
Montage: Founder Tomix

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Speedcubing at Talent Night

Talent Night at my school.
I didn't got in the Top3, however it was a nice day.

2x2 was quite good, blindfold too.
But my 3x3 and 4x4 solves were really slow because of the bad lightning.

14.09 3x3 average - speedcubing

practicing for the severna park competition next week. this is one of my fastest averages. my best is 13.97

Generated By csTimer on 2017-12-7
avg of 5: 14.09

Time List:
1. 13.19 U' R D2 B2 R2 F2 U2 L B2 D2 U2 L' U L2 B D2 F U' F2 L2 R2
2. (12.76) L2 F2 R' D' F' U2 R U R' B' R F2 L F2 L' U2 L2
3. (17.25) D2 F2 R D2 L' F2 R D2 U2 R F R2 D' R2 B' L2 R' D R2 D2
4. 13.92 R' L D2 F B2 L' B' U' R' U2 R U2 L2 D2 B2 L F2 L F2 U'
5. 15.17 B2 L2 F U F' L2 U F B2 U R' B2 L' F2 D2 B2 R B2 D2 R'

Interview with Feliks Zemdegs: Speedcubing Champion

We were lucky enough to sit down with Australian Speedcubing Champion, Feliks Zemdegs. Here Feliks gives us an insight into how he first started with the Rubik's Cube.

Feliks' Channel:

EMC 1 | La evolución del speedcubing

¡Dejen sus comentarios acerca de lo que les gustaría oir en el siguiente EMC y si les gustaría que fueran más largos!

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🤔Consejo de la Semana Speedcubing no.3 Practicar por partes.🤔

El esperado consejo de la semana, esta ocasion un consejo practico, resovler y practicar el cubo por secciones para mejorar los tiempos en cada sección.

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Berlin Kubus Projekt 2017 - Speedcubing Competition

Check out the results here:

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