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Speedcubing Tips from Feliks Zemdegs: World Champion

Feliks Zemdegs imparts his Speedcubing tips and tricks in this exclusive interview with Australian Geographic. Feliks Zemdegs is the Australian World Champion Speedcuber.

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6.37 (former) Asian Continental Record 3x3x3 average - Leo Borromeo

This took place November 30, 2018 at the Bonifacio Memorial Cube Competition in Cebu, Philippines.

I used a Gan 354 Inifinity. The Gan 354M infinity cube that I designed and used last week is now out in the market!

I'm an 11-year old Speedcuber based in Cebu, who has been competing since 2015. I was the first Filipino to record a sub 6 in competition (5.96 in 2017).

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7.72 official winning average @Visayas Championships 2018

Congrats to Richmond Mico Rigor and Jay Alfaras for being 2nd and 3rd places respectively
Cube:Angstrom research Gan Air SM with secret coating

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6.87 Official 3x3 Average

Times: 5.54 5.87 7.52 7.21 8.28

The cube used was Gan infinity 354M.
At City of Love Open 2019 - Iloilo City

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- (

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Mistrzostwa Polski w Speedcubingu - Kraków 2017

Relacja z Mistrzostw Świata w Speedcubing, które odbyły się w weekend 17-19 listopada 2017 r.

[UNOFFICIAL] 6.91 3x3 Winning Average - Cubelelo Speedcubing Unlocked 2020 3.0

Wow I was just as nervous as I would be at an official competition,this is good considering the nerves, though could've been a bit better.

Cube - Factory Valk 3 M

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Speedcubing Rubik's Cube and Rubik's 2x2

Haven't cubing for a long time, ha. Decided to record me speedcubing after stacking practice. Still got it! HA
Cube: 2x2 - Maru
3x3 - GuHong

Post-credits video: Ending the solves with camera FAIL.

Speedcubing Fail Compilation

When WORLD RECORD Holders Meet - Blindfolded Speedcubing ???? (feat. Max Hilliard)

Jack Cai from Australia (WR Single) and Max Hilliard from USA (WR Average) combine powers to try to break the unofficial world record for solving two Rubik's cubes blindfolded back to back at 34.65 seconds. Will we triumph in accomplishing the fastest blindfolded 2 man cubing relay the world has ever seen?! ????????

Max's Channel ►

Me - Gan Air SM
Max - Weilong GTS1

Method: 3-Style
Camera: GoPro Hero Silver 4
Comp: Warm Up Sydney 2019

Music: Joakim Karud - Enjoy ►

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My 2019 in Speedcubing


New Speedcubing Records

2x2: Could've been better, but still a really nice average.

1 Year Without Speedcubing | How Much Slower Will You Be?

One year without speedcubing, how much slower will your times be?
My new channel with my friend Oskar:


Speedcubing ESYA 2017

A Rubik's Cube Competition at IIIT,Okhla :)

Thanks to my brother Rishabh Chhabra for filming and editing the video :)

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Speedcubing - Nordic championship 2019 - 3x3 final

Nordic championship 2019 in Hvidovre (Copenhagen), Denmark, October 17.-20.
The 3x3x3 final.

01:31 Amos Nordman, Finland
21:24 Knut Skaug Haraldsen, Norway
29:29 Martin Vædele Egdal, Denmark
17:20 Chris Mills, United Kingdom
05:17 Erik Akkersdijk, Netherlands
09:36 Elvin Thorsen, Sweden
25:01 Henri Gerber, Germany
29:29 Daniel Wallin, Sweden
09:36 Daniel Vædele Egdal, Denmark
25:01 Rasmus Stub Detlefsen, Denmark
17:20 Eli Jay, United Kingdom
13:17 Erik Bryland, Sweden
01:31 Andreas Jensen Forsgren, Norway
21:24 Viljo Elo, Finland
05:17 Daniel Fiskerstrand, Norway
13:17 Lim Hung (林弘), Malaysia

Speedcubing 2017: Year In Review

Hey! Glad to share with you.
What a year 2017 has been in the world of speedcubing.

I would like to express my special thanks to:
Christopher Olson (
Evgeny Bondarenko (
Martin Fronescu (
Phillip (
legoboyz3! (

And also to thank all speedcubers who answered me and whose frames were used. You helped make this video.


Leet Mob – Stay Alive (

2013 Dutch Open Speedcubing Rubik's Cube final round (all 60 solves in quick succesion)

Buy Speed Rubik's Cubes here-
The 12 finalists were- Ivo Bakker, Ron van Bruchem, Giulio Grammatica, Francisco Hamlin, Joris Mühlsteff, Joël van Noort, Antonie Paterakis, Reinier Schippers, Mats Valk, Lars Vandenbergh, Sebastian Werb, Guus de Wit

Speedcubing 2015: Year In Review

What a year 2015 has been in the world of speedcubing.

I would like to express my special appreciation and thanks to Christopher Olson for his amazing footage.
And also to thank all speedcubers whose frames were used. You helped make this video. Enjoy!

Respect other people's work. Ask the author permission to use.

Epic Rock Music – Instrumental Macho Rock Orchestra
Jim Yosef – Jim Yosef - Lights [NCS Release]
Kodaline – All I Want

2014 year

Speed Stacking vs Speed Cubing

We took this just for fun together with my cousin.

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Speedcubing =)



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