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Speedcubing Tips from Feliks Zemdegs: World Champion

Feliks Zemdegs imparts his Speedcubing tips and tricks in this exclusive interview with Australian Geographic. Feliks Zemdegs is the Australian World Champion Speedcuber.

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Speedcubing Fail Compilation


7.15 Former Official Philippine NR average


Cube: Gan 354 M

I am a 10-year old speedcuber based in the Philippines sponsored by:
• Gan Cube (
• TheCubicle.US (
• Merzci (

My WCA page is:

PSKubing 2017 - Speedcubing Competition

Last weekend I attended PSKubing 2017 in Aschaffenburg, Germany. I was able to pull off a 55th in the world (4th in GER again) PB avg in 4x4, and my 4th sub 8 avg in 3x3 was enough for 2nd place!

Music Title ➞ Vexento - Home
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7.05 official FORMER 3x3 Philippine NR average (GoPro angle)

Here's the GoPro version of my most recent NR, done in the first round of Philippine Championship 2018.
Solves: 6.89 | 6.69 | 7.15 | 7.10 | 7.40
Cube: Gamma coated Gan 354 M

I am an 11-year old speedcuber based in the Philippines sponsored by:
• Gan Cube (
• TheCubicle.US (
• Merzci (

My WCA page is:

Speedcubing at 1000fps (Rubik's Cube in Slow Motion)

Three algorithms performed on the Rubik's Cube at 1000fps and played back at 30fps. This means the algs in this video are played back slower than 1/33 of the original speed.

0:02 – Sune
0:39 – T-Perm
1:26 – H-Perm

Special thanks to Dan Ritchie and Pat Hanrahan's graphics group at Stanford for letting me use their new high-speed camera for this.

The audio is a public domain recording of An der schönen, blauen Donau (the Blue Danube waltz) from

How I Became A Speedcuber - The Story

Hey Leute!

Cubikon veranstaltet momentan einen Videowettbewerb. Aus diesem Grund haben Jonas und ich ein Video gedreht, in dem wir eine kleine Geschichte erzählen :)

Wir hoffen, es gefällt euch!

Link zu Jonas Kanal:

Speedcubing Motivation

Never give up!

Speedcubing ESYA 2017

A Rubik's Cube Competition at IIIT,Okhla :)

Thanks to my brother Rishabh Chhabra for filming and editing the video :)

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Frankfurt Cube Days 2018 - Speedcubing Competition

Sponsored by:

The 6th competition in Frankfurt was a huge success! Can't wait for next year. You can find the results here:

Check out my other competition videos here:

Interview with Feliks Zemdegs: Speedcubing Champion

We were lucky enough to sit down with Australian Speedcubing Champion, Feliks Zemdegs. Here Feliks gives us an insight into how he first started with the Rubik's Cube.

Feliks' Channel:

Liechtenstein Open 2018 - Speedcubing Competition

Sponsored by:

The first Competition in Liechtenstein was organized really well. A big venue, good schedule and many Cubers from different countries (even one from Finnland) meant lots of fun. Can't wait for the next one.

Due to PC problems I couldn't upload this video earlier.

Music by Andrew Applepie:

3x3 Final of this comp:
Check out my other competition videos here:

Что такое спидкубинг? / What Speedcubing is?

Спидкубинг — это сборка кубика Рубика на скорость... Но только ли? Это видео расскажет вам о том, что такое спидкубинг на самом деле!

Музыка: Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider

Marcell Endrey Rubik's Cube blindfolded former World Record 28.80s

Marcell Endrey sets a new WCA world record for solving the Rubik's Cube blindfolded at the Zonhoven Open 2012 with a magnificent time of 28.80 seconds.

Berlin Kubus Projekt 2017 - Speedcubing Competition

Check out the results here:

Music Title ➞ Fredji - Flying High
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Asian Speed - Cubing..

Me cubing instead of studying for my exams.

8 year old speed cubing: 1 minute 3x3x3?

Michael is getting really fast with the beginner's method. His 10 solve averages are down to the 1:20 range.


Ciao a tutti e benvenuti in questo nuovo video dedicato ai principianti, dove parleremo di 5 cubi economici per chi è nuovo nel mondo dello speedcubing.

Link dei cubi:

Buona visione!

Brano: Love U
Artista: Razihel
Concesso in licenza a YouTube da:
AEI; ASCAP, Featherstone Music (publishing) e 2 società di gestione dei diritti musicali

Best of Speedcubing 2016!

This is a montage with some of the official best solves in 2016!

Feliks Zemdegs

Mats Valk

Kevin Hays

Maciej Czapiewski

Michał Rzewuski

Jonatan Kłosko

Kaijun Lin

Justin Mallari

Jules Desjardin

Juan Pablo Huanqui

Tommy Szeliga

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My 2018 in Speedcubing

Audionautix - Cycles (on license Creative Commons Attribution
( Author:
Everet Almond - Ice Crystals
Montage: Founder Tomix

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