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Speed pool


Guinness World Speed Pool 2012 - Karl Boyes vs Lee Chenman

Karl Boyes starts his run to be crowned World Speed Pool Champion 2012. On the other table is Lee Chenman (Bobby Lee). Starts with an interview with Karl by Paula Malai Ali of Star Sports

Chris Melling - 40 Second Clearance - Speed Pool

Chris Melling vs. Darren Appleton - Speed Pool 2012 Semi-Final

Part 1 - Guinness World Speed Pool Championship 2012 - The Final, Karl Boyes vs Darren Appleton

The Final of the Guinness World Speed Pool Championship 2012 - Karl Boyes vs Darren Appleton

Guinness World Speed Pool Championships 2012 Karl Boyes vs Chris Melling

Karl Boyes edges out Chris Melling in the 2012 Guinness World Speed Pool Championships in Surabaya Indonesia

Speed Pool- Bobby McGrath

Bobby McGrath playing Speed Pool.

Speed-pool 33,91 secondes - Mathieu DUPRAT

Speed-pool réalisé sur un billard anglais 7 pieds

Luc Salvas Speed Pool

2006 Spped pool challenge

Fastest Speed Pool Total Clearance On YouTube Potting The 8 Ball Last (44 Seconds) ;-)

* Rack all balls making sure the 8 Ball is in the middle while the head ball is on the spot
* As soon as you hit the cue ball, the timer starts
* The cue ball must not be in motion when shooting, any other object ball, however, can still be moving
* Any ball may be pocketed, but the 8-ball must be last
In speedpool rules a legal shot is any shot where the cue ball contacts an object ball and either drives it to a cushion, the cue ball strikes a cushion, or an object ball is pocketed.

* Scratching on the break (5 Seconds)
* Scratching the cue ball (10 Seconds)
* Cue ball falls from the table (10 Seconds)
* If you miss the 8-Ball while trying to sink it as your final shot (10 Seconds)
* Push shot (10 Seconds)
* If the cue ball goes directly for the 8-Ball (10 Seconds)
* If the 8-Ball is pocketed then you must terminate the game

Ronnie O'Sullivan takes the Rileys All Star Pool Challenge!

For all the stuff you wont find on youtube, visit

Round 2 of Speed Pool Tournament..!!!!


Speed pool

Speed Pool Segal

Andy Segal doing a famous speed pool shot.


speed pool

Speed Pool Challenge 2015 Lance Richardson 1 Min 07.29 Sec

A Speed Pool Challenge been held in East Yorkshire to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. In this video we have Lance Richardson having an attempt at the challenge

Speed Pool total clearance of 44 seconds on a 7x4 Supreme table potting the 8 ball last!

Trying again to break the 30 second barrier, hope i've smashed it by the end of this summer 2013. Just a bit of fun and a good way to keep fit.

speed pool

speed pool

Part 2 - Guinness World Speed Pool Championship 2012 - The Final, Karl Boyes vs Darren Appleton

Part 2 - Guinness World Speed Pool Championship 2012 - The Final, Karl Boyes vs Darren Appleton, Surabaya Indonesia

Speed pool - 66 seconds

Speed Pool


speed pool 09

West Surrey Pool League Summer Presentation and speed pool 2009

Speed pool qualifying: 43 seconds

Played our local speed pool tournament that I have been practicing, managed to get a distant 2nd place to Brad Bent shown here.



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