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REI Trailheads S1 EP1: Learn How to Snowshoe

We took two friends, gave them two sets of snowshoes and let them loose. It’s part of our Trailheads series, where REI experts teach beginners how to have fun outside. This duo's first time trying a new sport is full of funny missteps that we can all relate to. Watch the laughs and the lessons and then grab a pair and try it out yourself!

Head to your local REI and ask an expert all of your questions, rent snowshoes or purchase everything you need to live out your next adventure.

Learn a little more about how to start snowshoeing at

Extreme Snowshoeing

Destined to change pretty much nothing, we are proud to present the sole shattering sport of 'Xtreme Snowshoeing'. When Berghaus held their annual athlete camp where athletes, product designers and marketing people get together, nobody was expecting this!

Snowshoeing Tips

Been a hard winter to get enough snow to do this so I just said frig it and went today in 8 inches of snow.

Snowshoeing Basics: How to Properly Put on Your Snowshoes

Looking to get that fit to help you conquer the frozen tundra? Follow along with these snowshoeing tips from DICK’S Sporting Goods and adventure onward.

Watch the above video, find more tips for the winter months at Pro Tips or shop all snowshoes at DICK’S Sporting Goods

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How to Snowshoe : What to Wear When Snowshoeing

When snowshoeing, dress in layers and wear waterproof or water resistant clothing. Learn more about proper clothing for snowshoeing in this free health and fitness video lesson.

Expert: Sheryl McGlochlin
Bio: Sheryl McGlochlin loves spending time with her family and extended family. She have completed over 500 hikes in various terrain.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

Snowshoeing 101

This video will show you everything you need to know to snowshoe. Muskegon Winter Sports Complex has miles of snowshoe for everyone from beginners to experts. Snowshoe through Muskegon State Park and the shore line of Lake Michigan. See more at

Snowshoeing Gear

Here's a quick video showing some of the stuff I carry on a snowshoe hike. I change gear frequently but here's a little gear porn of what I happened to carry with me on this hike.

Use Snowshoeing for Winter Running Training

Last Saturday, about 50 runners gathered on a crisp morning for a snowshoe race at Frontenac Provincial Park not far from Kingston, Ontario. Derrick Spafford, the owner of Spafford Health and Adventure put on the event. It's one of several he organizes in eastern Ontario.

Spafford says more and more runners are strapping on snowshoes as part of their running training in the winter. Spafford is an experienced ultra-runner who is sponsored by La Sportiva. He's also an avid believer in the benefits of snowshoeing.

A winter of snowshoe running is a great way of building strength, and it's almost like doing a whole hill phase, Spafford says. So you're developing that much more strength, that you're going to be able to carry over in your spring and summer season.

John McAlister agrees. He's a Salomon sponsored athlete and he came out to the Frontenac race. McAlister won the 6k event. It definitely strengthens your legs, says McAlister. He adds: it's also low impact, so even though you're getting a really strong workout, and your heart rate is getting up, you're not really pounding your body in the same way that doing a long run, or a hilly run would be on roads.

Other runners at the event say snowshoeing also provides a good mental boost. They say being outside with other runners and in nature breaks through the isolation that can accompany winter. John Warner, a fit and dedicated runner from Cornwall, Ont. says it's nice to get a break from the ultra-competitive running scene and have a little more fun. But Warner says the benefits of snowshoeing for running training are unmistakeable. It's very much the same, says Warner. The only thing is when you finish your recovery is five minutes instead of two days ... so it's like you feel great right after.

To get you going with what you need to know to get out snowshoes, we've put together this short video with tips from Derrick Spafford and other runners. If you've used snowshoeing as part of your winter training, let us know what you like about it and tips you may have for other runners by posting a note on our Facebook page.

Snowshoeing: Behind the Basics - Hosted by Amanda Beauvais

Are you a first-time snowshoer? Or, are curious about how to get started snowshoeing? This is the video for you. Snowshoeing: Behind the Basics provides a very simple approach to snowshoeing and what you need to know to get out in the snow. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Have fun!

Footwear and Snowshoeing: What to Keep in Mind

One of Snowshoe Magazine's top questions focuses on footwear. So, we give you all the details, what to look for, and what's important when choosing footwear for snowshoeing.

XCC Highlights from Snowshoe | UCI MTB World Cup 2019

► Watch the UCI MTB World Cup LIVE on Red Bull TV -

Snowshoe, USA - neutral territory for the cross-country title races this weekend. With a punchy track consisting of roots, rocks, mud and slick grass, cross-country racers used Friday's XCC race as a great way to familiarise themselves with a fresh course.

Taking her second win of the season, Jenny Rissveds laid down an incredible race, taking action and making her attack at the opportune time to widen the gap and sustain it to the line for first place.
Over in the men's race, a battle at the front of the leading group saw Nino Schurter pull away and take his first XC Short Track win, also securing himself enough points to take the overall World Cup title, ahead of Sunday's XCO final.

Elite Women's XCC Snowshoe results:
1. Jenny Rissveds +25:07
2. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot +0:08
3. Kate COURTNEY +0:11

Elite Men's XCC Snowshoe results:
1. Nino Schurter 22:01
2. Titouan Carod +0:02
3. Jordan Sarrou +0:03


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Snowshoeing-Backpacking Yosemite Glacier Point Road

4 days at Yosemite National Park celebrating Christmas with an awesome snowshoe backpacking, 26.5 miles (42.6 kms) from Badger Pass to Glacier Point and back to Badger pass with winter camping in between.

Snowshoeing with Alpine Recreation

This winter, come to Rex Simpson Hut, located at 1280m above the beautiful Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand. This is the ideal base for snowshoeing with Alpine Recreation.
More exciting winter challenges can be found at:

Camera & Editing: Carla Braun-Elwert
Music: Brown Sky (Hotter Mix) Instrumental by Lucy Bland

Snowshoeing at Redfield Trails

Snoqualmie Pass Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing on Kendall Peak Lakes Trail
Snoqualmie Pass
Reunion of the Boy Scouts of 2010 Enchantment Lakes, Doug, Howard, John, Mike and Major

Snowshoeing to a frozen lake in NIseko

Which is more fun: Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing?

I love snow. If you do, too, then you've probably used cross-country skis or snow shoes. Which is more fun? I can't decide.

Health Check: benefits of Snowshoeing

Mother Nature's beauty is visible year 'round. Yet when the temperature dips, people have a tendency to avoid the elements.
Snowshoeing, however, is one way to reverse that mindset.
It's an excellent way to get out in the winter time, it's great exercise, said Vicky Wachtler, an interpretive naturalist with the Three Rivers Park District. [Snowshoeing] adds a little bit more of a workout than just hiking. They usually say you can burn, walking on a packed trail, about 500 calories.
At the Eastman Nature Center in Dayton, Wachtler gave a reporter from 12 News a crash course in snowshoeing.
You know it is pretty much a full body workout, she said. It is good on your legs, but if you do add those poles, then you're adding arms and back workout too.
Not only is it a good workout, but it gives people a chance to explore the outdoors in a way they couldn't other times of the year.
Sometimes on snowshoes you can get off trail or go into places that maybe you wouldn't be able to go in the summertime, hike out onto a lake, check out a lake, that type of thing, she said.
At Park Brook Elementary in Brooklyn Park, being active outside in the winter is a message teachers try to instill in students at a young age.
We live in Minnesota, if we embrace the seasons, we get to choose the attitude that we want, said Principal Scott Taylor. It's great for your mood, it's great for the academic success, and also just for our bodies.
Four times a week, students take part in snowshoe boot camp, where they strap on snowshoes and get moving after school. The program introduces kids to an activity they may have never tried, and lays the foundation for something they can do later in life to fight the winter blues.
It's an activity even a news reporter can handle.
Cause really, all you have to do is, once you get the snowshoes on your feet, all of you have to do is walk, Wachtler said. It's as simple as that.
Officials from Three Rivers Park District say if you want to go snowshoeing, all you need is warm clothes, sturdy boots, and a sense of adventure. The cost to rent snowshoes is $5.
Delane Cleveland

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How to Snowshoe : How to Break Trail When Snowshoeing

When snowshoeing in deep powder snow, the first snowshoer of your group will need to break the trail. Learn how, plus get tips on snowshoeing on narrow trails, in this free health and fitness video lesson.

Expert: Sheryl McGlochlin
Bio: Sheryl McGlochlin loves spending time with her family and extended family. She have completed over 500 hikes in various terrain.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

Epic Trails in Banff | Saunas, Snowshoeing and Snowboarding in the Backcountry | BTS

I've just returned from filming Epic Trails in Banff, where I was taking advantage of plentiful saunas, and amazing snowboarding and snowshoeing conditions in the backcountry. Join me for a behind-the-scenes look at what we got up to on this shoot, including filming in Banff National Park, snowshoeing in a blizzard, backcountry snowboarding in Lake Louise, and taking a bath in the snow.


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