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Slow pitch


● Slow Jigging technique with Yamamoto Hiroto in Sungai Besar, Malaysia ●

Shimano's Japanese Pro-angler, Mr Yamamoto Hiroto was fishing in Sungai Besar, Malaysia at the beginning of October with local Captain Zeff. Watch as Mr Yamamoto talks about slow-jigging and what is slow-pitch jigging.

Slow Pitch Jigging Tutorial | Fisho App

Originating in Japan, slow pitching has not only proven to be extremely effective on Australian species, but also a tonne of fun. The technique involves using specifically designed outfits and jigs to create a unique action that’s simply too good to resist!

Due to the range of fishing situations slow pitching can be applied, it opens the door to a whole plethora of targetable species.

Snapper, pearl perch, tusk fish, kingfish, amberjack, jewfish, trevally, cobia, trumpeter, cod, coral trout, sweetlip, fingermark and nannygai are all high up on the target species list but also just a small sample of the fish able to be tempted. Literally, any predatory fish can be caught on a slow jig. 

Watch as Sammy Hitzke demonstrates the long and short fall techniques to help you get among some slow pitch action!

First Time Fishing With Slow Pitch Jigs...Interesting Stuff

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The Folks at The Reel Seat in Brielle NJ let me try an assortment of Nomad Jigs for some nearshore jigging and it was pretty interesting to say the least! We tried some Nomad jigs ranging from 40-60g off the bottom in about 50 feet of water on some wrecks near the beach.

732-223-5353. Call the shop to order slow pitch jigs.

▬▬Set ups used▬▬
Jigging World Nexus 7'6 -
Shimano Spheros SW 4000 -
Berkley 30lb X9 Braid -
30lb Leader -

Tog rod
Jigging World Night Ranger -
Penn Spinfisher 2500 -
15lb Berkley X9 -
30lb Leader -

Bottom Sweeper Jigs (Tautog & Octopus) -

Nomad Jigs - &

Kayak used -
Fishfinder -
Cooler Bag -

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Difference between Slow Jigging & Jigging (Japanese w/ English subtitles)

Not sure how to slow jig? Always been confused about the difference between Jigging and Slow Jigging? Or not sure which style of jigging is suitable for you?

Get all these questions answered as Shimano Instructor Mr Yamamoto Hiroto explains in this video.


Eaee Pescador
Mais um v´deio de pesca abordando a técnica do SLOW PITCH JIGGING . Pescando com Jumping jig .
Vocês sabem , estou cada dia mais apaixonado por esta modalidade de pesca .
Fomos para um cascalho em alto mar na ilha bela atrás de uma pescaria de pargos , onde é fácil achar eles . E consegui bastante peixe , com um troféu , um enorme pargossauro ., um peixe grande para a espécie .
Espero que gostem desse vídeo de pesca com Dicas de material de pesca.

Segue o contato do capitão Matias Gomes ,se você quiser fazer esta pescaria .
012 99111-5539
Aguardem o próximo video , onde terão chernes e namorado .
Abraços e boas pescarias

Aurélio Lucas

IsoFishingTV - Introduction to Slow Jigging


This video is a video explaining the basics of Slow Jigging, also known as Slow pitch, Slow fall that is taking off in Australia the moment following the extensive micro jigging trend. Slow jigging presents a more efficient method of targeting fish when they are less active.

For all your slow jigging gear such as rods, reels, line, lures, assist hooks etc check out our website below

Here is a description of the gear used:

Rods: Palms Metal Witch Slow Fall
Lures: ZetZ Slow Blatt & ZetZ Slow Blatt Cast slim
Hooks: Decoy Assist hooks


Australian ISO Fishing Forum Community:


Youtube Channel:

PALMS slow jigging tips and techniques

PALMS Anglers Republic slow jigging tips and techniques explained. English subtitles.

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Trabucco TV - Slow Pitch Tutorial

Trabucco TV - Slow Pitch Tutorial con Saverio Rosa

Intrigante, emozionante, sportiva, la tecnica dello Slow Pitching diventa più semplice con i consigli di Saverio Rosa.

Intriguing, exciting, sporty, the Slow Pitching technique b

How to do SLOW PITCH JIGGING | slow pitch basics & tactics

In this short seminar I go over How to do slow pitch jigging. One of the fastest growing trends of fishing in modern history. learning to fish with this fishing method will most definitely help you catch more fish. Developed in Japan and adapted throughout the world, slow pitch jigging provides non-stop action whether you are sport fishing, charter fishing, offshore fishing or recreational fishing. If you're looking for some advice, tips and basics to understanding this world wide trend in fishing, or thinking about getting into it and want to see some great catches, this episode is for you. I explain in detail with advice and tips on what gear you'll need along with what jigs you need to get started... also, how, when and where you can get in on this world wide trend of jig fishing.

Tight lines & good vibes.

If you're new to the channel and you'd like to learn more about fishing, grow as an angler, or just enjoy some exciting offshore fishing adventures, you can start right now by clicking on the link below to subscribe:

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Reel - Penn Battle 5000

Rod - 7 foot Penn Battalion 15-20 lb class

line - 12lb Momoi smoke blue Nylon Mono

Accuracte Fury Boss 600N

7' Handcrafted Star Rod

Noamd design Gypsy Jigs

Jyg Slow pitch jigs



Pesca a slow pitch in Sardegna

Battuta di pesca per Leonardo Costa ospite del nostro Carlo Leone in Sardegna a caccia di grandi pesci in questo splendido mare.
Attrezzatura adeguata alla situazione e alle prede presenti:
Canne Palms, filo Sunline, assist Decoy e artificiali Zetz.
Impossibile tornare a mani vuote!

Si ringrazia per la collaborazione Wild Sardinia

Slow Pitch Jigging

Due giorni di pesca a Roccella Ionica, ospiti del team Center Sport Femia di Aldo Pugliese. Ringraziamento particolare a Gianni Basile e ai fratelli Francesco e Cristian Pugliese per la fantastica compagnia.

NEW VIDEO - Slowpitch Bloopers from Major softball tournaments!

2018 Blooper video clips. Some of these are strike out lookings but remember you actually are not a good player or the best player you can be without striking out looking because it means you are swinging at bad pitches which lowers your on base percentage.

Apologies to everyone in the video, have a good chuckle...

Slowpitch Softball Hitting Tips - Stance

What stance should I use in slowpitch softball?

How To Pitch The Slider - Slow Pitch Softball Pitching School

Watch this lesson to learn how to throw the slow pitch softball slider. Slow motion analysis with step by step breakdown and instruction. The slider is the natural companion to the screwball, featured in the next video of this series, PITCHES. The series, PITCHES features a full explanation, analysis and application of the slow pitch; Slider, Screwball, Backspin and Knuckleball. Watch the entire series and get a leg up on your competition.

How to setup your Slow Pitch Vertical Jigging System Phenix Titan Hybrid Jigging Rods and Long Fall

The Slow Pitch and Long Fall Jigging techniques made popular in Japan are quickly evolving across the world and here in the United States. Phenix is leading the way with its newly designed Zero Gravity Titan series of Slow Pitch an Long Fall jigging rods. Featuring Toray T40 carbon fiber Multi Helix scrim and Phenix Rods proprietary Nanlite Resins blank has enabled Phenix to create an incredibly strong series. The rods feature Fuji K series SiC guides acid wrapped to alleviate torque when fishing gib fish fro the depths of the sea. The custom EVA grip and Fuji reel seat offers comfort for all day fishing. The Zero Gravity technology creates a balance never seen in the industry until the new TJX series Titans meaning Zero Fatigue. With two models to choose from, the TJX Slow Pitch Jigging rods and the TJX-L Long Fall Jigging rods

Due giorni di Slow pitch Jigging con Stefano Adami a Palau, tra dentici e cernie

#stefanoadami #slowpitch #verticaljigging
Due giorni di Slow pitch Jigging con Stefano Adami a Palau, tra dentici e cernie.
Un riassunto di una due giorni di pesca con Stefano Adami a light Jigging, tra la Sardegna e la Corsica
Ospite a Bordo Mr Nicola Cioncolini AKA IL FAVA
Insomma a pesca con Stefano Adami, si ci diverte a bestia !!!

Ti piacciono il cappellino e la maglia dello Zio Stefano? Le trovi su
Tutte le attrezzature che vedete nei miei video le trovate su: a prezzi super scontati solo per voi !

Tutte le attrezzature che vedete nei miei video le trovate su: a prezzi super scontati solo per voi !
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Slow Pitch Jigging | Middle Grounds EP. 1 | Suggested Jigs

Slow Pitch Jigging | Middle Grounds EP. 1

We got the call from Ryan Hanks to head over to the Middle Grounds for a slow pitch jigging bonanza. Johnny dives into the jigs and set ups he brings on the trip.

Suggested Rod For Middle Grounds

Assist Hook Tying Kit

Suggested Jigs For Middle Grounds

The Best Slow Pitch Jig

Mark Kitteridge tells us what his favourite jig is.
Check them out here


Eae meus amigos !!
Pescaria de Slow pitch jigging de novo pra vocês !!! Pescando em um dia fraco, mas garantindo alguns peixes como : peixe espada , olho de cão , palombeta e bicudas. Muita ação de peixe ... Pesca no mar com jumping jig na tecnica slow vem me cativando muito !!
Fomos Até o cascalho em itanhaem , litoral de SP .
Muito peixe , os maiores escaparam ( faz parte ) , uma garoupa imensa e um xaréu branco enorme .
Algumas dicas e tecnicas de pescaria pra vocês , espero que gostem !!
Pescaria realizada com o Guia Bruno Oliveira
Estamos junto, pescador .
fiquem dom Deus
Aurélio Lucas



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