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Slot car racing


Slot car racing European Championship Finals, Helsinki

Slot car racing European Championship Finals 14.3.2010

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Is This The Most Realistic F1 Scalextric Silverstone Ever Built?

We take a look at The Racing Room’s scalextric version of Silverstone. Have you seen better?
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Emerald Slot Car Racing TRACKS... Changing!! Jan 6, 2020

Here is a 6min video showing how the change-over from the HO scale slot track - to - the 1/32 scale slot track.

Driven w a automotive/truck winch - through a set of pullies and cables - Brett can stow the big 1/32 scale track up against the ceiling.

The HO track is all custom made - routered MFD board. This 1/32 scale track is mainly plastic Carrera track - except where the switch-overs are at - those are custom made Routered MFD board.

Thanks for watching.

2018 IFMAR ISTC World Championships - A-main Leg 1

For a full report from this event visit Red RC here:

Action from A-main Leg 1 at the 2018 IFMAR ISTC World Championships in Welkom, South Africa

RC Racing - Neo Nitro Buggy A final 2

Rally Car Racing in the Backwoods | World of Adventure

The New England Forest Rally is infamous for its difficult and unforgiving driving conditions. These talented drivers put it all on the line to cross the finish line first and in one piece. Get Outside TV:

Keeping Slot Car Racing Alive

At one time there were thousands of slot car racing enthusiasts. But now, excitement around the sport has dwindled, and there is only one place left in New York City to race. Welcome to the mean racetracks of Buzz-A-Rama.


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Redbull Short Track Slot Car Racing

We recorded another first, Slot Car Racing. They race on a painted on simulated dirt surface, a powder like substance is spread on the track for that dirty and dusty element and there is plenty of speed which meets all the requirements of dirt track racing. Dirt, Dust and Speed!

via Redbull Short Track

Well the USAC Gentlemen brought their traveling team from Arlington Raceway to the RedBull Short Track and we had some awesome modified and Sprint Car races. Don Coker won the modified A Main holding off a hard charging Brent Prior while Dave Anderson and his new 360 had a 40 lap battle with Joe and Mike Stroehle to inch out a victory. Many RedBull drivers stepped up and had their best night of racing including Joe Good who finished 2nd in the B Main which was won by Brent Prior. Devon Timmerman had his best night while Nick Guernsey and Bob Anderson did well also. Dan Dan the Alpha Man nearly pulled off the alphabet again for another great run. First timers Rosey and Mark Baker did a tremendous job while their fearsome leader PJ did as well. A special thanks goes out to Jeff Strause and Nick for their hard work installing the new timing system which will reap big dividends soon.

For more information find Redbull Short Track on Facebook.

L'infiltrée du dimanche : 24 Heures de Slot Racing Le Mans - 2016

Direction Le Mans, pour la 5ème édition des 24 Heures de Slot Racing.
Présenté par Milène BEURY. Avec la complicité de Samuel MORAND, Milène vous invite, comme chaque semaine, à découvrir quatre des manifestations sarthoises qui se sont déroulées dimanche dernier sur le territoire.

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HO Slot Car Racing the Way it Used to Be! (A Salute to T-Jets)

Take a look back at how HO slot cars used to be -- in the era before all the high-downforce magnets. Sit back and enjoy some up-close slo-mo footage and all the memories! Filmed on location at Daytona-Rockledge Speedway (Rockledge, Florida) with cars and track I have owned since the 1960s. Music by Paul Simon. For more info:

Hardbody Slot Car Racing - Buena Park Raceway

Slot car racing from Buena Park Raceway.
Buena Park, California, USA

hardbody racing, retro racing, wing car racing, drag racing

Pro Gas RC Car Racing - Video #2

The more experienced guys racing their Dirt Mods. Filmed on Sunday, 3/7/2016, At Bridge Pa, Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

B&E Slotsport Crosstown Challenge series race #5 DLM, Hobbystock Slot Car

Slot cars

NASCAR DECS Tournament of Champions Race 1/4

DECS Tournament of Champions starts here!
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A HUGE thank you to Neanderthal Tailgate Technology for sponsoring this race!


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Race 2 will be up later in July! Thanks for the support!

Slot Car Racing at RecumbentPDX

RPDX set up our recumbent trike-powered slot car track for our AZUB Factory Day event Sunday October 16th at 10:00am. Come race for AZUB swag

Mason Dixon Retro slot car race at Sheaves Racing Slots and Drags 11/24/2012

Mason Dixon Retro slot car race at Sheaves Racing Slots and Drags 11/24/2012.

The largest road course in Virginia, the BLUE BEAST, 195FT ENGLEMAN.

Mason Dixon Retro Race 2 of the 2012-2013 season.
GTC PD race
Can Am race

IRRA rules

Building a 1/24 Scale Slot Car Eliminator Chassis Part 2

Eliminator chassis for 1/24 slot car racing.

Race Car, rally car R5, 2015

Rallye 2015, France rally car 2015, WRC 2015, Rallye catégorie R5, Rally category R5, Ford Fiesta R5, Skoda Fabia R5, Citroën DS3 R5, Peugeot 208 T16 R5, WRC, Tour de Corse 2015 - AUTOS-AUTOS -

Tyco A Team Action Racing Set Review

In this set review edition we will look at a Tyco set that was based off of the A-Team TV series. The track itself ran nice after it was cleaned up. The U-Turn cars needed a bit of 'rehabilitation' due to age but ran OK. All in all it was probably a great set when new. I pity the fool that don't like this set !!!

Slot Car Racing with Eddie Wood



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