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Playing Skittles while filming Skittles

I attempt to film Skittles and play Skittles at the same time (from Christmas 2007)

Skittles Game

This is an example of a game called skittles. You'll learn the rules after a while.

Irish Skittles

Clonmel Skittles Club,Participant throwing 4 Blocks into Ring

Marshawn Lynch | Sport Science | ESPN Archives

Sport Science looks at Marshawn Lynch and if sugar helps him during the game.

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No. 18 Skittles NASCAR Wrap

The No. 18 car is getting wrapped in all the bright Skittles colors for Phoenix! Check out this fun new paint scheme.

XLIX Seahawks vs Patriots [& In the End, There Was No Skittles Rainbow]

XLIX Seahawks vs Patriots [& In the End, There Was No Skittles Rainbow] The sun had set & Malcom Butler had come between Ricardo Lockette & Russ Wilson's 1 yard line pass. Suddenly the XLIX rePete became a Patriots celebration. With only 20 seconds left on the clock, all there was time for was some Gronk Heymakers & a Seahawk ejection. After all, why punish cheaters, right? Now while we're on that note... I watched this play live & over & over & over again & wonder (out loud, sometimes), if that had been a Seahawk bumping the receiver to make the interception, would it be called interference? I know, I know, it isn't & wasn't. But somehow, we 12s & Hawks have a long history of questionable calls... just saying. & to those who want to make the entire XLIX & 2014 season all about the last play of the season, I remind you; it's a long way to the top. & one play does not topple all that makes us great & the reason we were 20 seconds away from a rePete. No Sir! Each game is 60 minutes long. Play al 60 minutes & you'll never have to worry about a final 20 seconds play. Granted, I would have fed the BEAST! But Coach & QB saw what they wanted to see & called the play they felt was right for the situation. Make it, you're a celebrated genius! Miss it; you'll be questioned for the rest of your life. Malcom Butler drives off with Tom's MVP truck. & we go home a little stunned. But ready to return in 2015 LOUDER, STRONGER, PROUDER! GO HAWKS! WIN IT ALL in 'L' (is that really how Super Bowl 50 is in Roman Numerals?) LOL


SKITTLES COTTON CANDY?? (WILL IT COTTON CANDY). In this video I test a variety of candy and sweet to see if they will create the ultimate cotton concoction. PLZ drop a like and subscribe.
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So Mr Skittles tries to explain why he wears a gucci bag #GOMFSFB

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Skittles Performing to Crave You (Pole Dance)

My first performance since surgery... I took it quite easy... maybe too easy since more than half the routine ended up being freestyle.. nonetheless I like what came of it.. I guess every show doesn't have to feature death defying feats ;)... the 'softer' flavor of skittles, haha ;)

Recorded @Alter Ego Pole Fitness
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REPLAY Live skittles - Lads' Night Out vs Cholsey Royals

Live from Wallingford Sports Park for this Division One clash between currently 2nd place LNO and 5th spot holders Cholsey Royals. There's only a handful of points between 2nd and 6th places at the moment, so both sides will be keen to take as much as they can from this one. First ball 9pm, subject to the previous match finishing on time. If they are running late then join us for some pre-match analysis and banter!

As ever, always on mic and beer... so there may be language heard unsuitable for children or those of a nervous disposition.

The Skittles Game

For Sale: Taste the Rainbow "Skittles"


Girls Kissing, Skittles Edit

Filmed and Edited by Jimmy Giambrone

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Kenny Van'es

Colin Varanyak

Andy Hill

Steve Buskirk

Cole Starky

Sam Acuff



Alex Bowe

Jimmy Giambrone

Pretoria A - Skittles Champs 2007

Pretoria's second successive season's victory in the Dartmoor skittles league.

Kyle Busch Skittles Scooter but with NASCAR Commentary

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Marshawn Lynch SKITTLES MODE Suck it P-town Allstars

Marshawn Lynch Sells Skittles on Shopping Network

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Marshawn Lynch Pokes Fun at Super Bowl Ending On 'The League' ►►
Pete Carroll Gets Wiped out by Referee While Celebrating ►►

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch really doesn’t mind talking to the media as long as it’s on his terms. Usually that means it’s something Skittles-related, as we saw on The League. Marshawn showed his love for Skittles again on EVINE Live. The shopping cable network was selling cases of the colorful candy and the five-time Pro Bowler joined in on the fun.

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Lee Collett Skittles

Lee Collett Captain of Liquor & Poker gets a spare on the way to finishing 2nd in this seasons Captains Cup Final in the Stoke and District Thursday Night Skittle League

SKITTLES SNOOKER POOL Canadian version on a 6 x 12

Need 14 more points for a 31 total and must finish on wood.

Antonio Brown Has A Skittles Machine In His House

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