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SKITTLES COTTON CANDY?? (WILL IT COTTON CANDY). In this video I test a variety of candy and sweet to see if they will create the ultimate cotton concoction. PLZ drop a like and subscribe.
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At the business end of the skittles alley.

Avoiding a painful smack on the foot as the bowls come down the alley.

SHOOT the Rainbow!! - Skittles Trick Shot Part 2 - Kirsten Joy Weiss - Candy Addiction #2

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This is a great trick and shooting game to do with friends, it makes a nice little contest!* See who can get the most in a row! Up the anti and add a stop watch. Semi-autos or lever action would be good for this as well. (My semi-auto was in the shop for crown damage [not done by me], so I decided to increase the difficulty with a bolt action and still try to keep a good pace)

Oh! And space them a couple inches apart, otherwise the decimated skittle fragments have the potential to launch the ones waiting to be shot (learned the hard way).

One more difficulty increase [not recommended]: Eat an ENTIRE bag of skittles, get a massive sugar high, and THEN try to shoot. Mmm mm good.

P.s. Don't eat the skittles fragments!!!! Remember LEAD touched it.Come to think of it, it might be a good idea not to eat skittles in general....hmm

Questions about the Sharp Shots? Click this link to find the answers:

Kirsten's mini Bio:

*Any attempts at similar tricks are, of course, at your own risk

No. 18 Skittles NASCAR Wrap

The No. 18 car is getting wrapped in all the bright Skittles colors for Phoenix! Check out this fun new paint scheme.

Skittles Parkour Assassins Creed Style!!!

Thanks to my dad for filming this video!!!!!!!
Song: Venice Rooftops


Leicester Table Skittles League 2012 Birstall Rovers V Star & Garter Leg 1

A recording of a game of table skittles from the Leicester summer league. This is the first leg and its showing Birstall Rovers throwing the cheeses.


Today in this video I'll be showing you guys how to make an INSANE skittle rainbow with skittles, a glass of water and a plate. It's that simple! If we hit 25 likes and you were one of the likers I will send a brand new packet of skittles within an hour of hitting the like goal to you.
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Hitimpulse - I'm In Love With The Coco

Women's Skittles Team in Action at the Fox pub, Monckton.

Despite some extremely underhand tactics by the women, the men notch up an easy victory.

XLIX Seahawks vs Patriots [& In the End, There Was No Skittles Rainbow]

XLIX Seahawks vs Patriots [& In the End, There Was No Skittles Rainbow] The sun had set & Malcom Butler had come between Ricardo Lockette & Russ Wilson's 1 yard line pass. Suddenly the XLIX rePete became a Patriots celebration. With only 20 seconds left on the clock, all there was time for was some Gronk Heymakers & a Seahawk ejection. After all, why punish cheaters, right? Now while we're on that note... I watched this play live & over & over & over again & wonder (out loud, sometimes), if that had been a Seahawk bumping the receiver to make the interception, would it be called interference? I know, I know, it isn't & wasn't. But somehow, we 12s & Hawks have a long history of questionable calls... just saying. & to those who want to make the entire XLIX & 2014 season all about the last play of the season, I remind you; it's a long way to the top. & one play does not topple all that makes us great & the reason we were 20 seconds away from a rePete. No Sir! Each game is 60 minutes long. Play al 60 minutes & you'll never have to worry about a final 20 seconds play. Granted, I would have fed the BEAST! But Coach & QB saw what they wanted to see & called the play they felt was right for the situation. Make it, you're a celebrated genius! Miss it; you'll be questioned for the rest of your life. Malcom Butler drives off with Tom's MVP truck. & we go home a little stunned. But ready to return in 2015 LOUDER, STRONGER, PROUDER! GO HAWKS! WIN IT ALL in 'L' (is that really how Super Bowl 50 is in Roman Numerals?) LOL

The Skittles Game


10-pin Skittles at the Murrayfield Indoor Sports Club

Skittles getting hit by a Car!

I finally found this video searching through my folders and thought it was worth the upload! haha :)

Pretoria A - Skittles Champs 2007

Pretoria's second successive season's victory in the Dartmoor skittles league.

Kyle Busch Unveils Skittles Throwback Scheme In Funny Video

Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch and primary sponsor Skittles today unveiled his NASCAR throwback paint scheme for the Sept. 2 Bojangles' Southern 500 with a humorous spot featuring former driver Ernie Irvan. The scheme hearkens back to the rainbow-striped paint job Irvan's car used to sport for MB2 Motorsports in ’98.

Marshawn Lynch Showered with Skittles After First of Two Touchdown Runs Against Saints

2nd Annual Skittle Bowl International Invitational Tournament Entry

Allie's rating is going up!

Skittles, 2. místo []

13. 10. 2018 ŘÍČANY
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2017 Trek Slash Bike Check (Evan Fry's Skittles Edition Bike)

Evan's crazy custom Trek Slash! Freshly built up just the way the doctor ordered. There is nothing like building a bike from the frame up and loving everything on it. From the onyx hubs to the chromag bars. Every part has been hand picked and uniquely styled for Evan. I have to say, I'm pretty jealous! Hopefully he'll let me swing a leg over the Trek Slash 29er one day!

-- Gear --

[ Helmet ]
[ My Pivot Firebird ]
[ My camera gear ]
[ Tires ]

-- Socialize --

[ Instagram ]
[ Strava ]

Skittles Umbilical Cord Mothers Day TV Commercial 2017

Creepy Skittles Commercial



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