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Skiboarding Action From

Demonstrating skiboarding skills on the slopes and the freedom of riding skiboards. Compliments of Canon Skiboards and their team riders.

Skiboarding Action From

Skiboards in action - compliments of Canon Skiboards and their team riders - carving, glades, tricks and more.

Summit Skiboards - Experience the Difference

Summit Skiboards are high performance with multiple binding options in a variety of sizes. Summit Skiboards are hand crafted one pair at a time.

Austris Dimants Season 2011/2012 Edit, skiboarding!

It was filmed in 3rd-4th marth and it was a very sunny weather,Thanks to skiing resort to my family,Mārtiņš Mičulis- and all my friends who were involved with all this! :)
More info @

Filmed with GoPro HD1
Filmed by- Austris Dimants,Toms Kalniņš,Eduards Dūmiņš.
Rider- Austris Dimants
Song- Black Dada-IMMA ZOE
This have been awesome season of skiboarding, and here you can see my Season2011/2012 edit. Stay Tuned, wait for more :) .
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Skiboarding at Afton Alps & Welch Village

Testing out three sets of skiboards at Afton Alps and Welch Village, MN, in Feb 2012.

Snowboarding and Skiboarding Park Progression for Beginners

Grab Your Snowboard Ep.6
This video is brought to you from Snow Summit in Big Bear Mountain, California. We (Karen & Chris) spent time at Snow Summit Park to hit small and medium features. Are you trying to learn tricks on small and medium features like us? We are sharing our snowboarding and skiboarding park progression with you so hopefully this video inspires you to try something new next time when you hit the slope! PLEASE REMEMBER your limits! Pow days are super fun to get lost in the woods and it is one of our favorite days to ride, but warm days are also super fun to practice some riding styles.

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Camera and gears used in this video:
GoPro Hero5 Black:
GoPro Camera Karma Grip:

Waiting for Winter: Skiboarding 2013 - Kirk Thompson - RVL8 Skiboards

not #skiblades not #snowblades, #skiboards
RVL8 Skiboards rider Kirk Thompson dreaming of the past winter and getting pumped to get this one started!

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Skiboarding history - Mike Nick ep.1

Mike Nick from TPKD (Two Plancker Knuckle Draggers) - year 1999.
About Mike Nick
DOB: 4/15/76
Birthplace: Albany, N.Y.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 160
Country: USA
X Games history
Year Sport Discipline Results
Winter 00 Slopestyle 2nd
Winter 99 Triple Air 2nd
Winter 98 Slopestyle 1st

Head Rod 94 Skiboard Conversion Installation of 40x40mm Snowboard Binding Inserts M6 Thread

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Skiboarding is a super fun sport that opens up all new possibilities on the ski slopes - so easy to learn you can actually be having fun on your first day on skiboards.

What is Skiboarding About?

Original version is located here -
A core skiboarding video from featuring sponsored riders: Ben Wannamaker, Adam Lyam, Ethan Mitchell, Mike Ponessa, Bailey Mitchell and Ron Buckner. Don't be fooled, these aren't crappy skiblades or snowblades they are high quality skiboards!

Skiboarding January 2014

Enjoying a day on our skiboards.

My first time using a GoPro.

Go to and to learn about the sport and get yourself a pair of boards.

Skiboarding @ Monte Bondone 12/2019

Camera: Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360
Skiboards: Revel8 Revolt Trees


Hesperus, CO Ski Patrol riding the Summit 110cm skiboards mounted with Tele bindings.

Stuff & Things with D & T : Another Slow Day Skiboarding at Bear Creek

Talon is riding KTP skiboards -

Dave is riding DLP skiboards -
not #skiblades not #snowblades, #skiboards

TeamRVL8 Riders, Dave Lynam and Talon Seitzinger, taking it easy on a blue bird day during the early 2013-2014 season.

Edit by Rachel Magee

Filming by Dave Lynam, Talon Seitzinger and Rachel Magee

Tracks: Haunting at 1300 McKinley by The Black Angels

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1st Day on Skiboards - Instant Fun

With only 2 days of skiing experience over eight years ago, a new skiboarder rides from the top of the lift for the first time after only 2 runs on the bunny hill. Skiboards provide a quick learning curve and are fun instantly!

SKIBOARDS Headwall in and out with a releasable binding.SKIBOARDS.COM

Headwall in and out with a releasable binding SKIBOARDING

Skiboards Eman Uprise 104cm (Pejo 3000) 2015 Skiing Skiboarding

Skiboards Eman Uprise 104cm (Pejo 3000) 2015
Filmed with SJ4000

Backcountry Skiboarding By Jared Schaalje

Riding Summit Skiboards in the backcountry using snowshoes for access.

Skiboarding history Pt - 3

TPKD (Two Plancker Knuckle Draggers) - year 1999



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