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Skiboarding is a super fun sport that opens up all new possibilities on the ski slopes - so easy to learn you can actually be having fun on your first day on skiboards.

SBOL Skiboard Shredfest II - February 2010

Shredfest II went down again in Beautiful Lake Tahoe. Over 30 skiboarders showed up for the week long outing, here TeamRevel8's first two days. Featuring Adam Lynam, Dave Lynam, Kirk Thompson and Borja Fernandez & Revel8 skiboards and bindings. Filmed at Alpine Meadows and Northstar at Tahoe. Skiboarding at it's best, no snowblades!

Adam - RVL8 Condor -
Kirk - KTP -
Dave - DLP -
Borja - DLP -
Skiboard FAQ -

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Super fun sport so easy to learn you can actually be having fun on your first day on skiboards.

Canaskan Skiboarding

A secret skiboarding edit of Kirk Thompson and The Hardcore Champion...

REVEL8 SKIBOARDS // Review by AJ DeLong

AJ DeLong is reviewing the KTP 101CM Skiboards by Revel8 with non-releasable Revel8 Bindings. This is AJ's first season on Skiboards but he has a lot of rollerblading and skiing experience. AJ is now officially in love with Skiboarding even though he was a little skeptical at first. I know it might be hard to convince some of you to try Skiboarding, especially if you are in to skiing or snowboarding. But trust me, you will be sold as soon as you try them, just like AJ was. I also realize that a lot of people compare them to snowblades or skiblades which aren't nearly the same thing. I personally love snowboarding and skiing, but as soon as I tried the Skiboards, I was completely in love. Skiboarding is an amazing sport, it's fun, practical, and easy to get used to. So if you are looking to try something new, especially if you are a rollerblader, try Skiboarding.

- Leon

Skiboarding Action From

Skiboards in action - compliments of Canon Skiboards and their team riders - carving, glades, tricks and more.

Skiboarding with the Spruce Mountain Raptor 125 (long video version)

Note: The version above is just long-ish raw footage stitched together, so maybe a bit boring to some viewers. A shorter and I think more engaging version is here:

First time on my new Spruce Mountain Raptor skiboards (not first time on skiboards, this is my second season, coming to the Raptors from Head Rod 94 skiboards

These are 125cm long all-mountain design, rockered front and rear and very soft. Bindings are Tyrolia Peak-11 installed on Spruce Moutain Riser Pro Prime. My boot size is US 15 (369mm) so they fill the entire length of the riser.

Location: White Tail, PA. Conditions: firm, lots of icy patches, just below freezing air temps.

Skiboards info:

Manufacturer info:

What is Skiboarding All About?

Some skiboarding footage from all over the East Coast, Colorado and Tahoe. Shot in 2005 and earlier by

For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:

Skiboarding history Pt - 6

TPKD (Two Plancker Knuckle Draggers) - year 1999

Skiboard em Setiba

Skiando na praia de setiba muito loko

Skiboarding at Kirkwood 11-19-2015

Riding the new RVL8 Spliff skiboards.

Final skiboarding, spring 2011 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Последние покатушки сезона 2010-2011 на Горном воздухе, Южно-Сахалинск


Super fun sport so easy to learn you can actually be having fun on your first day on skiboards.

Skiboarding at Afton Alps & Welch Village

Testing out three sets of skiboards at Afton Alps and Welch Village, MN, in Feb 2012.


Hesperus, CO Ski Patrol riding the Summit 110cm skiboards mounted with Tele bindings.

Disorganized Fun Skiboarding at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe

Having disorganized fun skiboarding at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe on 01-09-2015.

GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain

The third of the HERO3+ Adventure Series

Travis Rice, John Jackson, Chris Davenport, and Lynsey Dyer set forth on a journey to the Andes Mountains in a quest to find their perfect line.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪

Odesza Intro

A Million Billion Dying Suns Do What You Do When The Time Is Right When You're Feeling How You Feel

The New Division Kids

Special thanks to Sail Video System

Third Edge Heli - Clark Fyans (
La Parva (

Summit Skiboards in Action!

Put together by Chen Lev-ran, Nave Nache Lev-ran, Zohar Yair, and Avi Zap.

1st Day on Skiboards - Instant Fun

With only 2 days of skiing experience over eight years ago, a new skiboarder rides from the top of the lift for the first time after only 2 runs on the bunny hill. Skiboards provide a quick learning curve and are fun instantly!

Skurfer’s First Promotional Video with Tony Finn - 1985 Skiboarding Wakeboarding History

Skurfer was the major player in the skiboarding market in the late 1980s due in large part to the non-stop promotions of Tony Finn. Skurfer was the 2nd manufactured board to market, but it soon become the #1 choice for riders looking for a new way to ride.

Chapter Links
0:59 Adjusting Footstraps
1:52 How to Deepwater Start
2:41 Tricks of the Day “Now it’s time to have fun!”
4:50 Classic Skurfer Ads & Pics

This posting of this video has been motivated by the recent founding of the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame.
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