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Ski touring


Armada 2016-17: Intro to Ski Touring with Todd Ligare

Ski touring equipment with Freeride World Champion Nadine Wallner

Freeride World Champion Nadine Wallner and Chris Zarfl give you a few tips for right ski touring equipment.

N: Hello, I'm Nadine Wallner and I'd like to give you a few tips on touring. Anyone thinking of going on a tour should have safety equipment with them. This includes: an avalanche transceiver, a probe, a shovel, a First Aid package and an airbag.

VO: For guidance there are maps, GPS device, altimeter, mobile phone, and pocket binoculars in the backpack. For descents or for risky uphill sections you should have a helmet and possibly also back protector.

VO: The ski length based on your height and your skill level. Experienced ski tourers and freeriders have skis up to 10 cm above their height - beginners choose a ski of 5-10 cm below their height. Basically you can say that skis with more powerful rockers turn more easily and can therefore travel a little farther. While the rocker facilitates the ascent through powder snow, it makes it difficult to climb in hard and icy sections. (Because only a small part of the skin is in contact with it).

VO: with the specific ski touring binding, the heel can be loosened for the ascent, and for steeper sections the so-called climbing aid can be folded out.

VO: touring poles can be length-adjusted, and also make it possible to keep the uphill pole beneath the grip, so as to compensate for the slope.

VO: A good touring ski boot is characterized by low weight, accompanied by sufficient support and rigidity for descents. For ascents, it can be quickly and easily adjusted in such a way that more freedom of movement is provided for the ankle.

VO: The skins prevent the skis from slipping back during an ascent. To mount them, wipe the surface with a cloth to ensure that it is clean and dry. Then attach the skins to the ski tips, smoothing down the fur slowly from top to bottom – and simultaneously using the other hand to peel off the plastic protective tape.

Make sure that the fur is free of folds and is mounted parallel to the ski edges until you can hook it on again at the ski tail.

The mounting method varies at tip and tail depending on the manufacturer – but the important thing is that skin and ski go together.

Removing the skins is done in reverse order: Loosen them at the tail, pull off, place the protective film on the adhesive surface and then roll them up. At home or in the cabin, you should roll out the fur once again to let it dry.

Have fun touring! Your Bergfex team.

video & film production:

Backcountry Skiing 101

Are you ready to make the leap from the ski resort to the backcountry, but not sure where to start? In this video we'll go through the basics of backcountry skiing equipment, what you need, and what to think about as you build out your set up.

The Skier's Haute Route - Salomon Freeski TV S9 E7

For Mike Douglas and Alexis Godbout, a ski touring trip through Switzerland's Urner Alps was about much more than simply exploring a beautiful mountain range on skis. It was a chance to push themselves and expand their definition of what it means to be a freeskier.

Multimedia Experience:

Dave Treadway - Cabin Trip - Ski Touring

Dave exploring the backcountry touring his way to the perfect run.

How To | Alpine Touring Essentials

In this video Cole takes us through some of the essentials you'll want to check out for alpine touring. This will cover some of the basic gear and explain it's purpose and importance while out on the hill.

Snow White: Girls Backcountry Touring | VAUDE

Innsbruck - capital of the Alps and a true hotspot for mountaineers.
Surrounded by breathtaking nature backdrops and majestic mountains, you’ll find countless opportunities for freeriding and ski mountaineering – right at your doorstep. When nearby areas are often crowded and you want to find virgin slopes, you need to be at the lift early, or better yet, put on your ski skins and start your tour in one of the quieter valleys of the Tyrolean Alps. Follow the freeskiers Lisa and Verena while they experience some crazy crowds for the first runs at the Nordkettenbahn, and why they love backcountry touring with best friends.

Rider: Lisa Schmölzl / Verena Fendl
Production: (Tyrol 2015)
Camera: Johannes Mair
Followcopter: Christoph Thoresen
Edit: Julia Brunner / Johannes Mair

Rising Force - Britton / Goldsmith
Drifting Clouds - Britton / Goldsmith
Powerful Heart - Britton / Goldsmith
Jet Stream - Britton / Goldsmith
Breathtaking Horizon - Julien Vornarb
Globe Tracker - Eddy de Datsu
Afternoon Shining - Matthew Ward
Bondi Beach - Ernest Saint Laurent

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Explore the beauty of nature, no matter what weather, temperature & countryside. VAUDE is Europe’s most environmentally friendly outdoor brand, to let sportsmen & women enjoy nature & to support their outdoor adventures like free skiing, climbing, hiking & mountain biking. Mountain sports are our roots & mountains our foundation & brand symbol. They stand for the high expectations in our work at VAUDE. Witness the fascination of outdoor adventures on our channel.

REI Presents: Follow Through

People have opinions about skier Caroline Gleich: Inspirational. Gumby. Social media star. Role model. Model masquerading as a mountaineer. At sixteen, she stumbled upon a copy of the cult classic guidebook The Chuting Gallery. Irreverent and wonderfully arbitrary, the guidebook lays out a set of 90 ski mountaineering lines across Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. They were difficult and dangerous. When she first said out loud she wanted to ski them, she was met with laughter. “Maybe it was because I was five feet tall, or I was a little blonde girl, but I remember that clearly — and it didn’t feel good” says Gleich. After a decade building her skills, Gleich set out to complete her vision and become the skier she dreamt of being. “Follow Through” is a story of loss, belonging and desire for respect. In this age of hyperconnectivity, which voices do we choose to hear and which do we ignore?

Learn more about Caroline's story here:

7 Terrain Tricks for Backcountry skiing

No matter what mountains are risky, but there are tricks of terrain that can enable us to travel safer in the mountains. These are my rules that I developed with the help of mentors, courses and mistakes in the mountains. No matter what there are unknowns in the mountains and these tricks help balance out those unknowns and hopefully keep me and you safer.

Ski Touring in the Lofoten Islands

Ski Touring in the Lofoten Islands, Arctic Norway - sea eagles, northern lights and amazing skiing in Arctic wilderness.

Welcome to Lyngen

This spring we turned our heads and skis towards the Lyngen Alps. With our ambassadors Nikolai Schirmer, Merrick Johnston and Asbjørn Eggebø Næss, we went in big to shoot the new ski touring collection in it’s natural and breathtaking habitat. Without spilling the beans, the shoot delivered more than we asked for - in multiple ways.

For every one that’s in for a mission of their own this season, we’re pretty confident that our mini doc from the trip is time well spent.

lyngen, made for a mission. For the gear:

Dynafit - From the Road - Full Film

From The Road is a story of a skier’s personal journey, seen through the lens of redemption and triumph. Delivered through the unique personal perspective of former professional ski guide Eric Henderson, the film is centered on a human powered ski adventure in Alaska with a diverse team of ski athletes on iconic peaks in the heart of the Chugach Mountains. From The Road offers a unique view into the sport of backcountry skiing, and both its human limitations and liberations, ultimately revealing why this particular group of skiers have joined – to give Henderson another try at Meteorite Peak, a foreboding peak normally reserved for helicopter skiing, where he broke his neck in 2009 causing his professional guiding career to come to a screeching halt.

Filmed and edited by Fisher Creative. Visit them at

Choosing The Best Alpine Touring Binding

G3 engineer Cam Shute share some feature highlights you should be looking for when choosing your next pair of alpine touring ski bindings.

Step Outside. Ask Questions. Try Something New. Exceed Expectations.


Skitouring - jak zacząć? Podpowiada Wojciech Szatkowski

Skitouring słusznie zyskuje ostatnimi czasy na popularności - to wspaniała zimowa aktywność, którą można uprawiać w polskich górach od stycznia aż do kwietnia.

Zobacz jak rozpocząć przygodę z turystyką narciarską i złap bakcyla!

Zapraszamy również na nasze pozostałe kanały:

Jeżeli poszukujesz książki górskiej lub oryginalnych gadżetów górskich odwiedź:

What's in the Pack? - Andrew McLean's Day Tour Essentials

Andrew McLean has a reputation for packing light and moving fast (very fast) when he sets out on a backcountry ski tour. The video crew caught up with Andrew and had him run through the gear he packs for a full day of backcountry touring. - See more at:

(1/5) Ski touring strength and endurance exercises | 10-week training plan (English)

► Download all fitness exercises, training plan and ski touring recipes:

The training plan gives you a daily overview of exercises and timings for training.
Preparation, endurance sessions and mechanical axis training: In the first training set we start with a simple initial test. This is followed by short strength endurance intervals, alternating with longer, less intense sessions. In addition to endurance, we also strengthen the mechanical axis and increase flexibility – for more efficient ascents on ski tours!

How to pack a skitouring backpack

Check out how speed mountaineer Benedikt Böhm prepares for a high alpine ski tour, what apparel he packs in his backpack to keep him warm and which products should not be missed to enjoy a great ski touring adventure in the high mountains.

How to Ski Tour the Haute Route: Chamonix - Zermatt

How to Ski Tour the Haute Route: Chamonix - Zermatt

5 day ski expedition from Chamonix to Zermatt with Olly Norris ( and Tom Wilding. This video serves as a video diary of the trip with GPS track data. This accompanies the technical blog at

For those of you who have kept up to date with my ski touring blogs this winter, this a very special one, as I look back over a sensational trip from Argentière in the Chamonix Valley, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland. This famous Grand Tour across the Alps is usually completed in as many as 8 days, but myself and Tom were aiming to do it in as few as 5 days.

Ski Trab Tour Rando XL (
Scott Fly'air (
Mammut Pulse Avalanche Transceiver (
BCA Tracker 2 Avalanche Transceiver (
Black Diamond Raven Ultra Ice Axe (
DMM Cirque Ice Axe (
Petzl Ice Screws 16cm (
Petzl M10 Modular Crampons (
Dynafit TLT Radical ST Bindings (
Suunto Ambit3 Vertical (

For more information on the route please contact

This is IRAN | Dena - 4409m / Ski Touring

More info about Dena:

The Iran 7 summits project:

Facebook - Ski of Persia:

Instagram - Ski of Persia:

Ski Touring - Top Tips for Performing Kick Turns with Glenmore Lodge

Visit our website or call us on 01479 861256

Glenmore Lodge instructors Neil MacPherson & Mark Ker offers some top tips for performing kick turns. Glenmore Lodge has an extensive range of ski touring courses catering for all abilities.



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