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Ski touring


Ski Touring New Zealand

New Zealand and it's Southern Alps offer some of the most ravishingly rich and compelling ski touring on the planet. Well, that is if you're prepared to bush bash, sadistically suffer n' sweat for your skiing lines. This highlight reel aims to serve up a decadent taste of what's on offer; a visual slice of the landscape and environments in which you'd move through.

Tune - Visions by Tom Jarmey

Shot on the Panasonic GH5 and graded using the GHAlex LUT

Ski touring in Zermatt

Some of the team had an awesome day out in the mountains checking out the Pfulwe tour last week.

Fantastic Ski Touring Adventures in Svaneti, Caucasus, Georgia

Amazing ski touring in the beautiful and majestic Svaneti region of Georgia’s Caucasus mountains. Hope you enjoy the video just as much as we enjoyed our time there :)

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Kaina - A Way For Us
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The Skier's Haute Route - Salomon Freeski TV S9 E7

For Mike Douglas and Alexis Godbout, a ski touring trip through Switzerland's Urner Alps was about much more than simply exploring a beautiful mountain range on skis. It was a chance to push themselves and expand their definition of what it means to be a freeskier.

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Multimedia Experience:

Untracked Powder | Ski Touring Season

Just 45 minutes from our offices in Southern Germany, the mountainous hinterland to the south of Munich offers a quieter alternative for the skier in search of untracked powder.

The Spitzingsee region, with it’s smattering of mostly private huts and modest, accessible peaks between 1500 and 2000m is a popular destination amongst hikers but in the depths of winter when the alpine meadows lie deep under a layer of snow, it is the perfect playground for an easy day tour.

Explore our Ski Touring layering guide :


Nur 45 Minuten Fahrzeit von unserem Büro in Süddeutschland entfernt befinden sich die Bayerischen Voralpen. Sie bieten eine nahe Alternative für Skitourengeher auf der Suche nach Pulverhängen.

Im Spitzingsee-Gebiet gibt es viele gemütliche Hütten und noch viel mehr gut zu erreichende Gipfelziele bis zu 2000m. Sobald sich dort eine dicke Schneeschicht auf die Hänge und Wiesen gelegt hat, werden die Berge rund um den Spitzingsee zum perfekten Terrain für Skitourengeher.

Hier geht's zu unserem Ratgeber Skitouren Bekleidung:

How to Do a Kick Turn on Backcountry Skis

Learn how to master the art of the kick turn with instruction from the American Mountain Guides Association.

2.5 Million – Aaron Rice und sein Weltrekord im Skitourengehen

Die mit dem Powder Award ausgezeichnete Dokumentation „2.5 Million“ begleitet ORTOVOX Athlet Aaron Rice auf seiner einjährigen Reise, um den Skitouren-Weltrekord für zurückgelegte Höhenmeter zu brechen. Hierfür muss er 762.000 Höhenmetern (2.5 Millionen Feet) bezwingen oder 216 Mal den Mount Everests vom Basislager bis zum Gipfel besteigen. Im Schnitt entspricht das über 2.000 Höhenmeter pro Tag.
2.5 Million ist die Geschichte eines Skitourengehers aus Utah, dessen Liebe zum Skitouren und zum Backcountry die eigenen Grenzen brechen ließ.

Zur ganzen Geschichte:

Ein Film von Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

Kamera, Regie und Schnitt: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray
Unterstützter: Jaybird und Ortovox
In Zusammenarbeit mit „The Wilder Studio” und „T-bar Films“
Sound Design: Jeffery Yellen,
Titel und Grafiken: Erik Jefferis
Parallax Photos: Luke Kantola
Farbabstimmung: Jordan Snider, Chromacolor LLC
Aaron Rice
Louis Arevalo
Francois Desrosiers
Gesonderter Dank an:
Greg Hill
Katy Kirkpatrick
Alle Gäste des Refugio Frey

Backcountry Skiing: What to pack for a day of touring

Get ready to step into the backcountry with Outdoor Gear Exchange. In this video, Nate runs you through the contents of his pack for a typical day of touring.

REI Presents: Follow Through

People have opinions about skier Caroline Gleich: Inspirational. Gumby. Social media star. Role model. Model masquerading as a mountaineer. At sixteen, she stumbled upon a copy of the cult classic guidebook The Chuting Gallery. Irreverent and wonderfully arbitrary, the guidebook lays out a set of 90 ski mountaineering lines across Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. They were difficult and dangerous. When she first said out loud she wanted to ski them, she was met with laughter. “Maybe it was because I was five feet tall, or I was a little blonde girl, but I remember that clearly — and it didn’t feel good” says Gleich. After a decade building her skills, Gleich set out to complete her vision and become the skier she dreamt of being. “Follow Through” is a story of loss, belonging and desire for respect. In this age of hyperconnectivity, which voices do we choose to hear and which do we ignore?

Learn more about Caroline's story here:

What's in my Ski Mountaineering Bag // DAVE SEARLE

In this video I show you how I pack when I do a basic Ski Mountaineering day. Ski Mountaineering is a loose term given when you ski on a glacier or ski a technical ski tour that involves climbing or abseiling. If you've got any thoughts or think I've missed something then please leave a comment. Happy Skiing!

I'm a Certified IFMGA Mountain guide so you can hire me for your climbing and skiing adventures. Contact me via my website!

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This is Ski Touring

Norrøna takes you on one last journey before the ski season for 2019 starts to come to a close with some of our best ski-bound ambassadors, Asbjørn Eggebø Næss, Nikolai Schirmer and Merrick Mordal.

If you can, get out there and experience one of the best feelings that nature can offer you and if you can't, find a way to change that.

Find out more about how you can get the best out of your journey with the best possible products at

Backcountry - The Best Ski Touring Equipment (2020)

Ski Touring is the hottest thing to hit the slopes for some time. The Salomon Shift has changed the game and made the backcountry accessible for skiers of varying abilities. If you've ever thought about getting into Ski Touring, this video will give you an idea of the gear you're going to need to get backcountry skiing. We include the K2 Mindbender boot, Salomon Shift binding, Black Diamond Ski Skins, Mammut back country pack, Mammut Avalanche shovel, Mammut Probe 280 fast lock, and the Mammut transceiver. Be sure to be equipped when you go backcountry skiing. We love the backcountry.

Please, please, please be sure to take your snow safety classes seriously. Ski touring requires an increased awareness of snow conditions to ensure a fun and safe ski day.

We appreciate you watching our videos. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram @halflifet.5. We'd love to get some shots of you on the mountain to publish to our feed.

Enjoy the Good Half!

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Ski Boot Fitting: How to Select a Ski Boot AND The Most Important Thing for Getting a Great Fit

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How to Tune Your Skis for Performance: Man vs. Machine - The latest in tuning technology

Backcountry Skiing 101

Are you ready to make the leap from the ski resort to the backcountry, but not sure where to start? In this video Outdoor Gear Exchange's Jim D. will go through the basics of backcountry skiing equipment, what you need, and what to think about as you build out your set up.

Hungry for some more knowledge? Check out some of our blog articles on backcountry skiing & ski boot sizing.

Backcountry Skiing Essentials (
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If you are interested in browsing our selection of full price & discounted gear check the links below!
Climbing Skins:
AT Boots:
Ski Packs:

If you're interested in taking your backcountry safety knowledge consider taking an avalanche course. The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education is an excellent resource.

Ski touring equipment with Freeride World Champion Nadine Wallner

Freeride World Champion Nadine Wallner and Chris Zarfl give you a few tips for right ski touring equipment.

N: Hello, I'm Nadine Wallner and I'd like to give you a few tips on touring. Anyone thinking of going on a tour should have safety equipment with them. This includes: an avalanche transceiver, a probe, a shovel, a First Aid package and an airbag.

VO: For guidance there are maps, GPS device, altimeter, mobile phone, and pocket binoculars in the backpack. For descents or for risky uphill sections you should have a helmet and possibly also back protector.

VO: The ski length based on your height and your skill level. Experienced ski tourers and freeriders have skis up to 10 cm above their height - beginners choose a ski of 5-10 cm below their height. Basically you can say that skis with more powerful rockers turn more easily and can therefore travel a little farther. While the rocker facilitates the ascent through powder snow, it makes it difficult to climb in hard and icy sections. (Because only a small part of the skin is in contact with it).

VO: with the specific ski touring binding, the heel can be loosened for the ascent, and for steeper sections the so-called climbing aid can be folded out.

VO: touring poles can be length-adjusted, and also make it possible to keep the uphill pole beneath the grip, so as to compensate for the slope.

VO: A good touring ski boot is characterized by low weight, accompanied by sufficient support and rigidity for descents. For ascents, it can be quickly and easily adjusted in such a way that more freedom of movement is provided for the ankle.

VO: The skins prevent the skis from slipping back during an ascent. To mount them, wipe the surface with a cloth to ensure that it is clean and dry. Then attach the skins to the ski tips, smoothing down the fur slowly from top to bottom – and simultaneously using the other hand to peel off the plastic protective tape.

Make sure that the fur is free of folds and is mounted parallel to the ski edges until you can hook it on again at the ski tail.

The mounting method varies at tip and tail depending on the manufacturer – but the important thing is that skin and ski go together.

Removing the skins is done in reverse order: Loosen them at the tail, pull off, place the protective film on the adhesive surface and then roll them up. At home or in the cabin, you should roll out the fur once again to let it dry.

Have fun touring! Your Bergfex team.

video & film production:


Do you want to learn how go go from the slopes out to the fresh powder snow in the backcountry?

We made this guide to help you who already knows how to ski in the slopes, proceed out to the backcountry.

This video is complementary to the written article and covers gear and how it is used in real situations.

Pontus from Ridestore Magazine tags along two local ski patrols and a pro skier when they are heading out to explore a new area.

We had some great times with loads of fresh snow, partly blue skies and a lot of Dope shredding.

We hear ski patrol Sebastian talk about the importance of safety gear and breaking down which skiing gear is optimal for backcountry.

Ski patrol Rasmus shows us how to perform an extended column test, to check snow stability and therefore current avalanche situation.

Pro skier Jesaias shows us some neat drops and chest deep powder runs.

In order to create a better skiing segment, the skiing part is filmed under the course of to days whilst the touring and How to backcountry ski part is filmed during one day.

Link to article:


In this ski touring tutorial we squeezed 10 tutorials into one so it will contain a lot of information but we could obviously not cover everything and we apologise for that so make sure to take appropriate safety courses! Dave Searle teaches us many basics tips and tricks about ski touring. A few things we learn are how to plan your next ski tour, how to pack for ski touring, how to put climbing skins on, using pin bindings, how to kick turn, how to choose a safe line to walk up and much much more. Remember to take avalanche courses or join a guide to learn more about the hazards of ski touring.

Things you will learn in this touring tutorial:
01:00 Planning | Look at the Weather & Avalanche conditions
02:09 Precautions we where taking
02:51 Planning tools
1. Guide book
2. Map
3. Digital Fatmaps (make sure to have an analog map to due to connectivity)
4. Ask locals
03:45 Equipment / Packing
05:05 Putting the skins on
05:54 How to
06:23 How to set up the ski boots for walking uphill
06:56 How to step into pin bindings
07:21 How to choose where to walk up
07:54 How to know if the slope is less than 30° steep
08:24 Measuring if the slope is more than 30°. 30° or less than 30°
09:05 How to walk on touring skis
09:46 How to kick turn
10:45 3 Tips on walking efficiently
12:10 How to take the skins off

Planning and preparation

More in-depth packing video:

Avalanche courses:

Avalanche bulletins:
European bulletins:

See what Dave is up to:

Ski Touring | How To Ascend On Skis

For our Backcountry Ski Guide, made in partnership with The North Face, we went to the Matterhorn and met up with fearless Freeride skier and qualified mountain guide Sam Anthamatten. While there, Sam showed us his best tips and tricks for getting round the mountains. In this video, Sam demonstrates how to ascend the mountains on skis.

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Choosing The Best Alpine Touring Binding

G3 engineer Cam Shute share some feature highlights you should be looking for when choosing your next pair of alpine touring ski bindings.

Step Outside. Ask Questions. Try Something New. Exceed Expectations.


Ski Mountaineering in the Pyrenees

My ultimate idea of the perfect day in the mountains is to climb to the top of a beautiful peak and then ski down at the end of the day. But before I do that, I have to learn to ski. This is a vlog style video documenting the last 3 days of learning to ski, with some ski mountaineering and alpine climbing in the Pyrenees of Andorra, Spain and France.

I finally bought touring skis, bindings, skins and tested them out with my Catalan friend Roger and his epic van.

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Late Spring Ski Touring and Camping in Colorado - Lost Lake, Gold Hill

May 13th, 2017 was a near perfect Saturday. 1st we took our skis for a walk and even got to use them. Late Spring ski touring was prime this year in Colorado. We went to Lost Lake outside of Eldora. We had to hike for about two miles with our skis on our back. But we got to make some turns. We had to abandon the peak because of the rapid warming and deteriorating snow.

Then we went for a camping trip that evening. We camped right outside of Gold Hill. The sunset timelapse over the continental divide and night timelapse over Boulder was dynamite!

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film and edit: Tim Morrissey

additional film:
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