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Ski jumping


GOPRO Ski Jumping Steamboat, CO, USA Large Hill 2019 HS127

Ski Jumping the Large hill (hill size 127meter) on a beautiful, epic day, in sunny Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Ski jumping starts @: 50sec in to video

Hello and welcome to the channel!! My name is Erik Lynch, more info below the time stamps.

Time stamps:

Ski jumping starts: 50sec

Outro/more info: 2:51
-If you are interested in the jumps and how you can learn to jump listen to the outro
-The outro is kind of long sorry
-I forgot that the Junior National championships were happening this week in Park City, UT so we won't be jumping this hill probably until after the weekend of March 2nd, and 3rd.
-And the Howelsen Hill Ski area will stop operating the lift by about March 10th. So our time frame to jump this hill this year is shrinking.
-please leave a comment if you have any specific questions. I wanted to keep this video as short as possible. I will do my best to answer it.
-For more info about skiing/ ski jumping at Howelsen Hill, see these websites:


Links to the Athletes:

-Erik Belshaw:

-Decker Dean:

-Deckers' Long Jump video:


Links to Videographer/Athletes:

-Bennet Gamber:

-Adam Loomis:

Link to the local club Nordic Combined program's instagram:


More info:
As of February 19th to March 3rd 2019 there are world championships going on. To follow USA's best in Nordic Combined, and in Ski Jumping, during the championships, and in future competitions, follow these instagram links:

Thank you for watching! And a huge THANK YOU!! To all the coaches, athletes, and volunteers, in all the nordic programs around the country!!

Have an excellent day!

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Ski-jump by Tom Hilde in the new Holmenkollen - HELMETCAM

First day of jumping i Holmenkollen. Photo by: Foto: Carl Erik Flaaten/ SKISIMULATOREN HOLMENKOLLEN

Nick Fairall - Ski Jumping Crash, PyeongChang 09



In this beginner how to ski tutorial, we are going to show you how to jump on skis. Specifically, I teach a beginner skier in front of the camera so you can see some common mistakes and the entire journey Roger went through to learn how to jump on skis. We start the video by having a look at the beginners jumping technique then we go practising popping and timing. Once the technique is improved we start to first jump small park jumps in the beginner park then we move onto the intermediate park where we increase the size of the jumps. The last thing we learn is how to mute grab on skis. If you want to learn more check out our best tutorials and camp over at

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What you will learn in this video:
01:09 Step 1: Skiers warm up
01:17 Step 2: Let's see if Roger can jump on skis
02:35 Step 3: Position & popping 100%
03:40 Step 4: Timing the pop
06:19 Step 5: Beginner park jumps
07:07 Step 6: Gradually jump bigger
08:34 Step 7: Hit pretty big jumps
10:04 Step 8: How to mute grab on skis

OWG 1998 Ski-jumping K120 Team - Team Japan

Olympic Winter Games, 1998

17, FEB, 1998
at Hakuba Ski-jumping Stadium.

Jumping the K120 - Lake Placid, NY

Built for the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid NY, the K120m ski jump is an imposing structure in the Adirondack Mountains. What is it like to ski down and jump off it? Check the video to find out! Shot with GoPro cameras and the Inspire 1 Quad copter to show a unique perspective of this thrilling sport.

Ski Jumping - Men's Large Hill - Final - Stoch Wins Gold | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Daily Report - Highlights of the Men's Ski Jumping Large Hill final from the RusSki Gorki Jumping Centre as Poland's Kamil Stoch wins the gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Medal Winners:
Gold: Kamil Stoch (POL)
Silver: Noriaki Kasai (JPN)
Bronze: Peter Prevc (SLO)

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These are the 12 longest Ski Jumps ever! - The 2019 Edition; here is the list:

01.) 5:47 - Dmitri Vassiliev...............Vikersund 2015..........254 meters (Crash)
02.) 5:09 - Stefan Kraft.....................Vikersund 2017..........253,5 meters (WR)
03.) 4:40 - Gregor Schlierenzauer....Planica 2018..............253,5 meters (Fall)
04.) 3:55 - Robert Johansson..........Vikersund 2017..........252 meters (OWR)
05.) 3:22 - Ryoyu Kobayashi.............Planica 2019...............252 meters (HR)
06.) 2:57 - Tilen Bartol.....................Planica 2016...............252 meters (Crash)
07.) 2:25 - Anders Fannemel...........Vikersund 2015.........251,5 meters (OWR)
08.) 1:53 - Kamil Stoch....................Planica 2017..............251,5 meters (OHR)
09.) 1:24 - Stefan Kraft.....................Planica 2017..............251 meters (OHR)
10.) 0:52 - Peter Prevc......................Vikersund 2015.........250 meters (OWR)
11.) 0:25 - Robert Johansson..........Planica 2017..............250 meters (OHR)
12.) 0:01 - Stefan Kraft.....................Planica 2017..............250 meters

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1984 Winter Olympics - 90 Meter Ski Jump Part 1

Armin Kogler AUT
Ladislav Dluhous TCH
Reed Zuehlke USA
Dennis McGrane USA

World Record Ski Jump - 255 Foot Cliff

Jamie Pierre drops a 255 foot cliff to set a world record at Grand Targhee, Wyoming.

Top 10 Amazing Ski Jumps

The bad thing about a top 10 list is that you can only include 10 jumps. I know there where a lot of other amazing jumps but I sadly do not have that many slots. But be sure to write them in the commend sections below. Thanks for 200 total channel clicks!

10 INSANE Planica Ski Jumps OF ALL TIME

Here are 10 insane Ski Jumps/Ski Flights on the Letalnica Ski Flying Hill at Planica/Slovenia. Let's take a look...

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Ski Jumping | How They Train | TIME

TIME follows Nordic-combined athlete and Olympic silver medalist Todd Lodwick up a very tall ski tower in Lake Placid, New York, to see how he's training for the winter Olympics in Vancouver.
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Ski Jumping | How They Train | TIME

Top 3 Olympic Ski Jumping appearances

Having been featured at every Winter Olympic Games, we take a look at the athletes who have made the most Ski Jumping appearances.

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Kamil STOCH - urodzinowy mix!


GOPRO - Ski jumping - Silvermine k90

ski jumping on an Olympic sized hill in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Ski Jumping Large Hill Final - Complete Event - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

The tension builds ever higher in this full recording of the large hill ski jumping final at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Athletes featured in this video :
AMMANN Simon, Switzerland :

MALYSZ Adam, Poland :

SCHLIERENZAUER Gregor, Austria :

For more Vancouver 2010 videos go to and visit the official website of the Olympic Movement at for all information on Olympic Games, Sports and Athletes, National Olympic Committees and Olympic News.

Top 5 most iconic Olympic Ski Jumps | Top Moments

Enjoy the most iconic moments in the Olympic history of Ski Jumping including Espen Bredesen (NOR) at Lillehammer 1994, Andreas Haugen (USA, Chamonix 1924), Finland's Toni Nieminen at Albertville 1992, Kazuyoshi Funaki (JAP) at Nagano 1998 and Simon Ammann's performance (SUI) at the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City 2002.

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Ski Jumping Recap | Winter Olympics 2018 | PyeongChang

See all the biggest stories and performances from the Ski Jumping events at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Including gold medal runs from Andreas Wellinger, Kamil Stoch, Maren Lundby & more!

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Top 10 Longest Ski Jumps 2016

Updated list after Vikersund 2016.



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