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Skewb Z-Perm Tutorial + 1 sec. execution

Alg: b' r l r' l' y' z' r' B' r f'

I hope this makes sense :D

1.36 Official Skewb Single (Sub NAR)

Apologies for the squeaky chairs. Solution was 3 move layer, y2 then sledge so 7 moves. This was sub the NAR prior to today but it was broken again on the same day.

6.03 Official Skewb Single Reconstruction

Scramble: R B' L' U' R L' R' B U'

First solve of the final round at Blizzard Town 2014 for Skewb

Time: 6.03
Moves: 10
TPS: 1.65 (LOL)

8.16 (Former) Skewb World Record Average - Walker Welch

Done at Houston Winter 2014
Times: (4.63), (8.69), 8.63, 7.71, 8.15

Cube: LanLan
Method: Kirjava-Meep

[Skewb] Polish Sledge Hammer Tutorial (EXPLAINED)

Please watch: X-Man (Qiyi) Wingy Skewb+ Blindfold Unboxing ! (Debanjan)
[Skewb] Polish Sledge Hammer Tutorial (EXPLAINED)

[Worlds 2017 Final] 3.89 Official Skewb Average (3.46 without +2) - Léo Bailly

World Championship Final, 11th place (5th place without +2).

Really disappointed with this final, I would have been easily 3rd without the +2 and the fails on the first and last solve, because the podium was at 3.38 :(

Thanks to Mano for lending me his Wingy Magnetic Skewb

Sorry if I cut the reaction too soon on the 2.74.

4.01 Official Skewb Average

sub 4 without the +2.
Skewb: Moyu with lanlan springs
method: ordinary Sarah's Advanced

Tangerang Open 2018 - Skewb Average of 5: 5.46 | Oryza Sativa Team

Missed the third podium by 0.13 :'(

Okay, so this is my first competition in which my solves are recorded using a headcam so it can be seen what I did during every solves. This is good especially if I need to analyze my solves (for example, this average has a lot of pauses).

I was very scared before doing this as wingy tend to have its corner cap popped if dropped too hard (it happened in my last comp, JakTim Mini Fasting 2018, causing a 6.4 DNF). After the first solve was like the time I started to get hopeless as my goal was to get a sub 7 average, also meaning that I cannot do any more mistakes. The second solve was unexpected as I got my first sub 5 official, and everything went well until the end.

As this average brought me to NR #20 average (at the time this video is uploaded), it only gives me 4th place. Oh well, at least I did better now :)

Frey's Philosophy - Powerless


Advanced Skewb Cases: Peanut

- Start on adjacent end of the U-perm, with peanut on top
- Rotate toward the solved center
- Around left corner = start with S; around right corner = start with H
- Exactly one adjacent center inside corners = persistent

Pure peanut - S S y' S S
Matched Z-perm - S y' S y H y' S y S
Unmatched Z-perm - S y H y' S y H y' H
H-perm - S y2 S y2 S y' S S

How to become sub 10 on skewb[Full guide]

Please watch: How can the Cubing community in INDIA flourish? [Cubey Talks]
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Official Skewb Single: 1.76

Unobvious optimal first layer with a ridiculously easy LL ^^
29th official sub 2 🎉

Competition: Dragon Cubing 2018
Cube: QiYi X-Man Wingy

Sponsored by QiYi MoFangGe:

4.64 North American Record Skewb Average! (Formerly) 2ND IN THE WORLD!!!! :O - Rami Sbahi

HULK SMASH that LIKE button to auto-force me to get WR xD It works, srsly.

(5.31), (3.61), 4.58, 4.47, 4.87 = 4.64 North American Record Skewb Average / Second in the World :D

Done at Michigan 2014.

This average was a pretty nice one. Like my pyraminx average, some solves were good, but some solves were a tad bit locky. Only .06 off WR, huge bummer. :| I don't know if I'll get WR at nationals because it will probably get beaten by someone else (KENNAN) there, but I just hope to beat this specific average within one of those three rounds. :)


Scrambles in FCN, layers in these reconstructions are in rubikskewb notation. (See here: Also, I hope you guys know what hedge/sledge means xD

5.31 - L R L R L' R' B' L' U' L' B

y x' // Inspection
R y' R F R' F' // Layer
y Hedge y Sledge // Top Side
y' z Sledge y2 Sledge // U Perm (Finish)
21 Moves / 5.31 = 4.0 tps.

3.61 - L R L R' L U' R L' B' L B

y' // Inspection
F R y' R' F R // Layer
y' Sledge y Hedge y2 Sledge // Finish (H perm avoidance used)
17 moves / 3.61 = 4.7 tps.

4.58 - L R U B' R' B R L' U' B L

x // Inspection
R' F' B' // Layer
y' y2 Sledge y Sledge y Hedge y2 Sledge // Finish (H perm avoidance used)
19 moves / 4.58 = 4.1 tps.

4.47 - L R B' U B' L R L U' L' U

x2 // Inspection
B' R L R' // Layer
y2 Hedge // Top Side
r l' B' l B l r l' r // Z Perm (Finish)
17 moves / 4.47 = 3.8 tps.

4.87 - L R B' U L R U' L R L' R'

x' y // Inspection
R' F' y2 F R' F R // Layer
y Hedge // Top Side
r l' B' l B l r l' r // Z Perm (Finish)
19 Moves / 4.87 = 3.9 tps.

Some of these maybe be off, it's kinda hard/confusing to reconstruct skewb xD

Cube: LanLan, modded with torpedoes + Florian mod. See Drew Brads's video to learn exactly how I did this!

Method: Sarah's Intermediate, with H perm avoidance (I used that twice).

Inspection: Mentally retarded. Fast clapping is used to warm up my hands, don't ask! XD

4.00 Official Skewb Single

Center skip. Ranks me fairly high, but It'll probably be only like top 100 next year so whatever. I think this is the last video from this comp. Goes to show how terrible I did.

Official Skewb Single: 1.29

My 3rd best official time, 9 moves this time 🚀

Competition: PST Biłgoraj 2019
Cube: QiYi X-Man Wingy

Sponsored by QiYi MoFangGe:

Skewb Official Average 8.24 | Ihor Bilchenko

Skewb Official Average 8.24 | Ihor Bilchenko

Skewb Official 3.80 Average

2nd place at Liberty Science. Lots of room for improvement but I'm glad I got a sub-3 single. Still didn't beat Eva for state record single tho -_-

3.29 Official Skewb NR Average!! - Natthaphat Mahtani [WCA Asian Championship 2018]

First round at this comp.
The last solve was an easy 1-look solve.
Fun fact: I practiced this event for almost a month before the comp, my times went down so fast(from 4.8 to 3.5).
Puzzle: X-Man Wingy Skewb
Method: Sarah's Advanced with a bit of extra algs.

Sponsored by GAN!

Sponsored by SpeedCubeShop!

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massive Skewb-Fail at WCA World Championship 2019!!!!

Yay, warte mal.... falsches Video :/
Eine gute 4 auf dem WR Scramble :D
Cube: Ist eh klar
Comp: Steht im Titel
Solution: Wirklich?
Scramble: Sledge y2 Sledge

3.02 Official Skewb Single (Sns Spring 2016)

Yay I don't even practice Skewb :P

Cube: Modified Moyu Skewb (Spring mod)

Skewb/ German NR/ Average/ 3.91

3.91 German NR Average

4.00; (6.15); (3.55); 3.65; 4.09



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