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How to solve a Skewb cube // You Cuber

Hey Guys!!
This is a tutorial to solve a skewb cube, and if this video was helpful for you or no then please let me know in the comment section
Instagram - @you_cuber01

3.32 Official Skewb Winning average! [Thailand Championship 2018]

I guess i'm quite consistent now, thanks to 1 month of serious practice before Asian Champs.
(3.06), (5.87), 3.11, 3.29, 3.57

Puzzle: X-Man Wingy Magnetic Skewb.
Method: Sarah's advanced w/ some algs
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3.92 Official skewb winning average! [Thailand Championship 2019]

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4.00 Official Skewb Single

Center skip. Ranks me fairly high, but It'll probably be only like top 100 next year so whatever. I think this is the last video from this comp. Goes to show how terrible I did.

Feliks Zemdegs world records set to be smashed by his father!

I needed a catchy headline :-) My first solve in my first competition

Pavan Ravindra 10.63 Official Skewb Single

Done at US Nats 2016. Only Maryland's finest.

Hur man löser en skewb

Köp din speedcube här:
Hur man löser skewb.
I denna videon får ni lära hur man löser en skewb. Jag förklarar i enkla steg så att alla ska förstå.

Glöm inte att gilla, dela och prenumerera.

1.36 Official Skewb Single (Sub NAR)

Apologies for the squeaky chairs. Solution was 3 move layer, y2 then sledge so 7 moves. This was sub the NAR prior to today but it was broken again on the same day.

Skewb avg of 12: 5.69

1.78 Official Skewb Single!! Belgian NR

Even though I'm happy I finally got a decent single. I'm still a bit sad I failed to one look it. At home it would have been consistently sub wr.

4.01 Official Skewb Average

sub 4 without the +2.
Skewb: Moyu with lanlan springs
method: ordinary Sarah's Advanced

Official Skewb Single: 1.35

My 4th best official time, 10 moves.

Competition: Byczy Cube Race 2019
Cube: QiYi X-Man Wingy

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3.29 Official Skewb NR Average!! - Natthaphat Mahtani [WCA Asian Championship 2018]

First round at this comp.
The last solve was an easy 1-look solve.
Fun fact: I practiced this event for almost a month before the comp, my times went down so fast(from 4.8 to 3.5).
Puzzle: X-Man Wingy Skewb
Method: Sarah's Advanced with a bit of extra algs.

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3.88 Official Skewb average [Bangkok Open 2019]

Definitely not great at all, very disappoint :(
Puzzle: X-Man Wingy skewb

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3.60 Official Skewb Winning Average! [Thailand 10th Anniversary 2019]

Puzzle used: X-Man Wingy

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Como resolver o Skewb!

Inscreva-se para não perder nenhum vídeo e aprender técnicas que permitirão a você melhorar seus tempos no cubo mágico e puzzles semelhantes!

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me successfully performing a skewb u perm on my third attempt

my ability to perform skewb u perms is on par with my ability to perform proper handshakes ????

Cube: Cubicle Wingy Skewb M
Camera: GoPro Hero Silver 4
Comp: Koalafication Brisbane 2019

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Salut !

Aujourd'hui, j'ouvre le colis que mon nouveau partenaire m'a envoyé :

Au programme, un casse-tête bizarre, et un des meilleurs skewb, le Moyu Aoyan M.

Lien pour acheter les cube :

8- holes Rainbow Magic Cube Ball :

Moyu Aoyan M Skewb :


Youtube :

Chaine de Dimitri19Cubing :

Chaine commune avec Dimitri :

Instagram :

Google + :


Logiciel de montage : Davinci Resolve 15

Main 3x3 : Gan 356 X

PB 3x3 : 6.18

[สอนรูบิค] FingerTricks ของ Skewb | ThadaRubik

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【魔術方塊解法教學】7分鐘學會! Skewb斜轉方塊最簡單教學 by 張祐瑄

異形魔術方塊 - Skewb 斜轉方塊 的基礎解法再一波!

臉書社團【魔術方塊】板主 - 張祐瑄













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