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Skater hockey


Finale LNA 2010 Givisiez Skater 95 - SHC Rossemaison 2:6 (inline hockey suisse FSIH)

Dans ce deuxième match, Rossemaison devient champion suisse 2010 en ayant remporté la série 2-0 contre Givisiez

Figure Skating vs Ice Hockey | Who Will be Best at the Other Sport? | Sports Swap Challenge

Can an Ice Hockey star figure skate? Can a female Figure Skater learn to play Ice Hockey? How far can they both take each other's sports? Italy's Valentina Marchei and Latvia's Herberts Vasiļjevs put each other to the test.

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How to Improve Hockey Acceleration -

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In this video we give you a number of tips to improve your skating and acceleration. First I talk about a few things that you might be doing wrong that could be slowing you down on the ice, then I give you some great skating drills to help improve skating speed
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2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition: Fastest Skater

Check out the full event for Fastest Skater at the 2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition, with Connor McDavid edging out Brayden Point by a fraction of a second. Visit for more clips.

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Finale Coupe Suisse 2010: SHC Givisiez - Rolling Aventicum 11:7 (inline hockey suisse FSIH)

Training With a World-Class Speed Skater

Lucas Ng is one of the best speed skaters in Singapore, a tropical country not exactly known for its ice. But the tropical climate hasn’t stopped Singaporean athlete Lucas Ng from becoming a world-class speed skater. He gets his edge training in South Korea with some of the best in the sport.


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How To Rollerblade Backwards - Inline Skating Backward Tutorial By Bill Stoppard

How to rollerblade backwards and how to practice inline skating backwards by inline city skater Bill Stoppard. Tips for beginners and drills for advancing you backward skating to match your forward skating. The best inline skaters wear padding when learning new techniques.
Area rollerbladed, The Beaches Toronto.

Inline skates used are Bauer 20RX inline hockey skates
For the latest Bauer blade

GoPro Cam
Canon 5D Mll

The Tacks Challenge Race - MacKinnon VS Hamelin

The Tacks Challenge Race - See who accelerates faster: Nathan MacKinnon or Charles Hamelin. #tackschallenge

Larkin breaks record to win Fastest Skater Competition

Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin wins the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater Competition and breaks the all-time record of Mike Gartner with a time of 13.172 seconds.

Reign Of The 3 Wheeled Inline Hockey Skate

The Inline Hockey Skate has been re-designed to be faster and more agile. Bill Stoppard trials the first Powerslide Kronos Reign inline hockey skate in North America, rollerblading the streets of Toronto's Queen Street West.

This 3 wheeled 'Reign' hockey skate with the Trinity Frame is the first of it's kind in North America. Is the 3 wheeled inline hockey skate the new City Skate' of the future? Inline Stopping, speed, jumping, and 'mincing' tests included.

The Kronos Reign Inline hockey skate with Trinity Frame will available at

Cameras used:
GoPro4 Hero Black
DJI Phantom 3 Standard
Canon 5DMll

How To Skate Faster - Hockey Speed Training

How to skate faster on the ice ⚡️

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In this video I show you a hockey speed workout that will help make you a faster skater. The workout is outlined below as well.

A – 5 x 20yd sprint with 75secs rest

B – 5 x 1 Double broad jump into 10yd sprint with 75secs rest

C – 5 x 12 Kettlebell swing with emphasis on hip explosion/extension with 75 secs rest

D – 5 x 30yd sprint with 90secs rest

Make sure you do a full warm up before the speed workout!

Train Hard,

How I Relearned the HOCKEY STOP after Many Years


When I was a child, ice hockey was my life. Now, as an adult, after many years, I am back on ice ... and this happens. Why? Why something that used to be second nature I cannot do anymore?

Let's first clarify one thing. I do skate a lot ... on rollerblades. In the summer I am out rollerblading almost every day.

On ice though, the few times I've been out recent years it's been during those open ice hours, packed with people. This is the first time in a long long time where I have the ice to myself.

So what has become natural to me is the rollerblade powerstop. On ice it makes the blade dig into the ice. Combined with a sharp turn it kinda works in a way, I mean, it does, but it's NOT a hockey stop.

The second time on the ice, magic happens. Yes, magic. While I did not focus on doing a hockey stop, not trying to do a hockey stop. I just did it. On my weak side! Both blades sideways, parallel, shaving off ice, like a hockey stop shall be.

It's like some long lost memory just came back. And of course I repeated it. Over and over again. No effort needed. The hockey stop is back just like that.

Funny though. It worked on my weak side. On rollerblades it's the opposite. With inline skates I do the powerstop only on my dominant side. I cannot do it on my weak side at all. And now on ice hockey skates it's the opposite.

It's like when I try my dominant right side, I put too much weight on my right foot and my left foot turns in a ninety degree angle. As if I am still wearing rollerblades.

Again, magic happens. After half an hour, the hockey stop is back on my right side too. I repeat it. And repeat. And it works every time.

The lesson of this story is that you never forget. It just takes some effort to get memories back. Be patient. Trust me. It's worth it.

And if you've never learned the hockey stop in the first place, I'll explore this topic more, so stay tuned for updates.

Inline & Skater hockey

Playing some inline & skater hockey at the ice rink of Zoetermeer
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Thomas Gold - Sing 2 Me

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How I Learned the ICE HOCKEY STOP on Inline Skates


The Ice Hockey Stop ... on Inline Skates


Last summer .. my hockey stop was ... not quite perfect.

On ice I could do it, no problem, but on inline skates, well...

I though maybe a wet surface would do the trick but .. no ... no!

Soon I realized that to do a power stop on inline skates you need a completely different approach.

Make a sharp turn, put weight through the heel or third wheel, lose grip and ... there you have it .. a slide.

It works very well on inline skates, but technically it's a completely different stop.

Back on ice .. after getting used to rollerblade stops .. I couldn't stop at all.

It was only after a few hours of ice time, that I got used to the ice hockey stop.

This made me very curious about why inline and ice stops are so different and I made several videos about it.

I tried to analyze what I did right / what I did wrong, what the differences are, experiment and prepare myself for when I'm back on wheels again.

One thing I really focused on was controlling my balance point on the blade. Like here, I do hockey stops on the heel - which normally is considered a bad idea

- but this is exactly what I need for inline skating.


So I told myself today - let's pretend I'm on ice. Do a hockey stop ... but make it more of a heel stop.

Not like completely on the heel as I did on ice, but more like the third wheel.

First few tries ... not a big success ... but I did try on my weak side.

On my strong side ... first two tries ... not that good either.

But the thrid ... pretty good.

And the fourth ... yeah .. I realized it works! It works!

And then I repeated again again again

A few more times ..

ough ... it's what I feared. The front wheel gripped which caused a nasty rotation.

It does look worse than it was .. thankfully .. and I did know this risk beforehand

that's why I was so focused on pushing through the heels and not have the balance too far toward the toes.

On ice hockey, on the other hand, you do normally put your balance more toward the balls of your feet.

And I think this is why, when I got more comfortable / confident, I lost focus and fell back on what I'm used to from ice .. and BAM.

So anyway, I didn't get hurt or anything but I really wanted to empasis this risk.

It's probably a good idea to have rockered skates where the front and back wheels are a bit elevetad.

That will reduce this risk of getting the front wheel stuck.


I've compiled a playlist of hockey stop videos. A few are mine from ice skating so you can watch the steps I've made to improve my hockey stop

and eventually prepared me for the inline hockey stop.

But other videos are by other inline skaters. They may call it parallel slide or shuffle stop, but it's the same stop - just different names.

One difference though - I've seen two different appraoches. Some make more of a sharp turn to trigger the skates to slide, and that's a good approach.

But the ice hockey stop is more like you rotate both skates really quick, and the slide then contines in a straight line.

So your homework tonight is to analyze these subtles difference and please leave your report in the comments below.

Skating for Hockey Agility

Yevgeny Martynov's Program will develop skaters who are quick, strong, accurate and coordinated. Skating for Hockey Agility Classes will emphasize skating techniques to develop speed, precision, edge control, and agility in the game of hockey. Agility drills and exercises to build muscle memory for complex combinations of skate-and-stick work. Students will benefit from a fast-paced workout designed to enhance their mobility on ice and improve their performance during games. Skating for Hockey Agility program is based on traditional Russian training techniques to enhance the individual player's skating skills and directly impact the hockey player's mobility. Players who choose to become a part of the Skating for Hockey Agility Program are set apart from their teammates and opponents as their skating skills and mental agility are beyond that of the average hockey player. More at or 630-310-9962

3 Summer Skating Drills for Hockey Players - Rollerblading Drills

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In this video I share three skating drills that can be done with roller blades that will help hockey players with their skating. These drills are chosen to be beneficial when the players lace up the skates after the summer.

Rollerblading is similar to skating, however there are some differences. I picked these rollerblading drills to be the most like the movements you will do with skates on.
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Top 10 NHL Fastest Skaters Ever

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Think of the fastest skater in the NHL today? How do you think he would stack up against the fastest nhl skaters ever? Being the fastest skater on the ice is something every hockey player in the world wants to be. What is a hockey player that can not skate? These are the players who have mastered their speed on the ice and who can change games with their open ice ability. These are the NHL fastest skaters ever.

Proper Forwards and Backwards Transitions - Hockey Skating Episode 9

Sponsored by HockeyShot: to Skate Series:
In this video we cover the forward to backward transition and backwards to forwards transitions for hockey players.
There are two ways to turn from forwards to backwards and vice versa. In the video we explain how a beginner can learn this move, and then how they should advance and become even better at it.
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Inline Skater Switches From Hockey Skates To SEBA High; Bill Stoppard

Inline hockey skate fanatic Bill Stoppard moves on to SEBA High's Inline skate sprints in the hockey tradition as well as rollerblading jumps, city style. Full Shots of Bill Stoppard's SEBA High Skate included.

New skate sponsored by, and available at; Always great sales on a serious array inline gear at ProSkaters Place. This model SEBA High 2012, is available at a great sale price.

Bill Stoppard Inline skater in Toronto, The Beaches. Remember, the best inline skater will pad it out when in doubt.

Understanding Edges - Skating Fundamentals Episode 3

These drills will help you feel a lot more comfortable in your skates. You will work on balance, control, and agility. In this video I teach you a little about using your edges properly to become a better hockey player. I also share a few edgework drills that you can use to improve your skating.
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