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kick sipa up part 1.wmv

Sipa is the former national sport of Filipinos. This video endeavors to reintroduce the dying sport to the Filipinos

Sipa Takraw I.C.C.S. Division Meet Iligan City 2012


Sepaktakraw Men's Regu Philippines vs Singapore (Day 8) | 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

Sepaktakraw Men's Regu Philippines vs Singapore on Day 8 of 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 (13 June 2015)

Philippines 0-2 Singapore

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Philippine Games - Sipa and Brain Twister

Philippine Games - Sipa and Brain Twister

Expert Kikbo Tricks by HOF Andy Linder

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Kikbo Kick Shuttlecocks are based on the ancient Asian games of: jianzi (毽子), chapteh, da cau, sipa, sepak, and jegichagi.

As you can see from the video, Kikbo channels a lot of the same skills used in footbag and freestyle football, but has a different dynamic. It moves slower through the air, allowing for big kicks and different tricks.

If you've got questions, check out If you'd like become part of the Kikbo community or follow what we're up to, like Kikbo at - we'll do our best to keep you entertained!

EDF Sipa S-200 Mini Jet

Indoor flying model of Sipa S-200
With a Small 30mm EDF fan unit running on a 240ma 2s lipo battery.
As you can see the model struggled with the wind and needed some nose weight.

Huge seppia, ogromna sipa u vrši

Grat catch in fish trap - huge seppia. Ogromna sipa u vrši, Trogir, Dalmacija odličan ribolov. Ribolov na dalmatinski način: Ti spavaš, a riba se lovi!

Sipa Video 2 on the water review

Presidents' day 2016 at Dana Point's Baby Beach to launch the SIPA SUP. First time out in the water and our initial thoughts on it.

Sipa Sipa Footbag Promotional Video from 1985

This is the earliest known promotional video for the sport of footbag, representing the SIpa Sipa brand from The Wright Life. From 1985, this video contains rare, early footage of Kenny Shults and the origins of modern freestyle footbag. This video is attributed to the rise of Rippin’ Rick Reese, as this video served as his introduction to the sport. The importance of these 6.5 minutes to the history of footbag sports cannot be understated. Thanks to Dennis Jones for knowing of this video and obtaining it for us, directly from The Wright Life store in Fort Collins, CO.

Sipa Borong Tiga Emas Di Kejurnas Ski Air Under 21 Tahun


SipaBoards Air now on Kickstarter

Self-inflating standup paddleboards designed to get you on the water more quickly and more often. Let us do the pumping for you.

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Boris u ribolovu Sipa

Sipa takraw STCAA 2013

Sipa tena tiko (parodie)




SIPA SUP open package

This video is about opening up the SIPA SUP and putting it together for the first time.

Podvodni ribolov Sipa 3

c'est pas la peine tabki 3liya

Sipa 200 minijet

Original SIPA 200 Minijet low pass at Persan-Beaumont France. 1980s

Sipa Boards underwater adventure

Trying out our SIPA Boards in the heart of the Slovenian Alps.
We took some underwater shots to show how the board looks from the bottom up.
And the video of the crystal clear water at the source of the river Kamniška Bistrica is so amazingly beautiful that we just needed to show you how it looks.
Filming with a GoPro 3 in frigid water.



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