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Sepak Takraw - Philippines Vs Japan ! Full Game HD

Philippines Vs Japan Full Game HD Highlights !
Bronze medal match !
ISTAF Super Series 2015 ! Enjoy Watching !
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Sepaktakraw Men's Regu Philippines vs Singapore (Day 8) | 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

Sepaktakraw Men's Regu Philippines vs Singapore on Day 8 of 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 (13 June 2015)

Philippines 0-2 Singapore

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Sipa Takraw I.C.C.S. Division Meet Iligan City 2012




Philippine Games - Sipa and Brain Twister

Philippine Games - Sipa and Brain Twister

Sepak Takraw - Philippines Vs Malaysia ! Full Game ! HD

Philippines Vs Malaysia ! Full Game HD Highlights !
The Battle between Rheyjey Ortouste vs Khairol Zaman !
ISTAF Super Series 2015 ! Very nice intense Game !

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Cassidy Elem. School - Alumni Homecoming 2012,
Plaza Triunfo, Carigara, Leyte
April 15, 2012

Huge seppia, ogromna sipa u vrši

Grat catch in fish trap - huge seppia. Ogromna sipa u vrši, Trogir, Dalmacija odličan ribolov. Ribolov na dalmatinski način: Ti spavaš, a riba se lovi!

Sepak Takraw Championship Unit 2 vs Unit 1 2nd Regu (Provincial Meet)

Provincial Meet 2017
@Gallanosa National High School
Irosin, Sorsogon
December 8, 2017

Arjay Dannang, La Trinidad NHS first year student, plays sipa

Sipa is the Philippines' national sports event. Video by Austin Dao-anis

The Best Skills in Sepak takraw

Sepak takraw (Malay: sepak raga; Thai: ตะกร้อ, RTGS: takro, pronounced [tā.krɔ̂ː]; Filipino: sipà, sipà tákraw, sepák tákraw, pronounced [sɛ̝päk täkɾɐw]; Indonesian: Sepak Takraw/Takrau, Bola Takraw/takrau; Khmer: សីដក់, Sei Dak; Lao: ກະຕໍ້, ka-taw; Vietnamese: cầu mây, calameae ball or rattan ball),or kick volleyball, is a sport native to Southeast Asia. Sepak takraw differs from the similar sport of Footvolley in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball. It is a popular sport in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

In Malaysia, the game is called sepak raga or takraw. In Thailand, it is called takraw. In Laos, it is kataw (Lao: twine and kick). In Myanmar it is known as chin lone, and is considered more of an art as there is often no opposing team, and the point is to keep the ball aloft gracefully and interestingly. In the Philippines, besides takraw it is also known as sipa, meaning kick.

Similar games include footbag net, footvolley, football tennis, bossaball, jianzi and sipa.

kick sipa up part 1.wmv

Sipa is the former national sport of Filipinos. This video endeavors to reintroduce the dying sport to the Filipinos


Filipino Martial Arts Arnis Tirada - Sipaan

30th SEA Games 2019 in Philippines, Men' s Hoop Takraw Final

30th SEA Games 2019 in Philippines, Men's Hoop Takraw Final got it Silver Medal
on November 01, 2019.

Kevin Stoda can play Sipa Takraw

Sipa Takraw is a sports originated from Philippines and ti was my first time to play that kind of sports.

Sipa takraw STCAA 2013

Expert Kikbo Tricks by HOF Andy Linder

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Kikbo Kick Shuttlecocks are based on the ancient Asian games of: jianzi (毽子), chapteh, da cau, sipa, sepak, and jegichagi.

As you can see from the video, Kikbo channels a lot of the same skills used in footbag and freestyle football, but has a different dynamic. It moves slower through the air, allowing for big kicks and different tricks.

If you've got questions, check out If you'd like become part of the Kikbo community or follow what we're up to, like Kikbo at - we'll do our best to keep you entertained!

sipa takraw paliparan III (Dasma) vs Santa Rrosa City.....

sampid ang bola sa bubong si dudong pa extra, may tinapay na dumating, pag natalo maglalakad mula paliparan hangang sta. rosa, bawal kumain ng tinapay pag natalo, kay inayos ang laro yun lang...

SIPA TAKRAW, I.C.C.S. Dvision Meet, Otober 2013.



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