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Single scull


1998 Rowing Single Scull

Rob Waddell, Itzok Cop, Xeno Müller,

Good Rowing 2


How to Get Back into Your Scull after Flipping

Learn how to get back into your scull -- swiftly and safely -- after flipping over in water. Demonstrated by Calm Waters Rowing coaches and U.S. National Team medalists Charlotte Hollings and John Dunn. Filmed on the private lake owned by Calm Waters Rowing, a rowing camp for beginning and experienced rowers alike in Lancaster, Virginia.

This video is part of the Introduction to Rowing Technique produced by Calm Waters Rowing.


Headcam. Single scull from the sculler's POV.

I know I'm being lazy - blades scratching along the water.

I like this view. I think I'll explore it a little more. Might try head and chest cam tomorrow...

Men's Single Sculls (M1x) - Final A2019 World Rowing Championships - Linz, AUT

Лучшие гонщики на мировом чемпионате в классе 1х МА!

Men's Single Sculls M1x Final

Мировой рекорд 6.60 а 1х

Standing Launch of a Single Rowing Shell

Henriette teaches us how to launch a single rowing shell from the dock while standing up. For those of us who've tried to launch against wind and current from the seated position and, while awkwardly pushing out with effort, have caught an oar and capsized or have needed someone's help, this is a useful technique to know. Heni, who rowed at the national level in Hungary, has been launching in this effortlessly graceful way since she was 11 years old. NOTE: This video was made with the Go Pro camera, which is much better at video than audio. To hear Heni's instructions, move your sound slider to it's highest level. This video was made by Peter Pansing in Marina Del Rey, California, July 31, 2012.

Liteboat - a new concept of rowing boat

More on
The Liteboat is a new concept of rowing boat, designed by Mathieu Bonnier and Sam Manuard. The boat is light, safe and easy to handle for all the family members. It is fast and secure.

Olaf Tufte wins Men's Single Sculls final | Beijing 2008

Watch the complete race of the Men's Single Sculls final from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Olaf Tufte wins gold for Norway ahead of Czech Republic's Ondřej Synek and New Zealand's Mahé Drysdale.

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How to gain a second acceleration phase every stroke - full single scull video analysis

Sean has sent me his footage from Ireland, asking what it is that he should be working on right now. Sean has been using Randallfoils like many others, and his connection is very good and effective. However, there are a few issues which he should address to become faster: the most important one is to gain control over his boat.

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Music in this video: Stunned Man by Nils Baumgaertel

How to take a single scull out of the water

At the Rotsee in Lucerne

Nelo's new single scull could be a fast design

At the spring training camp Vienna I had the chance to meet Pete Spivey, who happens to be the Austrian rep for Nelo rowing boats.

I knew that Nelo is a big company and I knew that they were about to make their mark in rowing. In this video, I go through some of the remarkable features of this 75kg Nelo single scull.

For disclosure: As of this date, I am not associated with Nelo in anyway. I just like their design.

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Rowing Lightweight U23 Single Scull

Single scull training 2019
Lightweight U23 rower

Music: Coffee - LiQWYD

#rowing #sport #training

Rio Replay: Women's Single Sculls Final

Kimberley Brennan wins gold for Australia in women's single sculls in Rio 2016 after winning bronze in London 2012.

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Essential Sculling Technique for rowers

If you're new to rowing or a rowing coach, check out this video which helps the essential techniques you'll need to learn to scull.

How to scull - sculling technique - rowing - learn to row

Sculling Academy founder, Steve Walker, gives the 1st lesson in sculling. To find the form below mentioned at the end of the video, OPT IN at Steve is an expert rowing & sculling coach and won F1x at Henley Masters and World Rowing Masters regattas in 2012 and G1x at Copenhagen in 2016. DON'T STOP there. For the ultimate sculler's resource invest in the Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery, which contains over 55 videos of in depth instruction that can take you to the highest level. There is always something to learn about sculling.

Mahe Drysdale Wins Men's Rowing Single Sculls Gold - London 2012 Olympics

Full replay from the Eton Dorney as New Zealand's Mahe Drysdale wins gold in the men's single sculls rowing event at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3 August 2012).

Ondrej Synek (CZE) won silver in the event with Alan Campbell (GBR) claiming the bronze medal.

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Rowing has been staged at all the editions of the Olympic Games, except in 1896 in Athens. It was, however, on the programme, but a stormy sea compelled the organisers to cancel the events.
Women made their debut at the Games in 1976 in Montreal. They competed in a smaller programme. The Olympic Games in 1996 in Atlanta marked the introduction of the lightweight events.

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Single Sculling with Randallfoils - full video analysis

Today we have a look at Debbie, who is as an exceptionally fit athlete, and a late starter with rowing. Debbie rows with Randallfoils, which makes this video analysis very interesting.

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Single scull 2k - first person view

Thought I'd document my first 2k of the season

Rio Replay: Men's Single Sculls Final Race

Mahe Drysdale wins gold for New Zealand in men's single sculls in a close finish in Rio 2016.

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