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Silambam basic steps

Silambam is one of our classical arts. There are 5 steps based on the silambam, if we learn this five steps we can learn silambam simple things. you can learn this if you see this video in full. Though initially a bit difficult, it is easy to practice.

Silambam training part 2 #different steps

This is very different steps in stick martial arts. all will can learn. it can be a little difficult at first but easy to do. watch given below tutorial video link & try

Silambam basic steps

silambam basic steps part 2 #silambam tutorial

nunchaku for beginners#practice

silambam basic steps part 3 #tutorial in tamil

silambam basic steps part 4 #tutorial in tamil

silambam double stick tutorial #beginners

silambam double stick tutorial #part 2

2nd World Champion in Silambam - Logesh

Silambam Stick Rotating vol.1 சிலம்பம்

This is the most fascinating stick rotating technique of Tamil Nadu India.
Its speed is really amazing !

Sangam Institute of Indian Martial Arts / Japan


Silambam-1 | படைவீச்சு -1 | Varmakalai Silambam | Stick Rotating Steps | Kalari Silambam | Lemuria

Lemuria Martial Arts
Anand +918220601015
Selvan +919940932292
Silambam easy steps
Silambam padai veechi-1
Kalari silambam
Varmakalai Silambam

சிலம்பம் சுற்றும் முறை | குரு வணக்கம் | silambam stick rotating

சிலம்பம் சுற்றும் முறையில் குரு வணக்கம் செய்யும் முறை.
Silambam stick rotating | honoring teacher.

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தனித்திறமை | சிலம்பம் சுற்றும் முறை | Silambam Stick Rotation

#womenssilambam #silambamharbhajan #bestsilambamindividual national level gold silambam individual performance

Kopata Silambam kuthuvarisai

Kopata Silambam kuthuvarisai Varmam traditional martial arts lessons con no.9894723547

வாள் வீச்சு (part -1)| Varmakalai Vall Vechi | Silambam Vall Vechi | Kalari Vall Valithal | Lemuria

Lemuria Martial Arts
Anand +918220601015
Selvan +919940932292
Vall Veechi
Kalari vall valithal
Silambam vall Veechi
Varmakalai vall veechi

SILAMBAM HISTORY சிலம்பம் - வரலாற்று ஆவணம் Ancient Martial Art of Tamils

சிலம்பம் - Silambam! Ancient Martial Art of Tamil People. A full Historical Documentary. (Full HD)

Silambam Kuthuvarisai traditional cultural program

Silambam and Kuthuvarisai function Conducted by Mr..Rajkumar, his contact no: 9894723547

Silambam Fight - Thural Ninnu Pochu (FILMS)

Silambam Academy
Silambam Fencing Scene from Films
Visit -

Traditional martial arts originated from India - Silambam, Kuttu Varisai, Weapons and Varma Kalai ( Pressure Points Techniques & Names )

Silambam double stick tutorial #beginners

This is one of the basic steps in double stick. initially difficult, its easy to practice. i have divided it three steps. watch full video & learn.

Silambam (சிலம்பம்) - lesson / Dr. James

Dr. James, who is an Assistant Professor
and Fitness consultant at YMCA college of
physical education.

Silambam is a weapon based Martial art of India.
The style differ from one another in Grip, Posture,Footwork, Length of the stick, etc.
Silambam may either be practiced for the purpose of combat or purely for demonstration...

SUKMA XVI : Silambam Suku Akhir

SUKMA XVI yang berlangsung 28 Jun sehingga 7 Julai itu disertai 3,602 atlet mewakili 14 kontinjen dan menawarkan 132 pingat emas dan perak serta 206 gangsa bagi 22 acara.

Maklumat lanjut layari :-

Silambam | நாலடி வீச்சு | சிலம்பம் சுற்றும் முறை

A video on Silambam stick rotating series. In this video rotating stick with 4 steps is explained here.

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அடிமுறை | சிலம்பம் சுற்றும் முறை | silambam stick rotating

A video on silambam stick rotating series.

In this video adimurai (Method of attacking) is explained.

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ஈட்டி வீச்சு | SPEAR -VEERAMARUTHI SILAMBAM- 89036 25801

Silambam | நாலாம் படை வீச்சு

A video on silambam stick rotating series.
In this video the methods to protect us from group of enemies.
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Veeramaruthi Silambam - Stick fight/சிலம்பம் சண்டை (8903625801)

Demonstration of how a women defends her with two men’s using a stick long stick...



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