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Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 SHURIKENJUTSU 前 投射 MAE TOUSHA (3 Shuriken)

手裏剣術 SHURIKENJUTSU 前 投射 MAE TOUSHA Shidoshi Jordan Augusto 雀打ち - Suzume-uchi (3 Shuriken)

雀打ち - Suzume-uchi is the name given to the throw of two or more Shuriken. In this video Shidoshi Jordan Augusto demonstrates the
throwing of three Shuriken in 前 投射 MAE TOUSHA.

Ogawa Ryu ShurikenJutsu Training - III

Training Moments

Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 SHURIKENJUTSU Study Moments Alfredo Garcia in Valencia 2018


Study Moments
Alfredo Garcia in Valencia 2018 - with Shidoshi Jordan

Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 SHURIKENJUTSU 巻き物 MAKIMONO Study Moments Alfredo Garcia in Valencia 2018


Study Moments / Alfredo Garcia in Valencia 2018 - with Shidoshi Jordan Augusto

Shurikenjutsu Ninja Bujinkan Genova

The Shurikenjutsu are the tecnique of throwing blades of the Bujinkan Dojo with Iron Bo Shuriken, Cards and rubber Teppan, this video is intended to be helpful in your training, of course to fully understand first you must have practiced with a Shidoshi (Instructor) or with a Shihan (Master).

Il Shurikenjutsu sono le tecniche di lancio delle lame del Bujinkan Dojo con Bo Shuriken in acciaio, carte e Teppan in gomma, questo video si propone di essere d'aiuto nel proprio allenamento, ovviamente per comprenderlo appieno si deve aver prima praticato con uno Shidoshi (Istruttore) o con uno Shihan (Maestro).

Shihan Luca Lanaro 15° Dan Kugyo Happo Biken

Bujinkan Dojo Genova

Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 Shurikenjutsu - Collectanea with Shidoshi Jordan Augusto - 2014

Few Moments

Kono Yoshinori demonstrating Shurikenjutsu

Kono Yoshinori demonstrating Shurikenjutsu

Negishi ryu Shurikenjutsu

Ogawa Ryu Shurikenjutsu Training - Valencia

Training Moments - Valencia - Spain

Ogawa Ryu ShurikenJutsu - Training Moments!

Training moments in Spain - december - 2010

Ogawa Ryu ShurikenJutsu Small Documentary 1/2

Small Documentary. Spanish version. Soon with english subtitle

Negishi Ryu Shuriken-jutsu - Hayasaka Yoshifumi - 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration

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School: Negishi Ryū Shuriken-jutsu
Event: 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration
Date: 03/02/2019
Venue: Nippon Budōkan, Tokyo
Founder: Negishi Shōrei
Current representative: Hayasaka Yoshifumi (Sōke 7th generation)

Negishi Ryū Shuriken-jutsu was founded by Negishi Shōrei at the end of the Edo Period (1603-1868). Shōrei was also the 4th headmaster of the Araki Ryū Kenjustu in the Annaka Domain (Gunma Prefecture). He was an accomplished swordsman, known as Jōshū Kotengu (the Small Tengu of Jōshū), but later achieved full mastership of the Ganritsu Ryū Shuriken-jutsu (founded by Matsubayashi Heiyasai) under Kaiho Hanpei, a Hokushin Ittō Ryū instructor in the Mito Clan. Based on those different influences, Shōrei devised his own style, which would subsequently be known as Negishi Ryū.
The Shuriken used in Ganritsu Ryū were very thin, like hairpins, but Shōrei decided to make them thicker and heavier.
Classical Japanese martial arts can be divided in different disciplines, such as Jūjutsu, Kenjutsu or Shuriken-jutsu, etc. Shuriken-jutsu can also be divided in 3 broad categories known as Jiki-dahō (straight throw), Hanten-dahō (reverse throw) and Kaiten-dahō (rotating throw).
In Jiki-dahō the Shuriken is thrown straight, without rotation, its tip facing forward the whole time. In Hanten-dahō the practitioner holds the Shuriken with the tip in his hand and throw it with a 180° rotation. Finally, in Kaiten-dahō the practitioner throw Happō, Jūji and other “star-shaped” Shuriken.
Negishi Ryū favours the use of straight “missile-like” Shuriken thrown in the Jiki-dahō fashion.

--- CREDITS ---
Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.

--- MUSIC ---
“Deep Dark Jungle” by Rhythm Scott (

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Shurikenjutsu Target

Japanese Throwing Weapons:

Here's the shuriken throwing target that I made today, along with a new set of bo shuriken and some throwing footage. Thanks for watching.

Bo Shuriken Throwing__Basic practice of Mumyou-ryu ShurikenJutsu Part-3__

ShurikenJustu Most basic lesson assignment for beginners in Mumyou-ryu PART-1of2.

ShurikenJustu Most basic lesson assignment for beginners in Mumyou-ryu PART-2of2.


Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 Shurikenjutsu Carlos Santos e Nelson Hill -2014

Study Moments in Valencia - Spain

Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 Shurikenjutsu - Nelson Hill - 2014

Study Moments in Valencia - Spain

Ogawa Ryu Shurikenjutsu II


Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 SHURIKENJUTSU - Shidoshi Jordan Augusto 2019

On an informal afternoon we visited Shidoshi Jordan Augusto in his residence and asked him to demonstrate the use of Hara in the art of Shurikenjutsu.
In addition to accuracy, impact is very important. It was said that a Bo Shuriken should hit a target with weight and depth.

Ogawa Ryu - 手裏剣術 SHURIKENJUTSU - Shidoshi Jordan Augusto 2019

Shurikenjutsu course taught by Shidoshi Jordan Augusto
at Sanwei School in Madrid - Spain - May 2019

Negishi-ryu Shuriken-jutsu - 42nd Japanese Kobudo Demonstration (2019)

Hayasaka Yoshifumi Sensei and his students demonstrating Negishi-ryu Shuriken-jutsu during the 42nd Nihon Kobudo Embutaikai held at the Nippon Budokan on February 3rd, 2019. The event also commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai.

Negishi-ryu Shuriken-jutsu was founded by Negishi Shorei (1833-1897) in the latter days of the Tokugawa Shogunate based on the teachings of Ganritsu-ryu, with some modifications, especially regarding the shape of the projectiles, to which he gave a characteristic hexagonal shape .


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--- CREDITS ---
- Writing, cinematography, music and editing by Guillaume Erard (

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