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How to Play Shuffleboard: Scoring a Knock Off

Todd and Judy McClure play a game of Knock-Off at Leland Lodge in Michigan to teach us how shuffleboard scoring works. For more tips go to

David Keithahn Vs. Dwayne Maxwell

Both of these players showed up earlier in the event and won their matches respectively. We come into the third and final game with each player having strong knowledge of the is board in the match and each player having a lot of confidence in their feel for the speed of the table. This is a must win for both players.

How to Play Shuffleboard

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Begun more than 500 years ago as a game for European royalty, shuffleboard is becoming more popular with Americans who see it as a less expensive alternative to golf.

Step 1: Choose the players
Decide if you’ll be playing singles or doubles and choose the players. Shuffleboard can be played with two players or two teams of two.

Step 2: Learn the game
Familiarize yourself with the court. An outdoor shuffleboard court is a rectangle with a triangle at either end. The triangles are divided into different scoring zones.

Step 3: Choose your pucks
Choose a puck color for each player or team; each side gets four pucks. Line them up in the 10-off area at the base of the triangle and flip a coin to see who will go first.

Step 4: Play the first round
Take turns pushing pucks toward the opposite triangle with the cues. Triangles are divided into ten-, eight-, and seven-point areas, plus a 'ten-off' zone. Aim for the areas with the most points. Leave all played pucks in place until the end of the round -- after each side has played four pucks.

Try to knock your opponent’s pucks off high-scoring zones and into the ten-off zone.

Step 5: Tally scores
Tally the scores based on where the pucks lay at the end of the round. Points count only if pucks are entirely within a scoring zone, not touching the edges. If a puck lands entirely within the ten-off zone, subtract ten points from the score.

Step 6: Continue playing
Continue playing. After each round, switch sides. The first player or team to reach 50 points for a short game -- or 100 points for a longer -- wins the game.

Did You Know?
Did you know? The National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame is located in Clearwater, Florida.

How to play Shuffleboard


Roger Holloway & Jim Payne - Game 1 - Finals

Roger Holloway is coming out of the losers bracket to face Jim Payne in the 2016 North American Shuffleboard Championships Finals match. Roger must win this match and one more to win the tournament. Jim only needs to win this match to win.

Shuffleboard Legend Roadhouse Billy Mays

Table shuffleboard legend and trick shot artist, Billy Mays.

Texas Maze Shuffleboard: David Keithahn vs. Eddie Villarreal

This is an exhibition match of Texas Maze Shuffleboard - sometimes called 7 or bust. This video was filmed at the 2016 North American Shuffleboard Championships.

Mark Gray & Jim Payne - Game 1

Both of these table shuffleboard pro's come from the great state of Missouri. Jim Payne has won this event before, and this may be Mark Gray's best showing to date. Whoever wins this game will be guaranteed first or second place in the tournament, and the loser will have to play their way out of the loser's bracket.

Shuffleboard Shot Types - Part I

Shot types (vocabulary) along with an intro to Biggles Lounge Sports Cafe and Players Room in Houston, Texas.

Redington Shuffleboard Table

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North American Shuffleboard Championships 2015

North American Shuffleboard Championships 2015 - Captured Live on Ustream at

Billy Melton vs. Roger Holloway Game 2 - 2017

Two all-star players find themselves head to head in the middle of the bracket at the 2017 North American Shuffleboard Championships

How to Play Shuffleboard by Jonathan Schnapp

Jonathan Schnapp of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club pays a visit to the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. Learn how to play in 3 minutes or less.


9 foot shuffleboard table by playcraft

Shuffleboard Table Maintenance by McClure Tables

Todd McClure demonstrates on a shuffleboade table how to adjust the climate adjusters, use the silicone spray, and apply the shuffleboard wax. For more information, go to

Shuffleboard Tournament: Portland Open Doubles, Rumpus Room 2015

The Inaugural Open Doubles #Shuffleboard Tournament was held in Portland Oregon at the Rumpus Room. August 28, 29 and 30th. 2015. Produced by Ruthe Miles. Co-Director, Bob Brewer.
Video Produced by Chuck Fasst

This is BaddAzz: Oregon Sand Outlaws Grudge Race at Albany, 9 - 2017 #GearHeadsWorld VIDEO


ABC Creative Group: Poundgate, A Shuffleboard Controversy

On October 21, 2015 during a spirited shuffleboard match at the headquarters of ABC Creative Group an incident of what appears to be blatant cheating was caught on video.

Marty Hulk Smash Furgal claims that his team was denied 3 points when Mike Tom Brady Haines intentionally pounded his fists down upon the shuffleboard table after one of his pucks failed to knock off the opposing teams puck as was his intent. The result of this action caused said puck to fall off the table.

You be the judge. Were the laws of physics to blame or is this a clear case of cheating?

shuffleboard court resurfacing and construction

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We are in the process of building a shuffleboard court. We will than resurface the court and stripe it. Of course, we use our glass bead acrylic system.

Shuffleboard Table Buying Guide: Picking True Butcher Block

When buying a shufflboard table, consider what type of wood you want as your playing surface. Todd McClure explains what true butcher block is and how it effects your shuffleboard table. For more information, go to

The RockOla Shuffleboard Table: Antique Score Unit

Todd McClure demonstrates how a vintage score unit worked on the Antique RockOla shuffleboard, the table that is restored, bought, and sold only by McClure Tables. See the products at



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