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Shorinji Kempo


Shorinji Kempo Demonstration - Tokyo Budokan Reopening Events

Shorinji Kempo Demonstration for the Tokyo Budokan Reopening event on August 11, 2012.

- Kosuke Akimoto (3th Dan)
- Yuta Matsuo (3th Dan)
- Masahiro Amano (4th Dan)
- Daigo Takeno (2th Dan)
- Akira Shirahama (3th Dan)
- Ryosuke Ishida (3th Dan)
- Hironori Tomoi (2th Dan)
- Kentaro Yamaoka (1th Dan)
- Mari Inagawa (2th Dan)
- Miku Abiru (2th Dan)

From the documentation of the event :
Founded in Japan in 1947 by Doshin So. Shorinji Kempo is a way of developing individuals. It is a unique combination of philosophy, mastery of techniques and education system. Through philosophy, students are taught how tu nurture their own body and mind, help each other and live happily together. Mastery of techniques enables students to enjoy advancement and growth of themselves and their partners. Education system combines this learning and mastery of techniques into an effective, mutually reinforcing spiral.

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Footage by Seido Co., Ltd and Guillaume Erard

Shorinji Kempo Demonstration - Mixed Kumi Embu - Kagamibiraki 2019 - 2/3

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Shorinji Kempo Demonstration during the 2019 Kagamibiraki & Budo Hajime, at the Nippon Budokan.

Mixed Kumi Embu by Ozawa Rina, Seikenshi, 4th Dan and Ozawa Seita, Seikenshi, 4th Dan.

The Kagamibiraki is a traditional ceremony which translates to opening the mirror (symbolically).
Taking its roots in the Shogunate, it is strongly linked to Budo practice and it is natural that the Budo Hajime (first practice of the year) is celebrated at the same time.

At the Nippon Budokan, the ceremony is held at the beginning of January and consists in:
- The Kagamibiraki, with a historical reconstruction (in armor).
- Budo Demonstrations (by the 9 official Budo).
- Budo Hajime (first practice of the year, all practitioners present can practice).
- The Oshiruko kai. “Oshiruko” is a traditional and popular sweet azuki bean paste soup with mochi (which symbolize the sharing of the mochi that was broken before during the ceremony).

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Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.:

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Shorinji Kempo Demonstration - Ishi Akihito - Kawashima Yuto - Kagamibiraki 2018


Shorinji Kempo Demonstration during the 2018 Kagamibiraki & Budo Hajime, at the Nippon Budokan.

- 0:25 - Single Demonstration (Tandoku Embu)
- 1:35 - Women Demonstration ( Kumi Embu )
- 4:10 - Group Demonstration (Dantai Embu)
- 6:50 - Free style Demonstration (Kumi Embu)

Representants :
- Ishi Akihito, 5th Dan, Dai-kenshi
- Kawashima Yuto, 4th Dan, Sei-kenshi

Practitioners :
- Yokoyama Kanako
- Suzuki Kohei, 3rd Dan
- Ueno Emi
- Ishii Katsunori, 3rd Dan
- Konishi Ryo, 4th Dan
- Azuma Ryotaro, 3rd Dan
- Shiraishi Kazuma, 3rd Dan
- Ohtani Hiroshi, 4th Dan
- Ishii Kengo, 3rd Dan
- Tagawa Haruo, 3rd Dan

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Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.:

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Shorinji Kempo Martial arts Application Goho, Juho, pressure points

Sekilas tentang Seni Bela Diri Shorinji Kempo dengan terjemahan bahasa Indonesia.

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Shorinji Kempo live action

Shorinji Kempo Demonstration

Shorinji Kempo- Japanese Martial Arts- Hyper japan 2013

Japanese Martial Arts- Hyper japan Earls court 2013

►Demonstration Shorinji Kempo By Arai Shoji Sensei.

Shorinji Kempo meaning Shaolin Temple Fist Law is a Japanese martial art which is considered as a modified version of Shaolin Kung Fu (using the same kanji). It was established in 1947 by Doshin So, a Japanese martial artist and former military intelligence agent.
Technically, Shorinji Kempo has a whole set of defense techniqu is the commonly demonstrated technique. the typically section includes a series of gōhō or hard techniques and jūhō or soft techniques. Shorinji kempo exhibitionist technique demontrations by Aosaka Sensei made shorinji kempo exhibition design waza can shorinji kempo exhibition definition about shorinji kempo technique looks like a shorinji kempo exhibition movie.
Arai Tsunehiro Senseiis a apart from being an official WSKO Instructor, and then he is also; Vice-Chairman of the Kanagawa Shorinji Kempo Federation, Doin-cho of Atsugi Branch, Shibu-cho of Atsugi, Tamagawa Juniors Branch, Shibu-cho of Tokai University Branch
Coach for Kanagawa Institute of Technology Branch, Hombu Examiner, Hombu Instructor, Busen Instructor.



Shorinji Kempo Sparring Demo at Citymall


Berawal pada tahun 550M seorang pendeta Budha ke-28 bernama Dharma Taishi pindah dari tempat tinggalnya di Baramon India ke China, ia lalu menetap di Kuil Siaw Liem Sie di Propinsi Kwan An China.
Selama dalam perjalanannya dari India ke China ia banya sekali melihat ketidak adilan dan penindasan, dan selama di Kuil Siaw Liem Sie ia menyusun ilmu beladiri yang dinamakan SIAW LIEM SIE KUNGFU atau kita kenal saat ini dengan SHORINJI KEMPO.

Film ini menggambarkan bagaimana suasana Kuil Siaw Liem Sie pada masa itu, dan teknik beladiri yang digunakan oleh para biksu.

Music Backgroud : Kungfu Fighting
Artis : Carl Douglas
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Shorinji Kempo Motivation

空手家と少林寺拳法の幸せな出会い Wonderful encounter !Karate and Shorinji Kempo

『大いなる遺産2〜少林寺拳法 』DVD(2枚組・4時間)絶賛発売中!

PON JABAR 2016 Shorinji Kempo Embu Beregu PutraNTB

The Best Shorinji Kempo NTT Attraction

Pekan Olahraga Pelajar Daerah (Popda) II NTT
16 Mei - 19 Mei 2017

►Aosaka Sensei Shorinji Kempo Demonstration in Other Side View

#Shorinji Kempo #martialarts #characteristics of Shorinji Kempo

One of the special characteristics of Shorinji Kempo is: “Paired practice is primary” (kumite shutai). This means two people pairing up and practicing, aiming for mutual improvement in techniques while cooperating with each other. There are two reasons to practice in pairs:

The first is a technical reason. In solo practice one cannot learn the feel for timing and spacing that are necessary to overcome a moving opponent. Shorinji Kempo is made of defensive techniques based on overcoming opponents when they make their attacks. Thus, one person is always playing the attackers while another acts as the defender. Practice is conducted with the roles of attack and defence being traded off. without an attacker, the defence cannot be practiced. If the two do not trade roles, they cannot mutually develop their defensive techniques. If one wants to get better, the nature of requires that a cooperative relationship arise.

The second reason is based on the idea of building cooperative relationships through practice. Kaiso used to strongly criticize competing for victory or defeat. He stated his reasons in the following way: “To live in a world of winning and loosing, one must not recognize anyone beyond himself. Worrying about losing one’s position, even juniors are made into enemies. Without pulling down seniors from their positions, one cannot rise oneself. Not a single friend can be made.“

Kaiso warned that win/lose competition escalates into a way of thinking based only on oneself. Not only did he warn about it, but in his words: “Shorinji Kempo aims to fight against that very tendency.” Our method of doing so is in the nature of practices based principally on paired practice. The starting point of the paired practice idea seems to have been at the Northern Shaolin Temple in China, which Kaiso visited. He explains his memory of seeing the wall painting at the temple picturing Chinese and Indian monks smiling while practicing martial art together. Based on this memory, Kaiso made the paired practice idea.

This idea grew into a whole approach to practice for development as a human being. Through the companionship of each taking the others hand and each applying techniques to the other, you build up a trust through your own efforts, and it ends in giving your partner a sense of trust in yourself as well. Through this kind of practice conditions, we recognize that the self exists, but we also reaffirm the existens of so many others different from ourselves – a truth of human society, which we all seem to know but forget with such ease.

Hiroshi Aosaka sensei is a person with Daihansih, and the 8th WSKO is the French Federation coach. he developed shorinji kempo in France and Europe in general.


空手家 中達也が体験した少林寺拳法の世界!【少林寺拳法 未来への宝物】予告編 What is Shorinji Kempo? This is Shorinji Kempo!

空手家 中達也が、再び少林寺拳法の聖地・金剛禅総本山少林寺へ!4時間のDVD『未来への宝物』、絶賛予約受付中!
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Shorinji Kempo Training

Piccolo video dedicato alla mia amata arte marziale: lo Shorinji Kempo!

僕たちはまだ本当の少林寺拳法を知らない This is true Shorinji Kempo

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少林寺拳法の凄さを堪能できる映像【大いなる遺産2検証企画】 Report ! Verification of Shorinji Kempo


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