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GRAPHIC CONTENT: Surveillance video of shooting of Miami-Dade police officer, growhouse suspect

Surveillance video shows the July 31, 2012 shooting of Miami-Dade Police Officer John Saavedra and the shooting death of a growhouse suspect. Video courtesy Miami-Dade Police Department

Marathon gas station shooting.jpg

Warning. This video contains graphic content. The Detroit Police Department is seeking information about a Friday morning shooting that left two men in critical condition.

The Score: The living legend of practical shooting

Six-time world shooting champion and former Olympian Jethro The Jet Dionisio shares how he became interested in the sport practical shooting.

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For the first time, Keanon Lowe recounts moment he disarmed Portland armed student

Former Oregon wide receiver Keanon Lowe courageously disarmed a armed student while working at Portland's Parkrose High School in May 2019. Lowe hugs the student in the hallway as the gun is removed from his grasp. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health and thoughts of suicide, reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Shooting Consistency with 5-Spot Shooting Drill - Basketball Drills

Learn how to shoot better and more consistently from five of the most popular spots on the basketball court with this drill. Before starting this basketball drill, warmup by calibrating your shooting skills to the hoop. Start close to the hoop and shoot. If you miss, try to shoot lower or higher. Once you’ve got five in a row, move back to shoot the ball and do the same thing.

In this basketball drill, you’ll shoot from five different spots: the short corner, the wing, top of the key, the opposing wing and the opposing short corner. At each spot practice in game speed, take five shots and then move to the next shooting spot. Record how many baskets you make from each spot in your shooting journal. This basketball drill is crucial for improving shooting consistency and building up endurance.

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The Shooting Show - first game day of the season at Burton Agnes

With the pheasant season under way for 2019/20, we've assembled The Shooting Show's crack team of guns at Burton Agnes estate for a mid-October shoot. We follow director Pete as he stokes up his Browning shotgun for the first time in a new season. Pheasant, partridge and the occasional duck are on the shooting list – let's see what the day brings…

Bird Hunting - Shooting Pheasants | TA Outdoors

Hunting and Shooting with Shotguns and Air Rifles is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This episode focuses on shooting Pheasants. This driven Pheasant shoot was filmed in Hampshire. An informal shoot, with plenty of tips and shooting action. See the shoot from both the beaters and shooters point of view. We hope you enjoy the first of our shooting videos! Thank you to all who have subscribed to Totally Awesome Outdoors. It is great to see the grow and we are always grateful for your feedback. There are more shooting videos to come! - Graeme & Mike
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Ex-Fort Worth Cop May Face Charges for Fatal Shooting of Atatiana Jefferson, Chief says

Fort Worth’s interim police chief says he expects a “substantial update” by Tuesday on whether a former police officer will be criminally charged in the shooting death of a black woman inside her home.

Interim Chief Ed Kraus said Monday that Officer Aaron Dean would have been fired had he not resigned following Saturday’s shooting death of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price called for “justice and closure” for Jefferson’s family.

Officers had responded to Jefferson’s home on a neighbor’s report of an open door. An attorney for Jefferson’s family says she was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew when a shot was fired into her window, killing her.

Kraus said Monday that there’s no sign that officers knocked on the front door and that the shot was fired from within the fenced-off backyard.

Rabbit shooting with an air rifle

What do you do about springtime rabbit control when the dogs and the ferrets are on sabbatical? Simon Whitehead has the answer

Rabbits love a safe environment, with plenty of food, at this time of year — I decided to make a permanent hide in a safe, fenced-off corner of the paddock. It blends into the countryside: an unobtrusive, natural-looking, safe and comfortable hide where I can sit and shoot with the one rifle I use almost as much as I deploy my ferrets.

The hide was made in advance and built to last. Not only will the rabbits become accustomed to it as they feed in the spring sunshine, but from inside I can quickly remove any newcomers to the area. I used some spare rabbit fence posts to make the rifle rest, ensuring that I had the right shooting position. Constructed around this rest is a mixture of netting and ivy so that, from a few yards away, the hide goes unnoticed. Ivy is good, as it retains that fresh-looking greenness for a while.

I filled the rifle with air from my bottle. The FX has an air regulator fitted, ensuring every shot has the same pressure. This gives a consistently accurately placed pellet, good for four refills of my 10-shot magazine.
Once in position, I put on my face veil and gloves. I was tempted to wear some face paint under my glasses but, after seeing some footage of this veil, I saw no reason to change.
As I stared intently through the perfectly constructed letterbox on my hide, I recalled previous shooting sessions when I missed a couple of “easy” rabbits. So I went back to basics. I checked my rifle’s zero at my usual 35 yards using a 16g Diabolo pellet. I charted its performance every five yards from 10 to 50. My rifle pumps out a consistent 24ft/lb, considered perfect for the rabbiting game. By using a 16g pellet, I was getting the balance right between pellet power and pressure, without distorting the pellet.
I was avoiding inaccuracy caused by too much power or incompatible weight of pellet for that rifle and poundage per foot. Shooting low at 10 yards rising to zero at 35 before dropping off to 50, my arc of accuracy was recorded to illustrate how I needed to compensate by raising or dropping the cross-hairs.
Experience confirms that I can easily drop a rabbit at 60-plus yards in the right conditions, but my problem was at the 10- to 20-yard range. Complacency had crept in but, by going back to basics, I could see where I had been going wrong.

A perfect combination of the Cyclone and the 16g pellet delivers the right energy to kill while being light enough to be streamlined, delivering a slightly flatter trajectory. A pellet that hits its target will do its job, which is obviously preferable to one that misses because it is too fast and inconsistent. Velocity and power aren’t everything — accuracy and consistency will always bag you more bunnies. Gravity dropped my quarry in its shadow and, as it rolled over, the other rabbits ran for home.

4 Basketball Shooting Drills with Dribble Moves: Block to Wing Shooting

4 Shooting Drill Progressions with Dribble Moves: Block to Wing Shooting

Breakthrough Basketball Camps:

Breakthrough Camps instructor Jim Huber takes you through four vital drill progressions that combine shooting and dribble moves. This is a great way to practice what happens most often during games. Watch the video to learn why and view the drills!

5 Simple Basketball Shooting Drills To Shoot Better!

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Foxing - Brilliant HD night vision fox shooting

Homemade NV: using infra-red lights from a prison security system and a neat little Canon camera we've produced some of the best high-definition night vision hunting footage you will have ever seen. By turning night into day, witness incredible animal behaviour including a fox chasing a cat away from the FoxPro call. With the lambing season underway, now more than ever it is important to keep down fox numbers. Roy Lupton has the rifle and is able to pick off foxes across a floodlit field.

This was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 168

Kamala Gujjar Vs Tahir Loona - shooting Volleyball Match 22 Oct 2019 | Best shooting | New Volleybal

SHOOTING DRILLS! | Man City Training

The boys have got their shooting boots on as they take on some training drills in small nets!


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Here you will find all the latest videos from Manchester City, including, all Premier League goals, highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, training and much more.

Get closer to the likes of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy and the rest of Pep Guardiola's team.

The Ideal Skeet Shooter with Danka Bartekova [SVK]

London 2012 medalist Danka Bartekova talks through the key body parts and the attributes needed as she describes the perfect anatomy of a Skeet shooter.

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Poor Mans Grouse Shooting - Tulchan Estate (Dave Carrie Shooting)

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Shooting the Breeze # 42

Shooting the breeze and a little steel, as well.
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Kobe & Ray Allen's SHOOTING COACH Gives You The #1 Tip To Be A GREAT Shooter!

Dave Hopla has been training shooters for years. We caught up with him at USA Basketball Camp to figure out how he has turned so many players into GREATS! Hopla was mainly working with Cam Reddish and Zion Williamson on their forms and also dished on Steph Curry and how Lonzo Ball's shot translates in the NBA. Hopla talks drills and gives you the secrets to being a great shooter.

BTW, Hopla is also an amazing shooter. DUDE DOESN'T MISS!

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The Ideal Air Rifle Shooter with Abhinav Bindra [IND]

Former Olympic champion Abhinav Bindra discusses the anatomy of Air Rifle shooters and reveals the attributes needed to be the perfect athlete in the sport.

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Breaking down the video of Father's Day Skiddy Park shooting

Enhanced and narrated version of the security tape footage of the fatal Father's Day shooting in the Near West Side.



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