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Shootfighting Techniques : Martial Arts Techniques

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Shootfighting techniques utilize strikes in grappling as well as working on getting the opponent down. Find out about shootfighting techniques with help from an action-packed, 30-year-old health instructor who loves helping people feel great in this free video clip.

Expert: Robert Bush
Filmmaker: Rafael Rodriguez

Series Description: Martial arts is a great way to both defend yourself and get in shape while you do it depending on the techniques that you choose to utilize. Get tips on martial arts techniques with help from an action-packed, 30-year-old health instructor who loves helping people feel great in this free video series.

What is Shootfighting? Can it make me a better fighter?

Today we got the question. What is the best form of MMA? So here will discus the origin and benefits of training in a form of MMA were you can continue you advancement no matter what happens in the future. Since Shootfighting is a board certified form of Martial arts, instructors across the nation can help you to continue your progress.

The Bart Vale OFFICIAL Shootfighting Instructional Video Series - PART ONE

Bart Vale, One of the coolest guys I've ever met turns out to be tougher than Bruce Lee!

Shootfighting Intro

A Shootfighting introduction video, shootfighting is a complete fighting system. A unique Martial Arts style in itself, combining Muay Thai Kickboxing and total body Submission Grappling. The video includes an introduction to all of the following self-defense techniques: Thai Boxing, Grappling, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Boxing, and Judo. Learn with the best, train with a licensed ISFA school today! Contact the East Coast Shootfighting Academy in Stuart, FL for more information.

Shootfighting Ankle Lock Seminar, Blocks and Counters. With Bart Vale

This is a Shootfighting seminar held at Tiger and Dragon Miami. In this we covered a few basic holds, as well as blocks and counters. Please practice responsibly. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Thanks for watching.

Hotel Workout - Shootfighting Superset

Get Grapple Strong:

Shootfighting developed from the techniques that grappling legend, Karl Gotch, taught Japanese pro wrestlers. Part of the instruction provided by Gotch was in bodyweight conditioning, which centered on the Hindu squat and the Hindu push-up.

Get Grapple Strong:

Shootfighting drill

Roskilde Budo Klubs shootfighting hold træner.

How to defend against a punch MMA style. Arm Bar Shootfighting with Bart Vale

A quick video on reversing the jab with an arm bar. Enjoy

Robbans Shootfighting match

Shoot-Fighting/Catch Wrestling (Jeet Kune Do Adaptions) with David Tice Minz.


S.H.O.O.T. Vol.3. Fighting Techniques

In this new work on the SHOOT SYSTEM, our main stars are its instructors, the people who have dedicated their life to teaching SHOOT, that had the courage to take an important life step towards their true vocation and work today as professionals and have proved to the world that it is possible to live as a worthy self defense instructor. In this DVD each manager of the 41 SHOOT Academies that exist today will show you some of the techniques from the Basic SHOOT course, examples that contemplate each and every of the different ranges of fighting that can be applied against an unarmed opponent, always under the most real life based techniques where this system has proven over and over again their effectiveness after competing in international championships with different styles of combat. Strikes, throws, locks and chokes are absolutely effective, but very easy to learn and apply, taught and shown by these professional instructors in this DVD.
DVD & Video on download available at

Shoot Fighting with Scott Pedersen: Ground Fighting for Non-Grapplers

Jeet Kune Do - Brief History of the Introduction of Shoot-Fighting with Paul Vunak

How to do a Round House Kick, and Combinations Shootfighting MMA

Got the question on how to throw a Round House kick. I found some excellent stock footage that gives a good breakdown of the kick with some Combos thrown in.

Shootfighting White/Yellow Belt Test (part 2)

Shootfighting White/Yellow Belt Test (part 2)

fethi djebbi organisation shootfighting-freefight

25 janvier 2012 horizons sport hammamet stage digéré par fethi djebbi 5th black belt

Ricky Shootfighting debut

shootfighting campeche

luchador apolo sureño jr. participando en el torne de contacto completo realizado en la ciudad de campeche en el 2006, con diciplina de lucha libre y shootfighting, entrenadas, se lleva la victoria.
tambien los luchadores tienen potencial sobre las artes marciales mixtas..

Johan Emanuelsson vs Erik Tesell - SM Shootfighting 2011

Johan Emanuelsson (Gladius MMA) vs Erik Tesell (Liljeholmens BJJ) - SM Shootfighting 2011 Bronsmatch Bantamvikt 61,2 kg

Shootfighting Sparring avec les fighters Kyokushinkai

stage shootfighting Nadour 2010



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