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Shoot boxing


What is Shoot Boxing? The Official Rules. with English Subtitles

What is Shoot Boxing?

Shoot Boxing 立技綜合格鬪技 (シュートボクシング) is a martial art that has its origins in kickboxing. It allows for kicking, punching, throwing and standing submissions. Shoot Boxing is also a stand-up fighting
promotion company based in Tokyo, Japan. The organization was founded by former kickboxer Mr. Caesar Takeshi in 1985. The first Shoot Boxing event took place on September 1, 1985.

Shoot Boxing has also drawn fighters who became famous in other combative sports such as Jens Pulver. Many K-1 World MAX stars also either debuted in Shoot boxing or have fought for Shoot boxing in the past, including Andy Souwer, Albert Kraus, HAYATØ, Buakaw Por, Pramuk, and Davey Abdullah among others. Andy Souwer, the KING of SHOOT BOXING also lead him to K1, to win K-1 World MAX stars.
甚麼是立技綜合格鬪技「Shoot Boxing」?

「Shoot Boxing」是武術的一種,起源於踢拳道。由踢拳道高手,凱撒武志先生(Caesar Takeshi)於1985年9月正式創立。並於1985年9月1日開始了第一 場Shoot Boxing的正式比賽。

「Shoot Boxing」又稱為「立技綜合格鬪技」。無論是「Shoot Boxing」或 「Shootboxing」, 甚至在日本專用語中的「立技綜合格(鬪/鬥)技」全部都具有同等的定義。加上,「立技綜合格鬪技Shoot Boxing」可直接解說為「立技綜合格鬪 技Shoot Boxing公司」即日語中的「立技綜合格鬪技シュートボクシング公式サ イト」。

「Shoot Boxing」結集了拳、踢、膝、摔投及站立關節技等技巧,是一種由MMA 格鬪技獨立演變出來的運動,在整個過程中要像「武士的戰鬥」,省去僵持在地面的寢技,在忠於站立戰鬥的規則中,馬不停蹄地比賽。因此便成為了一項新的 格鬥運動,並流行於世界各地。
武術家桜井速人(Hayato Sakurai) 也是從Shoot Boxing開始其職業生涯。 Shoot Boxing比賽也令多位拳手一舉成名, 例如Jens Pulyer。 而多位世界級拳手也因為參加 Shoot Boxing 的比賽變得更有名氣, 例如 Andy Souwer, Albert Kraus , HAYATØ, Buakaw Por. Pramuk 和 Davey Abdullah等。

Andy Souwer vs Kuniyoshi Shootboxing Japan 2014


Shoot Boxing Sparring 2015

Mike and Jonah

【MV】Shootboxing Throws and Submissions(Joint lock and Choke) シュートボクシング 投げ技、サブミッション(関節技・絞め技)集

Martial Arts Movie Collection

Music: 貴方の傍にいるそれだけで…【MEIKO】(anata_no_sobani_irusoredakede)
Artist: D’elf

宍戸大樹(Hiroki Shishido)vsMASAYA
大月晴明(Haruaki Otsuki)vs那須川天心(Tenshin Nasukawa)

SB2014.12.21 アマチュアシュートボクシング 全日本王座決定戦
Amateur shootboxing

shootboxing アマチュア大会 55kg 決勝
Amateur shootboxing

ヤングシーザー杯TOKYO2010 梅野孝明(Takaaki Umeno) VS 宍戸大樹(Hiroki Shishido)

立ち技最強格闘技 シュートボクシング 2.19後楽園大会 大桑宏章(Hiroaki Okuwa)vs北川裕樹(Yuki Kitagawa)

『S-cup世界トーナメント2014』 第15試合 S-cup 65kg WORLD TOURNAMENT 2014 決勝戦 鈴木博昭(Hiroaki Suzuki)vs.ザカリア・ゾウガリー(Zakaria Zouggary)

村田 聖明(Kiyoaki Murata) vs 齋藤 拓(Taku Saitou)

立ち技総合格闘技:シュートボクシングオフィシャルサイト[SHOOT BOXING]

【RIZIN】ツヨカワ女王 RENAのトレーニング【シュートボクシング】RENA Shoot Boxing training


シュートボクシング 戦績41戦35勝5敗1分
総合格闘技 戦績7戦6勝1敗(2018年2月6日現在)

Credit:IG @sb_rena

BGM:Jim Yosef Anna Yvette - Linked [NCS Release]

【RIZIN】ジョシカク界の新星 浅倉カンナのトレーニング【MMA】

【RIZIN】総合格闘家 矢地祐介のトレーニング【MMA】

【RIZIN】総合格闘家 堀口恭司のトレーニング【UFC】

【RIZIN】総合格闘家 五味隆典のトレーニング【UFC】













Spotlight | RENA レーナ

Rena Kubota, better known by her ring name Rena is a professional Japanese kickboxer. She competes mainly in shoot boxing, where she has won the 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup tournaments. ~ Wiki

Ok... Gone a little experimental with this one with some of the ideas, for one of MY fav (but unknown by some) female fighters out of Japan. Mega-talented this one.

Soundtrack (in order featured)

*I do not own the rights to footage nor music

MMA Shoot Boxing Promo by

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Shootboxing is a Japanese martial sport that combines Kickboxing with Wrestling takedowns. Its different from MMA because once the fight hits the ground the competitors stand back up to continue striking.

This video includes:

1. Setting up the single leg takedown
2. Double leg tackles
3. Front head locks
4. Snap downs
5. Sweeping kicks
6. Body locks
7. 50/50 takedowns
8. Judo throws for MMA
9. Esoteric throws
10. And more

Shootboxing is great for MMA students to train as it teaches you how to strike and then explosively execute a powerful takedown.

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Mittmaster Mat

Lee Hasdell Oktagon Shootboxing Milan, 1996 Part 2

Lee Hasdell against Paulo Di Clemente in the Semi Final (Round 1)

何為Shoot Boxing? 技術及得分說明

What is Shoot Boxing?

World Shoot Boxing 2018 Real Punch Boxer Fighting

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Andy Souwer - K1 Shoot Boxer

Andy Souwer, a Dutch Shoot Boxer. 2 time K-1 World Max champion. 3 time S-Cup world champion. He has great overall skill as a Kickboxer, which gives him the ability to adapt to a wide variety of styles and opponents. He's definitely worthly of his titles.

Lee Hasdell Oktagon Shootboxing Milan, 1996 Part 1

First Round Against Scott Dobbs (USA).

Shoot Boxing (HL)

Music: Can - Aspectacle

Chinese Sanshou Vs Japanese Shoot Boxing!

Chinese Sanshou Vs Japanese Shoot Boxing!

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Taekwondo Vs Shoot Boxing!

Taekwondo Vs Shoot Boxing!
takeshi caesar is the founder of shoot boxing.

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Lee Hasdell Oktagon Shootboxing Milan, 1996 Part 3

Semi Final (Round 2) & Final agianst Andre Mannaart.

Full fight Gabi Garcia Shootboxing fight against Megumi Yabushita Japan

9x IBJJF World Champion Gabi Garcia made her Shootboxing debut against Megumi Yabushita in Japan.

Megumi Yabushita is a veteran of over 80 professional fights between MMA, Shootfighting, and other mixes of Combat Sports. She is a veteran of the sport in Japan had is no stranger to facing bigger opponents.

Megumi Yabushita famously defeated the 300+ pound Olympic Judoka Svetlana Goundarenko before losing to Marloes Coenen in the Remix championships. Having faced other girls like Erin Toughill (twice) and Lana Stefanac Japan has grown to enjoy watching her face the largest female foreigners Japan can bring to fight.

Gabi Garcia is 4-0 in Rizin and will be facing Russian 100 Kilo boxing champion Anna Maliukova in less than 20 days time.

John Wayne Parr vs Hiroyuki Doi Shootboxing

Having my 2nd fight under shootboxing rules I took on world champion Hiroyuki Doi. Was lucky to stop him in the 4th.

very sexy mini skirt shoot boxing single match

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Dean Moutharopoulos: Shooting Boxing

Getty Images sports photographer Dean Moutharopoulos shows you how he shoots boxing in this video, featuring Liam Walsh and Paul Appleby at London's York Hall.



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