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Shaolin Kung Fu


Shaolin Tiger | Advanced Shaolin Kung Fu

34th Generation Shaolin Master - Shi Yan Dong, performs advanced Shaolin Tiger in the RDS Temple training grounds.

Attend Rising Dragon Martial Arts School to exceed your limits and learn KungFu in China.


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Shaolin Kung Fu Static Strength Training at Home - 30 Secs Interval Training

In this session number 5 of Shaolin Kung Fu Whole Body Conditioning Series, Shifu Yan Xin (34th Generation Shaolin Disciple) shows kung fu static strength training technique that will help you build foundation for body power the Shaolin way. Using 30 Seconds Interval Training working with foundation kung fu movements such as Mabu (Horse Stance), Pubu (Crouch Stance) and Jin JI Du Li (Golden Rooster Stance) and more....

Don't miss behind the scenes footage on the end of the video.
The video was shoot at the seaside of the beautiful Dún Laoghaire town in Ireland.

Hope you enjoy your training!
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Session 1: Flexibility for Hips | Deep Stretch Gong Bu | Bow Stance:

Session 2: Flexibility for Legs - Pu Bu Stretch, Split Stretch

Session 3: Flexibility for Core and Lower back

Session 4: Flexibility for Arms, Back, Spine, Upper Body

More info on training kung fu at home:

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True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
Comment and tell me what you wanna see! I'll be uploading new videos now!
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Shi De Yang - Shaolin Kung Fu History

El Maestro Shi De Yang, máximo exponente del Templo Shaolin, nos habla sobre la historia del kung fu de Shaolin, sus orígenes, características y filosofía. Un excelente video - documental en colaboración con el Maestro Bruno Tombolato para la transmisión de la cultura de Shaolin.
Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Spain

Facebook: Shaolin.Cultural.Center.Spain

shaolin kung fu Tutorial - Gong Bu Diagonal Shape - Gong Bu Xie Xing

Hello Everyone ^_^

This week Master Yan Xin shares with us a basic Shaolin Kung Fu movement, Gong Bu Xie Xing 弓步斜形 ( Gong Bu Diagonal Shape). This movement that can enhance our explosive power and Twisting power.

Hope this helps your training.

Master Yan Xin

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Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Chin Na Demo

Demonstration of Chinese Martial arts Kung Fu Chin Na Jointlocking techniques.

Shaolin - Apprendre les mouvements

Apprendre ces exercices de Shaolin sur

La première étape pour acquérir d'autres habiletés qui nous permettront de sentir les différentes énergies, le Chi, le pouvoir des arts guerriers de Shaolin.

Shi Xing Hong, moine guerrier Shaolin de la 32e génération et membre fondateur de l'International Chan Wu Federation, nous présente dans ce travail d'instruction les 18 mouvements de base qui constituent l'essence du Shaolin Kung-Fu. Considérés comme les plus importants pour la maîtrise et pratiqués aussi bien par les nouveaux élèves que par les plus expérimentés, ces mouvements sont en relation avec les formes. Ils sont une espèce de combinaison d'éléments offensifs et défensifs dont résulte la forme Kung Fu Chan, première étape pour acquérir d'autres habiletés qui nous permettront de sentir les différentes énergies, le Chi, le pouvoir des arts guerriers de Shaolin.

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Shaolin Kung Fu: Da Hong Quan (read description)

Shaolin kung fu big flood form (大洪拳: da hong quan)
by monk Deci
- combat strategy:

this style teaches covering to keep safety in fighting. the small hong quan is more defensive and the big hong quan is more offensive. its main tactics are:

tactic 2 - cover up from the sky to cross the sea (瞒天过海): covering moves can defend your body against the opponent while attacking and defending, advancing and retreating.

tactic 3 - pilfer a goat on the way (顺手牵羊): covering moves can also be used as attacks while advancing and retreating.

tactic 4 - mud water to catch fish (混水摸鱼): covering moves can lower opponent's awareness of your defenses and attacks.

these involve a continuous flood of covering moves of the arms and even the legs around your body.
- history:

Song dynasty (960-1279):
Zhao Kuangyin (赵匡胤), the first emperor of the Song dynasty, had given Shaolin temple a series of notes on the combat styles that he practiced. Shaolin monks developed the 'big hong quan' based on one of his styles.
- note: there are various other forms and styles named small or big 'hong quan' in Chinese kung fu, and they are historically and technically different from Shaolin hong quan. these are just different styles with similar names.
Shaolin kung fu tutorial:
- training:
- styles:
- weapons:

Shaolin kung fu big saber

audio: Chinese/English dual channel.
The complete set of Shaolin kung fu video tutorials:
* Shaolin kung fu training:
* Shaolin kung fu styles:
* Shaolin kung fu weapons:

Shaolin KungFu Brummen - Seizoen 3

Een samenvatting van seizoen 3 - Shaolin KungFu Brummen - jaar 2015/2016

Shaolin Tiger Style - Tiger Hunting - Tutorial |

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Hello Everyone,

Today I share with you 2 Shaolin Tiger Movements:

1. Tiger Hunting (老虎叼食)
2. The Mighty Tiger Out of Cave (猛虎出洞)

Hope you have fun with these movements.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tiger form please

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Shaolin Kung Fu: Xiao Luohan Quan (read description)

Shaolin Buddha style (罗汉拳: luohan quan)
by monk Deyang
- combat strategy:

in Shaolin kung fu, 'Zen and martial art unite (禅拳合一)'. this style imitates the 'luohan' ('Arhat' in Sanskrit), the ones who have reached Buddhahood enlightenment. we call it Buddha style. this precious style teaches avoidance, camouflage, and covered action. its main tactics are:

tactic 25 - watch fires from the far side of the river (隔岸观火): avoid engagement in violence as far as possible. in a confrontation, 'peace is better than victory, retreat rather than engage, avoid rather than oppose, parry rather than block, block rather than hurt, hurt rather than wound, wound rather than kill, because life is respectful, and a life lost is lost forever.'

tactic 26 - beauty tactic (美人计): camouflage your moves to look inoffensive. for example, combine your attack or even defense with walking, turning, seating, or other usual postures to mask it.

tactic 27 - hide the knife behind a smile (笑里藏刀): conceal your offensive move behind an inoffensive cover. let your attacking limb move behind another part of your body as mask, so that the opponent cannot recognize the form of your attack and react properly till the last moment.

tactic 28 - golden cicada sheds its shell (金蝉脱壳): when the opponent stops your offensive move which is behind a cover, it just stops the cover and the cover parries opponent's block for the main attacking limb to continue.

these involve controlled moves to avoid, stop, or control the opponent rather than hurting him directly, and low stances, turns, twists, and cover-ups to keep the main moves hidden to the last moment.
- history:

'luohan quan' is the purest and most representative style of Shaolin kung fu. it was developed by Shaolin monks as the earliest style based on the luohan 18 hands in the earlier eras of Shaolin temple.

early Song dynasty (960s AD):
at the beginning of the Song dynasty this style was first officially sorted out and recorded into the 'Shaolin kung fu manual' under the supervision of chief monk Fuju (福居).
- note: there are various other forms and styles named 'luohan quan' in Chinese kung fu, and they are different from Shaolin luohan quan. these are just different styles with similar names.
Shaolin kung fu tutorial:
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Phoenix Rising - Shaolin Kung Fu

Martial arts students learning and practicing the traditional form “Hong Ngan”, or “Phoenix Eye”. A classical Shaolin fighting style which uses an unconventional fist formation whereby the index finger’s knuckle is extended and used to strike specific points. Footage from the weekend training course that took place in October 2011.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Training for Beginners

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I always recommend you involve your family and friends in your training. You should actively encourage others around you to get healthier in a positive manner. The younger one starts a healthier life style the better.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Wushu Kickboxing for Beginners Session 1

Sanda/kickboxing for beginners
Master Song, (English Name: Zak) an authentic and professional Kung-Fu/Wushu Master, a genuine elite trainer & coach from Shaolin, China. He has been training, performing and teaching Kung-Fu/Wushu for 25 years and specialises in Traditional Shaolin Kung-Fu, Contemporary Wushu, Sanda (Kick Boxing), Qigong & Tai Chi.
We also have online courses for those of you who would like to learn more and go deeper.
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In today’s video we are presenting a Shaolin Monkey Form performed by one of the Shaolin Warrior Monks from the Shaolin Team. Monkey Kung-Fu, or Hóu-Quán (猴拳, Monkey-Fist), is a Chinese martial art which utilizes ape or monkey-like movements.

The monkey is always good for a surprise and likes playing his numerous tricks. Because of his agility, he is also hard to catch. He is characterized by playfulness, curiosity and cheekiness. Another characteristic of the monkey is internal force, which enables him to be relaxed and graceful, but at the same time very powerful.

We were able to see and record this performance thanks to Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School.
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Well, we are Humans that apart from living a human life in accordance with nature, we have also discovered Dragon and Warrior Spirits inside us. Everybody has these spirits. The question is: Are they awake? Are you listening to them? If you found this channel that means you are on your way to wake up your Dragon and Warrior Spirits! Use them to guide you, when you travel and motivate you to fulfill your dreams. Also, don’t forget to stay healthy as a human being ;)

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Le Shaolin Kung Fu au Festival des Arts Martiaux Nord-Europe 2015

Les Moines Shaolin étaient présents lors du Festival des Arts Martiaux Nord-Europe qui se tenait Samedi 17 octobre 2015 à la Davo Pévèle Arena d'Orchies à 20h00.
Que serait un Festival des Arts Martiaux sans les Moines de Shaolin ? A eux seuls ils incarnent la tradition millénaire du Kung Fu Chinois. Art du bâton, art du combat à mains nues, exercices acrobatiques, combat à deux ou à plusieurs, le style de Shaolin est considéré comme la source des grandes méthodes chinoises de Kung Fu et de Wushu.

Dragon Gate Shaolin Kung Fu

This is the Shaolin Master Shi Xing Shan 释行山 (Yongtao Xing), 32nd generation of Songshan Shaolin Kung Fu.

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Master Shi Xing Shan is born in 1979 in China and enters the Songshan Shaolin temple at the age of 10. At the age of 15, together with the monk regiment, he performs Shaolin Kung Fu in 39 countries and start competitions.
He began to teach Martial Arts abroad at the age of 20. He was teaching at the Martial Arts Museum in Great Britain, the Netherlands and in Sweden for 18 years.

He later settled in Sweden where he was a representative of the traditional Chinese culture and the director of the Swedish Shaolin Martial Art Museum.

During the years 1994 to 2010, he won the Wushu Championship of Henan Province, the International Wushu Festival Shaolin Boxing Championship, the National Traditional Martial Arts Championship and the Southeast Asian Double Knife Championship.

In 2016, he return to China and founded the Xin Wu Men schools.
Xin Wu Men is based on Shaolin martial arts. The so-called world martial arts originated from Shaolin. Shaolin martial arts is the most representative, most culturally, religiously and culturally rich, most complete system, the most authoritative, and the most mysterious Chinese martial arts school in China. It has undoubtedly become the mainstream school of Chinese martial arts. Different from other factions, the emphasis is on Zhen-wu unity. The word Zen is an important basis for improving kung fu, because Zen is don't think outside, don't mind inside. Shaolin Liuzu Huineng said in the Altar Sutra: Zan is a Sanskrit transliteration of Zana, which means abandon evil, merit jungle, thinking maintenance and quiet consideration. Its basic meaning is to rest silently.

The definition of new in Xinwumen is to inherit the Chinese culture while integrating the Chinese and Western martial arts transactions, and to combine the latest moral education methods with traditional Chinese culture. Emphasising the educational philosophy of Chinese learning for the West, Western learning for the Chinese, without changing the essential meaning of kung fu, using the three teaching concepts of Chinese method training, Western attitude education and Chinese etiquette cultivation to change the original old-fashioned, outdated, single, boring training method is combined with the new mode.

The traditional teaching mode adds interaction, gameplay, experience, fun, innovation, and four-in-one effect, which drives students' interest in learning martial arts. Based on Shaolin martial arts, and taking into account the achievements of multiple martial arts, it integrates the strengths of hundreds of schools and cooperates with the teaching of Zen and martial arts.

It is unique in that it intends to integrate the Chinese and Western Martial Arts transactions and combine the latest moral education methods with traditional Chinese culture.

In 2020, Master Shi Xing Shan manage 6 Xin Wu Men schools with about 600 students in the city of Shijiazhuang, near Beijing.

He is also the representative of the European traditional Chinese Kung Fu culture. He has been invited to participate in the National Day Reception and National Banquet of the People's Republic of China many times as the Chinese Martial Arts Communication Ambassador for Europe. He was received by many national Chinese leaders including the Premier Minister of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Wen Jiabao.

Carry forward martial arts, martial arts, and martial arts.

Shaolin kung fu basic moves

instructor: monk Deyang, from Shaolin temple
complete set of Shaolin kung fu video tutorials:
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Shaolin kungfu seeks to strike a blow for Chinese soccer

Soccer school funded by the Shaolin Temple, kungfu’s spiritual home, wants to bring martial discipline to the beautiful game as China seeks to turn around its dire football performances.



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