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Sudden Death 7-ball FINAL - Francisco Bustamante vs Mika Immonen

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Sudden Death 7-ball FINAL - Francisco Bustamante vs Mika Immonen

Luther Lassiter v. Willie Mosconi 7-ball (part 1 of 4)

Luther Wimpy Lassiter v. Willie Mosconi in 7-ball at the Claridge Hotel & Casino at a round-robin tournament called The Legendary Stars of Pocket Billiards. Chris Berman and Allen Hopkins are the commentators. 1980.

7Ball Bustamante vs Immonen

Francisco vs Mika 7ball challenge

धोनी ने मारे सात गेंद पर सात छक्के श्री लंका के खिलाफ अभी देखें।Dhoni hit seven sixs in seven Ball .

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7 ball pool game , best ever

Tom gets 7 balled by me! Ha ha

7 Ball Tricks

Juggling ~ Charles Smith

Yuvraj Singh On Strike ► Need 52 Runs from 18 Balls ► Hatrick Sixes 6 6 6 ►Last HD

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Yuvraj Singh On Strike ► Need 52 Runs from 18 Balls ► Hatrick Sixes 6 6 6 ►Last HD

Yuvraj Singh On Strike ► Need 52 Runs from 18 Balls ► Hatrick Sixes 6 6 6 ►Last HD

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Milwaukee Brewers - FULL HIGHLIGHTS - NLCS Game 7 - October 20, 2018

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Milwaukee Brewers - FULL HIGHLIGHTS - NLCS Game 7 - October 20, 2018

Challenge: 100 seven ball flashes in a row

I got out some 80g numbers beanbags to see if I could do 100 seven ball flashes in a row.

Attempt number 1... not so good.

Attempt number 2... I lost count!

This challenge is one half of the question What is more difficult to achieve... 700 catches of 7 balls, Or 100 flashes of 7 balls in a row?

To answer this question, I had to try 100 flashes of seven balls in a row.

Juggling Seven Balls Everyday for a Week (PROGRESS)

It's been about 2 years if not longer since I first started trying to flash seven balls. I never really was consistent with my training and never got many results.
In this video I decided to set myself a challenge and juggle seven balls every day for an hour for a week and see what kind of progress I would make.

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Alasen - Prophesy:

San holo - We rise:

seven ball

sean and mark balls of steal

english pub pool 7 ball clearance

My mate Kirk showing off by clearing the table after I nearly 7 balled him.

Seven ball ass catch

Back in game

3 Seven Ball Tricks

A multiplex trick, 5up 360 and 3up 4up. By Oliver Ash
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7-ball shower

My first 7-ball shower run on video. This is 7 high catches, well short of both my record (14 high catches) and my best that day (11).

Filmed by Ingerid Fosli at the Isla Vista Juggling Festival, 5/13/2017.

Marcelo: 7 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected


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In this video:

7. Ball Control
Marcelo Insane Ball Control vs Bayern Munich
Marcelo Insane Ball Control vs Celta Vigo
Marcelo amazing Ball Control vs Sevilla

6. Master of Roulette
Marcelo Roulette Skill vs Sevilla
Marcelo Roulette Skill vs psg ( Dani Alves )
Marcelo Roulette Skill vs zaragoza
Marcelo Roulette Skill vs villareal

5. Insane Backheel Passes

Marcelo Backheel pass vs osasuna
Marcelo roulette skill pass vs athletic bilbao
Marcelo roulette skill pass vs barcelona
Marcelo roulette skill pass vs celta vigo

4. Marcelo Dribbling run and assist vs Bayern Munich

3. Unexpected Nutmegs

Marcelo double nutmeg vs gijon
marcelo nutmeg vs gijon
marcelo nutmeg vs deportivo
marcelo nutmeg vs zaragoza
marcelo nutmeg vs sporting lisbone

2. Unexpected Training Tricks

Marcelo juggle with tennis ball
marcelo trick to ozil and ronaldo
marcelo backheel passes in brazil training

1. Powerful Right Foot Goals

Marcelo goal vs levante
marcelo goal vs getafe
marcelo goal vs japan
marcelo goal vs schalke

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7 Ball Multiplex Sequence

A sweet 7 ball sequence I figured out. Thanks for watching.

7 ball qualify

I thought when I originally got this on tape that it was only 13 catches. Turns out when I slowed it down, it actually was a qualifying run-- my first on tape with a clean finish! Hey, I'll take it. (Post for April 2, 2007)

pool billiards 22 month old 7 ball run

my baby boy again little sniper 7 ball run! What a shot!

Ms Dhoni 7 ball 7 sixes (continously) must watch 100 % real

Video reality⚠

Actually first six and second 6 are hitten in last 2 balls of over
Then in next over 2 balls were played by another batsman
Then Dhoni again on strike and hit four sixes
In next over, 2nd ball Dhoni again on strike
7th six was hitted

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