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Seven Ball Update

Just a video to show my progress on 7 balls. This is a run with 63 throws and 62 catches. The music is a piece of Clubbed to Death

7 Bamboos Rugby seven ball challenge

England Sevens performed the seven ball challenge - Reason enough to accept the challenge as well and give it a go.
For the original England Sevens video visit:

7 consecutive sixes | seven balls seven sixes | afg vs zim |

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Seven ball ass catch

Back in game

Pool drills: 7 ball line up

Line up 1-7 from side pocket to side pocket and start with ball in hand and run them out only using the corner pockets. For a more challenging drill run them out in order.

Seven Ball Passing

Jim Griggs and Duke Holbrook of the Lexington Juggling Club

7 ball 7 six || ৭ বলে ৭ ছক্কার বিশ্বরেকর্ড || কে গড়ল রেকর্ড দেখেনিন

৭ বলে ৭ ছক্কার বিশ্বরেকর্ড || কে গড়ল রেকর্ড দেখেনিন | 7 ball 7 six

ওভারে ৬টি ছক্কার রেকর্ড আছে। এবার একটা বা দুটো নয়, সাত বলে সাতটা বিশাল ছক্কা মেরে চর্চায় আফগানিস্তানের দুই ক্রিকেটার মহম্মদ নবি এবং নাজিবুল্লাহ জাদরান। তবে সেটা এক ওভারে নয়।

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Seven ball Seven sixes in T20 | தொடர்ந்து 7 பந்துகளில் சிக்ஸர் அடித்து சாதனை | Tamil Cricket News

Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe

Seven Runs in 1 ball, no six, no noballs

Amazing it is!

10 Ball Ghost. Race to Seven.

Practicing ten ball against Ghost
He is guy who never misses.
I break and take ball-in-hand and try run out table.
If I miss, I lose game. If I run out, I win game
Match is race to seven on tight(ened) pocket 9ft Sam Billiards table.
Table also play quite slow due air conditioner...

धोनी ने मारे सात गेंद पर सात छक्के श्री लंका के खिलाफ अभी देखें।Dhoni hit seven sixs in seven Ball .

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Seven Ball Maestro should do to Improve your skills on the pitch

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Seven Ball Maestro -

1. Drill one - 'U'

- 30-60 seconds

*Rest 30 seconds

2. Drill two - 'Inside Stepover '

* 30-60 seconds

*Rest -30 seconds

3. Drill three - ' Sole roll stepover'

* 30-60 seconds

*Rest 30 seconds

4. Drill four - Sole roll inside stepover

*30-60 seconds

*Rest- 30 seconds

5. Drill five - 'L drag double inside stepover '

* 30-60 seconds

*Rest - 30 seconds

6. Dril six - 'Outside V cut inside '

*30-60 seconds

*Rest - 30 seconds

7. Drill seven - 'Brazilian trap'

*30-60 seconds

*Rest - 30 seconds

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7 ball pool game , best ever

Tom gets 7 balled by me! Ha ha

Ashes 06/07 - Seven runs off one ball

Michael Clarke hits a seven at the Adelaide Oval off the bowling of Andrew Flintoff.

Kai Sotto vs Makur Maker! SEVEN Footers turning Pro: SLAM Matchup Monday

Both Kai Sotto and Makur Maker will turn pro as international prospects! Declaring for the 2020 NBA Draft is Maker, while Sotto will take on the G League. If you're making a selection, which seven footer are you choosing for your franchise? Hit our comments with your vote and let us know what duo you want to see next on SLAM's Matchup Monday series!

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Kai Sotto vs Makur Maker! SEVEN Footers are heading to the NBA: SLAM Matchup Monday


3 Seven Ball Tricks

A multiplex trick, 5up 360 and 3up 4up. By Oliver Ash
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Challenge: 100 seven ball flashes in a row

I got out some 80g numbers beanbags to see if I could do 100 seven ball flashes in a row.

Attempt number 1... not so good.

Attempt number 2... I lost count!

This challenge is one half of the question What is more difficult to achieve... 700 catches of 7 balls, Or 100 flashes of 7 balls in a row?

To answer this question, I had to try 100 flashes of seven balls in a row.

seven ball

sean and mark balls of steal

7Ball Final 2004 - Corey Deuel vs Ralf Souquet

Sudden Death Seven-ball - Final 2004
Corey Deuel vs Ralf Souquet

Sudden Death Seven-ball also known as ESPN Sudden Death Seven-ball for promotional purposes was an annual pool tournament held in the United States.
The event series was short-lived: After six events, 2000 – 2005, the tournament was never again staged

Rule of Game :
Every match has two sets, both of them are race-to-7.
To win, a player has to win both.
If a player fails to pocket a ball, the other player shall be awarded ball-in-hand.
Each player can only call a safety once per rack.
The seven-ball had to be called before being pocketed.

Luther Lassiter v. Willie Mosconi 7-ball (part 1 of 4)

Luther Wimpy Lassiter v. Willie Mosconi in 7-ball at the Claridge Hotel & Casino at a round-robin tournament called The Legendary Stars of Pocket Billiards. Chris Berman and Allen Hopkins are the commentators. 1980.



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