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Segway polo


Segway Polo WM Hemer 2017, von Andreas Reisböck

Ausrichter der Segway Polo Weltmeisterschaft 2017 waren die Hemer Butterflies. 18 teilnehmende Mannschaften kamen aus Barbados, USA, Schweden, England, Östereich, Schweiz und aus Deutschland. Vom 27. bis zum 30.07. kämpften die Mannschaften in der Hemeraner Overhoff-Arena um die Plätze.
Teilnehmende Mannschaften: American Eagles, Black Roses, Hannover Hotwheels, Barbados Rum Runners, X-Turtles, Balver Mammuts, Hemer Butterflies, Blade Dragons, Team Barbados, Funky Move Turtles, Stockholm Saints, Blade Pirates, Vineyard Devils, Stockholm Vikings, Helvetic Vipers, Cornwall Segwaypolo, Warwick Jaguars, British Wasps

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Segway-Polo GERMAN MASTERS 2012

Segway-Polo-Turnier auf zwei Plätzen gleichzeitig. Spannung pur ...
Aber Vorsicht - Helm an!

Scott Rogowsky Shows You Weird Sports | Segway Polo

Playing polo on a segway is WAY cooler than playing on a horse!

COMMENT with a sport YOU would like to play on a segway!

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak's Segway Polo Team Plots Comeback

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and his teammates on the Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway polo team are determined to avenge their loss of the Woz Challenge Cup prior to meeting their international rivals in Barbados. Video originally aired May 4, 2010.
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Segway Polo's Reach

The sport catches on beyond its Silicon Valley roots.

UK Segway Polo


Segway Polo Woz Cup Championship 2010

View a 5 and a half minute video all about the Segway Polo Championship 2010 held in Barbados who remain Segway Polo World Champions for the second year in a row.

Segway Training on Möhnesee ---Segway Polo.

Segway Polo Club of Barbados - ManUP [2016]

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Segway Polo WM Köln 2015 Funkymove Turtles vs. Barbados

Das Viertelfinal-Spiel der Funkymove Turtles vs. Bardados in Köln, POLO Segway WM 2015 am 16.bis 19. juli 2015!

Segway Polo Practice

Dave one-on-one with Mikie.

UK Segway Polo

This video is about UK Segway Polo

Segway Polo Practice

Brett de Gale in action.

Segwaypolo World Championship 2017

The final game from the Segwaypolo World Championship in Hemer Germany.
Team Barbados vs: Balver Mamuts.

Segway Polo

N. Calif. (Woz's Aftershocks) vs. S. Calif. at SegwayFest 2006

Segway Polo

Hur går Segway Polo till? Lär dig reglerna inför Woz Cup 2012!

Woz Cup 2012 Segway Polo Parade through Stockholm

A Segway parade with all the teams participating in the Segway Polo World Cup 2012. From Östermalms IP to Zinkensdamms IP.

Zurich Cup 2013 Segway polo Barbados vs Hemer Butterflies

Segway Polo game between Team Barbados and the Hemer Butterflies (Germany)

Segway Polo Germany vs Austria

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Woz Cup Segway Polo sat sept 15th

pixs from the game with Steve Wozniak and the Aftershocks Steve Simms and The New Zealand Pole Blacks and Steve Steinberg and the Segway of Oakland junkyard Dogs



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