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Powder skiing in Sportgastein, Østerrike / Tiefschnee Skifahren, Bad Gastein

Skiing Powder snow in Bad Gastein / Tiefschnee skifahren in Sportgastein, Austria / Østerrike.
Deep Powder snow / Tiefschnee Hänge in unberührte Natur, perfektes Wetter und der Neuschnee / Champagne Powder einfach genial, so macht das Freeriden / Powder skiing richtig Spaß! Wir hatten sehr großes Glück, während dem Aufstieg begleitete uns ein unvergesslicher Sonnenaufgang - waren dann als Erster am Berg ( Sportgastein, Kreuzkogel in Gastein / 2.686m ).

Das Wetter spielte ebenso mit, wie die ca. 60cm Tiefschnee ( fresh Powder snow ). Und mit Skifahrer - Kollegen die nicht nur die perfekte Ski - Technik beherrschen, sondern auch das bestreben nach Genuss im Tiefschnee / Champagne-Powder teilen, macht das alles besonders viel Freunde.
Thanks guys, it was a perfect Powder day.

Powder Skiing in Bad Gastein- genial!

Location: Sportgastein, Bad Gastein, Ski amade´- Austria
Riders: Andreas Krobath, Zoran S. und Roland G.
Powerd by: Fischer Ski, Julbo und Pieps

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Musik: FootageFirm & Ruesche Sound (Siehe YouTube-Channel:


Deep Powder snow skiing in Gastein / Powder skiing in Austria / Østerrike.

Skiing in deep powder snow ( powder skiing Østerrike / skiën Oostenrijk / лыжный спорт, Австрия ) in the beautiful Gastein valley, Bad Gastein, Austria - Ski amade'.
Deep snow in untouched nature, perfect weather and the fresh powder was just awesome, powder skiing is really fun! We were very lucky, during the ascent we been accompanied by an unforgettable sunriseand and were been first on the mountain (Sportgastein, Kreuzkogel in Badgastein / 2.686m).
The weather was perfect as well as the approx. 60cm deep snow ( fresh powder snow ). And with skier colleagues who not only konw the perfect ski technique, but also share the desire to indulge in deep snow, this is friendship.
Thanks guys, it was a perfect powder day.

Powder Skiing in Bad Gastein, der Tiefschnee Traum!

Location: Sportgastein, Bad Gastein, Ski amade´- Austria
Riders: Andreas Krobath, Zoran S. und Roland G.
Powerd by: Fischer Ski, Julbo und Pieps

Musik: FootageFirm & Ruesche Sound (Siehe YouTube-Channel: )

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Salomon FreeskiTV S4-E12 Japan

Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, and Mike Henitiuk are in Niseko, Japan challenging what's possible on skis in pillows and powder. Dane steps onto the 'Stairway to Hell', one of the boldest lines we've ever seen.

[Full Runs] First Run Through the Trees (Killington, VT 02-11-2020)

It was a foggy, misty day at Killington. Contours of the snow were difficult to see on the open trails, so we decided to spend most of our day in the trees.

#skiing #snowboarding #theBeast #ThinkSnow #IceCoast

Cervinia- Epic Ski Trip 2017

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A short montage of video from our 2017 ski trip to Breuil-Cervinia, Italy.

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Skiing Killington, VT - Glades, Bumps, Double Diamonds

Compilation from a week at Killington spanning 2/3/2017 - 2/9/2017. We had fantastic conditions; some snow every day and two larger snowfalls of 6-8. Timestamps for each trail are below, along with attributions for the music.

◊ Bittersweet - 0:58
◊◊ Growler - 1:10
◊ Somewhere - 2:45
◊ Nowhere - 4:00
◊◊ Outer Limits - 4:26
□ Timberline (Neffland park) - 6:00
◊◊ Skye Peak Liftline (from the lift) - 6:47
◊◊ Skye Peak Liftline - 7:00
◊◊ Anarchy - 8:15
◊ Lower Vertigo - 9:08
◊◊ Big Dipper (skier's right) - 9:45
◊◊ Big Dipper (skier's left) - 11:22
○ Bunny Slope - 13:25
◊ The Throne - 15:05
◊ The Throne, sans visibility - 17:15
◊◊ Devil's Fiddle - 18:00
◊ The Stairs - 19:16
◊◊ Devil's Fiddle - 21:04 → Dropping a chute on the fiddle - 21:55
◊◊ Outer Limits → Devil's Fiddle → Devil's Den - 23:40
◊◊ Devil's Fiddle → Devil's Den - 28:54

Shot with Sony's new top of the line FDR-X3000 camera which has a KILLER optical image stabilization feature. It really makes these ski vids much more watchable. See how shaky the Hero 5 black looks in comparison:

All music by Silent Partner ( - thanks for putting out awesome royalty free music!

0:00 - 1:10 Red Light Runner:
1:10 - 2:45 South:
2:45 - 4:26 East:
4:26 - 6:00 Give:
6:00 - 6:47 Cockpit:
6:47 - 8:15 Once:
8:15 - 9:08 Open Wide:
9:08 - 9:45 The Contractor General:
9:45 - 11:22 Time Piece:
11:22 - 13:25 Cut It:
13:25 - 15:05 Smiles for Miles:
15:05 - 17:15 Hang for Days:
17:15 - 18:00 Just in Case:
18:00 - 19:16 Mob Battle:
19:16 - 21:04 Unusual Habitat:
21:04 - 23:40 Eviction:
23:40 - 25:37 Stomp:
25:37 - 27:37 Tidal Wave:
27:37 - 29:47 Armadillo:
29:47 - 31:48 No Culture:
31:48 - 34:00 Propeller:
34:00 - 34:21 The Woods:

Skiing in Wintergerg - Day 2

Skiing in Winterberg with friends is wonderful! See for yourself if Winterberg is something for you and your friends. It is a perfect place for beginners, but also if it is your first time going on a skiing holiday.

NCS: Music Without Limitations

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NCS Spotify: #Skiing #Winterberg

Skiing Deep Powder in Aspen Colorado

Deep powder shots in fluffy while rocky mountain powder snow in Aspen Colorado - see these extreme athletes get deep with Obermeyer gear.

TOBE 2019 - Mono Suits

Introducing our lineup of 2019 mono suits! Purpose built for backcountry activities, our mono suits will perform at the highest level while snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding and snowbiking.

See the full collection now on

Shop TOBE Mono Suits:

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1)#SkiingTest#GoProHero7Silver#4K#Hypersmooth #Allgäu#2019????????❄️☀️????⛷

First GoPro Hero 7 silver test skiing. Sorry i forgot music!!;-( I’ll appreciate your “like” & if you wish to see my new video, please subscribe ;-) Thank’s for watching!!! #Allgäu #Germany#skiing ⛷☀️????????????????????????????????. ????with my brother. #4K#Hypersmooth /

deep powder skiing-Eric Pollard&Pep Fujas

eric pollard with friends in deep powder in USA.. MUST SEE!!!

Troll Mountain Ski Resort

Troll Mountain Ski Resort a Hidden Gem
#trollmountain #skiing #skinorthbc

These Chicks Shred Mt. Baker | We Heard You Need Gloves

See more from Mad Trees:

Occasionally while sitting on one of Mt. Baker's non-high speed fixed grip lifts, you will witness a rider send something or go fully underwater and emerge in a cloud of snow from a distance. Or maybe you are joining the backcountry donkey show on a high pressure aprés-storm mission and you see someone go for a huge backie off a cheese wedge step-down.

Oooh that kid backslapped super hard but he rode it out, I'd count it.

Then as you look a little closer, you see a purple jacket, maybe it's teal. You think to yourself, maybe it's just modern manhood, masculinity undone - is that...? I thought it was a dude.

Mad Trees presents We Heard You Need Gloves, a story of female athletes pushing and supporting each other over the course of a 844 season.


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Кто круче катается на горных лыжах?/ Who is better at skiing?/ KiFill boys

Учимся кататься на горных лыжах. Посмотри и напиши, у кого получается лучше: у Кирилла или Филиппа?

1) ПРИКЛЮЧЕНИЯ Кирилла и Филиппа:
2) Спортивные ребята:
3) История игрушек:

ПОДПИШИСЬ: на канал

мы в инстаграм:
мы в контакте:

#горныелыжи #skiing #кириллфилипп

Skiing Beautiful Whitefish Montana 2020

In this video, we're Skiing beautiful Whitefish Montana. We went to Montana to visit a friend and ski a few days. Whitefish was great. The snow was soft and thick. The facilities were top notch. It was busy on this day, but not so busy where we had to wait in long lines to get on chair lifts. The views from Whitefish were spectacular. I would visit this ski resort again.

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions comment below.


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INSANE SKI STUNTS • Extreme skiing, freestyle & freeride compilation

INSANE SKI STUNTS • Extreme skiing, freestyle & freeride compilation

Insane ski stunts. Extreme skiing, freestyle & freeride compilation.

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Men’s Ski Slopestyle: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2020

Watch the FULL BROADCAST of the Men’s Ski Slopestyle event that just went down LIVE at X Games Norway 2020.

For the full X Games Norway 2020 competition schedule, click here:


Progression at its finest! X Games is your premier destination for all things action sports, music, lifestyle and everything in between.

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Breckenridge Ski Tour: Top to Bottom in 3.8 Miles!

Ski Breckenridge from top to bottom in 3.8 miles with Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate Broker Ted Amenta, who is also available for private ski and snowboard instruction upon request.

Visit for full listing details on all Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate listings and for more information about private ski & snowboard lessons with Ted.

This video covers several runs from the top of the Imperial Express SuperChair on Peak 8 to the bottom of the Quicksilver SuperChair at The Village at Breckenridge. The top portion is all single diamond groomed runs, the bottom portion is all beginner or green runs, and a couple of intermediate or blue runs are covered in the middle.

See the playlists of this channel for videos of 100+ other Breckenridge ski trails.

Terrain covered in this video is as follows:

00:00 - 01:30: Introduction
01:30 - 03:15: Imperial Ridge
03:15 - 04:15: Alpine Alley to the bottom of the Imperial SuperChair
04:15 - 06:30: Upper Four O'Clock to the Vista Haus Restaurant / Springmeier
06:30 - 08:30: Springmeier
08:30 - 10:00: (Middle) Four O'Clock
10:00 - 12:30: Sawmill
12:30 - 14:00: Lower Sawmill (Ludicrous Speed!)
14:00 - 15:15: Bottom of Quicksilver

Powder skiing!! | VLOG 90

First powder Vlog of the year! Me and my brother Gian went to St. Moritz to ski some powder! It was soo much fun and the snow was just perfect! Hope you guys enjoy the vlog!
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Produced by Frederick Iliano & Gian Ragettli
#Powder #Skiing #Dumping #PowderSkiing #Freeride #DeepSnow #AndriRagettliVlogs

Zell am See | Austria | Ski Run | Schmittenhöhe Rode pistes | GoPro (HD)

Ski lift ride and 5 minute ski run into Zell am See, Austria in HD. Great if you're missing the snow or want to see what the Zell am See Ski Resort is like. Its beautiful by the way, with excellent facilities and beautifully maintained runs. Schmittenhöhe Rode pistes

#skiing #ZellamSee #Kaprun #Austria #SkiAustria

SKIING ZELL AM SEE | Ski Hire and Riding the Schüttorf Areit Xpress

A short walk from the Hotel Latini in Schüttorf, Zell am See, to the Intersport ski hire depot located next to the Areit Xpress cable car. Excellent facilities with fast and friendly service.

I got some car spotting in on the way too, with a Tesla Model X and a classic Jeep Wagoneer spotted on route!

Sit back and enjoy the view as we ride the cable car up the mountain!

#ZellAmSee #Skiing #AreitXpress #Schüttorf #SkiingInAustria



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