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No Chance Scrubs Bad Ass Baseball

No Chance!

How to CLEAN and POLISH Your Cricket Bat at Home | Best Idea | PrayogShala | Hindi

Hello Friends, In this video You are going to see the easiest way to clean your dirty cricket bat and polish it at your home easily. Hope you like it.

Cricket Bats Under 1500:
1. SS Josh (K)-
2. HRS Thunder (K)-
3. SG Max Cover (K)-
4. GM Sting (K)-
5. DSC Scorer (K)-
6. SG Cobra Gold (K)-
7. SG Nexus Plus (K)-

Cricket Bats Under 3000:
1. SG Phoenix Extreme (K)-
2. SG VS 319 Spark (K)-
3. New Balance DC 480 (K)-
4. SG Hi-Score Xtreme (E)-

Cricket Bats under 6000:
1. SG Cobra Xtreme (E)- (THUMBS UP from my side)
2. SG Sunny Tonny (E)-
3. SS Premium (E)-

Cricket Balls:
SG Club Cricket Ball-
SS Yorker Leather Cricket Ball-

SG Hanging Ball for Practice:-

Gears I use for my videos:-
Main Camera (DSLR)-
Secondary Camera (Secondary)-

The Nation's Fastest Field Cleanup

The Tennessee baseball pitching staff sets the tone early on gameday. Approximately an hour before first pitch, the Vol hurlers bounce to the beat of Call On Me and use the dulcet tones of Eric Prydz to tackle their pregame cleanup duties. The record has been set at 30.86 seconds.

HooksTV Scrub & Send

Lord of the Laundry meets Mr. Postman

Scrub Brush League

A shameless advertisement for and! Everything you need to know about the Texas Rangers baseball club.

Cleaning time baseball game

My students playing baseball with a broom and wad of paper while they are supposed to be cleaning the classroom. The game is soon derailed when one of them slips and falls on the oil they poured out for the wood floor. Pure hilarity, amirite?

Bonus points if you can identify the song I was making them listen to.

Aaron Judge: Star or Scrub??

Is Aaron Judge an All-Star or All-or-Nothing??

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Interviews and commentary with Kobe Bryant, Pelé, Manny Pacquiao and everyone in between! By a fan, for the fans! Videos all week long.

Orioles baseball friendly fire...

Justin Turner Breaks Wrists vs Athletics | Dodgers vs Athletics Spring Training

Justin Turner Breaks Wrists vs Athletics | Dodgers vs Athletics Spring Training

The Time this 18-Year-Old Rookie was the BIGGEST "FAILURE" in the NBA (Fear is Not Real)

Michael Jordan, the player many believe to be the best basketball player of all time once said, I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

As fans, we often forget that athletes we consider to be near superhuman have moments of failure in between their incredible accomplishments. But going a bit further, what exactly is 'failure'? For one Kobe Bryant, it is just a moment before your next success. In this video, I go over the early years of a young Kobe Bryant preparing for the NBA and how in one playoff game he failed so hard it actually became a formative moment of his fearlessness and Mamba mentality approach. One of my favorite vids, recommend the watch on this one for sure.

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Kobe Bryant airball game was as defining a moment of his in his career

The ball left Kobe Bryant’s fingertips, the Lakers’ guard confident about his touch, release and final result.

But the game-defining plays Bryant had always dreamed about turned into a nightmare. With the Lakers’ season in the balance, an 18-year-old Bryant took four shots that did not come close to going in the basket. They all airballed. The Lakers lost in five games to the Utah Jazz in the 1997 Western Conference semifinals, leaving Bryant with a humbling rookie moment that affected the rest of his 20-year NBA career.

“It was an early turning point for me in being able to deal with adversity, deal with public scrutiny and self-doubt,” Bryant recalled. “At 18 years old, it was gut-check time.”

Bryant responded to that gut-check time by going to Palisades High shortly after the Lakers landed in Los Angeles that night. Then, Bryant worked on his shot “until the sun came up.” He spent the rest of his offseason repeating that routine every day.

Nearly 19 years, five NBA championships and 33,044 points later, Bryant believed that rookie hiccup served him well.

“I look back at it now with fond memories of it. Back then, it was misery,” said Bryant, whose Lakers (9-32) play the Utah Jazz (17-22) on Saturday at Vivint Smart Home Arena. “It helped shape me.

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The People's Kid

Justin Turner joins The Dish

Justin Turner discusses the best dressed at the Blue Diamond Gala, everyone stepping up and more on the latest Dodgers edition of the Dish

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Meet the NBA Player who FORGOT How to Shoot a Basketball

In what has to be one of the most unique stories in this year's NBA season, the #1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft Markelle Fultz has struggled to recapture his form from just a year ago. In particular, Fultz has mainly forgotten the core fundamentals of his jump shot - a skill he relied on heavily in college. What some thought could be due to a potential shoulder injury has now been recognized as a loss of muscle memory and/or confidence in Fultz with respect to his ability to shoot a basketball. It has created quite a bit of talk among the sports media and in this video I finally give my two cents on the ordeal. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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ESPN's Jalen Rose Blames Fultz's Trainer for Shooting Slump
In the wake of various reports about the Sixers and the situation revolving around rookie Markelle Fultz, the No. 1 overall pick drew his own line in the sand.

Monday, Philly Voice published a piece detailing contradictions on the reasoning behind the change to Fultz's jumper between the NBA Draft and the preseason with the Sixers and mentions how the Sixers have taken to using virtual reality to help Fultz re-discover his lost form.

Tuesday, The Athletic published a story -- citing team sources -- that Fultz altered his jump shot at the behest of his personal trainer, Keith Williams, in the months leading up to the start of the Sixers' season.

This all comes on the heels of Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo speaking to the media about Fultz without giving a concrete timeline for his return. Sixers star Joel Embiid gave his thoughts on Monday night.

ESPN's Jalen Rose -- a former NBA player-turned-analyst -- added fuel to that fire on his Jalen & Jacoby radio show co-hosted by Rose and David Jacoby.

On the heels of a discussion about who deserves the Rookie of the Year award between Jazz's Donovan Mitchell and Sixers' Ben Simmons -- Rose argues Mitchell, Jacoby picks Simmons -- the two started discussing the Philly Voice report and the Fultz situation at large.

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Sixers' Fultz 'too gifted for anyone to give up on him'

Lorenzo Romar had his entire Washington Huskies basketball team over for dinner one night at his family home in Seattle and as Romar looked around the living room he noticed his star player was missing.

Where's Markelle?

Markelle Fultz was in the other room, setting the kitchen table for dinner with Romar’s wife, Leona.

Even in just one college year, there was plenty of evidence that Fultz, now a Sixers guard, wasn’t really like any star Romar had ever coached. Fultz once cooked chicken and waffles for his teammates, and during one stretch of the season when he was injured, Fultz was known to retrieve water for his teammates on the bench.

“He cares quite a bit,” Romar told NJ Advance Media.

Fultz is just 19 years and at the very beginning of a life of luxury as a millionaire and No. 1 NBA Draft pick. He wasn't just the No. 1 draft pick, either. Fultz was picked No. 1 by a team that mortgaged some key future assets just for the right to bring him into the fold.

Being that, the face of a major NBA trade and the top pick in what many consider the deepest draft in years, comes with the weight of expectation. It comes from a fan base that watched this Sixers franchise sacrifice four years of quality basketball for asset accumulation and, hopefully, future years of contention. If not now, in 2018, then soon.

After this recent Sixers stretch of suffering, it really was that big of deal, and Fultz was the reward.

Now the Sixers are playoff contenders in the Eastern Conference, ninth in the standings with eight playoff spots available, and a contingent of Philadelphia fans (not all of them) become irate whenever a regular season game is lost. Some have even taken to calling for coach Brett Brown's head. Rationale says that's ridiculous.

But, no, patience is no longer a virtue when it comes to this latest Sixers draft pick, on track to miss most of his rookie season.

The difference, though, is that Fultz burned the now-traditional Sixers redshirt season by playing in the pre-season and four regular season games. The sample size was small, but it was a sample size, and now it's all anyone has to evaluate. Nobody had anything for two years of Embiid or one for Simmons. The slate was clean. Fultz's has been muddled by an ugly shot.

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Big lacrosse hit leads to huge cheap shot and scrub

Burnaby lakers Junior a vs Victoria shamrocks
Game two of a back-to-back series Burnaby 16 with a big hit followed by a illegal backcheck cheap shot from a Victoria small dick faggot

Severe Chafing in Softball and Baseball, What to do

Enjoy the video and hope it helps .... Laugh and have fun

ALL 2017 Justin Turner Home Runs

ALL Home Runs hit by Justin Turner 2017 Season

Day in the life of a D-backs clubhouse attendant

With FOX Sports Arizona, I followed the Diamondbacks clubhouse attendants around for a day to see what their schedule is like during Spring Training.

Baseball Stories - Ep. 7 Justin Turner Preview

The Dodgers' third baseman sits down with Jayson Stark to discuss becoming one of the game's best.

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Kara scrub

Kara almost falling

Mariners: Missed Draft Picks (Part 2)

This video turns the clock back to the '80s and the '90s, when the Mariners still sucked badly, just like how they do now! Of course part of their failures have to do with drafting scrub-ass players, so I made a video of who they could have drafted over those scrub-asses they picked.

Angels Scrub Away Mickey Hatcher

Rev Halofan has his take ont he psychology of baseball players when a coach is fired. The Angels fired Mickey Hatcher as batting coach - even of causation cannot be correlated, in a structured group effort, urgency exists whethr or not it cannot be calculated



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