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Sanshou Champion ZHANG KUN - WUSHU SANDA is proud to present: An interview with Zhang Kun, China National Sanda Team Athlete - Gold medallist at Asia Games and World Wushu Championships.

Sanshou Sanda 2016 World Cup Finals China vs Vietnam 48 Kg Men

Sanshou Sanda 2016 World Cup Finals China vs Vietnam 48 Kg Men

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Sanshou takedowns

Some takedowns in slowmo. Hope you enjoy ;)
Summer 2010 and 2011 at Shanghai University of Sport
creds to Zhu Yang Tao who s executing all the takedowns except the sweep.

SANSHOU 2009 - 10th world wushu championship


China and Iran Sanshou warmup

Warm ups

Chinese kickboxing +Shaolin Kung fu Training in China Mountain

Intensive full-time Chinese kickboxing Sanda training with professional Masters(
Sanshou class in Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu academy.Email:

Kung Fu(Sanshou) Training of Chinese Armed Police

Sanshou (or Sanda) is Chinese martial art developed based on traditional Chinese Kung Fu, the military Sanshou used in Chinese military or police force is way more combative and fatal than the sport Sanshou , it has no taboo or limitation in techniques. namely, it is full of techniques designed to attack vital parts of human body

China and Iran Sanshou Warm up

China and Iran warming up....

Sanda/Sanshou World Champion XU JIA HENG - China 2016 presents: An interview with Sanda World Champion, Xu Jia Heng.
As part of the 2016 Shaanxi Sanda Team coverage.
Taped in Xian summer 2016
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UMBC Wushu Sanshou @ Virginia Wushu Club Sanshou Practice - Part 1

UMBC Wushu Sanshou members visiting the Virginia Wushu Club's Sanshou practice for a joint training session.

Taken at the Slaughter Recreation Center on April 25th, 2014.

Sanshou training clip: knee technqiues

Sanshou training clip: knee technqiues

Võ thuật chiến đấu / đối kháng/ wushu sanshou/ tán thủ

Clb võ thuật Hùng Việt / nhà thi đấu Huyện Thanh Trì/0915459998

Traditional Shanxi Xingyi Quan Series Hunyuan Sanshou Quan Routine Watch Movie jsp

Wushu Sanshou Vietnam Training

Wushu Sanshou Vietnam Training

UMBC Wushu Sanshou Double and Single Leg Takedown

UMBC Wushu's Sanshou Coach Jason Liu teaches the double and single leg takedown, and its various setups.

A arte do guerreiro (The art of the warrior) - Sanshou

Matéria sobre Sanshou que foi exibida no especial de natal do pragrama Sensei da SporTV. O video é uma produção independente realizada por Daniel Barros ( e co-produzida pela
Inicialmente vemos o lutador profissional Gilvan Alves falando a sua filosofia de vida e depois o Mestre Marco Serra fazendo uma pequena explicação sobre o que é o sanshou.
Todo o filme foi rodado no Instituto de Kung Fu Shaolin.
Agradecimentos: Calebe Ferres, Mário Filho, Ana Hissa, Victor Reis, Davi Moori, Diogo Dias, Sifu Marco Serra, Prof. Gilvan Alves, Prof. Claudio Pereira, Ana Paula Brito e a todos os alunos.

Boxing vs Shanshou

Just a small fight between a BOXING guy ( black T-shirt) and his friend, a SANSHOU guy. the Sanshou guy believes that his arms are fast enough that he does not have to use his legs when fighting with the Boxing guy. But that's very difficult.

No way to win with Sanshou in a math with boxing rule!

Do you argee this video is a night clean fight between boxing vs shanshou not often show on Youtube?

Sanda Competition - rules

Sanda rules with judge Shaun Kara from UK
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Yang Paired form 'sanshou boxing form' with english subtitles

English subtitles on yang paired form teachings from China, Clean re-edit of earlier post of this video this time with English subtitles.

Wushu Sparring (Sanshou) Techniques #3

Many people believe that because modern Wushu was made for sport and performance purposes, its more traditional and martial roots do not exist. Critics counter the existence of Sanshou (Wushu sparring) by claiming that it has no connection to modern Wushu taolu whatsoever, and conclude that therefore taolu techniques are useless in a fight. This is not true. The modern Sanda curriculum that is taught in both professional Wushu schools and sports universities in China contains many techniques extracted from various Wushu styles, including specific takedowns and strikes. This video demonstrates two modern Wushu Changquan (Long Fist) techniques that can and have been applied in the Sanshou environment.

These techniques were not simply demonstrated, but they are shown in NON-COMPLIANT SPARRING, meaning that there was no rehearsed or choreographed performance, but real, albeit controlled full-contact sparring.

DISCLAIMER: When sparring, you should NOT specifically be looking/planning for techniques to apply, as that is a good way to set yourself up for being countered. These techniques came out of natural reaction, based on prior Wushu taolu knowledge, context of the specific situation/exchange, and most importantly, comfort-ability and control in sparring.

In the future for sanda, we should put more Chinese martial arts in it...Now we really should use the scientific method on our Wushu. If you say you have some extreme secret technique, you should examine it scientifically and find out how it works. You cannot just have it in the mouth or on the paper. That's not going to be real. What is the experimental lab of Wushu? That is the tournament or the battlefield.

-The Late Grandmaster Ma Xianda, Kung Fu Magazine The Muslim Master of the Old Empire.



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