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Sandboarding with Mark Pastori

Monte Vista, CO native Mark Pastori combines endurance and adventure while sandboarding in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

Amazing Sandboarding in Chile | Cristian Calcagno

Cristian Calcagno, a Chilean extreme sport enthusiast and friends, surf on sand the high desert mountains across a breathtaking view.Subscribe Here for daily XTreme surfing videos:

As the sun rises and the sun sets, Cristian Calcagno, a Chilean extreme sport enthusiast and friends, surf on sand the high desert mountains across a breathtaking view separating the city between the desert and the ocean. Located in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountain, Chile is known for its beautiful desert and its fascinating landscape right across. Watch how this group of friends do some 360’s and backflips moves as they sandboard their way with so much speed

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Gregory Fitzgerald
ATMOS330_24 Hours of Dance
UPPM- France

Gregory Fitzgerald
Chasing Lights
ATMOS330_24 Hours of Dance -UPPM- France

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Baja Sandboard Mexicali 2014

Baja Sandboard Mexicali attracted hundreds of spectators and some pro sandboarders from around the world during its fourth annual event in Los Cuervitos dunes near Los Algodones on Sunday.

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EXTREME SandBoarding Tricks in Oregon 2017

Sandboard is an extreme sport consisting of descending dunes at a high speed using a snowboard. This group of adventurers has mastered some pretty impressive tricks at the Sand Master Park, in the United States.


Sandboarding World Championships

Freeride Session - Sandboarding World Championships 2005

Best moments from the 2005 Sandboarding World Championships in Monte Kaolino (Germany).

Real skill, xtreme attitude, extreme sports:

Dune Shredding - Snowboarding in the Desert

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A Dakar MINI storming through the dunes, a specially adjusted snowboard, one rope and two talented athletes. Kuba Przygoński, one of the top Polish rally racers and member of the ORLEN Team, joined forces with snowboarder Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak for a freestyle collaboration in a picturesque desert in the United Arab Emirates. The video showcases Gniazdo’s breathtaking jump over the car, parallel descent from one the highest dunes of the Arabian Peninsula and a set of tricks on desert rails.

Driver: Kuba Przygonski
Snowboarder: Wojtek Pawlusiak

Director: Dobromil Sudak
DOP: Piotr Uznanski U.S.C.

Production House: Watchout Productions

Producer: Adrian Wlodarski
Producer: Wojciech Jakus
Production Assistant: Tadeusz Zwierzynski
Abu Dhabi Production: Waseem Yakdi, Amir Yakdi

Focus Puller: Piotr Dresu Maciejewski
Drone Operator: Vadim d'Ercerville
Drone Pilot: Robert Romaniuk
Costumes: Magda Bem
Creature Artist: Marcin Kedzierzawski Redo SFX
Phantom Flex Assistant: Robert Frodo Domanski
Props: Arkadiusz Bujalski

Post Production: Xantus Studio

Post Production Ninja: Kuba Michalczuk
Post Production Coordinator: Alicja Ksen
Colorist: Jacek Bulik
DI Intermediate: Maciej Manias
On-Line: Jan Chmielewski
Editor: Dobromil Sudak

Sound Design: Juice
Sound Designer: Kuba Pietrzak

Camera Equipment: Panavision Polska, Piotr Hermanowski, Alicja G≥adkowska

Music Original score: KCPK - Who Wants It

Special thanks to:
X-raid Team


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Dune Shredding - Snowboarding in the Desert

Sandboarding GoPro HD

GoPro Hero 960 Sandboarding

GoPro: Dunes - Sand Skiing in Peru

Join Jesper Tjäder and Emma Dahlström as they go on an adventure through Peru and Ski on the slopes of one of the highest sand dunes in the world.

The dune of Cerro Blanco sits at roughly 2100m above sea level and requires hours of hiking in the sun to reach the top. Once at the top the dune can provide runs for over 1km, a truly unique experience in sand skiing.

Jesper and Emma take their freestyle skiing skills into a new environment and have their first ever attempt at hitting kickers and rails in the sand.

With Special Thanks from the local assistance of Carlos Conan Muñiz and the team at Conandes Expedition

Shot 100% on the HERO® cameras from ‪

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White Limos

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A short film comprised of GoPro footage from a day spent Sand Boarding the Atlantis Dunes in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

Real SandSki & Sandboarding 2015

This is the result of a collaboration of sand & snow riders in Peru. Together for the development of our sport: SandSki & Sandboarding. Subscribe for more extreme moments here:

Riding for our next video 2015, new riders, new friends, new dunes, more development for the future generation.

Dunes : Huacachina , Cerro Blanco, Toro Mata (Peru) Cerro Dragon (Chile) , Joaquina (Brasil)

Resultado de un trabajo de desarrollo deportivo entre rider de arena y nieve. Seguimos corriendo en la arena y nieve, tendencia SandSnow…

Twitter: @intersands
Edit : Seb Jam -
Facebook // VK // Twitter // // Riders-Match

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Caroline Wozniacki Tries Sand Boarding In Dubai

2011 Dubai champion Caroline Wozniacki tried a new sport this week ahead of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, when she tried her luck at sand boarding in the spectacular dunes outside Dubai.

Sandboarding Huge Dunes in Colorado (ETP 2 of 3)

The largest sand dunes in North America are located in Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. So we decided to go make a stop and try out dune boarding. It was a blast.

This is Part 2 of 3 in our Extreme Triple Play series. To view the other two videos visit our channel or our website.

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Sandboard World Cup 2017

Un poco de lo que fue el campeonato internacional de Sandboarding, denominado Sandboard World Cup -SWC, donde reunió a los mejores riders de arena y nieve en la cuidad de Ica - Perú, ubicado exactamente en el paraíso del Sandboard - Huacachina. Un excelente evento que sin lugar a dudas seguirá mejorando cada vez más.

High-speed sand-boarding crash captured on 5 angles!

First time sand-boarding, and first visit to Great Sandunes National Park, Colorado. Caught an edge when I tried to hit the brakes, sending me into a tumble...

Epic Sandboarding On the Sand Dunes | Riding the Desert Waves

These guys take to the sand dunes to perform some epic sandboarding! They definitely give new meaning to the dust bowl!
Original Link:

Sandboard Cap 1 SoulSand Iquique Clases de Sandboard +56953335169

Sandboard Iquique Chile 2014 (clases de Sandboard +56953335169)
Riders:Cristian Calcagno Jose Martinez
Facebook :Soulsand Sandboard Iquique

Sandboarding in the Sahara

Watch these explorers surf the desert sands of the Sahara.

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Tutorial / Encerado Desertica Sandboarding.

SNOWCAT on SAND - Sandspirit 2017 (sandboarding)

This is what happens if you put a snowcat into sand and winter sports into summer - Sandspirit!

video production, camera & edit: Danny Strasser

music by Bill Stankay



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