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Sailing 60 knots wind on a swan 57 -FLYER-

one week aboard a swan 57 with different conditions and a day reaching 60 knots and some days at -10 degrees

Laser Sailing Downwind Strategy Seminar - International Sailing Academy

Everything you need to know about VMG, course skew, wave skew, shifts and pressure for laser sailing downwind.

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Laser Sailing Downwind:

Extreme Laser sailing with Jeremy O'Connell

I'm a 19 year old laser sailor with a dream of winning an Olympic Gold medal for Australia. Join me on the journey of olympic selection and the highs and lows of competition at

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Filmed and Edited by Ben Hartnett -
Thanks to Will Morris for some awesome boat driving.
Music: Flight Facilities - Crave you (adventure club dubstep remix)

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Sailing Boat Crashes Compilation

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Sailing Elliott 6m WMR Gold Final - Australia v Spain Full Replay - London 2012 Olympics

Sailing Elliott 6m WMR Gold Final - Australia v Spain Full Replay from the Weymouth and Portland at the London 2012 Olympic Games. - 11 August 2012

Sailing was first contested as an Olympic sport at the 1900 Paris Games. Since then, the classes of boats allowed to compete have continually evolved to reflect advances in yacht design and technology. Equipment advances over the past 20 years have created a trend towards smaller and lighter craft, placing ever greater demands on both the athletic and technical capacities of the sailors.

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2018 Extreme Sailing Series™ - official TV Series highlights episode

Look back at the highlights from a spectacular 2018 season with the official TV Series episode.

Big Seas & Gale Winds to Colombia - Adventure 08 (Sailing Around the World)

We set sail from Puerto Rico expecting a sporty sail. What started as a mundane sail ended with winds to 40 knots, a fresh gale, and steep waves. The coast of Colombia is renowned for it's sea conditions. Some say it's the entire Atlantic piling up in this corner of the Caribbean. Others say it's the current. On the fifth day we took down all of our sails in order to slow down our surfs down these waves. This sail will go down as one of our most memorable rides.

We're here in Cartagena now and loving it. It has everything you could ever want from an old world city. A great atmosphere and cheap food. It'd be accurate to say we're fully in Cartagena's clutches!

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Sailing - Men 470 - London 2012 Olympic Games

SA05 - Men - 470 - Sailing - 02 August 2012 - London 2012 Olympic Games


The Tula Shop - This is how we sail our catamaran. We are no expert sailors and especially not expert sail trimmers but we wanted to show you very generally how WE sail our boat. We have a lot to learn. This was a beautiful sail from Hopetown to Lynyard Cay in the Bahamas with 6-10 knots of wind the whole time. We could have flown our spinnaker but we kept it simple and went with full sails.

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Guide to Laser Class Sailing with Olympic Gold Medallist Tom Burton | Gillette World Sport

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World Sport joins 2016 Laser Sailing Olympic Champion, Tom Burton on the water as we find out what it took to make the Australian Olympic Team, as well as what it takes to make it in the Laser class.

►Laser Class Sailing at the Olympic Games:
►Sailing the 49er with Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen:

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New Age Junior Sailing Pathway - O'Pen BIC to RS Feva - short version

There’s a new pathway for Junior Sailing that ‘s inspiring more kids to sail. It's a move to more exciting and durable boats with programming that focuses more on fun and adventure than traditional racing. The new-age pathway is now complete. As kids grow out of the O’Pen BIC, they can move into the RS Feva.
Let’s hear from sailing programs who are giving more kids the passion for sailing.

The World Sailing Show - Aug 2018

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00:53 Superyacht Cup 2018 – The biggest and the best
6:25 Extreme Sailing Series – Act 4 Cascais
7:39 Golden Globe start
8:11Volvo Ocean Race – The final battle
14:12 52 SuperSeries second round Zadar
17:22 Aarhus Sailing World Championships preview Pt3
20:17 Rolex Giraglia – The Mediterranean offshore classic

Conservative estimates put the total value of this year’s Superyacht Cup fleet in Palma at well over 500 million Euros. Yet whatever the figure, the sight of some of the world’s biggest and best racing in Palma Majorca was spectacular.
Meanwhile, in the closest match in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race, three boats on equal points put everything on the line to battle for overall victory.
In Zadar, Croatia the competition was just as close in the second event of the 52 Superseries, as was the action in the offshore stage of the Rolex Giraglia.
And there’s more.
Extremes in Cascais, the Golden Globe in Les Sables d’Olonne, plus during the build up to the Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, we take a look at how one Olympic sailor is balancing her campaign with a new family life.

100 Seconds of Epic Sailing With Oracle Team USA | Raw 100

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Experience the sheer power of modern yacht racing in this ride-along video that's simply raw, high-quality footage — no slow-mo, no music, no B.S.

The America’s Cup has always been a game changer in the world of sailing and the 35th edition of the race is no different. Twenty years ago, the average max speed was 12 knots. Today, it’s 40 knots (in less than 12 knots of wind). Meaning, you don’t even hear the wind because you’re going so fast. While sailing these machines, crews constantly teeter on the edge between ridiculously fast and total catastrophe, combating situations and G-force speeds when maneuvering. We should also mention that the sailors are not strapped in, which is like driving an F1 car without a seatbelt.

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14 days- Sail Camping Adventure

Sailing adventure with sport catamaran Dart 18 from Ankaran (Slovenia) to Corfu (Greece). Camping on the boat. Dinghy cruising July 2016. 5,5m sport catamaran. 14 days and 1400km. Sailing Slovenia, Croatia and Greece.
Started from Slovenia with light winds. Croatia had light and strong winds so sailing was fun. I was sleeping on the boat in calm bays. After 12 days I came to island Mljet in Croatia. Weather forecast was 4 days of strong NW wind and I sailed out on open sea directly to Greece. Sailing was fun as my average spped was 12kn. After sailing day and night in Otrant gates one rudder broke. I was 50nm from Corfu and slowly and carefully made it to the island. I was on the open sea for 2 days and nights with no sleep so it was nice to touch ground. It was grate sailing adventure. Slovenia, Croatia and Greece are beautifful countries that offer one of the best sailing areas.

2015 Sailing World Cup Melbourne

This year's Sailing World Cup Melbourne was moved to St Kilda's Sailing Precinct on Port Phillip Bay. The event had a variety of conditions, consisting of no wind on some days, to a 40 knot squall on another. However most days the venue provided athletes with champagne sailing conditions. Over 180 competitors took to the water throughout the week, this is a glimpse of the regatta. Enjoy.

Filmed & Edited by Ben Hartnett


1st Track
- Wayvee - Wednesday Night Smokerlude

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- Wayvee - Diamondsummer

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Sailing Weather Tips on reading local Weather & Tides - FULL TALK - with Libby Greenhalgh

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Sailing Legend | Full Documentary

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Sailing Legend looks into the man who became the first person to sail solo and non-stop around the world.

In his own words, Sir Robin explains the story behind his epic achievement over 50 years ago. Hear from Ben Ainslie Alex Thomson Racing, Sir Chris Bonington and Dee Caffari on how Sir Robin continues to inspire others to push themselves to their limits and be adventurous.

Find out what it was like to be in isolation with no communications to training ordinary people to become ocean racers.

From battling through monster waves, to being ‘lost at sea’ after losing his radio, and fighting off a shark, Sir Robin relieves the journey and shares never before seen photographs and diary entries. The documentary looks back on his remarkable life, career, legacy and his astonishing influence on the sport.

To me, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is an iconic figure and one of the greatest sailors to have ever set foot in a boat - Sir Ben Ainslie

The thing that made Robin stand out so much was that he wasn't well known, he wasn't famous, he was an ordinary chap who built his own boat and did something nobody on earth had ever done before. Through sheer drive, guts and determination. - John Simpson, BBC Correspondent

36 days - Sailing camping adventure

Adventure sailing camping Mediterranean sea single-handed from Slovenia to Albania and back on laser 2 sailing dinghy dinghy cruising. 1500Nm and 36days sailing Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania.

I sailed away from Ankaran in Slovenia in summer 2011 with my laser looking for some adventure sailing. I had good winds so I was sailing fast. Laser sailing dinghy was a very good boat. I head no extreme weather or heavy weather only some strong Bura wind. I only had 2 days with rain while sailing Croatia. As I was sailing solo it was a challenge to film this sailing video. I had a gopro camera. Every sailing day was fun. Some more some less. Sailing Croatia was really beautiful. It was a grate sailing adventure and I miss my laser dinghy.

Find more sailing adventure expeditions from sailing Croatia, sailing Norway and sailing Mediterranean on web page by Igor Stropnik:

Setting A New Sailing Speed Record | Volvo Ocean Race Raw Part 1

Follow 4 sailors every Sunday on Red Bull YouTube on their personal journey of the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race. Nine months told in four minutes: we watch sailors evolve during one of the Earth’s most daring races. Go through the incredible highs to the darkest lows a person can experience as we get into their head as the race’s stress takes hold but the sailor’s obsession propels them forward through all of Mother Nature’s elements.
On this episode, Dane Nicolai Sehested's story takes him on the sailing adventure of a lifetime for a second time and helps his team set a new Volvo Ocean Race speed record.


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Learn How to Sail: A Step-by-Step Guide to SAILING

Join me on a comprehensive sailing lesson. I teach you the basics you need to know to begin sailing, from vocabulary and parts of the boat to getting underway and understanding sailing maneuvers.

Boat: 1980 Capri 25

Panasonic G85
GoPro Hero 5
Audio: RØDE VideoMicro (on camera); GoPro crappy onboard mic; and Zoom H1 (voiceover)
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

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