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Sōjutsu (槍術) / Yari Jutsu [The Art of Spear] Kasumi no Ho

Bujinkan Greece Ninpo Taijutsu.
Yari Jutsu - the art of spear, with the Bujinkan Shihan Harry Mitrou.

Owarikan-ryū sōjutsu - 39th Kobudo Demonstration Nippon Budokan 2016

Demonstration of traditional Japanese martial arts schools (koryu) at the 39th Kobudo Enbutaikai held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo in February 2016.


--- CREDITS ---
Written and directed by Guillaume Erard
Music by Guillaume Erard (available on iTunes

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佐分利流槍術 - Saburi-ryū sōjutsu (yari)

20th West Japan Kobudŏ Taikai
June 29th, 2014

Saburi Ryu Sojutsu - 40th All Japan Kobudo Demonstration - 2017


Saburi Ryu Sojutsu (spear) demonstration by Kawase Kazumichi Soke his students by during the 2017 40th all Japan Aikido Kobudo Demonstration at the Nippon Budokan.

-- Official presentation by the Kobudo association --
The founder of the Saburiryu Sojutsu (spearmanship) is Saburi Shigetake who is from the northern part of the Fukui prefecture. Dates of birth and death are unknown, however, it is a fact that he was a military commander around 1600.
Drawn from the Chujoryu, he studied the Todaryu spearmanship, based on which he developed his own art. Used is a 9 shaku long spear (272 cm) with a hook like piece that is used to control the opponents weapon.

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Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.:

Music: Wind by Madoka

Katori Shinto Ryu Arnhem - sojutsu (speervechten)

zwaardvechten in Arnhem
Henk Arnold sensei
en Frank van Galen

Taihen jutsu

Seminario de So Jutsu en México DF
2010 . Shihan Willy Iglesia . Shihan Nicolas Sartoris.

Shidare Yanagi-ryu Sojutsu 02

Another short video that shows the Sojutsu of the Yoshida-ha Shidare Yanagi-ryu Aiki Bugei.

宝蔵院流槍術・Hōzōin Ryū Sōjutsu

宗家 一箭順三


Saburi Ryu Sojutsu - Kawase Kazumichi - 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration

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School: Saburi Ryū Sōjutsu
Event: 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration
Date: 03/02/2019
Venue: Nippon Budōkan, Tokyo
Current representative: Kawase Kazumichi (Saburi Ryū Sōke 12th generation, Shin'nuki Ryū 19th generation)

Saburi Ryū Sōjutsu was founded by Saburi Inosuke Shigetaka, who initially learned Toda Ryū.
He then had a revelation which completed his technical skills, and it is from this combination that he invented Saburi Ryū.
The school developed for generations inside the Mihara Clan up to its peak under the eigth representant, Saburi Gengozaemon Shigetake, at the moment of the Meiji restoration. Nowadays, professor Kawase Kazumichi is the twelfth representant of the school and received its tradition.
In Saburi Ryū, the sentence “the spear cut and the sword thrusts” expresses the essence of the style.
The standard spear of this school is 9 Shaku (approx. 273 cm) long, with a tip of 2,1 Shaku (approx. 64 cm) made of a double edge with two Shinogi (ridges). 2,5 Shaku (76 cm) under the tip is a metallic handle that can slide along the shaft. The spear takes its name from that handle and is called “Kagiyari” (“Kagi” being the metallic handle).

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Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.

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“Deep Dark Jungle” by Rhythm Scott (

#SaburiRyuSojutsuShin'nukiRyuIaiKenpo #BudoDemonstration #Kobudo

Seminario Internacional de So Jutsu

Dictado por el Shihan Willy Iglesia, acompañado del Shihan Nicolas Sartoris.
17 y 18 de Abril de 2010
Ciudad de México.

Shidare Yanagi-ryu Sojutsu 01

A short video showing Sojutsu from Yoshida-ha Shidare Yanagi-ryu Aiki Bugei.

Sōjutsu (Yari) Shiho-Waza

Bujinkan Kukishin-ryū - Sojutsu (Yari) - Shiho-Waza kata
Shihan Miky Rosner
Bujinkan Ninjutsu Israel


Il Yari (lancia) è una delle armi studiate nel Bujinkan Dojo, questo video si propone di essere d'aiuto nel proprio allenamento, ovviamente per comprenderlo appieno si deve aver prima praticato con uno Shidoshi (Istruttore) o con uno Shihan (Maestro).

Shihan Luca Lanaro 15° Dan Kugyo Happo Biken

Bujinkan Dojo Genova


Seminario de Sojutsu 2010

Seminario de So Jutsu en México DF.
2010 . Shihan Willy Iglesia . Shihan Nicolas Sartoris.

Owarikan Ryu Sojutsu & Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Heiho - 36th Asakusa Kobudo Taikai (2018)


School: Owarikan Ryu Sojutsu & Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Heiho
Event: 36th Asakusa Kobudo Taikai
Date: 21/04/2018
Venue: Taito Riverside Sports Center
Representative: Kato Isao (13th generation)

Although the official Soke of Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Heiho teaches a different group of students in a different place, the Shunpukan Dojo, renown mostly for its Owarikan Ryu spear techniques, also happen to practice Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Heiho and they often demonstrate both techniques during their demonstrations.
Since Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Heiho is demonstrated thoroughly by the official Soke in another video, we will only introduce the Owarikan Ryu Sojutsu here. Let just mention that the Shunpukan Dojo practices the Owari line (which is somehow similar to the other groups demonstrating at the event).
The school was founded by Tsuda Gonnojō Taira Nobuyuki at the end of the 17th century. It includes techniques with the short and long swords as well as the spear. The school was made famous by the particular handling of the spear, using a twirl of the shaft to thrust at the opponent.

--- CREDITS ---
Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.:

--- MUSIC ---
All This by Kevin MacLeod ( CC 3.0

佐分利流槍術Saburi Ryu Sojutsu (第24回西日本古武道大会)

Saburi Ryu Sojutsu
拍攝:呂建銘Lu chien ming



Sōjutsu (Yari) Hitotsuki

Bujinkan Kukishin-ryū - Sojutsu (Yari) Hitotsuki
Shihan Miky Rosner
Bujinkan Ninjutsu Israel

Kukishinden Ryu Happobiken Sojutsu - Kanpo

Sean Askew teaching the spear technique Kanpo from the Bujinkan Kukishinden Ryu Happo Biken Sojutsu gata

Sōjutsu (Yari) Hichokaku

Bujinkan Kukishin-ryū - Sojutsu (Yari) Hichokaku
Shihan Miky Rosner
Bujinkan Ninjutsu Israel



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