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Rugby Fives


Rugby Fives National Singles Final 2013 - Tristao vs. Ellison

For the first time in 6 year we have Rugby Fives National Final without James Toop. Tristao vs. Ellison.

After an hour of seriously high quality play, Tristao walks away with the title. He outplayed Will with a spectacular range of shots. Final score 15-4 15-7.

He is the first Old Pauline to win since the great John Easy in 1969.

Rugby Fives National Singles Final 2015

This two and a half hour epic match to find the champion of the 2015 Nationals was one of the most spectacular matches in the history of the sport. The two finalists are Will Ellison and Daniel Tristao. Will won the title last year and Dan the year before. Both played consistently go hammer and tong together in the various regional finals and this was the big one.

Tremendous shots, clever play, tireless retrieval and pushing to the very limits of endurance are just some of the traits on offer for anyone who can stomach this match. Sadly the battery cut out at the business end of the third so the creatives among you can simply make the ending up.

Rugby fives singles match between Antony vs Rob.

Rugby fives singles game ft. Rob vs Antony being played at Derby moor Academy in Littleover Derby. Mondays 6:00pm-8:00pm
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Rugby Fives National Doubles Final 2014 (Highlights)

Some of the footage from the 2014 National Doubles final, where Will Ellison & Charlie Brooks looked to hold on to the Cyriax cup against Tristao & Grant, who wanted it back!

Sadly we could only film one court and the players moved back and forth as the courts sweated. This is everything we have - doesn't do it justice, but still great doubles action!!

Rugby Fives National Doubles Final 2013

Defending Champions Grant & Tristao take on Brooks & Ellison in this nailbiting final.

Only the first game was filmed.

The action took place on the 7th April and Alleyn's School, Dulwich.

Rugby Fives London Open 2016 - Highlights

The epic highlights of the London Open 2016 Rugby Fives Final in which Dan Tristao conquered Will Ellison after this monumental rally.

Scottish Open 2013 Rugby Fives Singles Final - Tristao vs Ellison

Daniel Tristao takes on Will Ellison in the 2013 Scottish Open final.

Rugby Fives National Singles Finals 2017

16 competitors, who have qualified from all over the UK, head to Manchester to compete in the Rugby Fives National Singles 2017.

Rugby Fives Promo Video


Lo mejor del Rugby al día y en imágenes de alta definición en

Rugby Fives WoE Singles Final 2013, Tristao vs. Grant

The singles final of the 2013 West of England Rugby Fives Tournament.

After a shock win by Grant over Toop in the semis, the rankings were wide open.

Grant (seeded 5) took on Tristao (seeded 2), but the little scamp was too strong for the challenger and the final score was 11-5, 11-9 Tristao.

Apologies for the battery running out

Rugby Fives London Open 2015, Doubles Final

The full match between defending champions and no.1 seeds Ellison & Tristao vs no.2 seeds Grant & Kay.
The first game is a non-starter but the 2nd one pushes the top 2 doubles players in the country all the way. This has nothing to do with the long final the champs played earlier that day in singles but everything to do with Kay's class and Grant's brilliance.
The full match report can be seen here:

Rugby Fives National Doubles 2013, Quarter-Final

Ed Kay & Tom Dean destroy Gareth Price & Matt Cavanagh

South West Open 2013 Rugby Fives Doubles Final

Grant & Ellison take on defending champions Price & Tristao.

Grant & Ellison dominate and win 11-2, 11-4.
Full match report here:

Rugby Fives Yorkshire Doubles Final 2014

The full match of the epic Yorkshire Doubles Final 2014. Daniel Tristao and Gareth Price try to win the title from Hamish Buchanan and Will Ellison. Hamish & Will beat the pair convincingly last year, but this time round things were much closer!

Down to the wire and every game to the bitter end, it was Hamish & Will who came away after 2 hours with the victory.

Rugby Fives North West Open Final 2015 - Tristao vs Ellison

Tristao takes on Ellison in a final of unprecedented camera work. We advise you to turn the volume up to maximum though as comedians Butler & Russell finally deliver the commentary that fives deserves.

Eton Fives at Westway

Eton Fives at the Westway Sports Centre, an introduction broadcast on National Television

Rugby Fives Yorkshire Singles Open 2014

The full match from the Yorkshire Open singles final, 2014. Top nationally ranked player, Daniel Tristao takes on a firey Daniel Grant.
Grant comes out guns blazing and owns the first game, but Tristao digs in, as he always does, to win it in 3.

Rugby Fives North West Open Singles Final, 2014

Join the action in Manchester as Will Ellison takes on James Toop in the NW 2014 final. James has never played this tournament before so his place in the final is all the more remarkable.
In the end Will's patience and power overcome James' tenacity, and the Wykehamist wins 11-6 11-6. This is the first time Will has won this tournament and it completes his full sweep of ALL regional titles.

The report can be found here:

Rugby Fives WoE Doubles Final 2013, Grant & Tristao vs Ellison & Buchanan

The doubles final of the West of England Rugby Fives Championship 2013.

Daniel Grant & Daniel Tristao take on Will Ellison and Hamish Buchanan. The Dan's won this title 2 years ago, but Will & Hamish took it from them last year. Can Dan Squared claim it back on their third outing?

Dans win 8-11, 11-5, 11-8



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