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Anton Raga Vs. Carlo Biado (9 10) Rotation Parihas 44k | Race To 12 - 10 Ball.

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Serve Receive Rotations for a 5-1 Offense Volleyball Tutorial

Learn all 6 of the serve receive rotations and specific formations for a 5-1 offense. This video also covers the rules so you understand how the different rotations work, and how to rotate in volleyball. Watch more Volleyball Tutorial videos here

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Rotation (50-70) : Carlo Biado Vs. Ronnie Alcano | Race To 15 - 10 Ball.

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Simple golf swing rotation drill for consistency. In this weeks My Swing Analysis PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you a drill to help improve your body rotation and help you swing the club on plane in the down swing.

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Volleyball Rotations & Overlap Rules - Rotation 1

Rotation 1 in volleyball gives us all sorts of options. Many teams start matches and sets in Rotation 1 (or Rotation 6 if they’re receiving serve), which makes siding out in this rotation very important! We've broken it all down. Check out our Rotation 1 blog post:

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3 Swimming Drills To Improve Rotation | Front Crawl Breathing & Technique Swim Drills

Rotation is a key element of the front crawl stroke. It enables you to be strong and efficient in the water so once you’ve mastered the coordination of the essential arm and leg movements it’s time to work on the body roll. Fraser & Heather are here to explain more!

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Rotation is a key element of the front crawl stroke. It enables you to be strong and efficient in the water so once you’ve mastered the coordination of the essential arm and leg movements it’s time to work on the body roll.

At first this might feel like an unnatural movement that doesn’t benefit your stroke but once you’ve got the hang of rotating your body in time with your pull you’ll be amazed at how much easier front crawl feels and how much faster you can swim for the same effort.

With so much to gain let’s find that perfect body rotation. Fraser & Heather are here to explain more!

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Volleyball Rotation - 1 5 Set-Up

My local volleyball team had trouble working of basic rotation sheets so I made this easy to follow video for a 1 setter system.

The rotation is designed to maximise the amount of hitters at any one time.

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The Best Golf Swing Rotation Drill!

This is the best golf drill to get better rotation in your golf swing. Lean how to use your lower body correctly and get better impact with your golf shots. This simple drill will help your rotation and get more forward shaft lean for pure iron shots.

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How do Push Up and Rotation | Working out at home in 7 minutes

This is a more complicated version of classic “push-ups”. In addition to intensely training the pectorals, their correct performance helps strengthen the central part of the body and also works on the shoulders.
Push-ups with rotation are especially indicated for people who practice sports requiring frequent bending of the torso, balance and great stability in the central part of the body.
In fact, the most obvious results are stabilization of the shoulders and the strengthening of all torso muscles.

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Learn About Rotation in Freestyle!

Learn About Rotation in Freestyle! // Today’s video is dedicated to demonstrating the differences between swimming flat, swimming over rotated, and correcting these two positions.


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GOLF: The Best Rotation Drill I've Ever Seen!

The Best Rotation Drill I’ve Ever Seen
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Rotation is a hot topic in golf because it’s a really important part of the swing, lending to solid contact and hitting the ball farther.

There are a ton of rotation drills out there. While I didn’t come up with this one, I wanted to make sure I shared it with you guys because it works!

Give it a try and let me know with a comment below how it works for you. And, as always, if you have any questions, just let us know.

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Bowling Axis Rotation | How It Affects Your Ball Motion

Axis rotation in bowling helps determine what your ball will do down lane. Learn how to change your rotation to fit your needs.

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The Best Golf Rotation Drill Ever - Mr. Short Game

This is one of the best golf rotation drills or tips I've ever done. This drill will force you to stay down on the ball and rotate through like never before. If you slice the ball or have trouble getting your lower body working properly in the golf swing then this drill will help you solve those issues. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check out the links below for special deal and discounts.

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Chris Ryan offers a simple drill that can help you better understand how to rotate your hips during your backswing.

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Effortless Power from Core Rotation Timing in Tennis

Time your shots like never before with the most effortless swing. In this video I describe how it feels to stretch your core muscles and release them to unlock powerful, effortless strokes. Legs will be added in my next video but please master this first step in a series of videos to come about how to master your ground stroke timing. Make your timing issues a thing of the past with this new way of timing your shots!
On a side note, my pronunciation of the word comfortable needs more practice. I blame it on living in New Jersey. As you can tell, I was practicing with every time I used it. I think i nailed it in the last attempt, you be the judge.

Watch this video to improve your serve!

Best Rotation Drills for Swimmers

The best rotation drills for all swimming strokes. Underwater, and in slow motion.

Rotations 5 -1

A description of serve receive formations in all 6 rotations, transition to attack and transition to defense. No Libero function is shown in this video. This will be covered on a separate video. Cheers!

MUST learn Forearm Rotation Bio-Mechanics - Badminton Famly

This video is a MUST WATCH video about how train the forearm rotation. How, why and where? We cover all aspects in this tutorial. If you want more badminton power in your smash, drives, lifts etc. then you must learn this movement - Without a forearm rotation you can't have powerful drives!

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Hip Rotation - How To Swim Freestyle | Swimming Tips

Hip rotation is one of the least spoken about, yet most impactful components of your freestyle. In today's video, we are breaking down why it is important and showing you a drill to implement that keeps it in tune



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