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Rossall Hockey


Apocalypse Now Sponge Hockey

Apocalypse Now Spongee team shut out the Golden Geeks - 4-0
See the recap at:

Rowdy Rebel sponge hockey (1991)

Drolet sets up Laberge in a vintage spongee game from 1991.

The Spongee Miracle

Apocalypse Now storm back to beat the heavily favoured Cropdusters in sponge hockey playoffs on February 9, 2014. See the recap at



My First Hockey Game Ever.avi

Video Journal
Video Production Class 2011

lancs goal

my goal

ross hockey

Cumbria Cup Hockey

Goal at the end of the video

Power Hockey

Sommer Ross Hockey

Complication of GoPro video and game footage.
Music: Something Big by Shawn Mendes

Hockey School first game ever for these kids

#8 on the Leafs ... a few awesome break-aways ... sadly missed :)


A great individual goal from Milan of Rossall School at the National Schools Indoor Hockey Finals at Whitgift School Croydon 15th January 2012

Mullen Hockey - Garrett Lee & Ian Boyle assist Nick Zyzda against Summit

Mullen Hockey

Winnipeg Westridge Sponge Hockey - Sun Aft. Final

- Dukes Vs Caribou VIF

Cumbria v lancashire (i think) Hockey


Golf Day, Waikato Diocesan School, Hamilton

WDS held it's annual golf day on 29-04-2007. One of the teams taking part was made up of four teachers from Dio.

Ross Hockey Early Years.wmv

15 Year Old 265lb 120kg Deadlift

Footage from 17/11 2017. I know the lift isn't perfect, but the technique is getting better.

ross hockey

England my England

Pupils from Rossall Junior School star in this World Cup Song called England, my England written by teacher Mr Lawrence Condon.



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