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Team Roping 3.5 Part 4 - Original Team Roping OTRA Amarillo - District 1 2019/04/20

OTRA District 1 - Amarillo Original Team Roping competition was held in the Amarillo National Center Arena. The class 3.5 event is published in four parts in order to break the complete event into equal parts for streaming. #TeamRoping #EquineSports #OTRA

For more information about the Original Team Roping Association (OTRA) and the districts therein see the website at

To see the final results for this event see

This film is a product of the Heritage Preservation Project.

Team Roping Fail's 5

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The Final Spin 2015 #11 Shoot-Out

Full coverage of the #11 Shoot-Out at the 2015 Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping.

2019 Quarter Horse Congress - Coliseum - Monday - October 21, 2019

207400 Amateur Yearling Geldings
8891 Amateur Yearling Geldings - Limited Division
207500 Amateur 2 Yr Old Geldings
8892 Amateur 2 Yr Old Geldings - Limited Division
207600 Amateur 3 Yr Old Geldings
8893 Amateur 3 Yr Old Geldings - Limited Division
207700 Amateur Aged Geldings
8894 Amateur Aged Geldings - Limited Division
277000 Amateur Performance Geldings
0277 NSBA Amateur Performance Geldings
8900 Amateur Performance Geldings - Limited Division
Amateur Grand Champion Geldings
Amateur Reserve Champion Geldings
440900 Youth Horsemanship 15-18
0400 NSBA Youth Horsemanship 15-18
240800 Amateur Select Horsemanship Presented by: John Deere 0408 NSBA Amateur Select Horsemanship

Open Team Roping Highlights!! 54th Annual Biggest East of the MS | Salty Roping

Open Team Roping Highlights!! 54th Annual Biggest East of the MS | Salty Roping

Hey team roping fans, hands down one of the best ropings we have filmed yet!! This roping is the 54th Annual Biggest East of the Mississippi Open.

Click link to watch this full team roping at this event and hours of other team ropings as well.

This roping was filled with great ropers, with a lot of great roping runs. Be sure to check out our upcoming schedule of events to film inside the member’s area on the website! We have some really big ropings on schedule to film and add to the website.

If you’re like me, I could just watch team roping especially slow motion team roping for hours. I’m so excited to see where goes in the coming years. Roping will be the center of our website. We are currently working on things to make team roping videos and training even more accessible so go ahead and get locked in at the $4.99 a month before the prices goes up in the future.

Team Roping 2019 seems to be more impressive and tougher competition than I have ever seen before. I have been a team roper my whole life, but to be honest here lately I have enjoyed making team roping videos as much as I have competing. Roping videos are great to watch, all team ropers enjoy watching team roping.
Team roping to me personally is one of those sports if you ever try it and get involved, your hooked. I hope after watching some of our team roping videos your ready to get at it yourself, haha.

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Team Roping Fail's 4

Vídeo em parceria com Team Roping da Depressão

*Este vídeo tem o único intuito de proporcionar diversão e boas risadas, respeitamos todos os praticantes de Team Roping independente de suas habilidades.

- siga nosso parceiro Team Roping da Depresão no Instagram @teamropingdadepressao

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Super 10 Qualifier Short Round, Team Roping Canada Finals 2019

Short Go from the Super 10 Qualifier. Three rounds progressive. Working to qualify to come back to the Super 10 Shootout for the $50,000 prize. From the finals of the Team Roping Canada 2019 finals.

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is also on the web.

Pendleton Round-Up 2011 | Team Roping Finals

Team Roping Finals from the Pendleton Round Up

Winners: Derrick Begay and Cesar de la Cruz
Total Time: 18.1

Part II Highlights - 2016 USTRC National Finals of Team Roping

Part II Highlights - 2016 USTRC National Finals of Team Roping

The Final Spin 2015 US Open Championships

Full coverage of the ProView US Open Championships 2015 Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping.

Team Roping Brasil - Team Roping Fails 8

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Team Roping Highlights from 2018 RFD-TV's The American!

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira took the W at AT&T Stadium at RFD-TV's The American taking home $100K each AND setting the new arena record!

Team Roping 2019 Windy Ryon Memorial Roping Round 1

Team Roping Videos | Team Roping 2019 | Windy Ryon Memorial Roping | Round 1
X Factor Team Roping brings you Round 1 of the Windy Ryon Memorial Roping from Forth Worth, Texas. Watch some of the best in the business compete including Clay Tryan, Lane Ivy, Kaleb Driggers, Jade Corkill, Buddy Hawkins, Ryan Motes, and more.

To watch the rest of the roping and more team roping highlights and instructional videos check out

X Factor Roping is the easiest and most effective way to improve your roping. With top quality up to date team roping and breakaway roping content from experts like JoJo Lemond, Ryan Motes, Charly Crawford, and Jackie Crawford.

X Factor Roping features professionally filmed videos that break down the best tips and techniques from the pros. Our exclusive slow motion video area has some of the best footage you'll find anywhere.

From beginner to advanced, X Factor Roping has something for everyone to take their roping to the next level.

Take the next step now and give your practice a purpose - gain 24/7 instant access to our professionally filmed video library. Over 1,200 videos covering every aspect of roping including our exclusive slow motion video area.

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Michael Jones Roping

Something to watch down the road and get pumped up to rope! Michael Jones the best Heeler

Team Roping Heading Tips - Simulate a Competition Run on the Dummy

Team Roping Heading Tips | X Factor Team Roping

Get in the correct position driving to the steer! Watch Charly demonstrate ways to interpret a rodeo run on the dummy so you can get the most out of your practice session!

Check out more great team roping videos and heading tips like this over at and create your free account now.

The Big Dance - USTRC Finals

2016 Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping

Find The Big Dance on iTunes

Bright lights the fast survive ride and slide to either side - Roosevelt Road

Learn to rope: What Practice Dummies and Why. Ep. 5. Heel-O-Matic Full Practice

Roping the Heel-O-Matic how I would every day. Start off with circles in walk/trot/lope and then move on to more full contact runs.

NOTE: I don't talk a lot during these sessions. These aren't like training videos and are geared more for you viewers to see the machines in action. I did the same exact drills on all three of the machines. These videos are to help you make an educated decision on the purchase of your practice machine.

Team Roping Fail's 6

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Tie Down Roping - 2013 NFR Round 10

Calf Roping
2013 National Finals Rodeo
Round 10

Seven x Seven III Team Roping - 1º Boi

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