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Roller skating


Freeskate in Shanghai 80mm Episode 2

Rollerblade® presents 80 Millimetre – Freeskate in Shanghai

80 Millimetre; the preferred wheelsize for inline skater Timmy van Rixtel and partner in crime Niels Groenendijk have visited China. In this second instalment of the series they hooked up with Shanghai’s finest: Killer J and Xiao Luo. Watch the skaters cruise on huge squares where inhabitants do not believe what they are seeing.

Timmy shows the locals he still has those killer moves up his sleeves. Of course 80 Millimetre also showcases some of the most beautiful shots of the cities they visit. In short the whole package again in a new city. Try to watch this video without getting hyped to put on your skates and wanting to visit Shanghai China. From our point of view, this is pretty much impossible. Enjoy


Timmy v. Rixtel aka Timmy Vanilli
Killer J
Xiao Luo
Filming: Niels Groenendijk, Axel v. Dijk
Drone shots: Alex Kerkis
Thumbnail pic: Niels Groenendijk
Montage: Niels Groenendijk
Graphics: Niels Groenendijk
Text: Randy Abels
Music: Shandy Beats

ASHLEY CLIFFORD Long Program - Artistic Roller Skating German Cup 2018

Artistic Roller Skating German Cup 2018
Senior Ladies Free

Ashley Clifford(USA) Long Program

Short Program: 35.12 P10
Long Program: 56.90 P9
Result: 92.02 P10


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Learn to skate in 10 FUN steps - KIDS Inline skating

Kids are the future! So at Powerslide, we wanted to create a video for the next generation of inline skaters, making sure their first steps in their new Powerslide skates are safe, correct, and most of all fun.

With these 10 key points it's possible to begin inline skating with the correct material and the correct technique. Multiple speed skating world champion and professional inlineskating instructor Scott Arlidge goes through the essential parts on how to learn skating step by step. young kids follow his tips and learn a lot how to skate in just a few hours.
Starting from the very basics in skating to slightly more advanced exercises, you will be able to to gain more fun and the ability to skate for longer and better.
Video by Mark Heuss:

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Before you start
0:57 Exercises
4:01 Special techniques
4:40 Summary

Powerslide - WE LOVE TO SKATE
Inline skating for Kids - 10 steps to more FUN - Powerslide Inline Skates

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10 Roller Skate Tricks to Learn in Small Spaces!

Are you stuck inside due to weather or pandemic? Don't worry! Roller skating for the soul is still possible! Here are some fun tricks to get you started and inspired. Keep rolling Planet Roller Skaters *heart*


How to Roller Skate for Beginners - The Absolute Basics

Dirty Deborah Harry here from Dirty's School of Skate! Today's episode is a step-by-step instruction on how to start roller skating. This is perfect for the beginner roller skater with skates right out of the box, for the returning skater looking to teach others.



Boot: Sure Grip Stardust Boot
Plates: Snyder Advantage
Wheels: Sure Grip Royal 101a
Bearings: Qube Ceramic

Roller Skating Dance Tiktoks

A tik tok compilation from #rollerskating and #rollerskate on tiktok

The north shore - Vancouver, Canada - Powerslide Off-Road inline skating

The north shore - Vancouver, Canada - Powerslide Off-Road inline skating. Dustin Werbeski takes off-road skating on SUV skates to another level.
Skating: Dustin Werbeski
Filming: Amber Buchholz & Barbara Trias

No limits, just skate! Leave the beaten path on Powerslide Off-road skates. Big air tires will let you roll all terrains, enabling your inline skating experience even on the gnarliest surfaces. Heat moldable MyFit liners assure pure comfort while pushing through the forest, pacing that downhill road or flying through a dirt track on your SUV Triskates. Also, you can overcome your skiing off-season better: strap on our cross country nordic skates and a pair of poles to get a full body workout.

The usage of protection gear (especially helmets) while skating is strongly recommended by Powerslide, although each person is personally responsible for himself and his actions.

#powerslide #inlineskates #suvskates

How To Start Inline Skating #1/2 — First Steps — How To Start Rollerblading — Inline Basics #01/1

► Description:
In this video I will show you how to start inline skating in an easy way.
But before we start I would like to give you a short overview what we will learn in this video.

First of all I will show you how to chose the right skates and learn how to put them on.
Then we just take a look at the basic protective gear we should wear.

Next we will learn about the proper posture to skate.
After that we learn our very first steps on inline skates.

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► G-Form Crash Pads:

Filmed By:
► Daniel Lott, Christian Peka & Kris Markiewicz
► GoPro Hero 6 Black

► Feiyu G5 3-Axis Splash-Proof Handheld Gimbal

Used Music:
► Intro:
ALBIS - Cameras

► Background:
Joakim Karud - Almost Original
Music by Joakim Karud:

► Outro:
Anno Domini Beats - Find Your Way

► How To Start Inline Skating First Steps How To Start Rollerblading Inline Skating Basics #01/1 How To Start Inline Skating #1/2 — First Steps — How To Start Rollerblading — Inline Basics #01/1
► daniel's skating school daniels skating school aggressive inline basics aggressive inline skating basics skamidan skamidan inline inline skating aggressive inline skating aggressive inline aggressive inline skating rollerblading blading inline-skates inline skates rollerblades rollerblading lernen how to inline skate roller blades inlineskates rollerskates rollerskating
► Inline Skating Basics How To Inline Skate How To Rollerblade Rollerblading Basics Rollerblades Basics How To Inline Skate Basics rollerblading for beginners inline skating beginner rollerblading beginners how to inline skate how to rollerblade how to learn skating how to learn inline skating basics how to skate on inline skates how to skate on rollerblades howto
► proper posture inline skating proper position inline skates proper posture for skating inlineskating basics inline basics inlineskating tutorial rollerblading basics roller blading basics how to tutorial beginners inlineskating rollerblading rollerblades inline skating tutorial skamidan how to inline skate inline skating basics inline skating
► Most Detailed Inline Skating Lessons Inlineskating Beginners Guide Rollerblading Beginners Guide Inline Skating Beginners Guide Easiest Way To learn inline skating Easiest Way To learn Rollerblading Rollerblading tutorial Inline skating tutorial Beginners Guide How To Inline Skate Beginners Skate How To Rollerblade
► skamidan daniel lott english skateshop skate shop skate shop how to hwoto How To Start Inline Skating First Steps How To Start Rollerblading Inline Skating Basics inline skating beginner beginner basics amateur how to start start inline skating start rollerblading first steps on inline skates first steps on rollerblades which inline skate to start which how to learn how to learn skating skating inline skates rollerblades blading skates inline for beginners learn

2020 Cool outdoor quad roller skating,let's go out for roller skating.

Roller Skaters Try Inline Skates (AKA Rollerblades)

In today's episode of Planet Roller Skate, Pigeon and I take our new inline skates for a spin in Southern California. We talk about some of the differences we notice and what we like and don't like when it comes to quads vs inlines, roller skates vs rollerblades. Which one do you prefer?





#planetrollerskate #indyjammajones #rollerskating #rollerderby

2019 The Dragon Boat Festival;Outdoor quad roller skating,quad speed skating,quads freestyle.

Fantastic little girl ! the best talent in the world 2016 Rollerblade Freestyle Slalom dancing usa

Fantastic little girl ! the best talent in the world 2016 Rollerblade Freestyle Slalom dancing usa auditions kids - Rider Sofia Bogdanova (russia) team Powerslide magic/seba skates. Event : World Championship Paris France (pswc & wfsc) moments fails training sport performance - If you like, remember to visit my other video (^_^) 2015 beasts

#inlineskating #rollerskating #redbulltv
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Emily Moskalenko Beautiful live

Artistic Roller Skating - Black Swan Free Dance

Black Swan Free Dance 2012

Greg Mirzoyan - Urban skating with the Twister Pro

Greg Mirzoyan - Cruising on the Twister Pro

I had a great time skating on the Rollerblade Fusion for the last 6 years but when I saw the Twister Pro for the first time I really wanted to give them a try. I never skated with the Twister before, I am really enjoying the ride, nothing to compare with the Fusion, they are just completely different skates and I like them both. I'm just going to skate the Twister Pro for a little more as I think I didn't push it to its maximum potential. Greg Mirzoyan

Location: Barcelona
Camera man: Ben Brillante

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On Instagram @gmdiaries

Barbara Luciana + Cristina Bonilla roller skate Barcelona | CHAYA SKATES IN BCN PART 1

Chaya Skates proudly presents a stunning 3 part video series featuring Barbara Luciana and Crissy Bonilla as they roller skate through Barcelona. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for parts 2 and 3.

Barbi wears our Karma Park skate:
Crissy wears our Noir Lifestyle skate:
Both wear Octo Wheels:

#chayaskates #rollerskates #barcelona

CN Skater.Outdoor quad roller skating.Street roller skating.Quad speed skating practice.

3 years roller skating PROGRESSION! | DJrollerskate

Hi everyone! Welcome to this video. In this video you will see my roller skating progression from beginner to now!
I’m DJ and I will post new roller skate videos every month. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. If you have a tip or feedback, please let me know in the comments! Do you know a nice song, please let me know. Maybe I can use it on my channel.
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Patinando en CDMX!! / Roller skating in Mexico City!!

Rollers de mi corazón!!

Aquí les dejo un pequeño videoclip que hice hace unos mesesitos con RF Raceography por la Ciudad de México! Les gusta?

Rollers of my heart!!

Here I left you a small videoclip that I made with RF Raceography in Mexico City! Do you like it?




Instagram: @carovioficial

Edición: RF Raceography

Miniatura: Marianna Mercado

Freestyle Slalom Mexico


► Road to 50k click HERE
I ♡ Calgary. The best city for skating. In this video Downtown and Anderson LRT Station.

Skating by Shaun Unwin
Filming by Alex Co and Shaun Unwin
Skates - Shop Task Wizard complete.
Wheels - Undercover Mushroom Blading 100mm/865A
Bearings - Twincam Storm

Recently, Alex Co and I have been experimenting with a different style of video. We started with a series on jumping. The jumping tutorial series is one of my favourite projects. However, I am eager to get back to some city skating - my true love.

We begin with a few lines at the Anderson C-train station. The C-train station has long ramps that connect the parking lot with the train platform. These ramps are a perfect drop in; creating a rush of speed into a obstacle rich parking area. While filming I had the idea of combining Alex's filming style with selfie GoPro filming.

Excited with the new idea. Alex and I reunited a few days later for an early morning skate through a few spots downtown Calgary. Here we carefully planned out a few lines where we could combine our two filming techniques to create new viewing experience.

Thanks for watching.


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GISELLE SOLER Long Program - Artistic Roller Skating German Cup 2018

Artistic Roller Skating German Cup 2018
Senior Ladies Free

Giselle Soler(ARG) Long Program

Short Program: 43.57 P4
Long Program: 61.60 P5
Result: 105.17 P5


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