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Rock fishing



Another great day of chasing big fish off the rocks of Western Australia.

Rock Fishing Australia for Monster Blue Groper

Rock fishing the deep ledges of the south australian coast line hooking some monster groper! This 2 hour session was some of the craziest fishing I've ever experienced. We hooked 7 blue groper but only landed one which we kept for a feed. We lost an absolute monster at the end which was heart breaking the fish was easily 20-25kg after a epic fight off the rocks and would of been a fish of a life time for Fylnn if we landed it.
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Hollah! by Disfigure
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Rock Fishing From Shore In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there is a 100 yard rock outcropping from which I can cast poppers into depths of more than 30 feet of turqoise water.

Being able to cast lures into water that deep is a really unique opportunity. For example on Cape Cod, most of the time when fishing from shore I casting lures into less than 10 feet of water.

There is no telling what species of fish one might encounter when fishing a spot surrounded by such deep water! In fact we caught mani while fishing in a boat not far offshore at all from where this rocky outcropping is located.

I discovered the rocky outcropping a few days ago, and I feel it holds great potential. The video below was filmed during my first trip at this spot. I am casting a TA Bomb Popper when a hard fighting jack crevalle smashes it right on the surface!


0:10 - walking out to the spot
3:25 - underwater footage of fish at similar rocky outcroppings
5:06 - talking about the lure, ANGLR etc.
6:02 - hooked up!
7:48 - trying to land the fish
9:05 - the release

Equipment used in this video:

Van Staal VR175
Tsunami 8' 6 three piece travel rod
50lb Power Pro braid
50lb Seagur Blue Label Fluorocarbon
Tactical Angler Bomb Popper yellow 2 ounce

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How to strayline rockfishing in NZ for snapper, kahawai and trevally. This works for yellowtail kingfish as well. Straylining with baits and berley off the rocks is a great way to catch good snapper, trevally and kahawai. Here are some tips on catching a feed.

See my other fishing videos:

Epic fishing trip up at Cape Karikari - a crazy hot snapper bite as well as schools of trevally and kahawai, Dolphins, whales flying fish and sun fish also encountered. Awesome day up in the Far North, and it was just day one of our trip.

SNAPPER AND KINGFISH AROUND THE WORK UPS - HAURAKI GULF NZ. Headed up to Tiri-tiri Matangi (Auckland, NZ) area to look for work up action and see if I could get into some topwater kingfish and snapper. I successfully fished a stickbait and then switched from jigs to bait for some good eating sized snapper.

DRONE FISHING ACTION - WEST COAST NZ. Headed out to the West Coast to experiment with a new drone called the Splash drone. The drone is waterproof and able to drag a long line and hooks out into the surf. Beautiful day and amazing part of New Zealand.

It was a stunning day out fishing for snapper around Waiheke Island (Auckland, New Zealand). We got a full bag of fish on the soft baits and were done by lunch time.

Fishing the wild west coast, west Auckland. I headed out to the area north of Piha after some easterly patterns to find a gentle swell and promising looking ledges. Spectacular country, went looking for snapper, trevally and gurnard. Took the drone for a fly over the coast.

A mission to Mahurangi and around the Hibiscus coast ended with a good bag of snapper – nice drone shots.


John dory with leek and oyster sauce seafood recipe. John dory are an ugly fish and dont fight very much but they are one of the best tasting fish in the sea.

How to prepare kingfish sashimi with garlic, ginger and soy
This is a delicious way to eat raw kingfish. While not a traditional way of preparing sashimi it is a very good way for first time raw fish eaters to have a go.

Rocking fishing on one of the rock stacks past Rangitoto Island, some snapper action and an interesting trip home.

Fishing the Hibiscus Coast with Mandy Kupenga from the TV show Get Your Fish On for trevally and snapper, awesome drone footage on a blue sky day.

A trip to Channel Island at the top of the Coromandel with snapper and other species caught. A seal and some cool drone footage gives a whole new perspective on this amazing island.

Heli-fishing at Great Barrier – this is certainly an experience for the bucket list. Amazing views and rich rock fishing action make it hard to beat. We came home with snapper and a kingfish that ate my carpenter stickbait. The drone footage came out really well of the rugged rock terrain too.

Rock fishing around Rangitoto with my new drone. Caught a feed of fish and left some skin and blood on the rocks.

Had a good day out fishing around and on Tiri-Matangi Island softbaiting the wash and landing on the rocks. Encountered a pod of Orca in the Tiri channel and had some good action fishing into the evening on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

An epic day out on the Kaipara Harbour softbaiting for snapper.

Fishing trip report for the inner Hauraki Gulf, we fished Rangitoto, softbaiting for snapper and kahawai, awesome conditions.

Fishing trip report 27.3.15 Snapper, kingfish and a big bronze whaler shark. LBG, stray lining, live bait.

Rock Fishing the California Coast!

If you didn't see our last rock fishing video see the link below!

In todays video we head out to the Northern California coast in search for lingcod! Stay tuned as we continue our search. PART 2 OF 3.



Go Pro Hero 7 -

GoPro Hero 5 -

Go Pro Session -

How to Catch Big Rockfish From the Beach!

Tried a new spot hoping to get on something different. Worked out better than I expected!


My Setup:

Spinning Rod: (8'6 MH)
Spinning Reel: (4000)
Main Line: (30# Moss Green)

High/Low Rig:

Leader Line: (15#)
Hooks: (Size 1)
Snaps/Clips: (Size 7)
Sinker: (4 oz)

Bait(s) Used:

Natural: Jacksmelt Strips, Frozen Squid


Other Surf Fishing Gear I Recommend:

Wading Boots:
Wading Belt:
Belt Rod Holder:
Fish Grips:
Line Cutters:
Digital Scale:
Bait Box:
Sand Spike:
Backpack: (Holds 2 Rods)


Filming Gear Used:

GoPro Housing:
GoPro Head Mount:


Music by Tobu

JIGHEAD TV: How to catch GROUPER (Hamour) on shore - Rock fishing guide

In this video we want explain how to catch grouper on shore. Explanation about lures, gear and technique of retrieving and getting grouper when it hides into the rock.

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Extreme fishing mission: Target species Dhufish

A solo mission at the crack of dawn to try to catch another dhufish. I even packed the climbing shoes this time to make getting out a bit more enjoyable.

Everything was caught on an Abrolhos Tackle Bullwhip Minnow

This is the gear I was using:
- CTS GT Fight rod pe6-8 9ft by JC customs
-Shimano Stella 20000
-80LB Tasline, 170 or 200LB Varivas leader

WARNING Rock fishing is dangerous.
Don't try to replicate this kind of roped in fishing

Catching Big Spawning Bream on Soft Plastic Lures | Rock Fishing in Crystal Clear Water

Some bruising bream off the rocks have been kicking around lately. These big bream were caught on light tackle, the best way to go if you want to increase your chances. One of my pet hates is seeing rubbish left by a fisherman, but being a responsible fisherman only means you pick up after them. Leave only footsteps, please!

Big shout out to Brendan, James, Meresa, Evey, Yang, Derrick & Chris. Legends!




Gunungkidul Rock Fishing

Gunungkidul Rock Fishing

Ini sebetulnya video yang saya buat 3 tahun lalu, kira-kira bulan Desember 2015. Iseng-iseng buka-buka file lama akhirnya nemu video ini.
Sekitar bulan Desember 2015 saya pulang kampung ke Wonosari Gunungkidul, Berhubung hobi mancing akhirnya menghubungi sahabat saya kang Rado yang tinggal di dekat pantai Ombo.
Akhirnya saya diajak kang Rado untuk Rock Fishing di pantai Ndengkeng. dan kebetulan disana bertemu dengan Masternya Rock Fishing Om Londo Edan.
Semoga video ini bisa dinikmati maklum hanya dari HP Asus Zenfone 2.
Langit senja untuk opening dan closing juga dengan HP Zenfone 2 dari dalam kereta.

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Ultra Light Takım ile İstavrit - Trakonya - Melanur Avları / Light Rock Fishing

Major Craft New Crostage 0,6-10g
Shimano Nasci 1000
Daiwa JBraid 0,6
Berkley Trilene 0,20fc
Decoy Sn8 ClipS

Duo tetra Works Toto48 S (shad)
Savage Gear Micro Sandeel Glow 3g
Major Craft Zebra Glow 7g
Kendo 3g

LRF balık avı eğitici videolarımı izlemek ve kullandığım ürünleri açıklamaları ile görebilmek için;

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By Gürdal ÖZTEN

Saltwater Fishing gets me HYPED!!! Beach Fishing in the Bahamas

I travel to Nassau, Paradise Island in the Bahamas! While other vacationers are relaxing on the beach, you can bet that I'll have my rod and reel in hand exploring the island! I get a bit over-hyped in this vid, but anytime I get to explore a new location AND catch fish, I can't help but get excited :D

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Gear used
Lure: Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet (5 pearl white)
Berkley Gulp Ripple Mullet (4 bone)
Hook: 1/4 ounce jighead

Line: Suffix 832 braid (10 lb)
Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon leader (7 lb + 12 lb)
Reel: Team Daiwa Tierra Spinning Reel 2000
Rod: 13 Fishing Omen Black 2-piece rod 7'0 med/fast


Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 4 silver
External audio
Skeleton housing
Chest Mount
Portable Tripod
Sony a5100

Editing Tools:
Final Cut Pro X


Location: Atlantis Resort - Nassau, Bahamas
Date: July 27th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Swimming gulp plastics and covering water
Time Fished: 6:00 am - 8:30 am
Air Temp: 84 degrees
Water Temp: 87 degrees
Water Clarity: 25+ feet
Conditions: Sunny with winds from the E up to 6 mph


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Fishing for Dinner - Rock Jumping

***Fishing for Dinner - Rock Jumping***
*** instagram - h2ovinyldesigns ***
*** ***

After waiting around all day and busting our butt catching bait in the Meat Wagon the bite turned on for a short time and I was able to take advantage of it.

Reel: Tsunami Shield 4000
Line: 20lb invisibraid
Leader: 30lb Tsunami Florocarbon
Hook: 3/0 VMC Circle Hook
Rod: Custom 9 rod I built, then refinished by Burr Custom Rods - Shikari or a Gator Glass blank


Kalamayı test eden YAZILI ORKİNOSlar.! - Light Rock Fishing - LRF TEAM

Shimano DIAFLASH 3-15g 244cm
Shimano TWINPOWER C2000
Shimano KAIRIKI 0,10
Hansen PILGRIM 10g (silver blue)

LRF balık avı eğitici videolarımı izlemek ve kullandığım ürünleri açıklamaları ile görebilmek için;


hesabımı takip edebilir, sorularınızı iletebilirsiniz ..

Merhaba ben Gürdal ÖZTEN,
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By Gürdal ÖZTEN

Rock Fishing Tips - What Gear and Tackle To Bring

Ali Hussainy, Co-Host of Local Knowledge fishing show, shares his tips on rock fishing off the coast of southern California. He talks about what rods, reels, hooks, line and other terminal gear he would use when fishing for rock fish.These fishing techniques can be used from both private boats or sport boats to help you catch more rock fish.

Recommended gear shown in this video:
Rod and Reels: Penn Carnage CARBWII50130C66 6'6 Rod w/ Penn 40 Lever Drag
Hooks : Mustad Demon Perfect 1 x Wide gap size 7/0
Berkely Gulp : Chartreuse 6 grub
Swivel: Mustad size 5/200 ball bearing swivel
Line: Berkley 60 lb fluorocarbon leader line

Links to gear listed above:
Rod selection:
Line selection:
Reel slection:
Hook selection:

Rig : Dropper loop or a gangion rig
size weights: 16 oz weights ideally , however wt changes with current, wind, depth.

This is our third In the Studio video. If you like these kinds of series, please take the time to comment, like, and share. Thank you and happy fishing.

Ali Hussainy @bdoali

Produced/filmed/edited by:
Rodney Marquez @rodneymarquez

Overlay footage provided by:
Michael Torbisco


Previous In the Studio video:
Yellowtail Tips:

Previous 5 FULL Season Episodes;
S04 E2 Wide Open Marlin Fishing:
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S03 E12 It's Been Real:
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S03 E10 The Cape:

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Rock Fishing, GT on a stickbait (Mancing Ikan GT)

Gone solo fishing for a big GT? if only you got enough space to land it by your selves it must be something challenging to be done despite cutting your fingers pull up the fish. chill

#gtpopping #gtfishing

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Jighead TV: Rockfishing general tutorial, tips and gear guide.

In this video we wanted to give some introduction to light rock-fishing for beginners and share some experience on gear, lures, fishing methods. This is introductory video on essentials and later we will upload more on specific topics. For any questions, suggestions comment below.

Music by: Zep Hurme, A Foolish Game (ft. Snowflake)
2014 Zep Hurme Licensed to the public under Verify at

Video and photo by:

Fishing the South Coast rocks for huge fish

come join our adventures along the south coast rocks of Western Australia chasing huge fish including Groper, Samson fish, Dhufish and more!!

pesca del sargo a rockfishing

materiales usados
caña tailwalk micro gamer accion maxima hasta 16 gr
carrete stradic tamaño 1000
señuelo baby face 50 slow sinking
trenzado alphatackle 0'6
bajo perfect link fluorocarbono 0,25
grapas de fiish perfect link 11lb

Lure Fishing Tips from the Rocks | TAFishing

A Totally Awesome video showing you some epic lure fishing from the rocks. Graeme talks through the best lures to use when rock fishing. Ranging from spinners, jigs, soft plastics, topwater popper lures, and wedges. Even when Graeme's baits get destroyed, he comes up with the idea of using a rubber balloon on a jig head to catch fish - AND IT WORKS! Check it out in the video:

First Fish: 3:17
Rubber balloon lure: 13:57
Big Grouper: 27:04
Big Jack: 29:39
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Main Camera - Sony
Secondary Camera -
GoPro Chest Mount -
GoPro Head Mount -
Lightweight Tripod -
Camera SD Card -
Camera Light -
Portable Battery Charger -
Studio Lighting -
Drone Camera -
Mike's Camera Microphone -

Fishing Gear
Lure Bag:
Fishing weigh scales -
Fishing Pliers -

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