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Robot combat



Hey guys I had the most fun battling it out against my bro with the sick battling robots with power first, comment down below with colour you like the most.

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Robo Chameleon:
Robo Kombat:

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Robot Combat League (RCL) Season 1 Cut Episode 1 HD New

Robot Combat League (RCL) Season 1 Cut Episode 1 HD New

Robot Wars: Extreme - Top 15 Battles

It's time for another countdown, with the wonderful battles of Extreme next in the limelight

15. Tornado.
14. Tornado.
13. Chaos 2.
12. Pussycat.
11. Razer.
10. Pussycat-Diotoir.
9. Behemoth.
8. Firestorm 3.
7. Combat Ant.
6. Hypno-Disc.
5. Thermidor 2.
4. Tornado.
3. Razer.
2. The Steel Avenger
1. Tornado.

Last Rites vs Sewer Snake

Robogames 2011, Final match between Last Rites and Sewersnake. Possibly the best match of the day.
Although Sewer Snake endures much damage, Matt ends up on top with his incredible driving skills.

Motorama Robot Conflict 2017 Raw Tape 1

Motorama Robot Conflict 2017 Raw Tape 1

This is the unedited tape from camera 1 at this years Motorama Robot Conflict.

Real combat robots in the arena. Blue vs. Red

Fantastic Robot. Arena - Fight - Knockout!
Red robot has once again retained its title of best fighter.

6 Battlebots Closest to Beating Tombstone | Z. Robots Channel

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RoboGames - Robot Combat

Robot combat is a hobby/sport in which two or more custom-built machines use varied methods of destroying or disabling the other. As of today, in most cases these machines are remote-controlled vehicles rather than autonomous robots

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AVC 2016 Robot Combat 3lb: Kamikaze vs Ki

Robot Combat at the AVC SparkFun Event on September 17th 2016.

Kamikaze : Horizontal Full Body Spinner
Ki : Square frame horizontal spinner


Découvrez nos nouveaux Robots combat ! Avance et frappe ton adversaire jusqu'au K.O final !

RC Combat Robot Wars - All Battles for Q2 - 2016 RC International Championships Qualifying Rounds

In this video I have collected all of my Q2 qualifying battles for the 2016 Fighting Robots International Featherweight Championships hosted by Robo Challenge at The Gadget Show Live event held at the Birmingham NEC from 31st March to 3rd April 2016.

This has become a popular and regular feature of The Gadget Show Live event. Robo Challenge have a fantastic 'robot wars' arena that includes 'a pit of doom'.
This is one of the best UK venues and people get a chance to watch the games as well as see and meet the designers, engineers and drivers. The repairs being performed in an open area for all supporters and fans to see.

Main Links:
FRA is the best place for information about event, rules and guides if you plan to build your own fighting robot:

Rob Challenge host this contest in their awesome mobile arena:

Mr Nik Johnson.
(A professional commentator who specialises in Flying RC events)

Each year these championships are run as part of The Gadget Show Live event held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Raging Scotsman vs Sewersnake

Robogames 2011. Piedmont Highschool's combat robot team: Scotbots, drivers Forrest Yeh and Morgan Tenney, control 'Raging Scotsman', seen in purple with 1/4 inch steel wedges and a massive flamethrower. They fight 'SewerSnake', from team Plumb Crazy. Sewersnake is red with an electric lifting wedge, flamethrower, and 6 red tires.
Sewer Snake is declared the winner after a judge's decision.

Japanese Robot Fight

robotics classes in Japan can be funnnnnnn


General x Firester (Ster) - Ultimate Robot Combat CPBR7

My Team - TEAM DRONE STRIKE - Robot Combat League

Unfortunately many of you were unable to watch this video on hulu due to country restrictions, so I'm re-uploading it here on youtube for you. I really hope those of you in different countries get the opportunity to watch this show because it's going to be AMAZING!

My teammate is one of the coolest people ever, and we have a super bad ass robot! Here's a sneak peek at Team Drone Strike!


[Chinese Robot Combat]FMB Featherweight Championship 2016 clips(8 fights)

FMB Championship in Shanghai, China, 9.15-9.17 2016.
8 fights including Semi Final, Grand Final and 3rd Playoff.
PS: my robot is that 'Little Devil'

Robot Wars: Extreme 2 - Robot Rampage

Competing machines:
Middleweights - Steel Sandwich, Broadsword, Malc 1.5, Typhoon, Typhoon Twins, 259, Doom Too, Mammoth.

Lightweights - Ellie's Little Pink Bot, Typhoon Thunder.

Featherweights - Gi-Ant-O, Katnip, Argh!, Bernard, AM CVn, Eddy Evolution, Neoteric, Dragon, Kitty, Gladiator, Micro-Mute, Cutlet, Flybot.

Antweights - Pants, Buzzant, Millitant, Lower, The Serpent, Minimilistic, Anty B, Hades, Combat Ant, Chroma, Mesmer 2, Anty Geddon.

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AVC 2016 Robot Combat 3lb: Speed Wedge 3 vs Kamikaze

Robot Combat at the AVC SparkFun Event on September 17th 2016.

Speed Wedge 3 : Wedge
Kamikaze : Horizontal Spinner

beetleweight combat robot- titanium blade test, modified motor

,,Video shot a half speed,, weapon test of modified motor on a 3lb combat robot..

AVC 2016 Robot Combat 3lb: Unknown Avenger vs Misti

Robot Combat at the AVC SparkFun Event on September 17th 2016.

Unknown Avenger : Wedge
Misti : Drum



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